Author: Dave Conabree

Airline launches onboard SMS

Airline passengers may soon be able to send and receive text messages in mid-flight. Swiss airline technology provider SITA has launched a two-way in-flight SMS service, according to a statement from the company. SITA’s AIRCOM SMS service is the first to offer passengers the facility to hold two-way SMS conversations with people using mobile phones […]

Nomadix Supplies Technology for First Satellite-Based Wi-Fi Public-access Network

Nomadix, Inc., a supplier of Public-access solutions, today announced that the company is supplying key technology used in the industry’s first satellite-based Wi-Fi access solution created by Hughes Network Systems (HNS), the world’s leading provider of broadband satellite solutions. HNS’ Wi-Fi Access is offered at leisure HotSpots using the nationwide DIRECWAY® broadband satellite service. HNS […]

Hello, your car is stolen

by Jonathan Paisley, Evening Times — “A car that phones its owner to say it’s being stolen might seem like a product of Q’s lab. And the idea that it could send a text to give its exact location sounds even more far-fetched. But the state-of-the-art alarm is available today – and it’s been created […]

Toshiba’s Five-Megapixel PDR-5300 priced at $399

Toshiba Imaging Systems, today announced an addition to its popular PDR line of digital still cameras – the PDR-5300. It is expected to ship later this month with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $399. Toshiba’s most advanced digital still camera to date, the PDR-5300 boasts high level features such as a 5.0 megapixel […]

GPRS phone has 360-degree rotating digital camera

Haier Telecommunication has released the Z3000 Class 10 GPRS mobile phone that has a 360-degree rotating digital camera and a 4,096-color LCD. The cover features a stripe design with 256 flashing colors. The GPRS phone supports GSM 900MHz, 1.8GHz and 1.9GHz, and complies with WAP 1.2.1. It has an FM radio and plays 32 polyphonic […]

Microsoft Windows Mobile to power new Motorola MPx200

Motorola Inc. and Microsoft Corp. today announced an alliance to combine the power of the desktop with the “always at hand” convenience of the mobile phone, making life simpler, smarter and synchronized for mobile professionals around the globe. The new Motorola MPx200 mobile phone with Microsoft® Windows Mobile software has been unveild. The companies will […]

Samsung unveils the Digimax U-CA3

As much of a fashion accessory as a digital camera, the silver U-CA 3 is one piece of technology that when you’ve got it, you’re definitely going to want to flaunt it. More akin to the size of a mobile, the super-slim U-CA 3 has a real ‘wow’ factor. It’s sleek, stylish, sophisticated and above […]

Butt-out with your mobile

By Jonathan Amos, BBC News Online — “Smokers desperate to give up cigarettes could soon resort to a small program on their mobile phone or PDA. It would throw up a series of flickering dots on the screen, which psychologists say seem to break some of the mental processes that drive the need for another […]

Orange to carry Microsoft Powered Motorola Phone

Microsoft Corp. is working toward a deal to provide software for Motorola Inc.’s cell phones for sale to customers of Orange, France Telecom’s wireless carrier said. A deal with Motorola, which recently unloaded its 19 percent stake in Symbian, a Microsoft competitor in mobile phone software, would represent a significant step for the world’s largest […]

Sony Ericsson Z1010 3G phone launch date soon

by Graeme Wearden, ZDNet UK — The Z1010 is being put through its final paces in readiness for launch. It will be the first phone from Sony Ericsson that is able to video conference. The first 3G mobile phone made by Sony Ericsson should hit the shops in January 2004, the manufacturer said this week. […]

iGolf SD GPS Package for Palm OS and Pocket PC Coming November

iGolf Technologies has announced the addition of a SD GPS receiver to its line of GPS products. This new SD GPS receiver is the only GPS receiver available which is universally compatible with all Palm OS and Pocket PC devices with a SDIO expansion slot. The SD GPS receiver will be packaged and sold with […]

AIST, Samsung Develop Optical Disc That Holds 200GB

Nikkei Reports — “Samsung Electronics of Korea and Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) have developed a new optical disc technology capable of storing 200 Gb of data on a disc, compared with 23 Gb for the emerging Blu-Ray Disc system. The technology uses a violet laser diode to write data […]

Camera Phones may soon have a Zoom Lens

by Barry Fox, New Scientist — “Picture-messaging phones may be about to get a whole lot more intrusive. Thanks to a novel and ultra-cheap micromotor technology, cellphone cameras should soon be able to zoom and focus with the same precision as the autofocusing lenses used in expensive stills cameras. Limited of Cambridge, UK, has found […]

Security firm aims to ease RFID concerns

By Richard Shim Staff Writer, CNET — “Researchers at a major security firm have developed a blocking technique to ease privacy concerns surrounding controversial radio frequency identification technology. The labs at RSA Security on Wednesday outlined plans for a technology they call blocker tags, which are similar in size and cost to radio frequency […]

GPS III on the Horizon

U.S. officials have begun planning the next generation of satellite navigation technology, known as GPS III. The need for upgrade is mainly caused from the lack of security with the current GPS II System. More effective counter measures for signal-jamming, and new applications such as intelligent highway and traffic-safety systems. Not forgetting better accuracy, and […]

Toshiba Unveils Next-Generation DVD Recordable Drives for Mobile Computers

Toshiba Storage Device Division (SDD) today introduced two slim-line optical disk drives that provide higher media recording speeds for mobile computers, and allow PC manufacturers to deliver better functionality to professionals on the go. The SD-R6112 slim DVD recordable drive enables mobile users to take advantage of 2x DVD recording, while the SD-R9012 super slim […]

Konica DG-3Z Ruggedized Digital Camera

Konica Japan has announced the DG-3Z digital camera, aimed towards industrial use. Enclosed in a rubberized case, this rugged digital camera will is dustproof and can be used almost anywhere. The Konica DG-2 released in 2001 and the DG-1 of 1998 were also built for industrial use. The new DG-3Z has a 3.2 megapixel CCD […]

Garmin Unveils GPS-Enabled Forerunner 201 Personal Training System

Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. has introduced the Forerunner 201 — an integrated personal training system that offers an easy-to-read display, ergonomic wristband and GPS sensor to provide users with precise data on speed, distance and pace for a variety of athletic applications. Thanks to its lightweight, compact, waterproof design, the Forerunner […]

Nextel and RadioFrame Networks Introduce First In-Building Wireless Platform with Cellular and WLAN Capability

Nextel Communications Inc. and RadioFrame Networks, Inc., today launched an integrated cellular/WLAN system, the first set of products and services that improves in-building coverage and capacity for wireless voice and data services and also provides customers the option to deploy a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) over the same infrastructure. The solution ensures users can […]

Toshiba Gigabeat G20 smallest HDD MP3 player

The Register Reports: Toshiba has launched what it claims is the thinnest, lightest and smallest hard drive-based portable music player yet to grace the market. And, looking at the pictures the company supplied, we have to say, probably the sexiest one too. The player, the Gigabeat G20 MEG200J is just 1.27cm thick, a smidge thinner […]

Kodak DX6490 – 10x Opitcal Zoom Digital Camera

Eastman Kodak Company today unveiled its most advanced EasyShare digital camera to date, the Kodak EasyShare DX6490 zoom digital camera. With its unique combination of sophisticated features, exceptional performance, and US$499 suggested retail price, it establishes a new price-to-performance benchmark for ‘advanced amateur’ photography, giving more people the opportunity to shoot like a professional. The […]

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New Mobile Phone Microphone Detects Whispers Reports:People who bellow into their cell phones on trains and buses could soon have no excuse. Korean engineers have designed a tiny microphone that picks up whispers even in a noisy environment. Whispering into a normal cell phone is easily drowned out by other sounds, and tends to exaggerate sibilant and plosive consonants – […]

Samsung SGH-C100 Sleek and Slender GPRS Phone

Samsung Electronics recently announced the launch of the dual band, GPRS SGH-C100, its slimmest colour screen mobile phone ever with a design philosophy inspired by Zen minimalism. Packed with latest features, the SGH-C100 is set to be a hit with trendy and fashionable consumers, winning them over with its simplicity and elegance. Embodying style and […]

HP DC3000 DVD Movie Writer

HP introduces its DVD Movie Writer dc3000 that lets consumers better preserve their family memories by easily transferring outdated VHS and other analog videotapes to DVD. HP created the DVD Movie Writer dc3000 as a simple tool to convert videotapes by combining the analog-to-digital conversion and video compression function with a full-fledged DVD writer. “The […]

Sharp Unveils Instant Play DVD Laptop Models

Sharp Japan has recently introduced the new Mebius notebook line, with the PC-SV1-7DB and PC-SV1-5CB. They will go on sale late August with MSRP of $1860 for the PC-SV1-7DB and $1600 for the PC-SV1-5CB. The PC-SV1-7DB will feature the Athlon XP-M 2000+ CPU (1667MHz), 60Gb HDD. The PC-SV1-5CB will have the Athlon XP-M 1800+ (1533MHz), […]

Antec Puts Laptop Overheating on Ice

Antec, Inc., a manufacturer of computer hardware and accessories for the upgrade and build your own (BYO) markets, is making laptop overheating a thing of the past with the launch of its Notebook Cooler. Designed to draw a continual flow of cool air across the computer’s hottest surface, Antec’s Notebook Cooler fits directly underneath a […]

Sony DSC-F828 8 Megapixel Cyber-shot F-series Camera

Expert photographers know that image quality goes beyond pixel resolution, and with today’s new product announcement from Sony Electronics, they will soon find a digital camera that measures up to their discerning eye by exceeding the capabilities of current technology. The latest model (DSC-F828) in Sony’s popular line of Cyber-shot F-series enthusiast cameras represents the […]

CEC F88 Wearable Wrist Phone available in China

CNet Asia reports: A Chinese company has launched a tiny, pricey wristphone that packs in features found in larger phones, such as a keypad, color screen and camera. Government-run electronics conglomerate CEC (China Electronics Corporation) has released the mobile phone, designed for China’s CDMA 1x network. Several Chinese Web sites are currently taking orders for […]

HP Photosmart 1.3 Megapixel Mobile Camera for the iPAQ Pocket PC

HP today announced the HP Photosmart Mobile Camera, a high-performance digital camera accessory that allows you to capture, share, and even send a digital image directly to a Bluetooth™ enabled printer – all with your iPAQ Pocket PC. With a 1.3 MP resolution and 4X digital zoom in a 1.1ounce package, the Mobile Camera offers […]

Cypress Samples Industry’s First 2.4 GHz Radio System-on-a-Chip Priced Under $2

Cypress Semiconductor Corp. expects a single-chip 2.4-GHz radio to leapfrog a batch of existing wireless technologies for such low-cost applications as keyboards, game pads, mice and remote controls. By stripping out the higher-layer networking support and complexity of Bluetooth, ZigBee, 27-MHz and 900-MHz wireless technologies, Cypress keeps the current draw of its WirelessUSB LS radio […]

AirSpeak Flair Tablet Thin Client Model with Windows Just Released

AirSpeak Incorporated is now shipping the Flair™ tablet thin client with the Windows operating system. New features available with the Flair™ tablet include Internet Explorer 5.5, Windows media player, file viewers for MS Office and PDF documents, the RDP 5.1 advanced terminal services client as well as improved networking and security capabilities. The […]

Pentax *ist Digital SLR Shipping this September

PENTAX U.S.A., Inc. announced that the long anticipated digital SLR *ist D camera (pronounced ist-dee) will begin shipping in September 2003 to the United States. Housed in one of the world’s smallest, lightest SLR camera bodies, the *ist D comes equipped with an array of advanced functions and user-friendly features, including an APS-sized CCD with […]

Sony DCR-IP1 MICROMV Handycam Super Small Camcorder

SimplyDV Reports: In keeping with the increasing speculation about the company’s plans for its MICROMV format, Sony Europe has allayed fears that it was pulling back its commitment to the revolutionary digital video that was launched back in 2001 by announcing a new digital camcorder that is the size of a playing card. The MICROMV […]

Minox DD1 Miniaturized Wearable Camera

Just like the legendary MINOX spy camera which stands for fine mechanical precision in miniature size, the new MINOX DD1 also creates excitement through its unique design and technology concept. Pin-sharp definition and brilliance are guaranteed by the 5-element multi-coated glass lens. In combination with the 2.1 megapixel chip, the refined electronics and the specially […]

Review: Palm Tungsten C vs Tungsten W Showdown

A few weeks ago, I received the Tungsten W from the kind folks at Palm. I LOVE the idea of a single device to cover my mobile computing and communication needs so I just had to see what Palm had to offer. In order to get a fair appraisal of what the unit had going […]

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KeyCrypt – World’s First Mulit-Functional USB Token for Logical & Physical Access

DigiSAFE Pte Ltd. (“DigiSAFE”) has announced the launch of the world’s first multi-functional USB token for both logical and physical access, KeyCryptTM. Incorporating a powerful cryptographic smartcard chip, a RFID tag and a USB mass-storage device into a single tamper-proof packaging, KeyCrypt aims to create an entirely new security experience. In bringing about this new […]

Inventor Develops AcceleGlove ‘talking glove’ for Deaf

An electronic glove that can turn American Sign Language gestures into spoken words or text, designed to help the deaf communicate more easily with the hearing world, is under development. Researcher Jose Hernandez-Rebollar of George Washington University has demonstrated that his “AcceleGlove” can translate the rapid hand movements used to make the alphabet and some […]

SOFTAVA Q12 Keypad Technology

Mobile Burn Reports: It seems that we are rapidly approaching the point where the traditional 12 key keypad is no longer going to be able to keep pace with the ever growing feature set that modern mobile handsets keep adding to. Most everybody agrees that T9 was a giant step ahead when compared to the […]

Ritz Camera offers Disposable Dakota Digital Cameras for only $10.99

Ritz Camera Centers, the largest retail camera and photo chain in the United States, today announced the nationwide launch of the Dakota Digital Single-Use Camera at select Ritz Camera and Wolf Camera locations. The cameras, a first to offer consumers a high-quality, fully digital experience at a single-use price, will sell for $10.99 under the […]

Sony UPX-C200 Digital Passport system with Bluetooth Unveiled

Sony has announced the availability of the UPX-C200 Digital Printing System, which features direct printing from the camera without the need for cable connections or a camera docking station. With Sony’s new UPX-C200 model, images can be transmitted from the camera to up to three printers wirelessly using Bluetooth™ technology. “Sony is once again changing […]

Casio QV-R40 Compact Digital Camera with 1-Second Startup time

Casio announced a new addition to the QV Digital Camera series, the new compact 4.0 megapixel QV-R40 Digital Camera. The new QV-R40 has 1-second power up time and industry leading* 0.01-second release time lag (both values approximate), ensuring you can capture those special moments whenever they happen. CASIO recorded the 0.01-second release time lag mark […]

Iomega Miniature 1.5 Gigabyte Removable Storage Technology Unveiled

Iomega Corporation, recently announced a new 1.5 GB digital capture technology (DCT) platform designed for a new generation of digital entertainment products, including camcorders and portable video players, as well as portable PCs and smart handheld devices. Working samples of Iomega’s new breakthrough DCT drive and fully rewritable cartridge are now being evaluated by a […]

EMP-Z Coin-Sized MP3 Player

Two local venture firms announced yesterday that they succeeded in developing the world’s smallest and lightest MP3 player, a breakthrough that highlights yet again this nation’s prowess in the newly emerging portable device industry. Station Z and Eratech Co., two small venture firms that specialize in making MP3 players, unveiled the coin-sized MP3 player named […]

Creative NOMAD Jukebox Zen NX is Slimmer and Lighter

Creative, today expanded its popular line of award-winning NOMAD® Jukebox Zen digital audio players by announcing the ultra sharp-looking NOMAD Jukebox Zen NX. The NOMAD Jukebox Zen NX is the slimmest, lightest NOMAD Jukebox product yet and features a removable, high-capacity Li-Ion battery for up to 14 hours of continuous playback, and USB 2.0 connectivity […]

Palm Tungsten T2 with Bluetooth, More memory, and Sharper Screen

Bringing Palm’s sharpest screen and more memory into the same compact design as the original Palm(TM) Tungsten(TM) T handheld, Palm, Inc. today introduced the Palm Tungsten T2 handheld. Like the original Tungsten T handheld, the Tungsten T2 handheld is equipped with integrated Bluetooth(TM) and voice-recorder capabilities, but with an additional focus on multimedia features. Tungsten […]

Minolta DiMAGE X20 ultra-compact digital camera unveiled

Press Release: Minolta today announced the DiMAGE X20 which they say is the world’s smallest and lightest 2 megapixel camera with a 3x optical zoom. Features that stand out on the X20 include fast operating times, AA battery compatibility, movies limited only by the size of your memory card and the ability to use the […]