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Dell Announces new X3 Handheld and Digital Music MP3 Jukebox


Dell confirmed its entry into the consumer electronics category today, announcing the planned introduction of a series of Dell digital entertainment products including digital music players, an online music service and a sneak peek of the company’s next handheld, the Axim X3. “We are revolutionizing technology for our customers – again,” said Michael Dell, chairman and chief executive officer. “By ...

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Game Boy Advance goes wireless


Motorola is supplying high-speed, low-power chipsets to enable an advanced wireless adapter accessory for use with Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Advance SP. This fusion of Nintendo’s leadership in the portable gaming market and Motorola’s own wireless communication technology together create wireless gaming history; enabling a revolutionary portable gaming experience for users. The 2.4GHz radio frequency (RF) chipset ...

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Sony plans to bring Digital TV to Cell Phones


Consumer electronics maker Sony Corp said on Wednesday it planned to ship in December samples of a mini digital broadcast tuner module that would enable mobile phones to act as televisions. The tuner module, which is smaller than a postage stamp, can be used in mobile applications such as cell phones or personal digital assistants (PDAs). Sony, the world’s largest ...

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Electronic paper prepares for video


By Ivan Noble, BBC News Online science staff – “Flexible paper-like colour computer displays that can show moving video are under development by the Dutch electronics giant Philips. Two scientists at the company’s research facility in Eindhoven describe the latest step forward in e-paper technology in the journal Nature. Philips – and other firms like E Ink in the US ...

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Ricoh Develops Rewritable Sheet with Embedded RFID Tag


Nikkei Electronics reports – “The new sheet, which features an embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, is an addition to Ricoh’s series of “RECO-View Sheet” products — film sheets that can be repeatedly written on and erased by means of thermal printing. The film can be used to display the digital data stored in its own RFID tag. The new ...

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Forward Solutions develops Migo Desktop Replication for mobile computing experts


Forward Solutions, Inc., has released a revolutionary new device for mobile computing experts today with the introduction of Migo, the most advanced portable personal computing system in a sleek, key-sized USB-based flash memory device. Migo plugs into a PC USB port, captures a user’s entire PC environment and replicates that personal desktop on any other compatible Windows-based computer anywhere in ...

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Next Generation Vaio Multimedia Device Unveiled


As technology advances you see these types of devices more and more; handheld multi-functioning with a built in digital video player. Sony has revealed the prototype Vaio-speler that has a 3.5-inch display with an unbelievably high resolution. The device will last for 10 hours continuous MPEG-2 video playback. It can also show photographs which have been stored on the built ...

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USB 802.11b pen drive unveiled


By Chinmei Sung, DigiTimes.com – “Fi Win, a subsidiary of First International Computer (FIC), recently launched a USB-interface pen drive with 128MB of memory. The device, featuring Intersil’s Prism 3.0 chipset solution, supports USB universal plug & play and interoperability with co-existence and auto-switching between WLAN and flash memory (patent held by Fi-Win), the company said.” Read more from the ...

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NEC improves notebook fuel cell technology


Martyn Williams, IDG News Service – NEC has reduced the volume of a prototype fuel-cell for notebook computers – unveiled just over two months ago – by 20 per cent while maintaining the same power output. The company’s latest fuel cell was unveiled earlier at the World PC Expo show in Chiba, Japan, a spokeswoman for NEC, Dianr Foley, said. ...

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Samsung Announces World’s First GSM TV Phone


Samsung recently announced two new high-end phones for the U.S., including the world’s first GSM phone with a built-in TV tuner. Both models are clamshell GSM 900/1900 phones with WAP 2.0, MIDP 2.0 Java, MMS, infrared and 40-chord polyphonic ringtones. SGH-E715 is a compact and lightweight dual-frequency GSM/GPRS phone with an embedded VGA camera. This unique folding model has a ...

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Kyocera Finecam S5R – World’s Fastest Digital Continuous Capture Rate


Kyocera Optics, Inc., now offers a solution for digital camera fans who have been frustrated by “missing the moment” due to the combination of the shutter speed lag time and slow “click to click” speed. The company’s new 5 Megapixel Finecam S5R with RTUNE Rapid Tuning Technology offers the World’s fastest Continuous Capture Mode. In combination with a virtually non-existent ...

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Airline launches onboard SMS


Airline passengers may soon be able to send and receive text messages in mid-flight. Swiss airline technology provider SITA has launched a two-way in-flight SMS service, according to a statement from the company. SITA’s AIRCOM SMS service is the first to offer passengers the facility to hold two-way SMS conversations with people using mobile phones or email accounts, via their ...

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Nomadix Supplies Technology for First Satellite-Based Wi-Fi Public-access Network


Nomadix, Inc., a supplier of Public-access solutions, today announced that the company is supplying key technology used in the industry’s first satellite-based Wi-Fi access solution created by Hughes Network Systems (HNS), the world’s leading provider of broadband satellite solutions. HNS’ Wi-Fi Access is offered at leisure HotSpots using the nationwide DIRECWAY® broadband satellite service. HNS is utilizing Nomadix’ Access Gateways ...

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Hello, your car is stolen


by Jonathan Paisley, Evening Times – “A car that phones its owner to say it’s being stolen might seem like a product of Q’s lab. And the idea that it could send a text to give its exact location sounds even more far-fetched. But the state-of-the-art alarm is available today – and it’s been created by a Glasgow firm. It ...

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Toshiba’s Five-Megapixel PDR-5300 priced at $399


Toshiba Imaging Systems, today announced an addition to its popular PDR line of digital still cameras – the PDR-5300. It is expected to ship later this month with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $399. Toshiba’s most advanced digital still camera to date, the PDR-5300 boasts high level features such as a 5.0 megapixel CCD image sensor, a powerful ...

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