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EPSON Stylus Photo 900 Prints on CDs and DVDs

Epson America Inc. is introducing the first photo printer under $200 that has the capability to print directly onto CDs and DVDs without adhesive labels. The EPSON Stylus Photo 900 is Epson’s latest addition to its award-winning photo printer line and is the second printer in the line to include the technology for printing directly […]

More Memory for Palm OS

Palm, Inc. (Nasdaq: PALM) Solutions Group today said it has accomplished a sevenfold breakthrough in memory for Palm Powered(TM) handheld computers. Palm Solutions and PalmSource engineers collaborated to develop memory technology that extends the amount of random-access memory (RAM) possible on a Palm OS(R) handheld from the current 16MB to 128MB. The engineering feat enhances […]

Cell Phone Doubles as Radiation Detector

In the future, customs agents, police and other workers could carry cell phones that double as radiation detectors and serve as part of a vast, nationwide detection network. This device and more than a dozen other advanced technologies to detect clandestine nuclear materials or nuclear devices are under development at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. A […]

Intel Introduces New Pentium 4 – M 2.50 GHz Processor

Intel Corporation today introduced three new processors for mobile PCs, the Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 processor – M at 2.50 GHz and the mobile Intel® Celeron® processor at 2.20 and 1.26 GHz. The Mobile Intel Pentium 4 processor – M delivers high performance for desktop replacement portable PCs. Notebooks based on this processor allow users […]

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Nokia Observation Camera

As operators finalize their implementations of MMS networks and consumers begin to embrace the power of visual communication that MMS provides, Nokia today introduced a new kind of MMS device for the Americas market, the Nokia Observation Camera, which creates new ways for individuals and businesses to remotely receive visual information. The dual-band (GSM/GPRS 850/1900MHz) […]

iRiver iHP-100 10 GB Portable Audio Player

Nichimen Corp of Japan and NHJ Ltd of Japan introduced a new portable audio player from Korea’s iRiver Inc, with a 10GB HDD built-in, called “iHP-100” in Japan. The HDD is made by Toshiba Corp. It will support three audio files; MP3, Windows Media Audio (WMA), and advanced streaming format (ASF). These can be played […]

Sagem Releases the myX-6 640×480 Digital Camera Phone

Sagem, the affordable handset manufacturer has released the myX-6, a multimedia mobile phone with built-in high quality digital camera. Its CCD camera offers an optimal picture quality, even if weather conditions are bad or if the subjects are moving. A full set of features around picture capture are provided with myX-6 and more specifically a […]

Homemix CDJ1 Mobile System

The new Homemix CDJ1 from Acoustic Solutions Ltd will turn an average party into the banging bash of the year. Even an inexperienced DJ who has never picked up gear before, will be able to mix some fresh beats. A bit of practice is all it takes. The Homemix CDJ1 has all sorts of features […]

Plextor Releases 1GB CD-R Recorder

Plextor Corp. today announced the availability of the PlexWriter™ Premium CD-R/RW drive. The high-speed 3-in-1 drive features 52X CD-Write, 32X CD-Rewrite, and 52X-max CD-Read. Available as an internal 5.25-inch half-height drive with an ATA/ATAPI-5 interface, the new PlexWriter Premium is designed for users who require the highest levels of performance, reliability, and functionality. PlexWriter Premium […]

Core Sound Unveils the PDAudio-CF

PDAudio-CF from Core Sound is a Recording System For PDAs, Laptop and Desktop systems. Rather than being a single piece of hardware, PDAudio is a system of inexpensive hardware and software components you can select among to assemble a very compact recorder that meets your needs. The centerpiece of the system is PDAudio-CF, a Type […]

320Mbps 802.11N May be Next

Many vendors are still investigating the technology of 802.11 products. Their main goal is to get speed increases over 72 and 108 Megabits per second (Mbps), the official number for the maximum speed with 802.11a and 802.11g has always been 54Mbps. With new research and technology advancements that may soon change. the High Throughput Study […]

Tubero GoodM 0% Radiation Polymer Hands-Free Kit

The Tubero by GoodM is a new type of hands-free kit for your mobile phone. The sound is transmitted through air vibrations. By keeping a distance between the brain and the speaker / microphone the electronic undulations which are usually transmitted to the brain are cut off. Use of this product extinguishes all harmful electronic […]

Western Digital Unveils Largest 250GB External HDD

Western Digital Corp. has expanded its external hard drive product line with the addition of a Special Edition model. Western Digital’s FireWire®/USB 2.0 Combo Special Edition external hard drives are enclosed in a contemporary clear, light-up case; feature an 8 MB cache; provide the versatility of dual interface compatibility; and, with their massive 250 GB […]

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Nokia 810 Goes Old-School

Nokia recently unveiled its new innovative car phone, the Nokia 810, designed to make voice and data communication easier and more comfortable in a vehicle environment. The user-friendly features can be accessed easily with the novel Navi™ wheel. In addition, the Nokia 810 car phone provides superior handsfree audio quality combined with enhanced GSM network […]

Enfora Leather Case with Built-In Wi-Fi Coming Soon

Enfora, Inc. recently announced the WP802b – Enfora’s Patent Pending Wireless Portfolio designed specifically for the ever-growing WI-FI market. Now you can instantly turn your Palm into a WI-FI data enabled device to access your home or office network or the many hot-spots now coming on line. The WP802b provides instant wireless access to e-mail, […]

Infrared headset nixes radiation

Many cell-phone users have taken to using hands-free headsets to avoid the microwave radiation the devices emit, but the electrical wires that connect the headsets to the phones can also act as antennas for microwaves. A headset that connects a cell phone via infrared light waves sidesteps the radiation problem. Read more from the source.

Phraselator WinCE Device Used by Coalition Forces in Iraq

The Phraselator from Marine Acoustics, Inc is currently being used by both British and American Coalition Forces in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The 100+ Phraselators being used in Iraq are loaded with both Arabic and Kurdish languages. Civil Affairs units are currently using the devices as they encounter civilians in and around the towns of Iraq. […]

RM Launches Intel Centrino Powered Tablet PC

RM plc, the leading supplier of ICT to UK education, has previewed a new Centrino* model of the RM Tablet PC, based on the latest Intel Pentium M processor. RM is Intel’s sole UK Tablet PC launch partner for Centrino and will sell the new product from April. The Tablet PC has been a great […]

Allied Data Technologies Introduces 256MB Wristwatch

Allied Data’s retail division TORNADO continues expanding its product portfolio. Tornado will soon introduce its latest ultra portable solution: the Tornado USB Memory Watch (UMW). The Tornado UMW is a stylish designed wristwatch with built-in memory capacity. The Tornado USB Memory Watch (UMW) is the easy way to store, transfer and carry your personal files. […]

Unleash 900MHz Wireless Headset

Unleash is a new wireless mobile headset solution designed specifically for users demanding a simple solution with superior voice quality over a secure communication medium. Unleash offers a higher performance solution than 900MHz headsets and a simpler, more cost effective alternative to Bluetooth based solutions. Through patented Near Field Magnetic Wireless Technology, Unleash delivers an […]

Epson 10GB PhotoPC P-1000 Announced

Seiko Epson Japan has today announced the Rio PhotoPC Player P-1000. It is a very interesting product because with the features it has, it could be used in place of PC. It has a new 3.8″ “Photo Fine” TFT LCD, 1.8″ 10GB hard disk of which 9GB is available, Type II Compact Flash slot with […]

Motorola’s New E390 with 3D Surround Sound

Motorola has released the E390 triband (900/1800/1900 Mhz) capable phone. With several advances in mobile phone technology. The first advancement is a 2 speaker 24 channel, 3D polyphonic sound system. The phone speakers will allow extra bass in musical tones. The other advancement is the ability to mix and match your own tones with the […]

Sharp Unveils 4.6mm-Thick CCD Module Supporting VGA for Cell Phones

Sharp Corp announced the “LZOP371K,” a new compact CCD camera module for cell phones. The module measures 13mm x 10mm x 4.6mm, and has a volume of 0.6cc. According to Sharp, its new module will make folding-type cell phones thinner than existing models. LZOP371K supports the VGA resolution (640 x 480 dots). It has 350,000 […]

IDS Nexus Mass Storage Device

Infinite Data Storage (IDS) has eliminated the middleman. Consumers can do away with the cumbersome task of uploading digital photos to their PCs before archiving them to a storage medium. IDS unveiled the NexusTM, featuring their unique CameraBuddy (USB host) technology. The Nexus is a small and simple, but intelligent, device that allows a direct […]

Review: Actiontec Dual Mode Wireless Router

As an avid fan of wireless networking, I’ve been a wi-fi nut for some time. There is just nothing like sitting on my back deck surfing the net while watching DVD’s. So I was pleased when the folks at Actiontec sent their latest offering. As soon as I opened the box for my new Wireless-Enabled […]

Bluetooth and WiFi SD & Memory Sticks in Development for Palm OS

Hagiwara Sys-Com has announced today that it will develop and market wireless connectivity solutions based on Memory Stick I/O(MSIO) and Secure Digital I/O (SDIO) technology. Hagiwara will introduce four wireless connectivity products, the HNT-MSW1 Memory Stick Wireless LAN card, HNT-MSB1 Memory Stick Bluetooth card, HNT-SDW1 SD Wireless LAN card, and HNT-SDB1 SD Bluetooth card. The […]

Daisy Books, MP3 and Audio CD for the Blind

Visuaide has released the Victor Reader Vibe. The smallest, most affordable Daisy player ever designed for the visually impaired and print disabled. Whether it is for school, work, or leisure, Victor Reader VIBE offers everything you are looking for in a digital talking book player at an affordable price. Victor Reader VIBE is both a […]

Acer Unveils the 300Mhz N10 Pocket PC

Acer has released the affordable n10 Microsoft Pocket PC Intel® PXA255 powered handheld. This setup has 300MHz processing power, 64MB SDram, and 32MB Flash Memory. If thats not enough, how about SD/MMC and CF Type I/Type II dual expansion slots powered by a 1500 mAh Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery. A sturdy operating platform and ultra-dependable […]

Samsung Electronics Unveils the SGH-P400 Camera Phone

Samsung Electronics unveiled its latest advanced in-built camera phones, the SGH-P400, SGH-P410 and SGH-V200. Inset is the SGH-P400. The Samsung SGH-P400, with a rotating screen, allows users to talk, take and send pictures or data quickly and easily through a single device, with the convenience of a rotating viewfinder. It has a built-in CCD (Charge […]

MediaQ’s MQ2100 Controller Sets Higher Standard for Mobile Handset Video and Graphics Applications

MediaQ has announced the MQ2100 Multimedia Platform Controller, which lets mobile handset manufacturers rapidly integrate embedded cameras and color graphics into existing and new product designs. The MQ2100 Controller enables OEMs to easily incorporate high-end multimedia capabilities into products without having to redesign and re-qualify the entire handset. The resulting savings in production and development […]

NTT DoCoMo to Market “WRISTOMO,” Wristwatch-style PHS Mobile Phone

NTT DoCoMo, Inc. announced today that it will soon begin marketing the WRISTOMO™, the world’s first commercial wristwatch-style Personal Handyphone System (PHS) mobile phone. Marketing will be handled exclusively through the Internet at, which will be opened today at 3 PM (Japan Standard Time). Customers can begin placing orders on the product launch day […]

Sony Ericsson unveils new GPRS/Wireless LAN PC-Card, the GC79

Sony Ericsson has unveiled the GC79, a new GPRS/Wireless LAN PC-Card for mobile professionals. By combining the best of two worlds, offering global wireless access and fast local connection, the GC79 provides easy and fast access to e-mails, SMS and fax as well as access to Internet, intranet and company networks. The GC79 will be […]

ATELAB Research Unveils EDiT – Enhanced eDition InTerface

ATELAB Research recently announced its achievements in developing a new cellular phone with enhanced text editing capabilities. The phone will be equipped with a newly developed interface called Enhanced eDition Interface Terminal (EDiT). This solution will facilitate entering text messages and using e-mail and calendar features. When EDiT is not in use, i.e. with its […]

SMC Announces High Power 802.11b PC Card

SMC announced today a PC Card that aims to increase flexibility and mobility of wireless networking. The SMC2532W-B 2.4GHz 802.11b High Power Wireless PC Card is part of SMC’s new EliteConnect High Power family of products, and provides up to 200 milliWatts (mW) of transmit power, SMC said. The card will be available for $139.99 […]

Philips Xenium [email protected] with 1 Month Standby

The new Xenium [email protected] mobile phone is a gateway to the growing world of Internet via the mobile phone. Access is gained via voice command, a dedicated short cut “@” key or the carousel menu’s unique pilot key. A number of additional features enhance its web surfing performance, including dedicated WAP icons, the possibility to […]

HP iPAQ h2200 Series Gets FCC Approval

“About a month ago, a rumor surfaced that Hewlett Packard was in the process of developing the iPAQ h2200 series Pocket PC. The FCC has granted permission for the release of these devices, which will offer built-in Bluetooth wireless networking and SDIO support. At this point, it appears that there will be at least two […]

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Nokia Plans to Build 802.11b Switching for Cellular Handsets

“Nokia executives have revealed plans to deliver high-end cellular handsets that seamlessly switch between 802.11b and public carrier networks in an effort to transform handsets into terminals capable of consuming composite applications. The switching technology, expected to be deployed in handsets for beta trials toward the end of the year, is designed to extend the […]

Alcatel and Oberthur present their Guardian Angel

Alcatel, and Oberthur Card Systems, has demonstrated their “Guardian Angel” solution at the 3GSM Congress in Cannes. The new service allows parents to keep track of their children on their way home from school. To initiate the service, the parents follow the child on the chosen route to go home, using the SIMphonIc Pico SIM-based […]

NEC’s 3G devices e606 and e808 Unveiled

NEC’s futuristic 3G handsets, delivered to the mobile multimedia and communications service 3, developed by Hutchison 3G, for the rollout if its network in the UK and Italy. Strikingly attractive, employing the popular fold-form design, both the e606 and e808 are dual-mode (2G:GSM/CSD and 3G:UMTS/W-CDMA), enabling users to benefit from a range of compelling 3G […]

IO-Data Device Unveils MotionPix AVMC211

Japanese manufacturer I-O Data Device Inc. is preparing a new AVI camcorder unit dubbed the MotionPix AVMC211, according to an announcement on its website. The camcorder features a 2.1 megapixel CMOS imager, fixed focal-length lens, and a 1.5″ TFT LCD display. As well as capturing videos, the device has a still image mode, and there’s […]

Belkin F8T030 Bluetooth Access Point

Belkin Corporation, the leading manufacturer of connectivity solutions, has introduced its Bluetooth Access Point with USB Print Server (F8T030 – ESP $149.99). A winner of the “Innovations 2003 Design and Engineering Award”, the Bluetooth Access Point with USB Print Server from Belkin is an ideal solution for Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) and mobile road warriors […]

Cornice 1.5 GB 1″ HDD at $100

Cornice Inc of the United States revealed a 1-inch hard disk drive (HDD) designed for consumer electronics for an OEM price of less than US$100. Cornice will launch mass production of the Cornice Personal Storage, the 1-inch HDD with a recording capacity of 1.5GB some time before the second quarter of 2003. According to the […]

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SanDisk Introduces the World’s Smallest Removable Flash Card for Mobile Phones – the miniSD

SanDisk Corporation today introduced the SanDisk miniSD(TM) card, a new thumbnail-sized flash memory card that is designed to meet the needs of the mobile phone market for greater storage capacity in the smallest possible physical form factor. The miniSD card was recently adopted by the SD Association as an ultra-small form factor extension to the […]

Kyocera Unveils the Kurv

“Kyocera Wireless was showing off its Kyocera Kurv — a new phone that includes Smart Skins (from Wildseed). The Smart Skins are “intelligent faceplates” that help change the personality of your cell phone. Each skin includes different graphics, ring tones, applications, screen savers, etc., that reflect the type of skin it is. For example, a […]

BenQ Unveils Taiwan’s first Symbian smartphone at CeBIT Show

Taiwan’s BenQ has introduced at CeBIT 2003, its first smart phone equipped Symbian OS. The platform used is the UIQ on Symbian OS 7,0, the same one the Sony Ericsson P800 uses. The new telephone BenQ calls the P30 uses GSM Tri Band with support for GPRS. A 65 milion colour TFT touch screen display […]

Motorola A920 Symbian OS 3G Device Exposed

Infosync Reports: “The FCC has done it again: Motorola has now received approval for its new A920 tri-band GSM/GPRS/UMTS phone which runs on Symbian OS, sports GPS, and has a digital camera. Although Motorola has previously experimented extensively with various solutions to enable advanced functionality in it’s mobile devices, a recent decision to use Linux […]

Verizon To Unveil Ultra-Fast Wireless

Addressing business customers’ need for speed, security and mobility Verizon Wireless, the nation’s largest wireless provider, announced plans to offer high-speed wireless data service for the mobile workforce that’s comparable with wireline broadband connections. The company plans to market 1xEV-DO technology, offering wireless data speeds up to 2.4 Megabits per second (Mbps) following successful technology […]

Texas Instruments Releases Industry’s First Tri-Wireless PDA Concept

Mobile device manufacturers will be able to deliver to consumers and mobile professionals simultaneous wireless voice and data connectivity with a tri-wireless PDA concept design, from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN). Code named “WANDA” for Wireless Any Network Digital Assistant, the concept design is powered by TI´s OMAPTM processors, multiple TI wireless technologies, and […]