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I am just a regular guy, have a fulltime job, play drums in a metal band (Ashes of Abaddon) and in my freetime (yeah right!) do freelance writing.

Sony Announces Upcoming Release of Xperia E


Sony has announced the upcoming release of the Xperia E, a “no-nonsense Android smartphone”.

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Bargain Hunter: HTC Droid DNA for Only $149.99

DROID DNA by HTC (2)[4]

Amazon Wireless is now offering HTC’s Droid DNA for the bargain price of $149.99 with a two year service plan. Verizon has the DNA listed at $199.99, so that's a $50 savings over the normal price.

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Google Employee Confirms Android 5.0 Named Key Lime Pie


Rumors have been abuzz for some time that the next release of Android will be named Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. Now a Google employee has all-but confirmed that the name Key Lime Pie is official.

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LG’s $36,000 84 inch Ultra HD TV Lands in the UK, Already in the U.S.


The long awaited LG 84 inch Ultra HD TV has finally landed in the UK. The TV lists for a whopping 22,500£, or the equivalent of about $36,000 in the United States. Interestingly enough, U.S. customers saw the release of the set a few weeks ago for a much more affordable (yet still extremely high-priced) $20,000.

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LG Reported to Reveal Processor at CES 2013


Early last year LG had announced it would license ARM’s processor designs in order to bring its own chips to the market. Now Korea Times is reporting that LG will unveil its first in-house chip at CES 2013.

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Video Teaser of Windows Phone 7.8 Update on Nokia Lumia 900

windows 7.8

Building anticipation for the upcoming Windows Phone 7.8 release, a video that appears to be an early release of the Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade on a Nokia Lumia 900 has been leaked.

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SwiftKey Flow Nears Release As Beta Testing Begins!


Hang on to your seats texters, SwiftKey is getting close to the public release of its new update, SwiftKey Flow.

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Hopeful NEW Release Date of AT&T’s HTC One VX


This new phone was clearly set to be released on November 16th along with the One X. The One X got released, but there has been no word on the HTC One VX. Further adding to the mystery, when stores were contacted, they had no idea what the phone even was and it also wasn’t found anywhere on AT&T’s website.

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Apple’s Ultra-Thin iMac Now Available For Sale Online


Looking for a gift for a loved one, or even yourself this holiday shopping season? The new ultra-thin iMacs are now available for order via Apple’s online store.

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Facebook Releases Automatic Photo Sync


Facebook just released a new feature to its mobile phone app for iOS and Android devices called “Photo Sync”, an automatic sync of your gallery photos to Facebook. Don’t panic yet, read on.

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StickNFind Locator System Makes Finding Lost Items Much Easier


Losing your remote, keys, or kids for that matter will soon be a thing of the past. Presenting, StickNFind, the app based location tool.

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EPA E15 Approval Leaves Some Worried


Last summer’s EPA approval of the E15 additive in domestic fuel has left some of us confused and even fearful of the effects that the additive may have on our vehicles.

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Could the iPhone 5 Be On Its Way To T-Mobile Next Week?

iPhone 5

The rumor mill is hard at work with a new claim that T-Mobile will announce the official release of the Iphone to their network sometime next week.

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Ebay Restricting Sales on LG Nexus 4


Looking to get your hands on the new LG Nexus 4? Ebay has made that a little harder by placing some new restrictions on the sale of the new Nexus 4.

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VLC Turns to Kickstarter to Gather Funds for Windows 8 App


The team behind the VideoLAN VLC media player has officially announced plans to develop a native app for Windows 8. Of course building an app for a new ecosystem isn't free, there is staffing and other expenses to consider. While VLC has traditionally turned to user donations to help fund its endeavors, they are attempting to take this release to the next level by asking for help through a Kickstarter campaign.

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