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Google Mobile App fresh for the BlackBerry


Google Mobile App now searches your phone’s e-mail and address books and performs a full web search when you type or speak a name into the search bar. The latest version responds to keywords as well as names, tiny icons that match the keyword you‘ve entered to content within your address book, email or from the web search.

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Google flips the switch on SSL encryption for Gmail


Google announced Wednesday that it will start encrypting all its Gmail traffic when using a remote wireless server. This comes within days of Google's announcement that it might pull its offices from China after discovering concerted attempts to break into Gmail accounts of human rights activists.

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Mobile charity giving sends over $1 million to Haiti


There is one unlikely hero among the devastation in Haiti. The cell phone. All conventional lines of communication are lost. It was the cell phones that allowed the people of Haiti to convey their desperate state. And it could be the cell phone that brings them the much needed support to get back on track.

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Soda power your mobile phone


I just don’t know what to think of this one, takes me back, way back, back to the future. Designer Daizi Zheng’ has created a new Nokia phone for their latest ‘alternative power source, green phone concept’.

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