Author: Dave Conabree

Zoopad Digital Audio Broadcasting Product

Zoopad Inc. has unveiled “Squish”, the first in a line of revolutionary new portable DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) products. This hand-held, battery operated unit is designed to have a unique appeal to consumers of all ages, with particular emphasis on teens. “Squish” delivers CD quality sound on the go plus a multiple line data display […]

TDK Systems’ Bluetooth Adaptor lets laptops loose

TDK Systems Europe has released a Bluetooth USB Adaptor device that gives laptop users cable-free access to emails and the Internet. The unit is also suitable for desktop PCs, bringing low cost wireless printing and Personal Area Networking (PAN), with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, to the home and small office environment. The USB Adaptor, part of […]

Orban Sountainer Portable MP3 Recorder

Sountainer is a professional-quality portable real time MP3 player/recorder designed and engineered by DIALOG4/ORBAN as the next step in industrial-strength, ultra-compact audio field recorders using solid-state media with no moving parts. Its dimensions make Sountainer the perfect recorder for broadcasters, journalists, sound recordists both professional and enthusiast, and also for law enforcement. Make your recording […]

Pocket PDA with internal LAN card

Sei Yang Network Communication Co. Ltd has released a palm-sized PDA, the Vovid PDA. With a built-in wireless LAN card, the PDA supports voice communication. An external battery pack can be plugged into it to provide extended use without recharging. The Vovid PDA is bundled with Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Pocket Internet Explorer and an […]

Sony MEX-HD1 Unit Rips CDs on the fly

We have had MP3 players for the car for a while now and generally they work on one of two principles. The first and most common is the unit with a CD player that reads MP3 encoded CDs like Kenwood’s Z828. The second is a unit like the Rio Car that has an internal hard […]

The i705 Palm’s First Wireless Handheld

Executing on its commitment to deliver wireless solutions to mobile professionals and businesses, Palm, Inc. today launched the Palm(TM) i705 handheld. It is the only wireless solution in the marketplace that delivers all of the following benefits: — always-on(1) “push” email from up to eight email accounts; — secure, end-to-end, behind-the-firewall email for corporate users; […]

Motorola V101 Personal Communicator Now in Canada

Motorola Canada today launched the new V101 personal communicator, a 2-in-1 device available exclusively from Rogers™ AT&T® Wireless that combines voice and data communications through its phone and text messaging capabilities. The Motorola V101 is the first device in Canada that converges the ease of a QWERTY keyboard with the convenience of a wireless phone. […]

A Step Closer to Digital Secretaries

Researchers at Accenture Technology Labs in Silicon Valley wanted to build a device that could collect everyday information. They came up with the Personal Awareness Assistant. The Assistant could become a new way of communicating and “in the very near future wearable computing may allow people to work together in completely new ways,” said Owen […]

Science & Tech
Worlds First SWE-DISH Satellite System in a Suitcase

Richardson Electronics, a global provider of engineered solutions for RF and wireless communications and broadcast products, announced today the introduction of the SWE-DISH ® IPT Suitcase. The product will be available through Broadcast Richardson, a division of Richardson Electronics. Broadcast Richardson is an authorized distributor in the Western Hemisphere for SWE-DISH’s new line of IP […]

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Worlds First FireWire KeyChain Storage

WiebeTech LLC, announces FireWire Keychain, its keychain sized, high speed, portable FireWire (IEEE1394) storage device. This product is designed to provide a FireWire storage device that can be readily carried absolutely anywhere. FireWire Keychain was designed to provide nonvolatile storage to FireWire users,” said James Wiebe, president of WiebeTech. “Because it can provide capacities to […]

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Pub-Detecting Watch Set to Change the World

Scientists have finally found a worthwhile use for technology and placed a pub-detecting global positioning system inside a wristwatch. The watch provides the wearer with the location of the nearest four pubs and his/her distance from each one. The beer-loving boffins of Bristol University developing the HandPC have also included a feature that provides a […]

Minolta Introduces Revolutionary New DiMAGE X Digital Camera

Minolta Corporation takes another revolutionary step in the evolution of the digital camera with the introduction of the DiMAGE X. With Minolta’s exclusive optical system that places the 3x optical zoom lens inside the flat camera body without ever requiring the lens to extend externally, the camera is the thinnest, smallest and lightest 3x optical […]

Sony Strengthens FD Mavica Digital Camera Line with Two New Dual-Media Models

To bolster its market-leading FD Mavica® camera line, Sony Electronics introduced two versatile new digital still cameras today, the MVC-FD100 and MVC-FD200 models. Both offer the flexibility of the dual-media concept by recording directly to both Memory Stick® flash media and a 3.5-inch standard floppy disk. Designed to leverage the benefits of both media, the […]

Sony Spotlights Entertainment with Two Clie Handheld Models

With a new color model featuring an ultra-slim design and double the internal memory of previous entertainment organizers, Sony Electronics today added more prestige to its standout handheld line with the CLIÉ PEG-T615C and PEG-S360 handhelds. Measuring a mere half-inch thin, the CLIÉ PEG-T615C handheld is now ranked as the world’s thinnest color Palm-Powered™ device. […]

First PDA Designed For One-Handed Use

INVAIR presents the future of the PDA at CeBIT 2002 The secret of the success of a PDA lies in the simplicity of its operation, the extent of its functionality, and also in its dimensions (small size and weight). All PDAs available on the market today use a stylus or a keyboard for input, and […]

Camera Videos
Avistar Unveils Matchbook-Sized Camera For Desktop Videoconferencing

Avistar Communications Corporation, the leading provider of enterprise video communication solutions, today announced its new Avistar Personal Camera (the APC200) for use with Avistar’s desktop videoconferencing system. The APC200 is 75% smaller than conventional PC cameras, and attaches to any monitor – including the thin flat panels popular on financial trading floors – without blocking […]

Evolution Technologies and MTV® Unveil the MTV DataPlay™ Enabled Music Player CES

Evolution Technologies, MTV® and DataPlay™ announce the world’s first DataPlay-enabled digital audio player that utilizes the new innovative DataPlay technology. The DataPlay-enabled device, considered to be the next generation of portable devices, operates as a music player, a recorder, an external storage drive and an optical media burner. The device is much smaller than CD […]

Science & Tech
Sprint and Sanyo Unveil 3G Phone for 2003

For the first time, Sprint, which operates the largest all-digital, all-PCS nationwide network and is the fastest-growing wireless carrier, and Sanyo Fisher Company (NYSE: SANYY) are giving a sneak peak at what futuristic Third-Generation (3G) Sprint PCS Phones hold for customers. A futuristic 3G Sprint PCS Phone by Sanyo featuring a 2.5-inch OLED display will […]

microsoft phones
Nokia 6340 Handset to Enable Roaming Across TDMA, GSM Networks

Nokia announced the new Nokia 6340 (GSM 1900MHz/TDMA 800/1900MHz/AMPS) wireless phone, the world’s first GAIT (GSM ANSI Interoperability Team) compliant handset, allowing users to roam between GSM, TDMA and analog networks. Along with the multiple network compatibility afforded by the Nokia 6340 phone, other new features include a wallet that enables quick wireless transactions. Shipments […]

Motient Announces Availability of the MobileModem for Palm V Series PDAs

Motient Corporation, the owner and operator of America’s largest two-way wireless data network, today announced the commercial availability of the MobileModem by MotientTM. The award-winning MobileModem liberates the estimated six million devoted Palm™ V/Vx series and IBM® WorkPad® c3 PC Companion users with the availability of always-on wireless email access directly to their handheld. The […]

RipDrive 20GB Portable Recording Studio

20GB MP3/WMA Player (holds over 500 CDs) and MP3 RECORDER. Record from external microphone or from any audio source though Line In for capturing audio tracks. RipDrive is also a portable hard drive. When attached to a PC using USB, RipDrive appears as a new hard drive letter for easy drag and drop of MP3, […]

Garmin Charges into the Two-Way Radio Market with ‘Rino’ GPS Devices

Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd., today introduced its first two GPS-enabled handheld devices for the Family Radio Service (FRS) and high-performance General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) markets — the Rino 110 and Rino 120. These GPS devices integrate radio functionality to provide two-way voice communications up to two miles using FRS channels […]

Luce LCD TV Folds Away for Storage

Sometimes a product’s design far outweighs its function. Just take a stroll through a Bang & Olufsen showroom and you’ll see audio products that dazzle the eye more than the ear. This is not to say that B&O products aren’t excellent, but it takes something extra to make the most of both form and function. […]

Royal Unveils $299 Linux/Microwindows Based PDA at CES

Royal Consumer Information Products unveiled a new Linux-powered PDA Tuesday at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV. Royal’s new “[email protected]” PDA sports a full-color graphic LCD display and is based on a 206MHz Intel StrongARM processor with 16MB of Flash ROM and 32MB of system RAM. This latest Linux-based PDA is expected […]

First Look: Sony’s DCR-1P5 and DCR-1P7BT Camcorders

Sony has two MicroMV-based camcorders coming out this month. The first, the DCR-1P5, retails for $1,299 and weighs in at only 12 ounces. The tiny size — it’s only slightly larger than a deck of cards — means it’s much more portable than any previous video camera. It includes a 10x optical zoom, Carl Zeiss […]

Samsung SCH-V200 Mobile Phone that Doubles as a Camera

Samsung’s SCH-V200 mobile phone/digital camera unit was shown at CES Las Vegas today. It represents the convergence of mobile phone, digital camera and sophisticated display technology. Samsung has developed a flip-top mobile handset that is equipped with a 1.5-inch TFT-LCD (Thin Film Transistor-Liquid Crystal Display) with digital camera functions. Features Standard accessories of the SCH-V200 […]

Motorola Introduces Its First CDMA 1X Phone For The Americas

Motorola today introduced its first Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) 1X mobile phone for the Americas, marking the company’s fourth 1X product offering globally. Leveraging the existing and successful design of the Motorola V120c that was released in mid-2001, Motorola has equipped its 120x mobile phone with the latest in high-tech features. The device is […]

Crimestopper CS2015FM Informer

The CS2015FM Informer by Crimestopper is one of those “Why didn’t they think of this before”: The Informer is a security device on display at CES that can remotely start your car from distances up to half a mile away. The five-button remote utilizes a two-way FM pager signal to achieve that distance. A car […]

Apple Unveils the New iMac

Apple® has unveiled the all-new iMac®, redesigned from the ground up around a stunning 15-inch LCD flat screen that floats in mid-air—allowing users to effortlessly adjust its height or angle with just a touch. The new iMac also features a powerful 700 MHz or 800 MHz PowerPC G4 processor and Apple’s revolutionary SuperDrive™ for playing […]

Panasonic Introduces Pocket-size, Multi-function Camera Featuring SD Memory Card Capability

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., best known for its Panasonic brand digital electronics and communications products, today introduced the Panasonic SV-AV10, a multi-function camera with SD Memory Card capability. Extremely compact, the SV-AV10 offers a wide range of functions, including movie and still camera, voice recorder and SD audio player. The new unit will be […]

FM Transmitter Lets you Beam MP3s to Home Stereos

You no longer have to wear headphones to enjoy your music, and you don’t have to sit in front of your computer to hear streaming audio. The FM Transmitter is C. Crane’s newest Wireless Audio Transfer Device (WATD) or “waddie”. It’s not just for MP3s and computers, the C. Crane FM Transmitter lets you transfer […]

Telepong Announces Handset for Generation Text

Swiss-based Telepong Inc announces the successful development of a prototype mobile terminal aimed at the tweens market. It is targeting early adapters who mainly use their phones for non-voice-applications such as text messaging and gaming. It is precisely these consumers who are likely to pioneer new services such as EMS, photo messaging, music messaging and […]

Europe’s First i-mode Pone

The KPN Mobile group will commence the first practical i-mode tests with a small group of users on 20 December 2001. This follows the technical co-ordination of the high-speed GPRS network and the new i-mode handsets. i-mode is the success formula for web based mobile data services developed by NTT DoCoMo, Inc.. KPN Mobile will […]

1GB KeyChain USB Drive

Save all your large files on the USBDrive such as PowerPoint™ presentations, websites, music and video files. About the size of a car key, the USBDrive connects to your USB port and allows you to transfer your files up to 1 GB. There is no simpler or more convenient method to move your data. Secure […]

New Software can Name that Tune in 3 Seconds

Dutch electronics company has developed software that will automatically identify song titles by sampling the music via a telephone. Royal Philips Electronics NV says it will soon start selling licenses for its so-called “Audio Fingerprinting.” The technology allows you to retrieve, within seconds, not only a track’s title but also the artist and album. All […]

Transmeta Avenue Music System

For audio enthusiasts who work with on a computer, nothing could be worse than a system that generates so much noise it competes with the work you are trying to do. To solve this problem, two companies have joined forces and recently announced a system comprising of a Crusoe-based notebook, dual CD player stereo and […]

nReach Introduces the Bluetooth Adapter for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance

nReach understands that today’s Game Boy Advance generation wants to play and communicate with fellow gamers wirelessly. nReach addresses this demand by introducing the new Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Game Boy Advance. This innovative new product is designed to allow wireless multi-player gaming in person, at designated retail locations, or over the Internet. The patent […]

APRIVA Releases Apriva x57, An All-In-One Mobile Device – Providing Businesses With Unlimited Applications

APRIVA Inc., an innovator in wireless solutions for businesses, introduces the x57, an all-in-one mobile device for businesses, which includes a barcode scanner, magnetic card reader and Smart Card reader. With the APRIVA x57, businesses can run nearly an unlimited number of wireless applications. The APRIVA x57, which connects to the RIM 857 / 957 […]

InHand’s New “Fingertip” Handheld Platform Integrates GPS and Bluetooth

InHand Electronics, Inc., a leader in creating ultra-portable handheld device platforms for OEMs, today announced the availability of its new Fingertip platform. This new version is based on Intel’s StrongARM CPU and builds on the original high-performance, low-power Fingertip platform by adding an integrated Bluetooth wireless network interface, an integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver, […]

Fujitsu Unveils World’s Smallest Full-Featured Notebook

Fujitsu Canada announced the release of the LifeBook P Series – named “Best Notebook” and overall “Best of Show” at COMDEX Fall 2001. Ideal for work and play, the LifeBook P Series is the world’s smallest and lightest two-spindle notebook. Weighing less than 3.5 pounds, the notebook can house either a modular DVD/CD-RW combo drive […]

Clipp: The first Portable CD-R and MP3 Player

Clipp is the new and completely innovative CD-Recorder and MP3 player of Waitec, which establishes a new benchmark in portable products. Its slim-line and amazing dimensions (122 x 97 x 23) make Clipp a product unique in its market. Clipp is capable of both data storage and MP3 audio playback. Its 8cm CD-R media allows […]

Polaroid Introduces Small Instant Camera for Style-Conscious Consumers

Polaroid Corporation will give style-conscious electronics lovers a new reason to embrace instant photography with the new Polaroid mio — a sleek, five-inch camera that takes instant wallet-sized snapshots. “Consumers love instant pictures, but want smaller, lighter instant cameras,” said Terry Carlson, Polaroid vice president and general manager of North America. “Now Polaroid provides a […]

Panasonic announces a TV that listens

Panasonic is to launch an HDTV (high definition TV) complete with voice-recognition. The 36in Panasonic TH-36DH200 has a microphone built-in to the remote control, that allows the user to control the channel, recording and playback of the built-in video recorder, find program information and more. So instead of 71, there are only 14 buttons to […]

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COM DEV’s M/ERGY™ Used by SK Telecom to Launch World’s First 3G High Speed Wireless Internet Service

COM DEV International Ltd. today confirmed that its M/ERGY™ wireless infrastructure has been deployed by SK Telecom in the 3G high speed wireless data field service demonstration which it has commenced in Seoul Korea. SK Telecom announced in a press release dated 16 November, that, having completed performance tests of equipment delivered by Contela (COM […]

New Motion Mass Storage-Combo2.5″ Enclosure

Holding 2.5″ Combo(FireWire/USB) Mass Storage is the best way of expanding your storage capacity. It boasts a brilliant solution of data transferring and is expedient through USB or FireWire to your computer. Just add your ATA devices into this enclosure , and connect your USB or FireWire cable . You are all set. Features: Fully […]

Sony Unveils IT TV, with Wireless LAN Connection

Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc. announced Dec. 12 it would sell a next version of Airboard IDT-LF1, the “IDT-LF2.” The Airboard is a touch-panel type liquid crystal TV that is detachable from the tuner, and it can be connected to the Internet. The tuner part of the Airboard called the base station is linked to the […]

New Harmony™ Universal Remote Links Home Entertainment to the Internet

The convergence of home entertainment and the Internet is closer to reality than ever with the November 2001 launch of the Harmony Internet Powered Universal Remote™ from Easy Zapper Inc. With the ability to control all home entertainment devices, the power of Harmony comes from its connectivity to the World Wide Web. Developed in Canada, […]

Motorola Releases 2nd Generation Rugged TETRA Radio- MTM700

Public safety officers across Europe are set to benefit from Motorola’s second generation TETRA (TErrestrial TRrunked Radio) radio. Following extensive global research into the requirements of front-line users in mission-critical and communication-vital environments, Motorola has developed the MTP and MTM700. The rugged style portable MTP700 and its mobile counterpart, the MTM700 offer the following benefits: […]