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Would You Drink a Cup of Your Own Sweat?

Recently, Andreas Hammar headed a project which would be called the stomach turning name of Sweat Machine. This unique machine purifies body sweat into potable drinking water.

Nokia Taking HTC to Court Over Patent Violations

Finland based Nokia is the newest company to go after the Taiwanese phone manufacturer HTC for alleged patent violations.

Recon Instruments Create Android Powered Sunglasses

While Google Glass is a leader in its field, it lacks on one thing: attraction and applicability to that of sports and athletes. In comes the Recon Jet.

Scientists Find 2.6 Billion Year Old Pocket of Water

Recently near Timmins, Ontario Canada, researchers found a small pocket of water that is estimated to be 2.64 billion years old.

Nvidia Shield Pre-Sales Begin Today

Nvidia’s Android powered handheld console, the Shield, has finally begun taking preorders today for its upcoming June release.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Variant with Optical Zoom?

Think the Samsung Galaxy S4 is pretty great? Things are only getting started, as several variants could be one their way in the near...

Samsung Galaxy S4 Available Now With AT&T

AT&T subscribers, listen up. AT&T is now offering the long awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 on their US network in 32GB form!

More Details Leaked on the Anticipated Sony Honami

If rumors prove correct, the next Sony flagship handset will be the Sony i1 or Honami, powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor with high-end camera.

Perpetual Motion a Reality?

Perpetual motion and the idea of "time crystals" sound like a theme for a game or movie, right? One Nobel prize winning Physicist has a different idea.

Apple to Give Away $10,000 for 50 Billionth Download

Can you imagine winning $10,000 in App Store credit? Apple is currently holding a "50 Billionth Download" cost, giving you such an opportunity.

Apple Calendar and Mail Apps to Get Makeover with iOS 7

The latest word about iOS 7 indicates that iOS 7 will see a pretty big makeover, not just in the UI department but also when it comes to key apps.

Acer and Asus Reportedely Working on New Chromebooks

Acer and Asus are currently working on new mid-range Chromebooks for release sometime this year, at least if a new rumor is to be believed.

More Details Leaked About the Galaxy S4 Mini

More details are now starting to come together about the anticipated release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

Cambridge Consultants Develop New System for Indoor Navigation

Cambridge Consultants are working to develop an indoor navigation system that utilizes low powered sensors and a custom formula.

InSight App: Recognition for Google Glass

A team of scientists at Duke University are attempting to assist us in some everyday identification with a Google Glass app called InSight.

Stardock ModernMix App Allows all Windows Apps to Run in Desktop...

For those of you running Microsoft’s newest version of Windows OS, Windows 8, listen up because this will surely interest you.

Details on New Sony C670X Leaked

Full details have been leaked on the upcoming and rather impressive Sony C670X, and this phone sports a lot to brag about under the hood. 

BlackBerry Z10 to Finally Drop in US in Coming Weeks

Looks like the long awaited release of the BlackBerry Z10 may be shortly coming to an end for those in the United States.

Time Lapse of Asteroid DA14 As it Passes By Earth

Just recently we encountered the close passing lose passing of the asteroid DA14, which cam as close as 17,000 miles away.

Official Release Date of Sony Xperia Z

Sony has given an official release date of the device in Germany. The phone is expected to hit on February 21st.

US President Flash Drives? Yes, Really

Mimobot created cartoonish versions of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln with working flash drives.

Video Showing Nvidia Project Shield Playing PC Games

Earlier in the year we reported on Nvidia’s Project Shield Android mobile gaming console. Now Project Shield demonstrates, in a video, its ability to wirelessly pair its Nvidia Project Shield handheld gaming console with a PC.

Library of Congress Unveils Audio Preservation Plan

The Library has announced the National Recording Preservation Plan, in an attempt to preserve historic recordings for generations to come.

Vertu TI, the $10,500 Android Phone

The Vertu TI may even be the most expensive Android smartphone ever sold with a retail price of a mere €7900 , or roughly 10,500 USD.

Is Windows Blue an Update for All of Windows Platforms?

According to reports, Windows Blue is a code name for multiple coordinated updates that span not only Windows 8, but nearly all of Microsoft's products.

Scientists Find New Molecule That Destroys Cancer

Researchers have recently narrowed down a molecule that will force the initiation of the body’s already present tumor destroying abilities.

Leaked Photos of New HTC M4

While photos have recently been leaked of the M7 ahead of it’s expected February 19th unveil, we had nothing to go off of for the M4, until now.

Curiosity Finds Metal-Like Object on Mars

Recently the Mars Curiosity Rover found something very interesting: a very small, shiny, metal looking object that appears to be sticking out of a rock.

Limited Edition BlackBerry Z10 in Red

For lucky developers that submitted apps in time for the BB10 launch, BlackBerry has tossed out a little thank you by allowing them to purchase a limited edition Red BlackBerry Z10.

Wii U Controller Makes Its Way to Your PC

Ever had the urge to use a new Wii U controller for gaming and other activities on your PC? Developer and modder Chris Manning has bridged the gap and created software that makes it possible.

Amazon Slashing Prices on Kindle Fire HD This Week Only

Amazon is making your Valentine’s Day shopping that much easier by slashing prices on its Kindle Fire HDs, offering as much $50 off on the 8.9-inch model.

BlackBerry 10 OS and Z10 Have Great Sales in UK

BlackBerry launched their new BlackBerry 10 OS and BlackBerry Z10 smartphone last week in the UK and early sales appear to be promising.

Canadian Galaxy Note 2 Receiving Multi-Window Support This Wednesday

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 owners in Canada are getting a huge update this week, which includes multi-window and Chinese language support.

Designer Creates Microsoft Surface Ultrabook Concept

Late last year, Microsoft introduced the Windows RT-based Microsoft Surface tablet.  Would it be out of the realm of possibility for Microsoft to create an Ultrabook...

Nokia Lumia 920 Service Manual Leaked

Are you the techie type that grew up disassembling your dad’s lawnmower and taking apart the microwave? If so and you are Nokia Lumia 920 owner, then listen up because this will surely interest you.

Apple iOS 6.1 Jailbreak Right Around the Corner?

Yesterday Apple released iOS 6.1 update to the masses. iOS 6.1 is a pretty minor upgrade but does include support for LTE carriers around the world. New LTEs in Denmark, Italy and many areas of the Middle East will now be supported, with Apple’s addition of 23 new iPad LTE and 36 new iPhone operators. But the most exciting part of the release is 6.1s open door for hackers.

Google Granted Patent for Multi-Flash

On most smartphones, your camera tends to have just one or two flashes to help it out, but Google may change all that with its new multi-flash patent.

The Samsung Galaxy S4: What We Know So Far

The rumor mill is still hard at working surrounding the much anticipated release of the Galaxy S4 smartphone by Samsung. So what do we actually know about the Samsung Galaxy S4, or at least think we know?

Android Clear Leader in 2012 Smartphone Sales

Android is the “undisputed volume leader” says Neil Mawston of Strategy Analytics, due to its massive phone presence compared to the competition.

How Google Handles Requests From the Feds

In the past Google has taken a lot of flak over the amount of data they collect on their users. This would be a goldmine in the wrong hands, which makes us curious how much info Google willing releases to law enforcement. The answer? Apparently Google is pretty tight lipped about what they know about you, unless all the T’s are crossed and the I’s dotted.

Nokia to Release Lumia 920 with PureView, Suggests New Rumor

Last year many were pleased when Nokia announced the 808 PureView 41MP handset, even though it ran on the outdated Symbian OS instead of the more powerful Microsoft Windows Phone OS.

Hundreds of Thousands of Apps Aside, Email Checking is a Major...

Some of you may wonder what people do most on their Apple iPads. Well, wonder no more. InrediMail took it upon themselves to find out and polled 4400 iPad owners and asked them a series of questions. Among those questions, 90 % of iPad owners rated accessing their email as either extremely important or very important. The research was published yesterday and helps to answer some questions in this specified niche.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Priced to Start at $149 According to...

As we reported last week, Samsung is in the process of creating a new 7-inch tablet to be unveiled during MWC next month.

RIM Gathers Nearly 20,000 New Apps Ahead of BlackBerry 10 Release

About one week ago, RIM launched its latest attempt to gather apps with the Last Chance Android Port-a-Thon event. The suspected last in a series of events promising developers $100 for every approved app submitted by developers, 20 max.

LG Blames Google for Nexus 4 Shortages

LG is pointing the finger at Google yet again for shortcomings in the UK Nexus 4 Supply, and really in the supply across the entire Globe. Google’s reply is it had no idea the demand would be so high.

BlackBerry App World Gets a New Name, Adding New Content as...

It seems that Blackberry has made changes to the name of its BlackBerry App World store, renaming it simply BlackBerry World.

Nokia Releases Two Cases for the Lumia 920

For all you Nokia Lumia owners, we have some great news. Nokia has released an official case for your phone so you aren't forced to purchase a third party aftermarket case.

LG Overtakes Apple in U.S. Handset Market Sales

When it comes to United States smartphone sales, Apple is clearly king controlling a record 53 % of US smartphone market. Looking at the bigger picture of all handset sales (feature and smartphone combined), Apple has solidly kept in second place ever since the release of the iPhone 4S-- until now. A new report suggests that LG has taken the 2nd place spot, knocking Apple to third overall.

Google Looking into Alternative Ways to Login

Google has recently voiced its concerns, along with many others, of traditional password based-security and how it really isn't all that secure. In a research paper being published later this month, two of Google’s security experts stated, “we feel passwords and simple bearer tokens such as cookies are no longer sufficient to keep users safe.”

Google Pulls Plug on Nexus Q

The end has come for the Nexus Q as Google has pulled the plug.  Today, the Nexus Q’s status in the Google play store has been changed from “not for sale at this time” to “no longer available for sale.”  This is the final nail in the coffin for the device.