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HP Unveils 4 New Pocket PC Handhelds


Press Release: HP today expanded the award-winning HP iPAQ Pocket PC product line to offer customers a full range of handheld computing options. New models include the HP iPAQ h2210, the smallest dual slot pocket PC; the HP iPAQ Pocket PC h1940, a slim, value-priced pocket PC; and the HP ...

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MyOrigo Unveils the First Motion-Controlled Smartphone


Press Release: An entirely new usability concept for smartphones was unveiled today that will radically shake-up the mobile device market. mydevice, designed by Finnish company MyOrigo, and powered with intent®, the multimedia software platform from Tao Group, makes use of unique motion control and “touch & feel” technologies. Consumers can ...

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FlashTrax Portable, Palm-sized 30 GB Digital Multimedia Device


SmartDisk Corporation has introduced its new FlashTrax handheld portable device for offloading and storing digital images and music. FlashTrax can safely store high-resolution images transferred from any flash memory card onto the built-in 30GB USB2.0 hard drive and displays them on a 3.5″ LCD that outperforms tiny on-camera screens. By ...

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World’s Smallest Robot


Popular Mechanics reports: “”It’s small enough to “turn on a dime and park on a nickel,” or so say the inventors of a 1cm-tall machine that lays claim to being the world’s smallest robot. Make that the smallest man-made robot, for the device developed by the Department of Energy’s Sandia ...

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Review: Samsung Nexio S160 5″ PDA


Although I may spend more time playing with PDA’s at Bestbuy than is normally considered healthy, I still often find myself looking for something more. Something different, something no one else has. It’s the crack-like addiction to mobile technology that has kept me on this page for the last three ...

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Intel takes notebook chips past 3GHz


Press Release – Intel Corporation today introduced new mobile processors and chipsets for transportable notebook PCs. These systems offer near-desktop features, including high performance, larger screens, full size keyboards and multiple drives. The new products include the Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 processor, the Intel® Celeron® processor and the Intel® 852PM ...

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Mirror TV Reflects New Era in Consumer Technologies


Press Release – Royal Philips Electronics (AEX:PHI; NYSE:PHG) today introduced the Mirror TV, a versatile 17-, 23- or 30-inch LCD display integrated into a mirror. The Mirror TV uses a unique polarized mirror technology, which transfers close to 100 percent of the light through the reflective surface. It is the ...

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IOGEAR Debuts World’s Thinnest Hi-Speed Hub


IOGEAR has introduced its USB 2.0 MicroHub for consumers and SOHO users. The MicroHub allows users to access 40 times faster connection speeds than standard USB 1.1 devices. IOGEAR’s 4-port hub gives users faster data connection rates of up to 480 Mbps, all within a device that is smaller than ...

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Fortress SMS Encrypts Messages


InfoSync World reports: “Privy to sending SMSes you’d rather not want anyone else listening in on? If so, Silicon Village’s Fortress SMS and its AES encryption might be something for you. Once every now and then, everyone sends an SMS message with content they would rather not have anyone read ...

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