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Beatles: A little black songbook, hits the iPhone

iTunes just revealed a fully licensed Beatles app for the iPhone, The Little Black Songbook, containing the lyrics and chords for over 160 Beatles songs, there is also a large selection of instructional videos and 30 recorded backing tracks.

Exciting iPod apps for the outdoors

There are a variety of apps available for the outdoorsy types on iTunes. EveryTrail app is a free one; connect with Wi-Fi and search for trails, select a location and activity and get a list of trails with details of each trail length, elevation change, duration, history, map and directions to the trail head. Then just save the trip and head on out.

Rogers announces HTC 911 fix: Magic 1.5 with Sense UI

Rogers has gone to drastic measures to ensure all users get the update immediately by stating that they will take “precautionary measures of temporarily disabling internet access for Dream and Magic users on Sunday January 24 at 6:00AM (EST).” The internet will be reactivated within 24 hours of completing the upgrade.

Earmuffs: Google censors Nexus One speech-to-text engine

They have replaced the most common swear words with ‘####’. Google wants to avoid any situation where the user pronounces a word and the speech-to-text engine misinterprets it and inadvertently tells your boss to go #### himself.

USB Medical cards carry vital data on your person securely

Medical records and information are very important for many Americans, letting paramedics and other healthcare professionals know about any issues you may have just may very well save your life. Memi Tech has two products for you, a 911 Medical ID wallet card and a 911 Medical ID Medallion.

CableJive duaLink sync cable for iPod, iPhone doubles the fun

CableJive has introduced its new duaLink. The duaLink is a nine-inch splitter cable that houses a micro-sized custom USB hub right in the connector. This provides two dock connectors that allows connecting, syncing and charging of both your iPhone and iPod from a single USB port, wall or auto charger at one time.

Online iPhone and Android app creator get’s too popular, too fast

iSites is an online tool that allows you to take your website’s RSS feed and data, then turn it into an iPhone app for only $25. The only problem is iSites has sent too many designs to Apple and cannot keep up with the volume.

iPhone Pocket First Aid & CPR app helps man treat wounds,...

Dan Woolley said Tuesday on The Today Show that he was in Haiti filming a documentary on the efforts to help the poverty-stricken children of the nation. Woolley was at the Hotel Montana in Port-au-Prince when the 7.0 earthquake hit and the hotel collapsed around him.

Terabyte rugged notebook is a first

GammaTech Computer Corporation is bringing a new notebook to market will be able to withstand drops, shocks, spills and whatever else you can throw...

Turner Classic Movies available on iPhone, headed for Blackberry, Android..

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) fans will soon be enjoying a new app. Filled with an extensive list of extras for movie obsessed folks, the TCM app will give its users a full-months advanced schedules of movies playing

Take me back in time, Geocentric watch in constant motion

Flashback to the 1980's. Remember Swatch Watches, this reminds me of my beloved Swatch watch I used to sport with my red three-stripe running shorts.

Windows 7 Netbook Edition bootleg released in cyberspace

This isn’t an official Microsoft build and seems to be taken from a pre-release version of Windows 7, so be aware that there is a good chance that the OS will expire if you don’t have a valid product key.

Samson XP510i with iPod dock takes PAs to a whole new...

Samson’s Expedition Series has been offering us a variety of portable PA solutions for a variety of applications for a while now. Their newest announcement in their portable line is the new flagship model: the XP510i.

How to: Download PC Tool Privacy Guardian 4.1 full version free...

PC Tool's Privacy Guardian installed on your notebook will help keep it safe and your data secure. The latest version (4.1) is now available for free rather then the usual $29.95 with a 3 computer license limit.

Next Android 2.1 version to be named Froyo?

According to the bomb dropped by Erick Tseng, the Senior Product Manager of Google Android, Android’s next generation phone will be called Froyo. As explained, Froyo comes from ‘frozen yogurt”.

Asus to join e-Book reader foray with DR-570

Taiwanese manufacturer Asus who pioneered the netbook concept, has just released few details of its new DR-570 e-book reader. DR-570 is still in development but is said to have a 5.7-inch OLED display, sharp 1024x768 resolution

A Dream turns to Magic, to nightmare: Rogers pulls phone due...

The Rogers HTC Dream has gone from Dream to nightmare fairly quickly for its customers. First it was announced that it would not receive a new OS upgrade … after Dream owners retaliated, Rogers announced that Dream customers could upgrade to a Magic.

Motorola Shadow, a Droid, Nexus 2 or…

Mobile01 has released two photos the Motorola Shadow, and it basically looks like the Droid or Milestone.

Apple retaliates with trade complaint against Nokia

Apple Inc. filed a new patent-infringement complaint on January 15th against Nokia Oyj. The complaint was posted yesterday without any details on the website of the International Trade Commission.

Android banking apps deemed insecure, Google pulls them from Android Marketplace

A few security concerns have come to light regarding banking apps on Google's Android platform. According to F-Secure, a programmer nicknamed “09Droid” has an excess of 50 mobile banking applications for sale through Google's Android Marketplace, the Android operating system app store for smartphones.

Toshiba NB305 Netbook priced at $399

Toshiba has come out with the NB305, an upgrade to its predecessor the NB205. Still with an oversized touchpad and buttons, a metal keyboard, textured lid with matte finish, and a little power button that glows.

Nokia N900 firmware updates continue

Nokia previously released a ‘minor’ upgrade for better compatibility with the Ovi Store in the last update and it was a pretty sweet add-on. Now the second N900 update this week features a list of fixes and changes.

AppOmator to launch iPhone app building portal

Companies and individuals from the music industry can see the opportunities in building their own apps, although building an app isn’t necessarily an easy task. Some Web services provide templates to build your app. NonLinear allows users to fully customize their app. Using AppOmater

HTC HD2 Stylus is available for purchase

Yes it’s a stylus. As much as we have tried to veer away from them, I have to admit that there are times when I would like to have a stylus handy. Like on a Canadian February night at the outdoor hockey rink.

Apple MobileMe Gallery app available free on iTunes

Apple has released their new app that gives subscribers of their MobileMe online service the ability to view photo and movie galleries from either...

Google Mobile App fresh for the BlackBerry

Google Mobile App now searches your phone’s e-mail and address books and performs a full web search when you type or speak a name into the search bar. The latest version responds to keywords as well as names, tiny icons that match the keyword you‘ve entered to content within your address book, email or from the web search.

Malware invades Android, Google working to tighten things up

Within all the barcode readers, music players and games on the market for Android software, beware, there may be apps that steal your online banking credentials and infect your phone.

Google flips the switch on SSL encryption for Gmail

Google announced Wednesday that it will start encrypting all its Gmail traffic when using a remote wireless server. This comes within days of Google's announcement that it might pull its offices from China after discovering concerted attempts to break into Gmail accounts of human rights activists.

DigitalRise X9 multi-touch screen tablet looks like an Apple

If you expected the next generation of tablet PCs to be light on your pocket, think again. The DigitalRise X9 could be mistaken for the Apple tablet, but with a built-in NES game emulator and Windows 7 OS we quickly realize it is not.

Orange exec outs Apple Tablet, Gizmodo confirms?

A few days back during a French radio station called Europe1, Orange France VP Stéphane Richard was questioned about the rumors that Apple is announcing a webcam-enabled Tablet within the next few days. Richard answered Oui! Meaning, Yes!

Tata’s Nano arrives in the US, not for sale, just display

The first Tata Nano car arrived at the Tata Technologies headquarters in Detroit this week. Don’t list your wheels just yet; this is an Indian model from Tata Technologies just to have on display at the Detroit Science Center over the next year.

Nintendo DSi XL goes on sale March 5th in Europe

The DSi XL features two 4.2-inch screens, being 93% bigger than the display on the DS Lite, a larger stylus will be more comfortable and give the user better control.

Mobile charity giving sends over $1 million to Haiti

There is one unlikely hero among the devastation in Haiti. The cell phone. All conventional lines of communication are lost. It was the cell phones that allowed the people of Haiti to convey their desperate state. And it could be the cell phone that brings them the much needed support to get back on track.

Best Buy sells Sony S-Series Blue Label 2.0 Notebook ahead of...

Best Buy stores had started selling a Sony S-Series Blue Label 2.0 notebook before the official launch date of January 17th. The Sony S-Series notebooks are going to be particularly popular among the movie going crowd

Acer Aspire One 532h is multicolored and metalic-ish

The new Acer Aspire One 532h has one noticeable difference from the Aspire One 751h. It’s the multicolored, metallic-like blue and black lid. Acer is once again bringing us a fairly decent piece of equipment for as inexpensive as they could make it.

Soda power your mobile phone

I just don’t know what to think of this one, takes me back, way back, back to the future. Designer Daizi Zheng’ has created a new Nokia phone for their latest ‘alternative power source, green phone concept’.

BlackBerry to get Sirius XM, shhh

Sirius XM Radio for the Blackberry has been outed. Initially it will roll out to the BlackBerry Storm 1 - Series 9530 and Storm 2 - Series 9550, the BlackBerry Bold - Series 9000, 9700, the Tour..

Google contemplating pull-out in China after Gmail cyber attack

Google has made the announcement that it is not willing to censor its Chinese search engine - – any longer, after e-mail accounts of Chinese human rights activists were targets of a coordinated attack that happened in December. This move would result in closing the site and the offices.

iPhone becomes a mobile bank check deposit device

A Texas-based USAA bank has created [email protected] service, a new banking app for your iPhone that lets customers make deposits using their iPhone.

Google to store your files in the clouds, access from any...

Devices connected to the Internet will soon be able to access their files and documents from any compatible device, that being a desktop or mobile phone, to use Google Docs' cloud-based storage.

ION keyboard for iPhone gives you squinters a break

ION has announced full-size keyboard that connects to your iPhone designed for those travelers who want to use a large keyboard when writing emails, texting or surfing the web. I'm not sure how well it will fly with the younger generation of iPhone users.

Ford Sync gets update, MyFord Touch driver interface is sweet

Ford has updated its Sync technology and made a new driver interface and dashboard design called myFord Touch where it had its debut at CES 2010.

Casio hybrid GPS camera prototype with triple-axis accelerometer

Casio has revealed its first compact digital camera and integrated ‘Hybrid GPS' with the announcement of the Exilim EX-H10HG; basically a modified Exilim EX-H10 prototype camera.

Nanosys Nanotechnology will make beautiful LED colors

Nanosys is going to make the colors of LED displays more vivid and colorful using their new coating technique in LED-backlit screens.

VIDEO: Qualcomm Mirasol display technology, the future of eBooks?

Qualcomm's Mirasol display technology has the potential to upend the e-book reader market, and possibly cause some issues for the LCD-based slate PCs.

HTC Droid Eris gets the smallest update ever

The HTC Droid Eris has come out with one of the smallest updates ever; it is designed to fix just one bug. ROM version 1.17.605.1 is making its way to you via the phone's over-the-air update mechanism, fixing an intermittent bad signal indicator when bringing it out of standby.

Airnergy promises charging over Wi-Fi for your gadgets

One company thinks it can take charging our gadgets to the next level – by pulling power out of thin air. Airnergy, from RCA is harnessing small amounts of the signals that are being broadcast by wireless internet.

Inbrics M1 is a super slim sexy Android slider

Inbrics has been behind the scenes working their M1, this Android-powered smartphone with Wi-Fi 802.11 an AMOLED touchscreen, which slides aside to reveal a QWERTY keyboard has probably got everything you would need . What's particularly stunning about the phone is that it is only half an inch thick.

Android Lock defeated by ‘back’ button

Attention Droid owners, Android OS version 2.0.1 has a flaw that makes it possible to bypass the phone’s screen-lock security mechanism. The security feature requires users to input a particular pattern using the onscreen dots before they can access most of the phone’s features.

Etymotic mc3 moving coil headphones with classic sound, affordable price

Etymotic has been making high-end earphones for years, this year at the CES they are showcasing its more affordable line of moving-coil based headphones.