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New dual-function BlackBerry pagers coming


Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) plans to take its BlackBerry line of keyboard-equipped pagers on the road to Europe later this year by adding new models that are being designed to support both voice and data services over high-speed wireless networks being built in that region. For now, the BlackBerry ...

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SMS and e-mail team up


”Ever sent off an e-mail from your home computer that needs an urgent reply but you have had to leave the house straight after? Italian company GTN has launched what it claims is the world’s first SMS-to-email reply service, sms@me. When you receive that urgent e-mail with somebody registered with ...

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Fujitsu’s Biblo Loox T Shines Brightly


“While we can’t speak in detail of how the Biblo Loox performs during everyday computing tasks, we can definitely attest to its’ drop dead gorgeous shiny metallic looks. During Comdex Ali labs had one of the twin Biblo Loox on display to promote its’ M1535 south bridge chipset. Needless to ...

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Intel follows in Crusoe’s footsteps


Intel Corporation today introduced two new ultra-low-power mobile PC microprocessors, including the industry’s first to operate under 1 volt while consuming less than half a watt of power.** Enabled by Intel’s advanced processor design and power-reduction technologies, the new processors are designed to deliver high performance, minimal power consumption and ...

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Nortel unveils new ‘Personal Internet’ technology


Nortel Networks has announced what it calls a Personal Internet Portfolio – technology that will eventually allow you to download movies from the Web or get other fee-based content, courtesy of new Web-tracking technology that will be able to identify the kind of content you might want to pay for. ...

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Colour Palm V specs leaked


It looks like this photograph from (PalmStation.com) of the upcoming colour Palm V – officially known as the m505 – is genuine. Further leaks claim the new PDA will be accompanied by a monochrome version, the m500 – the m505 has a 16-bit colour screen. Both will contain 8MB of ...

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Thumbscript, Palm Writing Software


Thumbscript is a patented universal text entry system for mobile people and devices. Equally at home with Pen based devices like the Palm Pilot and keypad devices like your telephone or TV controller, Thumbscript offers users a single system that is simple, inexpensive to implement and easy to use because ...

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First Telematic Solution for the PDA Consumer Market


The Port-IT® is Based on ComROAD’s Global Transport Telematic System (GTTS), Port-IT® enables global positioning, wireless, mobile data communication as well as “MyPort-IT.com”, a personalized online portal providing fully individual configuration of all kinds of web-based information. As a result of the co-operation between Comwoxx and another two US-based telematics ...

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E-Mail Device with Digital Camera


TU-KA Cellular Tokyo Inc. said it would launch the “CaraMio” mobile e-mail device in mid-February. This is a succeeding iteration of “Cara” that was released in December 1999. CaraMio adds a new revolving digital camera. Users can send/receive taken images by the digital camera with a 70,000-pixel CMOS color image ...

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Seiko WMS Prototype Cellphone Watch


SII is proud to announce the Wrist Mount System (WMS)- the new standard in wearable information devices. WMS tools are designed so that you can use them in one easy click. “Take it off and use it!” is the WMS concept. A communication tool packaged as a wristwatch used to ...

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Magic-I Mini Keychain Data Bank


We couldn’t find much info on this product,the site is www.mymagic-i.com. You are supposed to hold the Magic-i up to the screen, and it uses some sonic waves to download the names, phone numbers and birthdays of your friends and business contacts. It also tells the time, date and language ...

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Pocket CoPilot wins CES 2001 Innovations Award


TravRoute’s Pocket CoPilot has won a 2001 Innovations Award from the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the fourth time in four years TravRoute has received this distinguished award. Pocket CoPilot provides all the power of a laptop-based GPS navigation system on the new, conveniently portable Pocket PC mobile devices. Features ...

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Wapaka WAP micro-browser for the web


Wapaka is a WAP micro-browser for the Web (Java applet) that offers a complete access to a WAP application. With Wapaka, you can offer a demo of your WAP services from your Web site, without a single line of programming. Because Wapaka is a browser, and not an emulator, your ...

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DTC Products Disposable Cellphone


By John Yaukey, Gannett News Service Start kicking yourself for not thinking of it first: the disposable cell phone. The idea to ”chat and chuck” occurred to inventor Randi Altschul of Cliffside Park, N.J., as she was fighting the temptation to heave her cell phone out the car window after ...

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