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Game Review: Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin

Tentacles: Enter the dolphin is a crazy new platformer with very original controls and a bizarre title. The game makes about as much sense as the company associated with the development of Tentacles, Microsoft.

Fieldrunners 2 HD Review

Fieldrunners 2 is leagues ahead of other tower defense games currently out, and is even better than the previous Fieldrunners game. More towers, more enemies, more levels, better graphics and even more achievements. Everything the original did fantastically, the sequel does even better. The amount of content here is fantastic.

App Review: Wonderputt for iPad

Wonderputt is a very quirky minigolf game where all 18 holes are on the screen at once, it's brought to us by the developers at Damp Gnat. The visuals are inventive and very interesting to watch. After the 8th playthrough, I was still not tired of watching everything fit together. Sadly, Wonderputt only works for the iPad 2 and newer.

App Review: Vote!!! for iOS

Vote!!!, is Epic Games's hilarious presidential candidate version of Infinity Blade. The game play is very similar, the difference between Vote!!! and Infinity Blade is that, rather than playing as a knight, you play as either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. What is more satisfying than watching Obama in a super hero costume beating up on someone with a Rubber Chicken? Rhetorical question, nothing is.

App Review: Cytus for iOS

Years ago I used to play a game called Osu; a very popular music game where the player clicked bubbles to the music as directed by the game. Cytus, is very much like Osu in that it has much of the same music genres and an almost identical gameplay. Cytus also sports a very simplistic design and a wonderful soundtrack, which is what got me interested.