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Sony DCR-IP1 MICROMV Handycam Super Small Camcorder


SimplyDV Reports: In keeping with the increasing speculation about the company’s plans for its MICROMV format, Sony Europe has allayed fears that it was pulling back its commitment to the revolutionary digital video that was launched back in 2001 by announcing a new digital camcorder that is the size of a playing card. The MICROMV Handycam DCR-IP1 is claimed by ...

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Minox DD1 Miniaturized Wearable Camera


Just like the legendary MINOX spy camera which stands for fine mechanical precision in miniature size, the new MINOX DD1 also creates excitement through its unique design and technology concept. Pin-sharp definition and brilliance are guaranteed by the 5-element multi-coated glass lens. In combination with the 2.1 megapixel chip, the refined electronics and the specially developed software, you can be ...

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Review: Palm Tungsten C vs Tungsten W Showdown


A few weeks ago, I received the Tungsten W from the kind folks at Palm. I LOVE the idea of a single device to cover my mobile computing and communication needs so I just had to see what Palm had to offer. In order to get a fair appraisal of what the unit had going for it, I decided to ...

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KeyCrypt – World’s First Mulit-Functional USB Token for Logical & Physical Access


DigiSAFE Pte Ltd. (“DigiSAFE”) has announced the launch of the world’s first multi-functional USB token for both logical and physical access, KeyCryptTM. Incorporating a powerful cryptographic smartcard chip, a RFID tag and a USB mass-storage device into a single tamper-proof packaging, KeyCrypt aims to create an entirely new security experience. In bringing about this new first-of-its-kind token, DigiSAFE and Schlumberger ...

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Inventor Develops AcceleGlove ‘talking glove’ for Deaf


An electronic glove that can turn American Sign Language gestures into spoken words or text, designed to help the deaf communicate more easily with the hearing world, is under development. Researcher Jose Hernandez-Rebollar of George Washington University has demonstrated that his “AcceleGlove” can translate the rapid hand movements used to make the alphabet and some of the words and phrases ...

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SOFTAVA Q12 Keypad Technology


Mobile Burn Reports: It seems that we are rapidly approaching the point where the traditional 12 key keypad is no longer going to be able to keep pace with the ever growing feature set that modern mobile handsets keep adding to. Most everybody agrees that T9 was a giant step ahead when compared to the old triple-tap method, but few ...

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Ritz Camera offers Disposable Dakota Digital Cameras for only $10.99


Ritz Camera Centers, the largest retail camera and photo chain in the United States, today announced the nationwide launch of the Dakota Digital Single-Use Camera at select Ritz Camera and Wolf Camera locations. The cameras, a first to offer consumers a high-quality, fully digital experience at a single-use price, will sell for $10.99 under the company’s Dakota Digital brand. The ...

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Sony UPX-C200 Digital Passport system with Bluetooth Unveiled


Sony has announced the availability of the UPX-C200 Digital Printing System, which features direct printing from the camera without the need for cable connections or a camera docking station. With Sony’s new UPX-C200 model, images can be transmitted from the camera to up to three printers wirelessly using Bluetooth™ technology. “Sony is once again changing the world of instant photography,” ...

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Casio QV-R40 Compact Digital Camera with 1-Second Startup time


Casio announced a new addition to the QV Digital Camera series, the new compact 4.0 megapixel QV-R40 Digital Camera. The new QV-R40 has 1-second power up time and industry leading* 0.01-second release time lag (both values approximate), ensuring you can capture those special moments whenever they happen. CASIO recorded the 0.01-second release time lag mark last year with the release ...

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Iomega Miniature 1.5 Gigabyte Removable Storage Technology Unveiled


Iomega Corporation, recently announced a new 1.5 GB digital capture technology (DCT) platform designed for a new generation of digital entertainment products, including camcorders and portable video players, as well as portable PCs and smart handheld devices. Working samples of Iomega’s new breakthrough DCT drive and fully rewritable cartridge are now being evaluated by a select group of premier OEMs. ...

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Samsung MITs M400 Mobile Phone, TV, PC, Camera, Camcorder, Navigator, MP3 Player and 2-way Radio


Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. launched a wireless handheld device in South Korea Monday that combines a phone, a TV, a camera, and a camcorder in what is the beginning of a line of feature-packed gadgets that the company plans to roll out this year. The recently developed MITs M400 works as a mobile phone, TV, PC, digital camera, camcorder, navigator, ...

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EMP-Z Coin-Sized MP3 Player


Two local venture firms announced yesterday that they succeeded in developing the world’s smallest and lightest MP3 player, a breakthrough that highlights yet again this nation’s prowess in the newly emerging portable device industry. Station Z and Eratech Co., two small venture firms that specialize in making MP3 players, unveiled the coin-sized MP3 player named EMP-Z, which will enter into ...

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Creative NOMAD Jukebox Zen NX is Slimmer and Lighter


Creative, today expanded its popular line of award-winning NOMAD® Jukebox Zen digital audio players by announcing the ultra sharp-looking NOMAD Jukebox Zen NX. The NOMAD Jukebox Zen NX is the slimmest, lightest NOMAD Jukebox product yet and features a removable, high-capacity Li-Ion battery for up to 14 hours of continuous playback, and USB 2.0 connectivity for super fast file transfers ...

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Palm Tungsten T2 with Bluetooth, More memory, and Sharper Screen


Bringing Palm’s sharpest screen and more memory into the same compact design as the original Palm(TM) Tungsten(TM) T handheld, Palm, Inc. today introduced the Palm Tungsten T2 handheld. Like the original Tungsten T handheld, the Tungsten T2 handheld is equipped with integrated Bluetooth(TM) and voice-recorder capabilities, but with an additional focus on multimedia features. Tungsten T2 Handheld Features and Benefits ...

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Minolta DiMAGE X20 ultra-compact digital camera unveiled


Press Release: Minolta today announced the DiMAGE X20 which they say is the world’s smallest and lightest 2 megapixel camera with a 3x optical zoom. Features that stand out on the X20 include fast operating times, AA battery compatibility, movies limited only by the size of your memory card and the ability to use the camera as a web cam ...

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