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The floppy disk could be about to make a comeback.


Matsushita Kotobuki Electronics Industries, better known by its Panasonic brand name, has announced the development of a new technology that can increase the capacity of floppy disks more than 20-fold. The company will begin selling later this month a new disk drive that, it says, is capable of storing 32MB ...

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Konica E-Mini-M Multi-Function Digital Camera


If you’ve been waiting to buy your first digital camera, Konica’s E-Mini-M could be just the ticket. That’s because this model is not only cool, it’s affordable – under $200. Granted, it does not take the highest quality digital photos on the planet, but with a resolution of 640 by ...

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RoadWriter makes your Palm into a Mobile Office


Revolve Design, a leader in mobile computing solutions, announced today the launch of RoadWriter, the first product that allows users to turn their Palm handheld quickly and easily into a low cost mobile office / communications solution. RoadWriter utilizes an integrated Touch -Type Keyboard, for fast data entry and access, ...

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Lucent Technologies announces new “InPhase Technologies” venture to develop and market fast, high-capacity holographic storage


Lucent Technologies today announced a new venture, called InPhase Technologies, that is developing high-performance holographic data storage media and systems with the potential to dramatically speed the evolution of the fast-moving entertainment, consumer products and information technology industries. Using technology in recording media and systems developed at Bell Laboratories, the ...

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400mhz Half Watt Processor could be in your next PDA


Alchemy Semiconductor, Inc.™, an Austin-based fabless semiconductor company targeting the Internet Edge Device market, announced today they will demonstrate their high-performance, low power Au1000 microprocessor at the Microsoft Windows Embedded Developers Conference in Las Vegas February 6-8, 2001. Company representatives will demonstrate the Au1000’s power, performance and scalability they have ...

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First look at the Sharp Telios 7000


Will the Sony PictureBook finally have competition? A quick look at the new Sharp Telios 7000 might lead you to think so, but that depends on what you’re looking for. With only 32MB of RAM and running at 129mhz, the Telios 7000 has no where near the computing power of ...

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Sony Announces Vaio Notebook with Bluetooth Module


Sony Corp. unveiled two home notebook PC models, the Vaio C1 (PCG-C1VRX/K) and Vaio Note SR (PCG-SR9G/K). The PCs’ high-end models are loaded with wireless communication modules complying with Bluetooth. Those PCG-C1VRX/K and PCG-SR9G/K will be priced at around $2,200USD. This is the first time the company has installed Bluetooth-compatible ...

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Flashplug Palm Backup Anywhere


FlashPlug simply is plugged onto the handheld, offering additional 8 MegaBytes of nonvolatile secondary storage. FlashPlug can be utilized similar to a floppy disk, a filemanager application that comes with FlashPlug is used to copy files between the handheld and FlashPlug. FlashPlug simply fits on the port of the handheld. ...

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The Smallest Robot Ever


Imagine a remote-controlled swarm of roach-sized tanks storming into a building through the pipes and vents. Armed with the proper sensors, cameras and communication devices, these tiny tanks could seek out chemical weapons, mines or bombs planted in hard-to-reach places. They could also detect survivors after an accident, or track ...

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Scribor’s Wireless Monitor Interface


Book your next vacation on the Internet while you relax on the patio with your spouse or friend. Put the finishing touches to your presentation for tomorrow’s meeting while watching the “Tonight Show” together with your family in the comfort of your living room. Hard to imagine? Not any more. ...

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Everything at Your Fingertips With Samsung’s SCH-i201


Samsung’s new SCH-i201 eliminates the need for bulky palm-held devices. The sleek and compact SCH-i201 provides convenient internet access and also serves as a personal secretary with its advanced personal information management system. This multi-functional communication device features a writing recognition system so you can save information when you are ...

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BlueTooth Enabled BlueTags Track Baggage Thieves


Today, BlueTags A/S, a Danish company focused on enabling consumer travel products like luggage, with RFID and Bluetooth TM wireless technologies, named eBags as their exclusive distributor for travel markets within North America and Mexico. “We are excited by BlueTags’ innovative use of this revolutionary wireless technology,” said Frank Steed, ...

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Rio Volt Now Available


Rio, a division of SONICblueTM Incorporated, announced today that it has shipped the Rio Volt, the first portable CD player in the family of Rio digital audio players. The Rio Volt plays standard music CDs and recordable CDs containing MP3 and Windows Media Audio (WMA) files – making it possible ...

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