Author: Dave Conabree

Motorola Introduces The New Small, Stylish And Powerful i90c

Motorola, Inc. unveiled the i90c and i80s mobile phones, two sleek new designs that allow users to customize their handsets with downloadable applications. Users can choose from two new designs – the Motorola i90c model is a compact flip phone, while the Motorola i80s handset has a thin, sculpted style. Both handsets pack a rich […]

Option Approved for Compaq iPAQ Tri-Band GPRS Wireless Pack

Option, the leading innovator in wireless communications, announces that it has completed the formal type approval and certification process for the tri-band iPAQ Pocket PC Wireless Pack for GSM/GPRS Networks that it has developed with Compaq. The type approval enables Compaq to market and sell the product for use on nearly all GSM/GPRS Networks worldwide. […]

Digital Music Jukebox from E.Digital Holds Over 3000 Songs

Music lovers everywhere have a new option for easily taking their entire music collection with them everywhere they go with the introduction of e.Digital Corporation’s (OTC: EDIG),TreóTM 10, a lightweight, pocket-sized digital music jukebox with the capacity to store approximately 200 CDs worth of music. The Treó 10, one of the smallest digital jukeboxes available, […]

Scientists Build Tiny Computer of DNA

Israeli scientists have followed Mother Nature’s lead and built a DNA computer so tiny it can perform a billion operations per second. Some scientists think the miniaturization of computers is reaching its limit. They’re turning to DNA molecules which store and process encoded data in living organisms for faster processing. The DNA computer is so […]

Sharp Introduces the Zaurus SL-5500 Personal Mobile Tool

Sharp Electronics Corp., a leading distributor of consumer electronics, today redefined the concept of the PDA with the introduction of the Zaurus SL-5500 Personal Mobile Tool, an innovative, handheld communications and multimedia solution for professional consumers and corporate users. The Zaurus SL-5500 features Sharp’s high resolution color reflective LCD screen technology, a cleverly designed integrated […]

Cybernet Zero-Footprint PC

Cybernet Manufacturing, Inc has announced the release of its newest product, the Zero-Footprint-PC model Elite-II. This revolutionary product contains a complete PENTIUM-III class PC in a standard size keyboard casing and offers all the functionality of a standard desktop system box without sacrificing desktop space. The Elite-II standard features include: Two Serial Ports, One Parallel […]

New Linux Yopy to hit stores soon!

G.Mate’s Yopy, originally to be sold under the Samsung brand, has been around for a good while without making it to store shelves. The latest evidence is that its launch date has slipped yet again, but the device has at least made it into the form of a prototype, which G.Mate is showing off at […]

Senseboard Virtual Keyboard

Senseboard Virtual Keyboard (VK) is an exciting new product, designed for the millions of mobile computer users, struggling with their tiny or nonexistent keyboards when trying to communicate or type. Senseboard VK is perfect for businessmen typing e-mails and other documents away from the office. The technology is completely silent allowing e.g. journalists typing articles […]

Electric Fuel Announces INSTANT POWER Batteries for Digital Cameras

Electric Fuel Corporation announced today that it has introduced a line of long-lasting, ready-to-use batteries for popular models of digital cameras under its INSTANT POWER™ brand name. The new batteries will last up to 12 hours and allow users to take up to 4,000 digital photos without changing or recharging the power source, providing capacity […]

The First Ready-for-Delivery 16-Million-Pixel Back

Sinar expands the successful line of Sinarback digital backs with the new flagship Sinarback 44. With a resolution of 16 million pixels and thanks to active sensor cooling, patented double piezo plate for 1-, 4- and 16-shot exposures and Hardware Anti-Moiré, the Sinarback 44 pro-duces the best possible image data. In combination with the professional […]

Minolta Develops Small Zoom Lens Unit for Mobile Phones, PDAs

Minolta Co., Ltd. developed the Micro Zoom Camera (MZC), a new small zoom lens unit that can be used for mobile phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs). The company has realized an optical zooming system with a maximum magnification of 3x. Two out of the three lens blocks are driven by a microactuator using a […]

Sony Announces GPS Module in Japan

Almost lost in yesterday’s hubbub over the T600C was Sony’s announcement of a GPS Memory Stick module. In order to save space it has a folding antenna. It will work with the new T series and the N series, not the S series. The PEGA-MSG1 will be available in Japan on December 8 for 20,000 […]

New Cybiko Extreme Wireless Handheld Computer Platform

Cybiko, Inc., a leading developer of handheld electronic devices for the youth market with funding from AOL Time Warner, is launching a second platform to its popular wireless handheld computer offerings. Cybiko XtremeTM, the company’s second generation wireless handheld computer for teens, features a faster processor enabling real-time multi-player wireless game playing, an upgraded operating […]

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The World’s 2nd Smallest Pocket-Size Radio-Controlled Micro Car

Introducing the world’s 2nd smallest pocket-size radio-controlled micro car from Japan – Bit Char-G (pronounced as ‘bit charge’). Adaptation of mobile phone ‘vibrator’ technology into the development of this cutting-edge ultra-miniaturized motor allows the Bit Char-G to have an overall length of only 60 mm (2.25”); so small that you can maneuver it on your […]

Copytalk named “Best of the Best” at DEMOmobile

Copytalk announced today that its CEO, Norman Worthington, and VP, Marketing, Robert Lincoln, were named “DEMO Gods” at the close of the prestigious DEMOmobile 2001 conference last Friday. The two launched the company and its new services, also called Copytalk, at a live session on Thursday. During the demonstration, the two showed how Copytalk turns […]

iScan Mobile Barcode Scanner

The iScan barcode scanner attaches to an Ericsson cellular handset. Use it for mobile data acquisition and retrieval. The device communicates directly with the handset via the accessory menu. This facilitates the creation of a custom menu substructure within the handset. Specific application menus can now be created using the iScan Application Designer. The iScan […]

The Little Engine That Could Be

The development of a fuel-powered miniature engine, touted as a more efficient and longer lasting alternative for the battery, may push the Energizer Bunny to the unemployment lines. No bigger than a regular shirt button, the micro gas turbine engine uses the same process for producing electricity as its big brother electricity stations — burning […]

Telepong Announces Handset for Generation Text

Swiss-based Telepong Inc announces the successful development of a prototype mobile terminal aimed at the tweens market. It is targeting early adapters who mainly use their phones for non-voice-applications such as text messaging and gaming. It is precisely these consumers who are likely to pioneer new services such as EMS, photo messaging, music messaging and […]

Sony unveils CLIE PEG-T600C series

If you liked the CLIE PEG-T400 series, get ready for this: The T600C has a 16-bit display, 16 MB RAM and Palm OS 4.1 – and there are new camera and GPS Memory Sticks too! As time goes by, Sony’s goal seems to get clearer every day; to make sure it has enough models on […]

Third generation 2GB portable storage disk

Shenzhen Netac Technology Co. Ltd has introduced its third generation moveable storage disk, the Only Disk. The startup functional disk features anti-seismic construction and supports the direct startup of computer systems. The Only Disk enables a USB interface through a built-in virtual circuit on the Flash ROM. It adopts the USB1.1 standard, with built-in driver […]

Z1 Miniature Radio

Billed as the world’s smallest radio, the Z1 is a cracking piece of engineering and design. It may only be an AM radio, but it’s great for surreptitiously keeping abreast of sports results and news bulletins when stuck in dull meetings. Never miss the footie again – just because you’ve been dragged to the most […]

Concept product represents major breakthrough for digital cameras

Cambridge Consultants Limited (CCL) has unveiled its latest concept product – a next generation digital camera called ‘SEE’. Designed by CCL’s in house Product Definition team, SEE has the potential to revitalise the static digital camera market by offering a camera which needs no memory to store images. Because it ‘writes’ direct to the Internet, […]

The To-Do List That Knows Where You Are

In the wired world of the 21st century, it seems impossible to forget anything. A cartoon pops up on your computer screen reminding you that it’s a friend’s birthday. An exclamation mark surfaces on your palmtop alerting you to a looming project deadline. Every once in a while your cellphone breaks into spasms of music […]

National Semiconductor Introduces Geode Origami Portable Mobile Communicator, Industry’s First Device to Combine Eight Consumer Electronics Products In One Flexible Unit

Innovative conceptual device integrates wireless video communication and phone, digital camera, video camcorder, MP3 audio, PDA, Internet access, email and Microsoft Windows Embedded XP OS in a unique folding design National Semiconductor Corporation, the leading silicon and systems provider for information appliances, today unveiled a new handheld conceptual device that integrates today’s most popular Internet […]

[email protected] Unveils a New Family of Portable Smart Storage Devices

[email protected], developer of the award-winning Digital Wallet device, announced today that it will expand its product line by introducing a family of storage devices. Understanding the growing market demand for portable smart storage, the Digital Wallet is now available for consumers with three capacities of storage, three, ten and twenty gigabytes (MSRP of $349.00, $449.00 […]

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M-Systems Unveils Mobile DiskOnChip, the World’s Smallest, Most Cost-Effective 16MB Flash Disk

M-Systems, a leader in flash data storage products, today unveiled the world’s smallest 16MB single-chip flash disk, Mobile DiskOnChip. Less than half the size of competing flash products and delivering 10 times the performance, Mobile DiskOnChip brings to the handset high-performance and cost-effective storage architecture. This revolutionary architecture enables mobile applications by delivering an unprecedented […]

GIDI Digital Jukebox offers 80GB of MP3

Reality Media has released an 80GB MP3 player called the GIDI Digital Jukebox. Offering such ample capacity for a digital music player is not the only thing interesting about this unit. What also attracts us to the player is that it comes in three disparate case styles, in three different sizes, to serve both consumer […]

Fujifilm Announces Breakthrough in Magnetic Recording Media – 3GB Floppy Disks

New Coating Technology Has One-Tenth Thickness of Current Magnetic Layers With More than 10 Times Greater Recording Densities – Achieving 1TB Data Storage and 3GB Magnetic Disks. Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd. has announced a significant breakthrough in magnetic recording media technology that will exponentially increase the capacity of magnetic media. NANO CUBIC technology is […]

Gates Trots Out Herd of Tablet PCs

Speaking at the opening of Comdex Fall 2001, Gates provided a concrete example with the Tablet PC, which uses a touch screen and a forthcoming version of Windows XP. The device, unveiled as a concept last year, was shown in prototype form Sunday with examples from Compaq Computer, NEC, Toshiba, Intel and others. One of […]

Fossil Debuts Wrist Watch PDA

Fossil, Inc., one of America’s leading watch and accessories companies, today announced the introduction of two new products: the Wrist PDA™ and Wrist PDA/PC™ – the ultimate companions for PALM Powered™ or PocketPC handheld devices. These products are the first high-tech devices in the FOSSIL line providing the convenience and portability of a watch with […]

Winbond Launches Industry’s First Single-Chip Text-To-Speech Solution

Winbond Electronics Corporation America, a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions, today introduced the WTS701, the industry’s first single chip IC that converts Text-To-Speech (TTS). The IC uses a concatenation algorithm combined with Winbond’s proprietary Multi-Level Storage (MLS) technology, providing a significant advancement in this technology by enabling OEMs to provide TTS functionality to applications that […]

Casio WQV-10: New Digital Camera Watch Colour Display

Casio’s digital camera watch is entering its 3. generation: while the WQV-1 could only shoot and display greyscale images, its successor model, the WQV-3 was already capable of shooting colour images, though it could still only display them in greyscale. The latest in the series, the Casio WQV-10, likes to have everything in colour: not […]

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SanDisk Introduces 1-Gigabyte CompactFlash Card World’s Largest Capacity CompactFlash Card In Standard Type 1 Format

SanDisk Corporation today introduced a 1-Gigabyte (GB) CompactFlash™ (CF) memory card, the world’s highest capacity card in the standard CF Type I card. The new high-capacity card will typically be able to store, for example, more than 1000 digital images, more than 20 hours of digital music or several hours of video. The growing popularity […]

World’s Smallest Portable, Easy-To-Use Digital Still Camera with LCD

This non-professional pocket-sized camera, which will retail at the very affordable price of £159.99, offers the latest in multi-functional hi-tech digital photography, and yet, is incredibly easy to use. It can simply be used as a digital still camera to take pictures for non-professional use, alternatively, it can be used as a PC-compatible camera with […]

Magellan Meridian Platinum Premier Hand-held Receiver

The Meridian Platinum, Magellan’s premier GPS hand-held receiver, was designed with serious navigators in mind, who demands a superior easy-to-use navigational tool to get them where they need to be. The Meridian Platinum receiver possesses all the same great features as the Meridian GPS, and Meridian Gold but adds the additional power of an electronic […]

Future In-Car Systems Unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show

Concept cars with information devices are being demonstrated by automakers at the 35th Tokyo Motor Show. Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. is exhibiting a concept next-generation in-vehicle telecom system, the “2003i.” Nissan intends to commercialize it in 2003, when the third-generation mobile phone is expected to come into widespread use. This system is mounted on the […]

NEC Exhibits Design Models for Entertainment-Oriented Mobile Terminals

NEC Corp. announced design models for its future mobile terminals and other products. The models were showcased at the exhibition dubbed “[email protected]” sponsored by Tokyo Design Network (TDN) , a cross-company designer organization of the three companies — NEC, Canon Inc. and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. In addition to this, NEC introduces such entertainment-oriented communication […]

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AuthenTec Launches World’s Smallest Touch-and-Go Fingerprint Sensor

AuthenTec, the leader in advanced biometric semiconductor technology, today announced its new EntréPad™ AES3500, a fingerprint sensor specially designed to enhance personal security in the mobile PC, wireless and PDA markets. With a sensor array only 6.5mm x 6.5mm square, the EntréPad is by far the smallest touch-and-go biometric device available today. Its small size […]

Motorola Shows New, Daring Phone

In a market that’s getting more and more crowded by new models and new manufacturers all the time, it’s important to stand out – so important, in fact, that manufacturers finally seem to be willing to break loose and try something new that isn’t related to changing covers or LCD colors. Nokia recently did it […]

Aiwa Launches IC Recorder with Digital Camera Function

Aiwa Co., Ltd. has become the first Japanese maker to introduce an IC recorder with digital camera, the IC-DP200. Aiwa designed a fully digital device incorporating two handy products – an IC recorder and digital camera – in one compact unit. With the IC-DP200, users can record images as well as voice/sound. Both the sound […]

Socket Launches Low Power Wireless LAN CompactFlash Card

Socket Communications, Inc., the leading provider of connection products for Pocket PC-based handheld computers and other mobile devices, today announced the launch of its Low Power Wireless LAN CompactFlash (CF) Card, which enables wireless local area network access. The Low Power Wireless LAN Card reinforces Socket’s commitment to provide energy-efficient products to its customers. Through […]

FinePix 30i: A Stylish, Compact Multimedia Marvel…

New super-compact digital camera combines photos, movie clips, audio recording, webcam functionality and MP3 player. Fujifilm today announced the latest addition to its best-selling and multi-award-winning FinePix range. The FinePix 30i builds on the success of the FinePix 40i and 50i models boasting a new ultra-compact design and a range of multimedia functions which include […]

Sharp Develops CCD Image Sensor with Minimum Pixel Size for Digital Cameras

Sharp Corp. developed the “RJ24N3AAOPT,” a new 2-million CCD image sensor with a pixel size of 2.75 square micrometers. It is for a 1/3.2- inch optical system (its light-reception part has the diagonal length of about 5.6mm). As a 2 million-pixel CCD image sensor, the smallest sensor commercially available is for a 1/2.7-inch optical system […]

Memory Stick Camera Coming in November

Sony has announced that the first non-memory Memory Stick will be a digital camera. With the not exactly exciting name PEGA-MSC1, this camera will be able to take pictures at up to 320 x 240 pixels. It has a swiveling lens that allows it to take a picture of either the user or what’s in […]

Red-M Blade gives Handspring users Bluetooth boost

Red-M™, a pioneer in advanced wireless networking solutions, today launches an addition to the Red-M Blade family, with its Bluetooth module for Handspring Visor handheld computers. The Red-M Blade is easily inserted into the Springboard™ expansion slot in the back of the device giving users quick and easy access to Bluetooth wireless mobility. Access email, […]

Full TV Screen Realized on NEC’s New LCD for Mobile Phones

NEC Corp. said it has developed a “system-on-glass” liquid-crystal display, a new display indispensable for a “full-size” TV screen to be seen on a mobile phone. This display was developed through the following steps: (1) developing the system-on-glass (a low-temperature polysilicon CMOS thin-film transistor) that integrally molds a high-definition LCD with a driving circuit. This […]

Siemens SX 45 GSM Pocket PC

The future of handhelds means more than organisers in electronic form: They are becoming an information and communication device. As one of the first, the SX 45 integrates the functionality of a high-end Personal Computer with the communication features of a mobile phone and the speed of GSM, making it an all integrated communication device. […]