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I am just a regular guy, have a fulltime job, play drums in a metal band (Ashes of Abaddon) and in my freetime (yeah right!) do freelance writing.

Stardock ModernMix App Allows all Windows Apps to Run in Desktop Mode


For those of you running Microsoft’s newest version of Windows OS, Windows 8, listen up because this will surely interest you.

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Details on New Sony C670X Leaked


Full details have been leaked on the upcoming and rather impressive Sony C670X, and this phone sports a lot to brag about under the hood. 

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BlackBerry Z10 to Finally Drop in US in Coming Weeks


Looks like the long awaited release of the BlackBerry Z10 may be shortly coming to an end for those in the United States.

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Time Lapse of Asteroid DA14 As it Passes By Earth


Just recently we encountered the close passing lose passing of the asteroid DA14, which cam as close as 17,000 miles away.

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Official Release Date of Sony Xperia Z


Sony has given an official release date of the device in Germany. The phone is expected to hit on February 21st.

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US President Flash Drives? Yes, Really


Mimobot created cartoonish versions of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln with working flash drives.

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Video Showing Nvidia Project Shield Playing PC Games


Earlier in the year we reported on Nvidia’s Project Shield Android mobile gaming console. Now Project Shield demonstrates, in a video, its ability to wirelessly pair its Nvidia Project Shield handheld gaming console with a PC.

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Library of Congress Unveils Audio Preservation Plan

Library of Congress

The Library has announced the National Recording Preservation Plan, in an attempt to preserve historic recordings for generations to come.

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Vertu TI, the $10,500 Android Phone


The Vertu TI may even be the most expensive Android smartphone ever sold with a retail price of a mere €7900 , or roughly 10,500 USD.

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Is Windows Blue an Update for All of Windows Platforms?


According to reports, Windows Blue is a code name for multiple coordinated updates that span not only Windows 8, but nearly all of Microsoft's products.

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Scientists Find New Molecule That Destroys Cancer


Researchers have recently narrowed down a molecule that will force the initiation of the body’s already present tumor destroying abilities.

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Leaked Photos of New HTC M4


While photos have recently been leaked of the M7 ahead of it’s expected February 19th unveil, we had nothing to go off of for the M4, until now.

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Curiosity Finds Metal-Like Object on Mars


Recently the Mars Curiosity Rover found something very interesting: a very small, shiny, metal looking object that appears to be sticking out of a rock.

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Limited Edition BlackBerry Z10 in Red


For lucky developers that submitted apps in time for the BB10 launch, BlackBerry has tossed out a little thank you by allowing them to purchase a limited edition Red BlackBerry Z10.

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Wii U Controller Makes Its Way to Your PC


Ever had the urge to use a new Wii U controller for gaming and other activities on your PC? Developer and modder Chris Manning has bridged the gap and created software that makes it possible.

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