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Sony Streamlines Handheld Entertainment with new Clie Handheld and Optional Camera Module

Adding new functionality to handheld devices while reducing the profile, Sony Electronics today unveiled the CLIÉ PEG-T415 handheld, which features a slim design with an aluminum case and an enhanced infrared port for controlling audio/video equipment. Sony also announced an optional Memory Stick® camera module (model PEGA-MSC1) that enables consumers to shoot and view digital […]

PyroPro 256 MP3 / Mass Storage Device for the Palm V/Vx Handhelds

PyroPro 256 is an add-on MP3 / Mass Storage Device for the Palm V/Vx handhelds. The PyroPro 256 is equipped with a microphone for voice recording using the PyroMic application. The PyroPower application allows for the PyroPro to charge the Palm V/Vx from the 2 AA Batteries in the PyroPro. The PyroPro 256 comes with […]

e938 Wireless PDA – Personal Digital Office

The day you’ve waited for has arrived – an all-in-one Mobile Phone cum PDA is now available! Today, the e938 Personal Digital Office sets a new benchmark in wireless technology – you’ll find its features exceed all expectations. GSM mobile phone with WAP capability makes all your calls from the e938, and download on-line market […]

Could you send my car an e-mail about that?

A new hands-free vehicle telecommunication system could let some Honda drivers check and respond to E-mail, just by raising their voice. Japan’s Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. and Honda Research and Development Co. say they’ve combined their technologies to create a voice activated vehicle information system. A key goal of NTT and Honda’s new system […]

HinesLab Announces the Light Mouse Concept

HinesLab announces a new technology for cordless computer mice and trackballs, using light rather than electrical signals to communicate with the computer. The HinesLab Light Mouse™ is comfortable to use because it is cordless and lacks the weight of the battery and electronics used in other cordless mice. Unlike all previous wired and cordless mice […]

Sony Ericsson Unveils Wearable Bluetooth Handsfree

Today Sony Ericsson announced the launch of the Ericsson Bluetooth™ Handsfree HBH-20, an appealing and wearable new approach to Bluetooth technology. Packing the electronics into about half the size of a credit card, the Bluetooth Handsfree clips neatly onto clothing and can be worn as naturally as a necklace or watch. The handsfree will reach […]

Necoro Robocat, the New Robotic Pet

Omron Corporation will begin selling as a new product a cat type communication robot from November 20. Orders can be placed at Takashimaya (limited to 7 stores) starting October 17, and orders will be accepted by phone or over the Internet from November 3. Available in two colors, gray and brown, sales at this time […]

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World’s First Palm Protective Cover Keyboard

World’s first Palm Keyboard built-in to the Palm’s protective cover. The all-in-one PDA cover and keyboard designed to help lighten your load while on the move. The PK11 uses a Palm V cover including keyboard. The Input text & special characters can be programed to shortcut keys for quick access to main applications. Enter commands […]

These Boots Are Made for Power

SRI International, a research firm in Menlo Park, Calif., is working with the Defense Department to create a shoe that will convert the mechanical energy of walking into electric power to charge up gadgets, batteries and other devices. At the heart, or rather sole, of the experimental foot-ware is a heel made of a special […]

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Nokia Introduces a New Entertainment Category for Mobile Phones

Nokia has unveiled a new entertainment category in its product portfolio with the Nokia 5510 phone. The Nokia 5510 is a device designed specifically for mobile entertainment, featuring a digital music player, stereo FM radio, games, and advanced messaging capabilities. Shipments are scheduled to begin in the 4th quarter, 2001. “Every now and then it […]

Citizen, IBM Japan Develop Bluetooth Wristwatch PC Using Linux

Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. and IBM Japan Ltd. demonstrated a prototype of their wearable WatchPad 1.5 computer on Oct. 11. Slightly larger than an ordinary wristwatch, the device has a monochrome LCD display with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. The device doubles as a wristwatch and as a computer running the Linux operating […]

Danger Inc. Unveils the First “HIPTOP” Wireless Internet Service and Device

Danger, Inc. has announced its integrated wireless Internet solution with the first public demonstration of the Hiptop. The Danger Hiptop is a live device that seamlessly connects to wireless networks providing consumers the freedom to browse the entire Internet, exchange instant messages and send and receive email with attachments. Additional Hiptop features include a full-featured […]

Comverse Infosys’ Uveils Wireless Video Monitoring Capabilities For Security Systems via your PDA

Comverse Infosys, Inc., a subsidiary of Comverse Technology, Inc. and a leading global provider of intelligent digital voice, video and data recording and content management applications for the security, surveillance, law enforcement and contact center markets announced today that its’ Loronix division is introducing its new wireless monitoring capability. The Loronix software applications can run […]

Panasonic Postage Size SD Cards

Panasonic is to release high-capacity Secure Digital (SD) cards with an amazing 256Mb and 512Mb capacity. The postage-stamp sized cards, already in use in such devices as PDAs, digital cameras, MP3 players and printers, will also support an increased transfer rate of 10Mb/sec. Panasonic will be showcasing prototype SD products at the Tokyo CEATEC JAPAN […]

GPRS Launch in Canada Heralds Pay-Per-Megabit Era

Starting October 15, Montreal-based Microcell Telecommunications Inc. will launch the first national GPRS product in Canada. It ‘s going to mean a significant jump in data transfer rates of up to 56 kbps – approximately six times as fast as current, poky WAP throughput. And it’s going to be a fast leap in the billing […]

Nextel Unveils Wireless Downloading

Nextel Communications Inc. and Motorola Inc. today unveiled breakthrough technologies and programs that enable Nextel subscribers to easily purchase, manage and wirelessly download powerful applications to their Java(TM)technology-enabled handsets by Motorola. Nextel and Motorola have developed over-the-air application downloading, network-aware application capabilities and a certification program for Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME(TM)) applications. These […]

Raycom Personal Massager for the Handspring Visor

Raycom Personal Massager is a well-featured yet simple to use massage device that will relax your tense or tired muscles while you read a book, watch TV, work on your Visor handheld or just relax. Compatible with the Handspring Visor handhelds, the module provides stimulating muscles workout previously only possible with conventional Electronic Muscles Stimulation […]

BT Unveils Handheld PDA Phone

BT’s wireless division mmO2 has broadened the choice of advanced mobile Internet devices by unveiling a handheld computer with built-in phone functions. The XDA device, to be launched at an unspecified time next year, is unusual because it was commissioned by mmO2 from Taiwanese electronics firm HTC. European telecoms operators usually have no input into […]

Pocket PC 2002 Devices Land in Stores Everywhere

With over 100 hardware and software vendors waiting in the wings to demonstrate their new Microsoft® Windows® Powered Pocket PC-based solutions, Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer took the stage at The Concourse to announce widespread retail availability of Pocket PC 2002-based devices. Simultaneous events in San Francisco and London drew together more than […]

Intel Releases Personal Audio Player 3000

Intel has unveiled an MP3 player aimed more at the playground than the techno-phile. The Intel Personal Audio Player 3000 comes with a clear faceplate so that you can i your own favourite pictures making your player a one off – perhaps a rare Pokemon character. It has 64Mb of Intel’s proprietry StrataFlash memory built-in, […]

Sony Demonstrates 13-Inch, Full-Color OEL Display Prototype

Sony Corp. disclosed a prototype of a 13-inch, full-color organic electroluminescent (OEL) display at CEATEC JAPAN 2001, an annual trade show of electronic and telecommunications products that opened on Oct. 2. The display is one of the largest of its kind for an active-matrix organic electroluminescent displays using low-temperature polysilicon thin-film transistors. Sony plans to […]

Murata Proposes Bluetooth-Enabled Humanoid Robot

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. announced the development of a humanoid robot equipped with a Bluetooth module. Murata proposed the concept of humanoid robots by taking advantage of Bluetooth wireless communication technology, which works well to keep out various outside wireless interference signals. Murata’s Bluetooth-enabled humanoid robot will be applied to: 1) cooperative operations with other […]

Ceatec Japan 2001 Draws in More than 20,000 Visitors

CEATEC JAPAN 2001, the largest IT (information technology) exhibition in Japan this fall and harbinger of the full-scale opening of the broadband age, opened under sunny skies on October 2. We take a look inside the dynamic site of this exhibition, gathering place for eager visitors and representatives from a wide variety of TV and […]

Canon Announces PowerShot S30 and S40

Canon has capitalised on its lead in advanced technology and miniaturisation with new digital camera’s which can now print photos directly, entirely bypassing a PC. Making full use of core technologies in both digital cameras and Bubble Jet printers, Canon has succeeded in linking two new high-quality digital cameras (the PowerShot S30 and PowerShot S40) […]

Acers New Notebook Offers Biometric Protection

Acer America today announced the launch of the TravelMate 740, the newest addition to its award-winning line of TravelMate notebooks. The TravelMate 740 replaces the TravelMate 730 series as Acer’s flagship mobile PC series. The Travelmate 740 receives a powerful performance boost by taking advantage of the latest Mobile Intel® Pentium® III processors -M and […]

Sony Cineza Home Entertainment Projector

Movies with widescreen cinematic impact. Sports that put you on the playing field. Games so real, you’ll feel like you’re in the action. But they’re all in your home – in any room, on any wall. That’s the power of Cineza™: Sony’s VPL-HS1 Home Entertainment Projector. Powerful, affordable, stylish, and compact, the Cineza Projector is […]

Sony’s Portable DVD Walkman

Sony is introducing a DVD Walkman this November in Japan. The inventor of the Walkman is taking DVD portability to the next level with this gadget. The Screen can be disconnected from the player itself. The Headsets are powered by Sony’s virtual surround sound to enjoy the Dolby5.1 sound on the run. The player can […]

Canon to Debut 4.15M-Pixel AF Digital SLR Camera for Professional Use

Canon Inc. will market a professional-use AF digital single-lens camera, the “Canon EOS-1D,” with 4.15 million pixels in mid-December for $6500 USD. The company is scheduled to produce 3,000 units a month. This camera is developed for professional users for media, broadcasting and studio use. It has a newly developed 28.7mm by 19.1mm effective imaging […]

Sotec to Launch Sales of Windows CE 3.0 Pen PC Before 2002

Sotec Co., Ltd. is exhibiting at the World PCExpo 2001 its new pen-input computer, the “A-1,” installed with the Windows CE 3.0 operating system. It is slated to be on the market by the end of the year. Usage of computers with pens, or styluses, to input data is more usually associated with business users, […]

Sony’s GSM Sony CMD-Z7 Preview

We will see, just on the occasion of SMAU 2001, the new telephone dual band of the series Z of Sony, together with the other new products of the Japanese builder that has recently announced about four. It is about the CMD-Z7 that, like the other two models, the CMD-J7 and the CMD-J70, is characterized […]

Axis Bluetooth Access Point Supports Telephony & Data

Axis Communications is offering the Axis 9010 Bluetooth Access Point, a Bluetooth-based wireless access point supporting both telephony and data services. The Axis 9010 is designed to enable mobile devices equipped with Bluetooth technology to connect wirelessly to local networks and the Web. It is built around the firm’s latest version of its integrated system-on-a-chip […]

Emergence of HDD Radio Cassette May Make MD Obsolete

More than 50 companies displayed products related to the Memory Stick, a memory card developed by Sony Corp., at the Memory Stick pavilion at the World PC Expo 2001. The World PC Expo 2001 ended on Sept. 22. Particularly noteworthy is a sample audio system developed by Sony and Pioneer Corp. Although it is clearly […]

Addonics New Pocket DigiDrive Allows Users to Copy Digital AV Files to PCs From Anywhere

Addonics Technologies today announced its multi-format Pocket DigiDrive – a pocket-size storage device that reads/writes digital audio/video files from seven different formats. The Addonics Pocket DigiDrive is the perfect device for transferring data to your PC from digital cameras, digital camcorders, PDAs, MP3 players, digital voice recorders, and more. With so many options available for […]

Panasonic Gets “Tough” with Handhelds

Panasonic is extending the concept of rugged computing to handhelds. Panasonic announced on Monday its first handheld computer, the Toughbook 01, which is designed to complement its notebook line of the same name. The consumer electronics maker has been selling into a niche in the notebook market by focusing on durable laptops that can withstand […]

Empower Technologies Inc. Introduces First Palm Compatible PDA Embedded with Linux DA Operating System

Empower Technologies Inc. announced today the release of “PowerPlay III”, the first Palm IIIxe compatible PDA embedded with Linux DA O/S, for sale in North America. Empower Technologies also announced today the opening of the company’s e-commerce site, where, in addition to PowerPlay III, the full version of Linux DA O/S for Palm IIIx, IIIxe, […]

Seiko SmartPad2 – The Connected Notepad

Imagine writing anything. In any language. Drawing whatever you like. Writing with ink on paper. And capturing everything on your handheld organizer*. The Seiko Instruments SmartPad2™ is the first product that lets you instantly capture every-thing you write or draw using the SmartPad pen on ordinary paper. You can handwrite notes and store them in […]

Ericsson Introduces The New R380e

Today, in conjunction with the Volvo Ocean Race in South Hampton, Ericsson presented the Smartphone R380e, the improved version of its widely acclaimed Smartphone R380. R380e has new functionality, increased performance and extended talk and standby times as well as a new color, Denim Blue. It will be available during October 2001. Ericsson was first […]

Sanyo Exhibits Mobile Phone with OEL Display Screen

Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. is exhibiting a prototype mobile phone equipped with an organic electroluminescent display panel. The phone’s screen is capable of showing video and animated images in vivid color tones. With an organic EL screen, each individual liquid crystal element that makes up the panel can emit light on its own. This makes […]

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Palm m125 Handheld Expansion Provides Many Options for Customers

Palm, Inc. today introduced the Palm(TM) m125 handheld computer, ideal for first-time buyers, educators, students, and customers upgrading from earlier handhelds. The newest addition to Palm’s m100 series features an elegant dual-expansion architecture that allows people to carry and share office-productivity and education software, eBooks, photos, short videos, extensive reference materials and extra memory, as […]

Sony Unveils Worlds Smallest Network Camcorder

Sony has unveiled what it claims is the world’s smallest network digital camcorder, measuring the length of a handheld computer and weighing less than 11 ounces. Called the DCR-IP7E Network Handycam IP (Image Portal), the camcorder will be available in stores across Asia by November for $1,720 (2,999 Singapore dollars). The unit allows video buffs […]

Alphabetically Tuned and Optimized Mobile Interface Keyboard

ATOMIK (Alphabetically Tuned and Optimized Mobile Interface Keyboard) is a highly optimized method, using touch keyboards, for entering data into handheld devices. It potentially allows typing of faster than 40 words per minute. ATOMIK uses the graffiti area of a PalmOS device as a touchscreen keyboard. The layout of this keyboard is specifically optimized for […]

True Mood6100 PDA Connects to the Internet with DSM Phones

Beijing Tsinghua Tongfang Stock Co. Ltd has released a PDA, the True Mood6100, which supports wireless Internet connection. The True Mood6100 adopts a 131MHz CPU and WinCE OS. It features a supporting CF modem card. It works with a DSM phone to access the Internet. The PDA features a 3.9-inch touch-screen TFT LCD with a […]

XM Meets MP3

Alpine Electronics of America, Inc., the industry-leading manufacturer of high performance mobile electronics, announced that its XM Radio Tuner Module will be available for purchase in September. Alpine is one of the first manufacturers to bring satellite-based, radio service in-dash product to market through its five XM Ready CD head units, as well as its […]

Au to Debut CdmaOne PC-Card Supporting 64k Packet Transfer

Au Group launched the “Rapira Card C315SK” its first PC-card mobile phone geared to cdmaOne communication systems and due out in late September. The product enables packet communication via a cdmaOne network. Au Group has been providing similar products exclusively to corporate users since December 2000, but decided to extend the service to personal users […]

Matsushita Electric(Panasonic) Introduces “LUMIX”, a New Line of Digital Still Cameras with Leica Optics

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., best known for its Panasonic brand of consumer electronics and digital communications products, today announced the introduction of “LUMIX”, its newest line of digital still cameras (DSCs), which have been developed by integrating the world-renowned optical technology of Leica Camera AG of Solms, Germany with the advanced digital AV (audio […]

Starfish Software Announces Simplify GPRS

Today, during CTIA Wireless I.T. & Internet 2001 in San Diego, Calif., Starfish Software, leading provider of end-to-end synchronization and mobile data connectivity solutions, announced the availability of Simplify® GPRS software. Designed for Windows PCs and Windows CE/Pocket PC devices, Simplify GPRS automatically configures an attached General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)-enabled mobile phone or device […]