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Sharp’s J-Phone with Full Color TFT


The new cellular phone “J-SH05″ has a TFT liquid crystal panel, which can be folded into the size of a palm. This model will not have a camera that was incorporated in the previous model “J-SH04.” J-Phone group companies will start releasing J-SH05 in December. The screen is 2-inch in size and is able to show texts up to 10 ...

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Novusair Launches Mailwave – Free Wireless Email For Businesses


Novusair, Inc. launched Mailwave, a free online service for businesses that adds device-independent wireless capabilities to their existing email servers. Mobile messaging is a crucial capability for organizations seeking to improve their responsiveness and agility. With fast online implementation, companies can easily give their mobile workforce the ability to stay connected at all times to their office, customers, partners and ...

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HP Introduces Scanner Designed for Online Photo-sharing with Internet Appliances


Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE: HWP) has introduced one of the first scanners on the market specifically designed to enable online photo-sharing using interactive television. The HP e-scanner draws on HP’s leadership role in the digital imaging arena and advances the company’s vision of creating easy-to-use Internet solutions by taking image sharing beyond the PC and into the living room. The HP ...

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LGI’s EV Zone Clik! MP3 Player


The EV Zone developed by LGI is an Iomega Clik! disk MP3 Player, it allows you to use the patented cost effective storage made by Iomega. The EV Zone has a USB interface, supports MP3 and WMA files, as well as a Rechargable Li-ion battery. On the road and need some important phone numbers? The EV Zone can import your ...

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External TV Tuner Supports Video E-mails


AVerMedia Technologies Inc. has released an external video capture device, the AVerTV USB, which features a USB port and allows users to watch TV on a notebook or desktop PC. The model captures images or videos in Motion JPEG or RGB 24 format at up to 30fps. Users can also play audio CDs and send video e-mails. The adapter supports ...

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Canon to Release New Camcorder With 3x Record Mode


In mid March 2001, Canon will release a new digital camcorder, FV20, equipped with 2x and 3x record modes at the price of $1000 USD. Four-hour recording is possible when using an 80 minutes tape and a 3x mode. FV20 will be the first digital camcorder to mount either a 2x or 3x record mode. Canon expects to explore the ...

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Kima Wireless Audio Streaming


Kima KS110n is Two alarm-clock sized boxes that transport sound wirelessly from a computer or anything else with a headphone jack such as a portable CD player to a stereo or portable radio. The Kima comes in two parts: a base station that plugs into a home computer (or a television, stereo or DVD) and a receiver, which is placed ...

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Alesis Unveils airFX


Alesis Studio Electronics introduces airFXTM, an innovative musical device that processes incoming audio or generates sound effects in reaction to movement. airFX features 50 quality-preset programs that modify any audio signal from CDs and vinyl to live performance in real time. While the performance-oriented nature and high-quality effects of the product appeal to DJs, remix engineers and musicians, airFX is ...

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PocketThis Wireless Information Storage


Anybody who can land $10 million in this environment deserves a second look. PocketThis yesterday introduced an intriguing new way to provide Web content to wireless users. This may or may not be a good thing, considering the market is already muddied with 10 applications promising to do this in a “different” way. The company gives users a virtual “Pocket” ...

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GN 9000-Bluetooth headset


Bluetooth is the next step in wireless technology. GN Netcom introduces the world’s first professional-quality Bluetooth headset. Very soon, all kinds of electronic devices will speak Bluetooth. Desktop phones, mobile phones, computers, PDAs, even your car and home electronics. To get the Bluetooth edge with a non-Bluetooth phone, choose the GN9010-BT. The GN9010-BT package includes the Bluetooth headset and a ...

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Microsoft invades the airwaves with the Stinger & Stirling


Enter the Stinger and the Stirling — those are the code names Microsoft has given to its first series of smart phones and the platform that runs them. These devices will be ready for the next generation of cellular service in this country (called 2.5G) and in Europe (3G). Stinger will be 30 percent smaller than an average phone in ...

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AU-System and Seiko Instruments Inc. Collaborate on Interactive BlueTooth Watch


Watch manufacturer Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII), in collaboration with AU-System, has produced a new type of watch with fully interactive functions. SII Wrist Companion has a Bluetooth(TM) link which, via a mobile telephone, gives the user access to the Internet, the possibility to send and receive SMS messages, store contact details and a new talking style. AU-System has enabled this ...

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SONICblue Announces the Rio 800 Extreme – Largest Capacity Rio Ever


Rio®, a division of SONICblue™ (Nasdaq:SBLU), today announced availability of the Rio 800 Extreme, a limited edition portable digital audio player with enough music storage to support up to 12 hours of skip-free music. Our advantage continues to be our nimble, powerful Rio Audio technology,” said Jim Cady, president of Rio. “We can bring compelling products to market incredibly quickly. ...

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New 3.4 Terrabyte chip only costs $43.60 to make


”A professor at Keele University in Staffordshire, England, claims to have invented a memory chip that can hold enough information to fit the entire contents of the British Library onto a single chip. Ted Williams, emeritus professor of electronic engineering, has patented a solid state memory system with a capacity of 86GB per square centimeter of surface area, says Mike ...

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MTS partnership with Zero Gravity offers Palm users a wireless access ‘first’ in Canada


MTS, Manitoba’s preeminent, full service telecommunications company, and Zero Gravity, a technology provider for mobile Internet users in Canada, today announced an Internet connection and other wireless services for Palm Canada customers throughout most of the Manitoba service area. The new service, also called Zero Gravity, functions over the Palm Operating System (OS), and is the first wireless service for ...

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