Author: Dave Conabree

Review: One Month With the Kindle 3

The Kindle 3 is Amazon’s $139+ eBook reading device that offers Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity to Amazon’s digital eBook store. The new display and constrast is remarkable, its lightweight frame and crisp text will keep you reading treeless for hours on end.

Danger Hiptop 2 Review, AKA T-Mobile Sidekick 2

The Danger Hiptop 2 has been out for almost a year now in the US, it’s called the T-Mobile Sidekick II over there. Fido finally picked it up in Canada and is now selling it for $200 CDN on a plan or $550 without. Sporting a-built in camera and a slightly slimmer profile than it’s […]

Apple’s New G5

Keeping the Mac fans in new goodie euphoria, Apple has put out the new G5. Like the iMac of yesteryear, this is an all-in-one machine. Taking it a step further, the computer is now built right into the flat panel display itself. This version comes in 1.6 or 1.8GHz, and packs an 8X NVIDIA GeForce […]

EL Displays heading for wearable

10 times thinner than LCDs, new EL (Electro Luminescent) displays are promising to make future wristwatches something of a second skin. This low power consumption prototype from Pelikon is flexible enough to do it but not without some drawbacks. So far, these displays have a shorter lifespan, are not particularly tough and due to limited […]

The Jawbone Headset

Since I have yet to find a cell phone headset that doesn’t disappoint me in noisy areas (like my car), I really hope that Aliph manages to deliver on the Jawbone headset. In addition to a mic, it also has a rubber node that listens to the vibrations in your jaw. By using digital signal […]

iBoom Boombox System for the Apple iPod

I’m surprised that no one has come up with this earlier, Digital Lifestyle Outfitters will soon be putting out the 4 speaker, 20 watt per channel iBoom. Designed for the iPod and iPod Mini, the boombox has an auxiliary port and adds an FM tuner and built in charger to the Apple accessory arsenal. If […]

Super Thin 2M-pixel CCD Camera Module Developed by Mitsubishi Electric

“Mitsubishi Electric Corp announced that it has developed a 2-megapixel CCD camera module, called CM041, measuring a mere 7.42mm wide, which it claims is the industry’s thinnest (as of May 30, 2004). Sample shipments will be available during July at a unit price of 15,000 yen (FOB Japan), while mass production will start in September. […]

Garmin Unveils New Pocket-Sized Street Navigator, The Quest

Garmin today announced the Quest GPS navigator, an ultra-portable, easy-to-use, versatile mobile device. “The Quest combines features from several of our most popular Garmin GPS navigators into one compact unit,” said Gary Kelley, Garmin’s director of marketing. “The Quest is extremely easy to operate – anyone with a home computer will find the icon-based menus […]

3G May Come Soon on Cingular

Cingular Wireless has issued a comprehensive request for proposal (RFP) to telecommunications equipment vendors to develop and deliver the infrastructure for operating UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) network technology. Making the announcement today at the Yankee Group’s Wireless Leadership Summit, Cingular’s Chief Operating Officer Ralph de la Vega also said that Cingular’s deployment of this […]

SenseCam Digital Image Diary

Taken from the website: The SenseCam is a badge-sized wearable visual diary that captures up to 2000 VGA images per day into FLASH memory, offering a continually building repository of information on what you have done during the day in visual form. In addition, sensor data such as movement, light level and temperature is […]

Delkin USB Bridge Connects Devices

A new product from Delkin Devices called the USB Bridge was released the other day. It will connect two USB devices together without a computer allowing you to transfer files between them or a digital camera and an iPod or mini flash drive to backup your image files. The combinations are endless, you can swap […]

Zupera Smartpad Mini PC

Zupera Technology from Hong Kong has designed the Smartpad, a wireless mini computer running on Windows CE .NET with an Intel PXA255 400MHz processor. The Smartpad has a nice chunk of memory, 64MB and 128MB SDRam with additional SD/MMC expansion capabilities. The 7-inch TFT LCD can display 16 bits at 800×600 resolution. The entire device […]

Lilipod floatable shell for your iPod

The Lilipod is a floatable, hard shell case that fits snugly around your iPod and keeps it safe, whether you’re into skiing, rock climbing, angling or just running through your neighbor’s sprinkler on a hot summer day. Now you can use your iPod with abandon – free from worrying about blowing sand, snow, or rain […]

Holographic device capable of storing 200GB-300GB on One Disc

At the ODS 2004 international conference of optical storage technology held in Monterey, Calif, Optware Corp exhibited for the first time a recording and playback device for holographic media and an optical pickup device. The company hopes to introduce a commercial product for business use that can record 200GB to 300GB on a 12 centimeter […]

CU928 Pocket PC phone for China

China Unicom mobile operator in China has released the CU928 Pocket PC phone. The matrix slide out style keypad is the first for any pocket PC, it will run on Windows Mobile 2003 Software for Pocket PC with an Intel PXA 263 400MHz CPU. Specifications OS – Windows Mobile 2003 Software for Pocket PC processors, […]

Love 1? Me too

Frontier Labs has unveiled the L1 (Love One) 20GB 1.8-inch hard drive MP3 Player featuring WMA play back, FM radio, voice/direct line-in recording, as well as built-in games, clock, calender and memo function. All packed into a snazzy black and silver alloy metal player just 1.5cm thick. Not a bad price at $369.00 USD but […]

NHJ 1.5-inch Wearable Wristwatch TV

A new wristwatch TV with a 1.5-inch TFT LCD screen will be released in Japan by NHJ Corporation. The VTV-101 is a miniature TV with an internal PLL Synthesizer Tuner for VHF and UHF reception. The 280 x 220 pixel screen measures around 22.2 x 29.5 mm and will display remaining battery, channel number and […]

The Quicklook digital magnifier

Quicklook is a great idea for visually impaired users who just have trouble seeing the small-print on things in everyday life. The 4-inch TFT LCD can display images from the attached swivel camera module with a magnification of 2X to 5.5X. The device is small, only 10 ounces and will run for about 1.25 hours […]

Toshiba V401T Wireless Phone With TV

Vodafone K.K. announced after late April it will offer the V401T by Toshiba, a new handset that features a built-in analog TV tuner. The V401T represents Vodafone K.K.’s second analog TV tuner handset after the V601N by NEC was launched in December 2003. With the V401T, customers can enjoy television broadcasts on a high-quality QVGA […]

NEC Develops 30-Second Recharge Battery

NEC has developed a battery that is capable of being fully recharged in only 30 seconds. The organic radical battery can be charged to a similar level of power as nickel-hydrogen cells for portable MD players, digital cameras and other electronic devices. The price will be around the same of nickel-hydrogen cell batteries, since it […]

First Smartphone from Arima

ASP805 is Arima’s first smart phone, a fruit of leveraging the nice experiences on system integration and utilizing mobile devices manufacturing capabilities. With a stylish appearance, ASP805 is an advanced and pen-based smart phone. It is positioned to deliver the ultimate mobile communication and multimedia experiences, and runs on the latest version of the open […]

Matsushita TH-LB10NT LCD projector supports 4 PCs via Wi-Fi

Matsushita Electrical Industries has just announced the new TH-LB10NT LCD projector supporting up to four seperate PC connections via wireless LAN. Set to go on sale in Japan near the end of April, the 400,000 YEN device is only 2.2kg and has some amazing featres. The TH-LB10NT mobile projector is the first in the world […]

Reciva allows internet radio without a PC

Many thousands of radio stations worldwide broadcast on the Internet. Unlike traditional DAB and AM/FM radio stations the programmes are instantly accessible regardless of location, providing consumers with an unparalleled variety of digital listening material. The Reciva wireless Internet Radio has everything required to connect to and play radio broadcasts from the Internet, without the […]

Sony Ericsson LH-Z200 for Lefties from Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile today unveiled the left-handed Sony Ericsson LH-Z200 mobile phone. Designed with a reversed keypad layout, the buttons are switched from right to left instead of standard left to right. With about seven million lefties in Britain alone, this handset will definitely please these consumers. This simple but clever design makes dialling, texting and […]

Mogo Sim Backup

The SIM Card Backup from is a tiny self-contained SIM card reader and writer. If you have ever lost your phone, or damanged your SIM, then this gadget is just what you need. With the Mogo SIM Card Backup you can store your phonebook entries with the press of a button. Insert the SIM […]

iRiver iMP-1100 first Disc-man style Multimedia Player

iRiver has announced a new media player, the iMP-1100. With the shape of a disc-man the successor of the iMP-1000 adds a 2″ TFT Colour Display and DivX, MPEG4, MP3, WMA, ASF and CD-DA support. This is not a huge screen to watch movies on, but being able to play them from CD will be […]

MSI unveils the Mega Player 515 and Cache 15

MSI this week announced their new MEGA player series multi-function portable audio MP3 player and the 1.5GB mobile storage unit. These are the latest gadgets announced at CeBIT 2004 from Microstar International. The MSI Mega Player 515 provides up to 14 hours of battery life and comes in 128/256/512MB flash memory capacities. The integrated FM […]

Nano Tech
Mini-ITX Introduces the Nanode today announced the world’s first Nano-ITX based digital entertainment device – the “Nanode” – created by Hoojum Design. The Nanode is designed around VIA’s EPIA N-Series Nano-ITX Mainboard, and is constructed from high-grade precision cut aluminum, and sports an elegant ceramic matt finish that will complement any living or working environment. The Nanode’s charm […]

Review: T-Mobile MDA II / XDA II

The MDA2 or XDA2 Pocket PC phone (depending what region you are located) is one I have had my eye on for quite some time now. Sporting a very large 3.5 inch screen, camera, 400 Mhz processor, 128MB on-board RAM and SD expansion all wrapped in a GSM phone, well, it just makes my mouth […]

Pentax introduces Dunkable Digicam – The Optio43WR

Pentax has announced a second generation fully-immersable digital camera. The new Optio43WR features 4.0 effective megapixels, a powerful 2.8X zoom lens, and a JIS Class 7 waterproof rating that keeps the Optio43WR watertight even when the camera is rinsed, splashed or submersed in water. The Optio43WR may be immersed up to three feet for less […]

Ricoh launches the 28mm Caplio RX

Ricoh is extremely pleased to announce the release of the Caplio RX, a slim wide-angle 28mm digital camera that commands the world’s fastest shutter response and quick start-up time while delivering outstanding image quality and user-friendly functionality at a price well within reach to consumers. The Caplio RX is quicker, slimmer, lighter and even easier […]

SpeedTech Weatherstation Wristwatch

SpeedTech Instruments has designed the first ever weather station wristwatch with accurate wind speed measurement. The Weather Watch Pro uses a Swiss-made flip-up impeller and Beaufort scale graph to constantly monitor changing barometric air pressure, and even alerts you to changing weather and storms. The rugged design of the WW-1 makes it water resistant and […]

Review: Archos GMini 220

I decided to wait until after the holidays to get a new hard drive MP3 player. As some of you may know, I get quite a bit to play with, I wanted to use this opportunity to make sure I got the best value for my dollar. After dozens of try-outs, I soon found myself […]

SoundCover for Symbian OS

Did you ever wish you could hide your location when talking on the phone? Ever wanted to give the impression you were somewhere else? SounderCover gives you the ability to add a background sound to any incoming or outgoing call, giving the impression that you really are in the environment where the background sound is […]

Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z40 with outstanding battery life

(Press Release) — Casio Computer Co., Ltd., today announced the 4-megapixel EX-Z40, a new model in the EXILIM ZOOM line of digital cameras with long battery life and 3X optical zoom. The camera will be available at retail the end of April, with an MSRP of $399.99. Over the last few years the digital camera […]

Panasonic X700 Symbian Series 60 Smartphone

Panasonic Mobile introduced their flagship model for 2004 at 3GSM World Congress, the X700 smartphone. This compact digital camera phone, with video capability, comes in Panasonic’s stylish clamshell design and supports miniSD cards. The X700 utilises Symbian OS, based on open standards, and the Series 60 Platform. Shipments across Europe are scheduled to begin Autumn […]

Nextreaming Sky IM-7200 Wireless Handset

Press Release — Nextreaming Corporation announced today that SK Teletech, has integrated Nextreaming’s mobile multimedia software package, Nexembedded Suite to help SKTT’s IM-7200 handset enable multimedia communications. The IM-7200 is the most unique and advanced handset on SK Telecom’s EV-DO network. The handset’s unique sliding display form factor has proven to be very popular because […]

Mitsubishi Electric develops dual side LCD display

“Mitsubishi Electric Corp. unveiled a liquid crystal display (LCD) that can be viewed from both sides. The display, which the company says is a world first, was developed initially for use in clamshell-type cellular telephone handsets and could help make such telephones thinner and lighter. At present, many clamshell-style handsets have two displays: a large […]

Matsushita Electric Develops MOS-type Image Sensors for Mobile Phones

“Matsushita Electric Industrial Co, Ltd said it has developed a new MOS-type image sensor “(nyu) MAICOVICON” that is suitable for mobile phone use to achieve both high picture quality and low power consumption. Compared to conventional image sensors, the new product has advantages such as less power consumption than CCD image sensors and higher quality […]

iRiver iFP-599T Mini 1GB MP3 Player/Recorder

The iFP-599T is the latest addition to iRiver’s successful line of award-winning portable music players. The iFP-599T comes standard with 1 GB of internal memory and offers consumers the ability to record MP3s on the fly from any source. The iFP-599T holds up to 34 hours of music and plays up to 28 hours from […]

VascoTrack miniaturizes GSM/GPRS GPS Tracking

The new V502 tracking device from VascoTrack is the smallest, lightest and lowest power GPRS device on the market today. The device, which is less than 15 mm thick, combines GSM/GPRS and GPS technology and can be used for a variety of asset and personal tracking applications. The V502, which can be used in over […]

Fish Memory; A Universal Memory Card Format

The Universal Transportable Memory Association (UTMA) is revolutionizing mobile computing today with the introduction of a flash memory card standard that requires no adapters, cables or card readers. It simply plugs into any USB port, allowing information from your digital camera, PDA, stereo or other device to be transferred to any PC. Inaddition to universal […]

Siemens to Present New PenPhone at CeBit

Siemens has announced their new products for display at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany this year running from March 18-24. One new product is a rugged shock-resistant handset built to withstand water and dust. It is being described as the “rightful successor of the now legendary ME45.” Features include a VGA camera for still photos and […]

Kodak EasyShare DX7630, 6 megapixel sub $500 Camera

According to Digital Photography Review — “Kodak today announced the DX7630, this new sub-$500 digital camera is based around a six megapixel image sensor and has a three times optical zoom lens. The DX7630 also has a large 2.2″ indoor/outdoor LCD monitor, 32 MB of internal flash memory, an SD/MMC slot, supports streaming movie recording […]

Nikon Introduces the Nikon Coolwalker MSV-01

(Press Release) Nikon is pleased to announce the Coolwalker MSV-01; a 30GB portable image storage device for the organisation of digital images. The Nikon Coolwalker is a stylish and powerful storage device that offers an invaluable solution to the organisation of thousands of large resolution image files of all formats produced by today’s high-resolution digital […]

Nikon Unveils 8.0 Megapixel Coolpix 8700 Camera

(Press Release) — Nikon has taken the lead in the popular and powerful “prosumer” camera category with its new Coolpix 8700 digital camera. This remarkable new product combines 8.0-megapixel resolution with an 8x Optical Zoom-Nikkor ED lens (35-280 mm, *35mm equivalent) and legendary Nikon quality and design to bring experienced digital photographers the most versatile […]

NHJ TV Wristwatch at CES

NE Asia reports — “NHJ Ltd. introduced a wristwatch-type, liquid-crystal television at the recent 2004 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Size of the ‘TV watch’ is 4.5cm x 4.8cm x 1.8cm The watch is scheduled for release in Japan in April 2004 for about 20,000 yen. Although there was no demo showing the […]

Fujitsu one step closer to Digital Paper Production

Fujitsu Laboratories has succesfully made a prototype electronic paper which is comparable to regular copy paper in brightness and thickness. Fujitsu hopes to have the paper in regular production by 2006. Several characteristics of the paper have been developed; ease of reading, ease of portability, durability and improved brightness and contrast of the paper. The […]

Philips eXp5371 Java enabled Gaming CD Player

Extending its leadership in MP3-CD technology, Philips Electronics introduced portable music player at the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Philips displayed the new eXpanium eXp5371 MP3/WMA CD player featuring downloadable Java games. “With the new line of eXpanium products, Philips has taken the next step in entertainment innovation to allow gaming fans, travelers and music […]