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HTC HD2 exclusively on T-Mobile March 24

T-Mobile's hosting a special event in New York City on March 16th to lay to rest all the rumors swirling around the HTC HD2 launch date. We are expecting a March 24th release date according to a leaked roadmap, but a twitter post says it could be as early as March 23rd. The HTC HD2 is quite the monster, it's got a 1Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, a 4.3 inch high-resolution capacitive touchscreen, WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, GPS, a microSD slot bundled with a 16GB card, and a 5-megapixel autofocus camera with dual LED flash.

Revivelite II simultaneously charges iPhones and iPods + one more device

Scosche, an accessory maker for mobile devices announced Revivelite II. A small, sleek, portable iPhone charger that is equipped with a USB port to allow a second iPod or iPhone to be charged simultaneously. It has a collapsible iPhone docking station and wall socket prongs for folding up on the go, and includes various foam inserts for different iPod models.

Bmorn BM-889 is a 5-inch PMP with ‘Human Magnetic Sense Touch’...

Bmorn, an electronics device manufacturer from China, is releasing a new HD-capable PMP onto the market called BM-889. Although very little detail is known about this new device, it will feature 720p (1280x720) HD video output (not quite the full HD 1080p). The 5-inch touchscreen has a resolution of 800x 480 and uses a new technology called ‘Human Magnetic Sense Touch’ (or a bad translation of multi-touch perhaps)

Grace Audio’s $170 battery-powered Wi-Fi Internet radio system

This is the first box I have seen that has everything the Allegro portable wireless internet radio does. It's compatible with MP3, WMA, Real Audio, WAV music formats, controllable from your iPhone or iPod with Grace Digital’s Remote App which is free at iTunes, quite the beast. What it is missing though, is the ability to stream your audio from your home computer, to your iPhone. Now that would make sense, but the iPhone app is just a remote control.

Abuse video causes unjust charges to Google execs

A court case that has been closely watched due to its implications for Internet freedom has ended, the verdict? Disturbing. Three Google executives in Italy have been convicted of privacy violations because of a disturbed individual who posted a video from their mobile phone on ‘Google video’ of a boy with down syndrome being abused.

myFC portable fuel cell uses aluminum and water to create power

The Swedish company myFC AB unveiled a series of hydrogen powered portable fuel cell power generators designed to recharge your mobile device whether you are in the desert, jungle or any remote location lacking a power outlet.

Bomb particles checked by mobile device after hand swabs at airport...

Since the Christmas Day bomb scare, airports have been testing out new and ‘improved’ security measures. According to the TSA, airport security screeners at gates and security checkpoint lines will be taking chemical swabs directly from passenger’s hands. Using a mobile bomb detection device, security screeners will ask random passengers to show their hands, a soft cloth will do a quick swab and then the cloth is put in the Mobile Explosive Trace Detection unit, in about 10 seconds the cloth is analyzed for any explosive residue.

Fold n’ Play speaker cube guys show off Rock-It, sound transducer

The Fold 'n Play speaker guys from OrigAudio are on a roll with a new product called Rock-It. Their previous incarnation was one of Time Magazine's top 50 inventions of year. If you don't recall the Fold 'n Play speakers. They are portable speakers made of recycled materials, their flat enough to slip into a laptop sleeve, you fold them together like origami into 3” speaker box that holds a 1-watt speaker. It can hook-up to any device that has a 3.5mm headphone jack and they sell for $16. Now the Rock-It. It's been done before, but has it ever been done right? The video of OrigAudio founder Jason Lucash and Mike Szymczak on Fox Business News shows them strapping the Rock-It to anything from a recycling bin, plastic cup, to a cereal box.

Eggy and Bike Speaker: New portable mobile sound products coming to...

S&J Co. Ltd is going to be showcasing two new products at CeBIT 2010 which is to be held in March. Yes, that's right, CEBIT. We're just wrapping up Mobile World Congress and manufacturers are readying themselves for the next event. The super compact portable speakers, ‘Eggy’ and ‘Bike Speaker’ are for mobile users, whether on a bicycle or traveling with a laptop you can have sound with you on the go.

Mandatory Pet chipping coming for European travelers

Traveling to Europe or within with your four legged friend? Well, European laws are about to require that all cats and dogs traveling to Europe, or within its boundaries, will be required to be microchipped. After July 2011, even if you have your animal tattooed and you have the papers to match, your pet will still be required to have a microchip. This will be Europe’s new standard for identifying all pets traveling by air.

Aleratec 1:1 PortaCruiser clones SATA harddrives sector by sector

Just released this week, Aleratec’s 1:1 HDD PortaCruiser is a portable, lightweight external hard disk drive duplicator that allows you to easily clone a 2.5″ and 3.5″ SATA I/II hard disk drives for backing up. You can even clone from IDE to SATA or vice-versa. It includes a Dual Disk RAID Controller which allows for 2 drives to be hooked up simultaneously, connect it to your PC via USB and it becomes an external storage adapter. With support for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Mac 10.3+, and Linux, you will have most of your bases covered.

Solar Egg portable charger needs less sun, gives more power

I live where solar chargers are not always a practical solution, since most days spent under gloomy-gray cloud conditions. Well, you’re in for a treat with this little device. The Solar Egg, designed to work with only medium levels of natural sunlight for more power demanding devices. The Egg has an internal 500mAh battery (which might be the yolk) can reach a 90% battery charge with just 4 hours of moderate sunlight using XPAL’s battery expertise and Intivation’s SunBoost solar conversion technology.

Portable Doctor device makes life easy on those with special needs

A new device on the market can take a bit of worry out of caring for those with 'medical conditions'. The Ideal Life remote monitoring system works with cell phones, phone lines or over the internet to send your medical information to your doctor’s office, local hospital or home health care providers office. Ideal Life can even monitor glucose levels, blood pressure and body weight. It's said it can cut hospital administration costs of up to $30,000, but will the patient see the savings?

Jabra’s Clipper Bluetooth stereo headset is more discreet

Sick and tired of the same old look and feel of the majority of Bluetooth cyborg headsets out there? Think it’s time for some discretion and comfort (and maybe some funky colors, depending on your choice)? Here's the Jabra Clipper to save your stylish ass.

Olympics schedule, clips and more on your mobile phone

Busy on-the-go Winter Olympic fans can rest easy - Yahoo has just launched a mobile site with you in mind. Included in the mobile website are: live results, olympics schedules of upcoming events, medal counts, expert commentary, and an athlete search that gives you in-depth profiles of all the athletes.

Bassjump portable subwoofer reviewed, matches MacBooks

Do you use your MacBook as a stereo, DVD player, and media player? For most of us that is what it has become. With The Bassjump, a USB powered subwoofer, you can enjoy your sound as it should be heard, loud and full of bass.

Google Buzz raises concerns over privacy

Google Buzz, Google’s new social-media utility, has got some disturbing security flaws according to user reports. For example, when you are creating a new account, a dialogue box gets you to make a profile and upload a photo. Then it automatically builds your buddy list based on the contacts in your Gmail.

Lazy Days Hammock, lappin’ and loungin’

A portable hammock that won’t leave those annoying knot marks on my butt, it's made from soft, durable nylon. The manufactures have taken into account that lazy/tired people would be the ones who have to put the hammock up so they designed it to be very simply and takes mere seconds.

Stream the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver on your mobile phone

To help you, with the help of the Washington Post, we have put together some info so your laptop or smartphone can get you all the Olympic 2010 events that you want to see when they are broadcast, not just when your station has time to televise it.

Inside Google World: A CBC documentary

Last night I was with family and housework free, I decided to do some channel surfing on the tube and came upon a special called ‘Google World’ on CBC's Doc Zone. I had not seen any promotions for the show in the past, so I was intrigued and fascinated by how current the information was on Google's position in our lives today and their future plans for cloud computing.

Indamixx Portable Studio USB Stick for Netbooks and Laptops released

On Thursday, Trinity Audio Group Inc., makers of the Indamixx Portable Internet Radio Station, announced they are expanding their line with INDAMIXX Portable Studio on a USB stick. With a 14 minute install the INDAMIXX USB stick turns your netbook and notebooks into an affordable, portable audio recording studio.

Mobilizing sports content our main objective: ESPN360 now ESPN3

ESPN360 is about to get a slight name change, as of April it will now be known as Damon Phillips, the gentleman in charge re-branding the network was bursting with excitement over the success that ESPN360 has had and their direction towards delivering mobile content is still a large focus.

Primo Micro iPhone and iPod battery pack from PhoneSuit

The Primo, a portable, rechargeable battery for your iPhone & iPod is only about the size of your thumb and is an astonishing 800mAh capacity battery. This provides roughly 3 hours of talk time on your iPhone or 36 hours of music on an iPod.

HTC Legend spotted; Hero 2.1 update next month

Not wanting to be over shadowed by the news that Motorola CLIQ will be running Android 2.1 next month, HTC has announced that their Hero phone will also be getting the Android OS. And although there were previous rumors that the HTC Hero will be getting Android 2.1 it was always just speculation.

NeonGreen Soular Backpacks are good for your gadgets, great for the...

The company Neon Green has been around for some time now producing backpacks, their latest are a line of solar paneled backpacks that harness the energy from the sun allowing you to recharge your hand held devices the way nature intended.

Tougher regulations in the pipeline for airborne battery-powered devices

Travel laws for those with a laptop, smartphone or battery powered mobile device are once again about to get stickier, even shipments of said devices may get more expensive due to the U.S. Department of Transportation's proposal regarding the transportation of small, battery powered devices by air.

Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT loaded on Samsung S2 external harddrives

Samsung Electronics announced the availability of the special edition Samsung S2 Portable. The S2 SE is a much improved external HDD with an increase of 500GB, and pre-loaded with ‘Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT' movie - coinciding with its February 22 release in Europe on DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand portable scanner scans B&W pages in 4...

Imagine a scanner that can copy a full page in 4 seconds and is portable. We just came across the VuPoint PDS-ST410-VP Magic Wand and this portable scanner is small enough to fit in your laptop bag and can scan either color or B&W A4 pages at 600x600 resolutions, which are then stored on a microSD card to be downloaded onto your PC or Mac via a simple USB connection

T-Mobile HTC HD2, Motorola Zeppelin and Nokia Nuron releases leaked

Plenty of release dates have been leaked on T-Mobile USA about new products that are set to be released over the next few months of 2010. The release that is expected on March 10th is the Motorola Cliq XT, which previous reports have referred to as the Zeppelin.

H-Cell 2.0 Hydrogen Fuel Cell System for RC Cars only, sorry

The new fuel cell power kit for model scale radio controlled racing cars is being announced this week at the International Toy & Hobby...

Don’t be a Machismo – The cellphone with cigarette lighter

Here is one feature that has me baffled in the world of non-smoking campaigns – a cigarette lighter. You turn the phone around; slide open the safety latch, the heating element will heat up in 2 seconds, now put your cigarette on the glowing element and puff away.

GM and Nasa build the Robonaut 2 humanoid robot

GM and NASA are working together at the Johnson Space Center in Houston under the Space Act Agreement to develop more sophisticated robots and related technologies that will be used in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Portable hard drive with AES-256 encryption has ATM-style keypad

There is another portable external hard drive hitting the market. The iStorage diskGenie stands out from all - a dual-layer protection mechanism with AES 256-bit hardware encryption and ATM style PIN code security system must be used every time the drive is accessed.

Logitech Touch Mouse converts iPhone and iPod Touch into a wireless...

A new app from Logitech is available at the iTunes App Store. The Touch Mouse app turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a wireless trackpad and keyboard for your computer. You can type, point, click and scroll on either a Mac or PC from a distance.

Gadget ban for Ontario in effect, no cellphones, MP3 players, laptops…

Now as of Monday, February 1st, 2010 all drivers caught texting, emailing, browsing or dialing any hand-held electronic device — including cellphones, MP3 players, laptops, DVD players, even GPS — will face fines of up to $500. 911 calls is the only exception we get.

Free online backups – Accessible anywhere, hopefully forever

How many nightmares stories have you heard about people loosing all their data and the first thing you think is ‘Aren’t you backed up?’ We are going to provide you a list of 5 highly recommended reliable websites from our friends at Internet Nut so you can backup your files online and never worry again – and these are free.

The pillow that plays music

The MU SPACE concept pillow, when closed is an attractive music box, but when you open it, your very own relaxation chamber unfolds.

Concept freezer uses solar power to keep the Coronas cool

You can finally take those juicy steaks and Coronas with you on remote camping trips. A little gem called the Eco Freezer concept will keep your food nice and cold for those remote trips. It's about the size of a small picnic basket and has solar panels on the cover providing power wherever you might be.

T-Mobile launches trackball replacement program for BlackBerry owners

Having problems with the trackball on your BlackBerry handheld? Rest easy, as of February 15th BlackBerry Pearl 8100/8120 and BlackBerry Curve 8320 owners can go to a T-Mobile Retail Store and have your defective trackball replaced for free.

iPhone turned fashion assistant, great apps for every style

Every fashion app you will ever need or want is right here, thanks to the Independent and their digging. We took which ones we thought would be best for the mobile iPhone carrying fashionista, have a look and decide for yourself.

[email protected] now available for Android, iPhone no longer alone

Google Android Nexus One users, and other Android smartphone owners will be able to use [email protected] to deposit checks into their account without ever having to go to the bank again

SRWare Iron Portable Browser has your privacy and security in mind

After taking their clues from Google's Chrome Browser, SRWare created Iron, a portable web browser, based on the “Chromium” source code, that has only one focus: the user’s privacy and security.

ZAGGsparq portable external battery pack provides juice to go

The latest battery and backup charger from protective coating manufacturer Zagg, is only 3.5” x 3.5” x 1” in size and weighs just over half a pound. It resembles an Apple MacBook power adapter, minus the cord and of course the sheer blackness of the ZaggSparq.

E-Stand Laptop Desk keeps the jewels cool

The E-Stand Portable Laptop Table Desk has everything you’ll need to stabilize, however temporary that may be, your mobile workstation and keep a bit of that heat off your privates. The lapdesk has built-in USB connectors to hook up the laptop to the cooling fans, a mousepad, cup holder (eeek), and a pencil holder.

VeriSign Identity Protection mobile app on Verizon Wireless phones

Customers looking to increase the protection of their online data can now use VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) Access for Mobile. VIP Access for Mobile application is using a two-factor authentications credential, certified for BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless), allowing users to access trusted applications directly from their mobile device.

Latest FujiFilm FinePix trio leaked, HD video recording the norm

FujiFilm probably wanted to keep this info quiet until PMA next month, but these 3 beauties have leaked out and we thank you for that. The latest FinePix’s from FujiFilm are the S2500HD, S1730, S1600 and JX530 mid-level cameras.

Ford getting ready for the biodegradable car?

Henry Ford, famous for his interest in experimenting with hemp and soy-bean plastics would be thrilled to learn of the work Debbie Mielewski, at the Ford Research and Innovation Center in Dearborn, Mich., and her team of bio-engineers is conducting.

Google Nexus One desktop dock arrives

Put the rumors to rest. Google announced a custom designed Nexus One Desktop Dock. A sleek design to slip your Nexus into, immediately activating the Clock app giving quick access to your alarm setting, local weather, photos, and music. There's even a dim option for night use.

Verizon considering BlackBerry on prepaid plans?

The latest rumor on Verizon is that a prepaid BlackBerry data service plan is set to be offered within the next three months. We don't have specifics just yet, but the plan is expected to be $35 on top of your regular voice plan and we don’t expect many BlackBerry variants to be made available at this deal.

Toshiba portable DVD player with kick stand and 12″ LED LCD

We are going old school on you with this one. Toshiba has come out with a portable DVD player that is really not what we would expect in this day in age. It's the SD-P12DTK and has a top carrying handle like a lunch box, a stand that pops out of the back like a picture frame and a DVD slot on the back of a 12 inch LED backlit LCD screen.