Author: Dave Conabree

Card-Sized 2-Mega-Pixel Digital Camera with Movie Recording Capacity

Mustek Systems Inc. of Taiwan is exhibiting its [email protected] digital camera at the Computex Taipei 2002 held at the Taipei World Trade Center in Taiwan from June 3. This camera measures 69mm wide by 47mm high by 11mm thick, which is about the same size as a credit card. It is equipped with a 1.3-million-pixel […]

New Micro-Camera for Wireless Phones and PDAs

Fujitsu Limited has announced that it has developed and is making commercially available today a CMOS color image sensor module, the MB86S02A micro-camera module, for mobile phone and PDA applications. The 110,000-pixel unit offers high sensitivity and low noise, Common Intermediate Format (CIF) compatibility, and a built-in lens in the world’s smallest, lightest, and lowest-power […]

Review: Panasonics e-Wear SV-AV10 Digital 4-in-1

Given the pace in new tech that we see every day, getting something surpising is a bit rare. Thankfully, the folks at Panasonic provided me with a pleasent surprise with the new e-Wear SV-AV10. Half the size of my wallet, the SV-AV10 packs a digital comcorder, voice recorder, digital camera, and MP3 player into one […]

Digital Square Bio Watch

Digital Squares Bio Watch is a future product slated for phased commercial release starting with the release of a simple functioning model in 2002, and moving on to the release of more complex models in 2003, and 2004. Digital Squares Bio Watch has been conceived as a means for individuals to easily monitor their health, […]

Alpine Unveils Car Navigation System Linked with Cellular Phone, PC

Alpine Electronics Inc. unveiled a car navigation system with an HDD called i-assist NAVI HDD 555, which was co-developed with Aisin AW Co. Ltd. This is Alpine’s first product with a built-in HDD. The HDD is the same 2.5-in. type of 16GB that another maker uses for its similar HDD-loaded car navigation system launched this […]

Enteos and PurpleLabs Team Up for Wireless Email SmartPhone

Enteos signs a manufacturing license agreement with Purple Labs for a wireless email smartphone (Chambery (France), Trieste (Italy), March 12th 2002), Enteos srl, Italy, has recently signed a manufacturing license agreement with Purple Labs SA of France to license Purple Labs smartphone design for 2.5G. Enteos will be the first Italian manufacturer of Wireless Smartphone. […]

Sony Brings The New CLIE PEG-T650C to Japan

A new model has been introduced to Sony’s CLIE PEG-T600 series, the PEG-T650C. Main features of the new model include MP3 and ATRAC3 audio playback, as well as a 66 MHz processor. Sony is keen on bringing new CLIE models to market should no longer come as a surprise to anyone; now the company is […]

Marine Corps Use Rolling Robo-Spy

The Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory’s Reconnaissance Surveillance and Target Acquisition Technology section conducted a Limited Technical Assessment of the first complete prototype “Dragon Runner” Mobile Ground Sensor system April 11. Dragon Runner, with a system weight of 16 pounds and sized to fit inside a Marine’s Modular Lightweight, Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) patrol pack, is designed […]

Kyocera to Introduce PocketCosmo Java-Executable Business PDA

Kyocera Corp. announced on May 21 that it would release PDAs called PocketCosmo for corporate users. The first Java-capable PocketCosmo will be launched in late July. PocketCosmo features a high-speed execution environment (virtual machine), “intent,” and an “Elate” OS for Java application developed by Tao Group of the U.K. Use of Java facilities the development […]

Vocera Communications To Provide Instant Voice Communication Over Wireless LAN

Vocera Communications, Inc., a wireless communications company specializing in network-based software and hardware systems, today announced it is developing a wireless application to enable instant voice communications over 802.11b networks for mobile personnel. “There are more than 25 million in-building professionals in the United States working on their feet every day who must constantly interact […]

SnapNType with The iPAQ 3800 Series Handheld

TT Tech Limited, creator of the thumb-typing Blackberry-like SnapNType mini-keyboard for PDAs, has released a new edition, the Model T302, for Compaq iPAQ 3800 series Pocket PC. According to the company, key features and benefits of the SnapNType keyboard include: – Thumb-type anywhere, no need for a flat surface – Fits your iPAQ with or […]

Evolution Robotics Introduces the ER1 – The First Personal Robot System for Consumers

Evolution Robotics™ Inc., a robotics technology company, today unveiled the Evolution Robotics ER1™, a personal robot system designed for the home and workplace, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Video Clip: Evolution Robotics at Demo 2002 The ER1, available in two configurations, is the first in a line of autonomous personal robots that Evolution Robotics plans […]

Mobile Phone Made of Paper

“Brainy student Stephen Forshaw has invented a mobile phone made from PAPER. The inventor has scooped a top award with his creation, interested electronics giant Sony — and now he hopes it will ring up a fortune. His invention is named PS Call Me, and aims to get mobile phone fans writing “special” letters again […]

XSVoice Launches Mobile Broadcast Network

XSVoice, Inc., a wireless platform and application developer, announces the launch of the Mobile Broadcast Network, a subscription service providing wireless users with mobile access to live and on-demand audio content in categories such as music, news, sports, entertainment, business and financial information, international and religious programming. The MBN offers its subscribers access to mobile-oriented […]

3Com Delivers Industry’s First Bluetooth Wireless Printing Kit

3Com Corporation announced today the availability of the 3Com® Wireless Bluetooth™ Printing Kit in the United States. This new 3Com Business Connectivity Company solution is an innovative package that allows users to quickly enable wireless connectivity to existing printers and PCs — all with Bluetooth wireless ease. “3Com’s Universal Connectivity solutions mean extraordinary user experiences […]

CASA – Consumer All-Purpose Storage Appliance

Many media are either already in digital formats (CD, DVD, digital camera, etc.) or can be converted into digital formats cheaply and easily (scanner, audio/video digitizer, etc.). The hard disk drive (HDD) areal density improvement starts to make it economically feasible to store these media in digital formats on HDD. A single-disk (or possibly dual-disk […]

MobileWise Promises Wireless Power

MobileWise, a Silcion Valley start-up led by former Palm CTO Bill Maggs, has announced that it is working on a revolutionary new wireless power technology. Few details have been released, but MobileWise claims it will enable users to ‘experience true wire-free connectivity’. A statement on the company’s web-site reads: ‘Our technology delivers safe wire-free electric […]

DSI Unveils a New Dimension in 3D Animation and Design

“We haven’t re-invented the mouse,” said Robert Egery, President of Montreal-based technology company, DSI Datotech Systems Inc. “But what we’ve developed could well replace it in 3-D applications, taking the human/computer interface to a whole new level.” DSI’s revolutionary, multi-point, HandGear touchpad, released on schedule, uses a hand-gesture interface and lets the user perform multiple […]

Preview of the Hitachi NPD-10JWL

The new Hitachi PDA is one of the smallest on the market. But the NPD-10JWL (this is its name) has many other battle steeds. This device is surprising because of the absence of keys on the front part, which is completely smooth and entirely occupied by the TFT 3.5” display of 240 x 320 pixels […]

MSI Unveils First MotherBoard with Bluetooth Technology

“First ever mainboard embedded with Bluetooth function has successfully developed and implemented through our strong and innovated MSI™ R&D team. When industry is focusing on the Wireless LAN, IEEE 802.11 implementation, Bluetooth technology gradually outburst from a conceptual design into a next generation Personal Area Network (PAN) core technology, MSI™’s PC2PCTM -Bluetooth is the key […]

Cellon International Begins high volume production of GPRS Phones Based on Philips’ System Solution

Royal Philips Electronics, has announced the endorsement of its leading-edge wireless semiconductor system solution by Cellon International, the world’s largest independent design house for wireless terminals and module designs. Building on the companies’ existing wireless handset development partnership, Cellon – including CEC Wireless, the company’s operating unit in China – has integrated the semiconductor system […]

NEC to Introduce Crusoe Desktop with No Cooling Fans

NEC Corp. introduced a desktop PC that is, as advertised, to be as quiet as the sound of “the leaves rustling.” Named as “Mate,” the PC-MA80W/F model has the microprocessor’s operating frequency of 800MHz (price: from 215,000 yen) and the PC-MA90W/F model has that of 900MHz (from 230,000 yen). It is said that the volume […]

Defossé Guillaume Systems 25FPS Video

The company MILLENNIUM GATE N.V. is proud to present a new strong technological performance of the Belgian electronic wizard Guillaume Defossé: a standard NOKIA 9210 adapted with his DGS-Operating System able to play a full feature movie @ 25 frames per second. The test movie is 108 minutes. The movie is stored on only one […]

Samsung Unveils the 1xEV-DO CDMA2000 Phone

Samsung Electronics, the first to introduce CDMA2000 1X, is now paving the way for CDMA2000 1xEV-DO, a synchronous IMT-2000 format. The company has completed development of an EV-DO mobile phone (model: SCH-V300) with high-quality TFT-LCD that can reproduce 260,000 different color shades. The product can also send and receive data at up to 2.4Mbps, the […]

LGE Introduces World’s First Color Phone with Imbedded Camera for CDMA2000

The World’s first color phone with camera for cdma2000 1x EV-DO… comes with camcorder style LCD screen that can rotate 270 degrees. It can support the latest MMS (Multimedia Message Service) and LMS (Long Message Service) through the camera with 110,000 pixels and 2.2-inch TFT-LCD screen. Video On Demand service also possible* (To support future […]

The BMW iDrive Controller

The secret of iDrive’s remarkable convenience lies in a unique combination of ergonomic design and state-of-the-art technology. The electronics that co-ordinate the comfort functions in the new BMW 7 Series are truly brilliant: fibre optics transmit data, using the cutting-edge Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) application. This fibre optic technology enables extremely high data transfer […]

The Targus PDA Convenient “Stick On” Mouse

The Targus PDA Mouse is a convenient “stick on” mouse that allows full cursor control for your Palm OS PDA and is the ultimate convenience tool for navigating around the Palm OS PDA screen. Utilizing built in hot key functions and a control bar, the Targus PDA mouse eliminates the use of stylus, pens as […]

VIA Debuts Tablet PC Design

VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions, today demonstrated its new VIA Tablet PC design at the WinHEC 2002 event in Taipei, Taiwan. The VIA Tablet PC design is an attractive slate-style ultra portable PC, combining an innovative ‘digital ink’ system with a 10.4″ electro-magnetic digitizer […]

T-Touch Touch Screen Watch

The best way of predicting the future,” futurists and scientists often say, “is to invent it.” With the T-Touch, Tissot throws a definite bridge toward the future. For the first time, touching the crystal activates the functions of a watch. As sensuous as it is functional, the T-Touch is a fine amalgam of design and […]

Good Technology G100 Wireless Handheld

Introducing the Good™ G100 wireless handheld from Good Technology. G100 is a powerful, compact and sophisticated handheld that pioneers a new category of Synchronized Messaging Devices. Small enough to be carried or belted at all times, G100 provides mobile professionals with a highly-portable handheld for robust wireless access to a wealth of corporate information. Its […]

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The World’s Smallest USB Compatible High Speed IrDA Adapter

The IrSTICK™ is a super small low cost USB compatible IrDA adapter that is perfect for PC’s without an IrDA port. In minimizing the size of the IrSTICK we have used a ceramic circuit board. Our controller is also custom build and overall size is very small. The IrSTICK™ implements the high speed IrDA protocol […]

Credit Cards Get a Face Lift to Lure New Customers

Discover® Card is making a big move, bringing its trademark benefits – the Cashback Bonus® award, no annual fee, and special Cardmember offers – out of the wallet. The Discover 2GOSM Card (patents pending), the first card of its kind in the credit card industry, has a unique, compact shape and is housed in a […]

Infineon to Unveil MP3 Jacket at Avantex

Chipmaker Infineon Technologies is weaving its products into an entirely new fashion industry: high-tech textiles. The Munich-based company on Friday showed off new prototype wearable chips that it says can be sewn directly into clothing and other textiles. Infineon’s Emerging Technologies Group has developed chips, sensors and packages that allow the processors to be woven […]

Estari to Launch Dual-Screen Laptop

Estari Inc., a leader in providing digital document management solution software, will bring to market the patented dual-screen laptop in the fourth quarter of 2002. Estari’s 2-VU™ product line will include an eBook, handheld, laptop and portable desktop models. The laptop version will have two, full-sized 15” diagonal screens and a Microsoft Windows XP Operating […]

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Spectronic Sidetouch Multimedia Smartphone TS 2200

“What we need is not a miniaturised office computer” – says Per Siversson, Managing Director of Spectronic. “The usage of a computer is simply not feasible with a mobile device. The busy user has no use for a complicated file hierarchy with different folders and storage units. And he does not need different programs for […]

Canon, HI Develop Flash Player for Mobile Phones

Canon Inc. and HI Corp. announced that they have jointly developed new player engine technology that will allow people to play Macromedia Flash content on their mobile phones. The two firms say they will start shipping the product to mobile phone manufacturers this summer as an optional part of HI’s Mascot Capsule 3D graphics engine. […]

Cannon Announces The Elura 40MC

The Elura 40MC is a compact and versatile camcorder offering a unique combination of features to produce both high-quality video and stills from the same camera. It’s a camcorder that offers point-and-shoot simplicity without limiting your ability to take command and stretch your creative wings when you want. Note its extensive offering of digital video […]

Excalibur Electronics Introduces Forever Flashlight

Excalibur Electronics introduces the last flashlight you’ll ever need to buy…and it never needs batteries or bulbs. The Forever Flashlight uses the Faraday Principle of Electromagnetic Energy that guarantees replacement parts will never be needed. 15-30 Seconds of Shaking provides up to 5 minutes of continuous bright light. Features • Super bright Blue LED • […]

Siemens And Rogers AT&T Wireless Team Up To Market Innovative Wireless

Siemens Canada Limited and Rogers AT&T Wireless today announced a new agreement to jointly market the Siemens S40, a global mobile phone in Canada. This partnership is part of Siemens aggressive push in the Canadian wireless market since its entry in early November 2001. The Siemens S40 will be available to customers through Rogers AT&T […]

Preview Of The Panasonic GD 87

The Japanese company, Panasonic, made a great impression at CeBIT with two models which are revolutionary in their own way. On the one hand, there is the small GD 67, rich in functions and with a 256 colour display. This is the first cellular phone in the middle/low range to have 256 colours. On the […]

ARM Unveils New Mobile Technology

ARM the industry’s leading provider of 16/32-bit embedded RISC processor solutions, today announced at the Embedded Processor Forum in San Jose, Calif., the launch of the ARM11™ microarchitecture, designed to address the needs of next-generation wireless and consumer devices. The ARM11 microarchitecture targets a performance range of 400 to 1,200 Dhrystone MIPS, while meeting the […]

Robo-Barman Serves up Beer

An engineering student in Florida has invented a robot which opens his beer bottles for him. It runs along a bar top, steadies the bottle, places the opener under the cap and lifts it before backing off. The machine has been named Abor, which stands for Autonomous Beer-Opening Robot. Abor was built at the University […]

Personal Digital Astronaut: PDA Travels Into Space

When the Russian Soyuz rocket launched yesterday, bound for the International Space Station, South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth, the first African to venture into space, took with him a Palm(TM) m125 handheld — the only handheld computer to be approved for space travel on the Soyuz. Because Mark’s activities in space are scheduled down to […]

Acer Launches the Acer s10 HandHeld for the English Market

Acer has launched its slim and sophisticated Acer s10 handheld to the English market, sporting handy features such as audio recording, MP3 playback, and dual expandability through a Memory Stick expansion slot and Acer’s Versatile Connector, all powered by the super-supportive Palm OSa. With the Acer s10 handheld, your life is truly in your hands! […]

Hitachi Introduces PIN Secure MultiMediaCard™, the Industry’s First Flash Card with a User Authentication Capability

Hitachi Semiconductor (America) today announced the PIN Secure MultiMediaCard *1 (PIN SecureMMC™), the industry’s first flash card with a user authentication function. The secure memory card provides a new level of security for protecting personal and corporation data on mobile handheld devices without hardware changes. The Hitachi PIN SecureMMC, available now in 32MByte density (Part […]

Sony Unveils Lightest Vaio Notebooks, The PCG-U1 and PCG-C1MSX

Sony Corp. announced two Vaio notebook PC models, including one with a 6.4-in., TFT-LCD screen that features compactness. The “PCG-U1” model features a 820g compact body with a 6.4-inch (XGA) TFT-LCD. Another model “PCG-C1MSX” housing an MPEG2 encoder provided with a TV reception unit as an attachment. The prices are open, but the expected price […]

Vibrating Phones Can Add Emphasis to Calls

Vibrating rubber cellphones could be the next big thing in mobile communications, allowing people to communicate by squishing the phone to transmit vibrations along with their spoken words. According to a research team at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the idea will make phoning more fun. Many mobile phones can already be made […]

DieCorp Announces Musit, Handheld Pen-Based Audio Player

DieCorp (TM) Ltd, an international company announces the Musit(TM), a portable handheld music device targeted at music consumers who use distributed filesharing networks like Napster, Gnutella and Freenet. The Musit (TM) will revolutionize the way music lovers acquire and store their favorite songs by eliminating the need for a computer, allowing wireless music downloads anytime, […]

Forget Laptops, the Folding Screen Lands in Korea

A new paperback-sized computer screen that folds like a book will be ideal for Internet users reading online novels, its South Korean inventor said on Tuesday. The 6.7 inch by 5 inch flat LCD screen folds along a central hinge and is much clearer than existing devices, display maker Samsung SDI said. It spent $1.54 […]