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Pre-rollout Android Market hack available for 2.2+ devices


With the new Android Market screenshots floating about, it's hard not to wan't to get in on some of that action. If you've already rooted your device and are running 2.2 or above, then Android Market version 2.2.6 is just within reach.

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Smart Diagram for Android goes with the flow


Making diagrams seems to be something we can never get enough of. Personally, I don’t make diagrams, but if you’re work demands some type of diagram or flow chart making activities, then Smart Diagram for Android devices is probably going to appeal to you. The gesture based app lets you simply make shapes on a blank canvas, the shapes are ...

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Yoomi Duo iPad game first to use hardware module


The first ever iPad game to be combined with real hardware is now available for purchase from Toys R' Us. The game called "Yoomi Duo" uses a round chip holder that sits atop the iPad's LCD, players use the chips and place them on the holder while guessing which image the other player would choose.

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Google Latitude app ready for download on iTunes


Google's latitude app has officially hit the iTunes store today. Last week it got a bit of a jump start and was pulled the same day, now, it's up and Google's very own Blog has announced it.

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BlackBerry News Feed beta RSS reader to be launched today


RIM today officially announced the beta version of their BlackBerry News Feed application will be made available from BlackBerry Beta Zone and BlackBerry App World Test Center.

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Gawker hacked, what you need to do


Gawker has been caught with their tail between their legs, and now its being pulled on. If you're a commenter on Gawker media properties, like our friends over at Gizmodo, then your password is likely compromised.

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TurboGrafx 16 app and games headed to iPhone


Hudson Entertainment is going to be releasing one for the iPhone and iPod touch "this winter." Too bad there's no iPad release, as 10" screen gaming would have been pretty sweet.

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Motorola Droid 2 explosion was a hoax?


Surprised? That Motorola Droid 2 that allegedly exploded while a man was talking on it could be nothing more than a case of attempted fraud, if an “anonymous Motorola representative” is to be believed. According to GearLog, an unnamed source at Motorola said there was no evidence of an explosion in the Texas mans device, in fact “The only things ...

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$99 Dell “Venue Pro” slider runs WP7


The cheapest Windows 7 Phone to date has to be the Dell Venue Pro. It has slid in at $99 with new activation and 2-year contract. The regularly priced $450 phone runs a 1Ghz Qualcomm QSD8250 processor, shoots HD video and has the flashy new Windows mobile OS.

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DARPA and Boeing unveil DiscRoter copterjet concept


A team of researchers at Virginia Tech ESM kicked off the idea for the DiscRotor craft back in 2006, and now today, DARPA and Boeing give us a glimpse of what a future helicopter/airplane hybrid craft can look like.

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Angry Birds iPhone update adds 15 levels, Retina Display, some call a “pixelated mess”


That crazily addictive bird hocking game Angry Birds has just gotten an upgrade for iPhone. 15 new levels are added, Game Center support, with Retina Display compatibility but they missed the menus, fonts and buttons leaving them a pixelated mess - according to upset gamers.

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SensoGlove golf aid monitors ‘death grip’ with digital glove sensors


If I didn’t have my own collection of golf aids in the shed i’d probably scoff at the SensoGlove, but only with hopes to thwart the competition from gaining any competitive advantage over their game that I don’t have. This new “smart glove” is made by German Sensosolutions, who to my knowledge, have just entered the golfing world.

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Toshiba Qosmio X500 18.4-inch 3D gaming laptop arrives September 26


Toshiba has unleashed a beast of a mobile gaming computer with the Qosmio X500 series laptop. Equipped with NVidia’s GeForce GTX 460M GPU with 1.5GB of graphics memory

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Onkyo 3D capable R5 notebook is for Japan


Onkyo of all companies has announced its latest notebook, a 3D-capable R5 Series Intel Core i5 powerhouse. Its 3D system is unspecified, but will be able to convert 2D content from Blu-ray and downloads for 3D viewing on the impressive high-definition 15.6-inch wide glow (1,366 × 768) LCD.

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Looxcie Bluetooth headset camera raises privacy concerns over ‘always on recording’


Sometimes its scary when the future of technology stares you right in the face, quite literally with the Looxcie. It's a full on mobile surveilance system that brings us into a horrific privacy debate regarding "always on recording." Regulations need to be put in place with this type of technology, perhaps to only be used as an enhancement for law enforcement agencies.

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