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Opera mobile 10.1 beta released on Android

Popular desktop web browser replacement gurus Opera Software have released their latest masterpiece for Android phones, Opera 10.1 Beta. I wont sit here and tell you that there is anything wrong with the native Android web browser, because I don’t think that is true, especially since the native browser has full flash support now. Still, sometimes it is nice to try something different, and competition is always good for the consumer.

Verizon to launch 4G LTE Network this year

We have seen the Sprint 4G ads for a while now, this week we started seeing T-Mobile in the mix, announcing their 4G network. Now Verizon says it will be launching its 4G LTE Network by the end of this year. Following suit with its 4G predecessors though, it will not be available to everyone in the country.

Motorola Admits to Releasing a Bad Froyo Build

Now, it’s not all bad. The improvements to the phone with the update have been great. There has been an increase in performance and stability, as well as reported improvements to battery life, but there are a few glaring issues that are making users wonder why Motorola seemingly rushed this operating system update.

Winamp resurfaces as an Android app

I remember when my parents first got the internet at our house in the mid-nineties and I learned how to download mp3s. I used an awesome program called Winamp to play these mp3 files on my computer.