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Samsung Galaxy-Tab 8.9 Wi-Fi to be on T-Mobile USA


Samsung seems to never run out of new ideas when it comes to gadgets, and this is the same reason why T-Mobile is acquiring a new version of Samsung Galaxy Tab that is not similar to the 7.7 version, which was pulled out immediately from the booth of Samsung Mobile at IFA in the early part of September.

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Raisoo Peel device turns iPod Touch into iPhone

Picture 2

RaisooPeel.net has just recently rolled out a new product, called Raisoo Peel, which transforms an iPod into an iPhone. It is a third generation device from the Yosion Peel 520 II which was released in March. The Raisoo Peel has two versions, the T3 designed for 2nd and 3rd generation iPods and T4 for 4th generation iPods. They both cost $109.

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MIT motorized skateboard powered by remote control


In these times when everything seems to work with just a touch of a button, the usual skateboard has gained some upgrades as well. The Miters from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have conjured a Motorized Skateboard and paraded it just recently at the World Maker Fair held in New York City. The skateboard is not yet ready to be ridden using nothing but leg power, as it will still need a remote control to make it work

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Will iPhone 5 be accompanied by iPhone 4 Plus?


Analyst Mark Moskowitz from J.P. Morgan stated that there will be two new iPhones to be released this year, the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4-plus. I bet you will be browsing the net for some more information regarding that. Apple’s iPhone 4-plus is planned to be launched in emerging markets like China, according to Moskowitz.

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Twitter poem leaks Android Nexus release date


Twitter user @tfleming223 shook the Android community when he began tweeting lines of a cryptic poem which is believed to contain some details about the launch of the Ice Cream Sandwich Android and Nexus Phone. The poem gave a hint, implying a November 3rd Verizon release.

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Adding rear view on bikes with the Owl 360 Rear Video Camera


Cyclists have the additional burden of twisting around just to see what is directly behind them. This is very dangerous and can cause accidents. To address this issue, a company suggested that a helmet and handlebar-mounted side mirrors can be helpful in minimizing the twisting. Mini rearview camera and monitor systems are also created especially for you!

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Researchers Find Way to Extend Battery Life


Scientists from the University of Michigan said that mobile phones that are in power-saving mode and not actively sending or receiving files or messages still use battery power for searching communication channels and anticipating incoming information. According to the researchers, a new “subconscious mode” for phones and other Wi-Fi enabled mobile units can help extend the life of the battery by 54 per cent.

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RePro 3D lets you touch virtual pixels


With a touch screen device, it's easier to compose and send messages, call your friends or browse the internet just by swiping around with a finger. But wait a minute, what if you didn't actually have to muck up a screen with your fingers, what if it were virtually there receiving your commands in 3D?

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You can finally use a PS3 Controller to control Android

android PS3

Gamers who frequently abuse their Android phones for a wide variety of games will be delighted to know that developers Dancing Pixel Studios have released an application called the Sixaxis Controller into the Android market. This app lets users control their Android phone by using the Playstation 3 controller. Of course, you need to do some things before you can actually use this app.

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Quest.li: the social mobile gaming platform for smarties


Quest.li is “a gaming platform for smart people and smart games." The people behind this platform believe that there are more fun ways of enjoying games than just controlling virtual objects on your phone or tablet. Quest.li added that their platform is all about self-realization. Whenever you play a game and you win, it is not because of just merely clicking buttons faster than any creature on the planet but because you are actually smart.

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iPad continues to drive growth of media tablet shipments


Media tablet shipments have increased worldwide by almost 90 per cent on a sequential basis, and year over year by about 300 per cent in the second calendar quarter of 2011 to 13.6 million units. Because of the strong performance that leads to a positive outlook for the gadget for the second half of the year, IDC made a forecast of 62.5 million units being shipped all over the world. The iPad is driving this growth.

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Improved MacBooks to be Released in Late 2011


Since Intel’s next generation Core i-Series mobile platform will not be rolled out until the second quarter of 2012, Apple is reportedly preparing an update on its professional notebook line scheduled to be released before the holiday season. Insiders spilled that the late-2011 MacBook Pro will have marginal speed bumps to the Core i-Series of Sandy Bridge processors.

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