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Sony’s MZ-E7W Wireless MD Player


Sony’s MZ-E7W Wireless MD Player uses a wireless watch interface to control the Player. This wireless watch controller will be avaible to use with other Sony products in the future. The watch type wireless controller which can do colorful operation literally with labor assistant has a back light attaching liquid ...

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Kodak Demos Radio Frequency Connectivity for Digital Cameras


Eastman Kodak Company today demonstrated technology that wirelessly transmits digital still images from the just-announced Kodak mc3 to a computer that displays them on screen. The Kodak mc3 is the first portable unit that combines digital video with virtually unlimited recording, with an MP3 player and a digital still camera. ...

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Hitachi and Xybernaut Team up to make Wearable Internet Appliance


Hitachi, Ltd., Shimadzu Corporation, Colorado MicroDisplay, Inc., and Xybernaut Corporation today announced that they will cooperate to explore business opportunities in the field of Wearable Internet Appliances (WIA). WIA affords hands-free, mobile access to the Internet. The appliance will be comprised of a wearable display that allows hands-free viewing of ...

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Nikon’s Pro 5.47 Mega Pixel SLR Digital Camera


Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the introduction of two new professional SLR digital cameras — the D1X and D1H, Nikon’s latest achievements in digital photography. Both models are founded on the pioneering D1 which introduced a new price/quality threshold to the high-end lens-interchangeable digital SLR camera market. Since its ...

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A.I. Exhibits Bluetooth-Compliant Visor Prototype


Devices based on Bluetooth, a standard for wireless communication, by A.I. Corp. are drawing visitors’ attention at the exhibition zone for sponsors of “NET&COM21,” named “Frontline of the Networking.” A.I. is demonstrating a personal digital assistant (PDA) named “Visor” produced by U.S.-based Handspring, and notebook PCs that are connected with ...

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Intel invests in new Digital Ink


Digital Ink, Inc., a leading developer of digital handwriting technology, today announced it has received an investment from Intel Capital. The financial terms were not disclosed. Digital Ink has also signed a development agreement with Intel. Under the agreement, Digital Ink and Intel’s Microprocessor Research Laboratories will pursue joint development ...

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Infineon unveils PDA SDRAM


Infineon Technologies (DAX/NYSE: IFX) today introduced a new DRAM product line for the strongly growing market of handheld devices. The “Mobile-RAM” family combines three important features specifically needed in handheld battery-powered applications such as very low power consumption, small form factor, and low cost per bit. The Mobile-RAM is a ...

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Intel Says XScale Brings Handhelds Up To Speed


Intel touts its XScale processor as the next-generation mobile processor, boasting speeds starting at 200MHz at the low end. XScale will enable high-performance applications such as streaming video, speech recognition and games, using one single piece of silicon, the company says. Current processor speeds do not provide mobile devices with ...

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SanDisk, Zoran to Develop MPEG-4 Technology for Digital Cameras


SanDisk Corporation and Zoran Corporation announced today that they will partner to accelerate the development of MPEG-4 capable digital cameras, flash memory cards and standards. Under a memorandum of understanding signed by both firms, Zoran will integrate new MPEG-4 technologies and other features into its highly successful COACH (Camera On ...

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New High Capacity TREO Portable Digital Music Jukebox


The TREO, is a new high capacity Digital Music Jukebox designed and priced for the consumer marketplace. Drawing raves when previewed at COMDEX in November, Hy-Tek’s new TREÓ stores and plays up to 150 music CDs. Its numerous advantages over competitive players include storing more than 100 hours of music ...

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New Lucent Chip To Drive Down Wireless Costs


Researchers at Lucent Technologies’ (NYSE: LU) Bell Labs have created the first all-silicon chips for the part of wireless networks that receives radio signals from mobile handsets. The development, announced today at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference here, could reduce the size and cost of wireless base stations and also ...

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Key CoolTown Software is Available Free


E-Squirt, key software powering CoolTown — an HP Labs project envisioning the future — is now in alpha prototype release and can be downloaded free at the CoolTown Web site. CoolTown is a world in the not-too-distant future where every person, place and thing can connect and communicate via the ...

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PINE launches multi-codec Player


PINE takes digital audio beyond MP3 and unveils its multi-format player. PINE Technology USA has launched its SA6400, the first player to incorporate copyright protection technology with support for a multitude of digital audio formats. The SA6400 allows users to download a variety of formats including MP3, WMA and AAC. ...

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