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I am just a regular guy, have a fulltime job, play drums in a metal band (Ashes of Abaddon) and in my freetime (yeah right!) do freelance writing.

Would You Drink a Cup of Your Own Sweat?


Recently, Andreas Hammar headed a project which would be called the stomach turning name of Sweat Machine. This unique machine purifies body sweat into potable drinking water.

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Nokia Taking HTC to Court Over Patent Violations


Finland based Nokia is the newest company to go after the Taiwanese phone manufacturer HTC for alleged patent violations.

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Recon Instruments Create Android Powered Sunglasses


While Google Glass is a leader in its field, it lacks on one thing: attraction and applicability to that of sports and athletes. In comes the Recon Jet.

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Scientists Find 2.6 Billion Year Old Pocket of Water


Recently near Timmins, Ontario Canada, researchers found a small pocket of water that is estimated to be 2.64 billion years old.

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Nvidia Shield Pre-Sales Begin Today


Nvidia’s Android powered handheld console, the Shield, has finally begun taking preorders today for its upcoming June release.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Variant with Optical Zoom?


Think the Samsung Galaxy S4 is pretty great? Things are only getting started, as several variants could be one their way in the near future.  The newest of these rumored devices is the Galaxy S4 Zoom.  It is a variant of the yet to be released S4 Mini, but this handset’s special niche is the fact is will boast a 16 ...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Available Now With AT&T


AT&T subscribers, listen up. AT&T is now offering the long awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 on their US network in 32GB form!

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More Details Leaked on the Anticipated Sony Honami


If rumors prove correct, the next Sony flagship handset will be the Sony i1 or Honami, powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor with high-end camera.

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Perpetual Motion a Reality?


Perpetual motion and the idea of "time crystals" sound like a theme for a game or movie, right? One Nobel prize winning Physicist has a different idea.

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Apple to Give Away $10,000 for 50 Billionth Download


Can you imagine winning $10,000 in App Store credit? Apple is currently holding a "50 Billionth Download" cost, giving you such an opportunity.

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Apple Calendar and Mail Apps to Get Makeover with iOS 7


The latest word about iOS 7 indicates that iOS 7 will see a pretty big makeover, not just in the UI department but also when it comes to key apps.

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Acer and Asus Reportedely Working on New Chromebooks


Acer and Asus are currently working on new mid-range Chromebooks for release sometime this year, at least if a new rumor is to be believed.

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More Details Leaked About the Galaxy S4 Mini


More details are now starting to come together about the anticipated release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

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Cambridge Consultants Develop New System for Indoor Navigation


Cambridge Consultants are working to develop an indoor navigation system that utilizes low powered sensors and a custom formula.

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InSight App: Recognition for Google Glass


A team of scientists at Duke University are attempting to assist us in some everyday identification with a Google Glass app called InSight.

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