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Latest FujiFilm FinePix trio leaked, HD video recording the norm


FujiFilm probably wanted to keep this info quiet until PMA next month, but these 3 beauties have leaked out and we thank you for that. The latest FinePix’s from FujiFilm are the S2500HD, S1730, S1600 and JX530 mid-level cameras.

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Ford getting ready for the biodegradable car?


Henry Ford, famous for his interest in experimenting with hemp and soy-bean plastics would be thrilled to learn of the work Debbie Mielewski, at the Ford Research and Innovation Center in Dearborn, Mich., and her team of bio-engineers is conducting.

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Google Nexus One desktop dock arrives


Put the rumors to rest. Google announced a custom designed Nexus One Desktop Dock. A sleek design to slip your Nexus into, immediately activating the Clock app giving quick access to your alarm setting, local weather, photos, and music. There's even a dim option for night use.

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Verizon considering BlackBerry on prepaid plans?


The latest rumor on Verizon is that a prepaid BlackBerry data service plan is set to be offered within the next three months. We don't have specifics just yet, but the plan is expected to be $35 on top of your regular voice plan and we don’t expect many BlackBerry variants to be made available at this deal.

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Toshiba portable DVD player with kick stand and 12″ LED LCD


We are going old school on you with this one. Toshiba has come out with a portable DVD player that is really not what we would expect in this day in age. It's the SD-P12DTK and has a top carrying handle like a lunch box, a stand that pops out of the back like a picture frame and a DVD slot on the back of a 12 inch LED backlit LCD screen.

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Beatles: A little black songbook, hits the iPhone


iTunes just revealed a fully licensed Beatles app for the iPhone, The Little Black Songbook, containing the lyrics and chords for over 160 Beatles songs, there is also a large selection of instructional videos and 30 recorded backing tracks.

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Exciting iPod apps for the outdoors


There are a variety of apps available for the outdoorsy types on iTunes. EveryTrail app is a free one; connect with Wi-Fi and search for trails, select a location and activity and get a list of trails with details of each trail length, elevation change, duration, history, map and directions to the trail head. Then just save the trip and head on out.

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Rogers announces HTC 911 fix: Magic 1.5 with Sense UI


Rogers has gone to drastic measures to ensure all users get the update immediately by stating that they will take “precautionary measures of temporarily disabling internet access for Dream and Magic users on Sunday January 24 at 6:00AM (EST).” The internet will be reactivated within 24 hours of completing the upgrade.

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Earmuffs: Google censors Nexus One speech-to-text engine


They have replaced the most common swear words with ‘####’. Google wants to avoid any situation where the user pronounces a word and the speech-to-text engine misinterprets it and inadvertently tells your boss to go #### himself.

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USB Medical cards carry vital data on your person securely


Medical records and information are very important for many Americans, letting paramedics and other healthcare professionals know about any issues you may have just may very well save your life. Memi Tech has two products for you, a 911 Medical ID wallet card and a 911 Medical ID Medallion.

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CableJive duaLink sync cable for iPod, iPhone doubles the fun


CableJive has introduced its new duaLink. The duaLink is a nine-inch splitter cable that houses a micro-sized custom USB hub right in the connector. This provides two dock connectors that allows connecting, syncing and charging of both your iPhone and iPod from a single USB port, wall or auto charger at one time.

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Online iPhone and Android app creator get’s too popular, too fast


iSites is an online tool that allows you to take your website’s RSS feed and data, then turn it into an iPhone app for only $25. The only problem is iSites has sent too many designs to Apple and cannot keep up with the volume.

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iPhone Pocket First Aid & CPR app helps man treat wounds, save life in Haiti


Dan Woolley said Tuesday on The Today Show that he was in Haiti filming a documentary on the efforts to help the poverty-stricken children of the nation. Woolley was at the Hotel Montana in Port-au-Prince when the 7.0 earthquake hit and the hotel collapsed around him.

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Terabyte rugged notebook is a first


GammaTech Computer Corporation is bringing a new notebook to market will be able to withstand drops, shocks, spills and whatever else you can throw at it. The D14 E-Series is unique from their other notebooks; this one comes with one terabyte of disk space.  The D14 E-Series has 3 models (E0, E1, and E2) that give you the optimal configuration ...

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Turner Classic Movies available on iPhone, headed for Blackberry, Android..


Turner Classic Movies (TCM) fans will soon be enjoying a new app. Filled with an extensive list of extras for movie obsessed folks, the TCM app will give its users a full-months advanced schedules of movies playing

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