Aleratec 1:1 PortaCruiser clones SATA harddrives sector by sector

portacruiser Aleratec 1:1 PortaCruiser clones SATA harddrives sector by sector

If you’re an IT Technician or part of your companies hardware deployment team, nothing takes longer then setting up the software for each and every individual workstation.  If your on a service call at a of  clients remote location and they run into drive problems, its never an easy situation to backup all of their data before popping in a new drive.

Just released this week, Aleratec’s 1:1 HDD PortaCruiser is a portable, lightweight external hard disk drive duplicator that allows you to easily clone a 2.5″ and 3.5″ SATA I/II hard disk drives for backing up.  You can even clone from IDE to SATA or vice-versa.  It includes a Dual Disk RAID Controller which allows for 2 drives to be hooked up simultaneously, connect it to your PC via USB and it becomes an external storage adapter.  With support for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Mac 10.3+, and Linux, you will have most of your bases covered.

A 2-line LCD display gives you access to the features, and important status information and processes. With one push of the button, the 1:1 HDD PortaCruiser start to clone the drive sector-by-sector process that includes disk partition and boot sector information.

Aleratec’a 1:1 HDD PortaCruiser weighs only 8 oz and has a pricetag of $249.

Solar Egg portable charger needs less sun, gives more power

solaregg-xpal-600 Solar Egg portable charger needs less sun, gives more power

I live where solar chargers are not always a practical solution, since most days spent under gloomy-gray cloud conditions.  Well, you’re in for a treat with this little device.  The Solar Egg, designed to work with only medium levels of natural sunlight for more power demanding devices.  The Egg has an internal 500mAh battery (which might be the yolk) can reach a 90% battery charge with just 4 hours of moderate sunlight using XPAL’s battery expertise and Intivation’s SunBoost solar conversion technology.

XPAL has been working with Energizer for almost a year now, they produce all kinds of rechargeable power packs and emergency charger products for all types of mobile electronic devices. Paul Naastepad, CEO for Intivation, said in a statement that, “For years, people have been struggling to use solar chargers in the Western world with several issues. Either they simply don’t work with lower levels of sunlight, or they charge so slowly that it’s not worth it.”

The Solar Egg was built to power a variety of devices, from phones to MP3 players, it should be available in March for “select areas” then released globally later on in 2010.

Portable Doctor device makes life easy on those with special needs

ideallife656 Portable Doctor device makes life easy on those with special needs

A new device on the market can take a bit of worry out of caring for those with ‘medical conditions’.  The Ideal Life remote monitoring system works with cell phones, phone lines or over the internet to send your medical information to your doctor’s office, local hospital or home health care providers office.  Ideal Life can even monitor glucose levels, blood pressure and body weight. It’s said it can cut hospital administration costs of up to $30,000, but will the patient see the savings?

Jason Goldberg, the President of Ideal Life, Inc. was interviewed by the Examiner and answered some important questions about the new system.

Examiner: I know the devices can report things such as glucose levels (important for kids with juvenile diabetes), blood pressure and body weight (growing concern about children’ obesity)… is there other information that is monitored by these devices? For instance, can it be used to monitor medication levels for children on certain medications that require monthly level checks?

Jason: “One key area we wanted to focus on was full interactive communication. We not only wanted to communicate one way biometric or measurement reading data, but we wanted to open up a truly interactive window of communication or interactive experience to the health consumer. So not only are the measurements communicated from IDEAL LIFE devices, but we can also send down to the devices questions, notes of encouragement and motivation to better educate the health consumer around their chronic condition in the hopes of guiding them towards self management.

Especially for pediatric patients we send down simple graphics and characters to further engage them. Later in the year we are going to be launching an innovative pediatric obesity program with our innovative wireless pedometer and wireless scale for an exercise and weight management program. So when you take the biometric measurements, then the subjective responses and put them together you have a better understanding of what’s happening beyond the walls of the physician office (in between interaction “a” and “b” with the healthcare professional) and as a provider become more knowledgeable about what is going on with patients or health consumers in their natural environment.”

Read the rest of the interview of at the Examiner.

Jabra’s Clipper Bluetooth stereo headset is more discreet

jabraclipper Jabra's Clipper Bluetooth stereo headset is more discreet

Sick and tired of the same old look and feel of the majority of Bluetooth cyborg headsets out there?  Think it’s time for some discretion and comfort (and maybe some funky colors, depending on your choice)? Here’s the Jabra Clipper to save your stylish ass.

A small controller that is only 47 x 16 x 25mm and weighing a mere 20 grams ‘clips’ to your clothes, purse or pocket and allows you seamlessly switch between music listening and incoming calls.  When you are listening to music and you receive an incoming call, an automatic override plays during your listening.  Then, with a single button you can answer, pause or adjust the volume.

Included is a set of noise-blocking stereo headphones, but any 3.5mm headphone will suffice.  The Clipper works with any Bluetooth wireless (2.1 incl. EDR, A2DP and AVRCP) compatible device, and can connect simultaneously to two different devices, thanks to Multiuse technology.  8 hours of standby time and 6 hours talk time should be enough for a days work.  It ships next month in the UK for about €49.99 or $60 USD.

Olympics schedule, clips and more on your mobile phone

olympics-schedule Olympics schedule, clips and more on your mobile phone

Busy on-the-go Winter Olympic fans can rest easy – Yahoo has just launched a mobile site with you in mind.  Included in the mobile website are: live results, olympics schedules of upcoming events, medal counts, expert commentary, and an athlete search that gives you in-depth profiles of all the athletes.

There’s detailed info about each of the 15 sports involved in the Winter Olympics.  Made available in multiple countries including; Canada, US, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, India, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.

Just point your mobile browser to and enjoy the coverage.