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Ford E-bike concept unveiled

Ford, the company which is well-known for creating four-wheeled motor cars, has unveiled something new to the world. During the Frankfurt Motor Show, Ford revealed its new breakthrough product—the electric bicycle or e-bike.

Toshiba Thrive 7” Tablet shipping in November for $400

Toshiba seems to be cooking up something in time for the holiday season. No, it’s not your favorite sushi or tempura but some sassy gadgets that will surely make your mouth water as well. The AT 200 is not the only tablet the company is planning to launch when it announced the latest addition to its Thrive Tablet collection—the Thrive 7” Tablet.

Google says mobile optimized sites will allow better performance in AdWords

Google announced that it is now possible for websites which have been optimized for mobile to increase their ad quality. Google explained that they began to limit ad serving on cell phones last year if the visitor had selected pages that contain Flash-heavy content because they only wanted to improve the browsing experience of their users.

Lo and Behold the Health Tracker Watch!

A new product will be rolled out in the market at the latter part of this year—the B1 Basis Band which is pegged at around $199. This is a device which tracks the heart and health and is comprised of various sensors which can measure a person’s heart rate non-stop. The device also features other important indicators such as sleep patterns, calorie intake and other metrics of health.

Logitech Harmony Link Transforms Androids into Universal Remote

The Harmony Link needs a Wi-Fi network and a free link app for Logitech Harmony before you can actually use it. Good news: if you installed the Harmony Link on an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or other Android-based gadgets, you will be able to use the item as a remote control for up to eight home-entertainment appliances. You can save some amount because of this item!

What’s new in Internet Explorer 9 Mobile

The web browser is a very important feature of any smartphone, and engineers working in different companies to think of the ways to make browsing on your phone easier and more enjoyable.

Patent Trolling Costs $500 Billion

Lodsys is a company which purchases potentially great and super broad patents, and it employs these patents to threaten to litigate those who “might be infringing” on them. They do this by searching for a patent, finding out how many people are working on it and then they buy that patent.

Sprint pulls Mil-Spec Motorola Admiral Android smartphone video

A mil-spec smartphone model from Motorola is set to be released into the market soon. Sprint has not yet given any information about the forthcoming Motorola Admiral phone but the company has uploaded the video of the device and then pulled it shortly after.

Cellphone use can lead to Myopia

Do you spend hours of browsing through your phone or tablet, or maybe a long period of time playing games on your devices? Well, this recent news can affect your lifestyle especially when it comes to mingling with your beloved gadgets.

Gmail Mobile Now Supports Multiple Sign-ins

Do you have multiple accounts on Gmail? Well, you will no longer have to undergo some hassles when using Gmail with your mobile phone because the site now has a support system for multiple sign-ins. This means that you will never perform the cycle of logging in and out just to check your other e-mail accounts because Gmail will allow you to use several accounts simultaneously!

Future roads will charge cars as they drive

The concept of a road that keeps the electric vehicle charged while driving is something that is not really new, but recently, Toyota Central R & D Labs, together with Toyohashi University of Technology, are reviving the idea.

Samsung Galaxy-Tab 8.9 Wi-Fi to be on T-Mobile USA

Samsung seems to never run out of new ideas when it comes to gadgets, and this is the same reason why T-Mobile is acquiring a new version of Samsung Galaxy Tab that is not similar to the 7.7 version, which was pulled out immediately from the booth of Samsung Mobile at IFA in the early part of September.

Raisoo Peel device turns iPod Touch into iPhone has just recently rolled out a new product, called Raisoo Peel, which transforms an iPod into an iPhone. It is a third generation device from the Yosion Peel 520 II which was released in March. The Raisoo Peel has two versions, the T3 designed for 2nd and 3rd generation iPods and T4 for 4th generation iPods. They both cost $109.

MIT motorized skateboard powered by remote control

In these times when everything seems to work with just a touch of a button, the usual skateboard has gained some upgrades as well. The Miters from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have conjured a Motorized Skateboard and paraded it just recently at the World Maker Fair held in New York City. The skateboard is not yet ready to be ridden using nothing but leg power, as it will still need a remote control to make it work

Will iPhone 5 be accompanied by iPhone 4 Plus?

Analyst Mark Moskowitz from J.P. Morgan stated that there will be two new iPhones to be released this year, the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4-plus. I bet you will be browsing the net for some more information regarding that. Apple’s iPhone 4-plus is planned to be launched in emerging markets like China, according to Moskowitz.

Twitter poem leaks Android Nexus release date

Twitter user @tfleming223 shook the Android community when he began tweeting lines of a cryptic poem which is believed to contain some details about the launch of the Ice Cream Sandwich Android and Nexus Phone. The poem gave a hint, implying a November 3rd Verizon release.

Researchers create ‘subconscious’ mode to boost smartphone battery life

Do you ever wonder why your battery still gets drained even if you set it in an inactive mode? Scientists have found a way to prolong the life of your smartphones or Wi-Fi device battery by way of a “subconscious mode” which they claim can extend battery life by as much as 54 percent.

Adding rear view on bikes with the Owl 360 Rear Video...

Cyclists have the additional burden of twisting around just to see what is directly behind them. This is very dangerous and can cause accidents. To address this issue, a company suggested that a helmet and handlebar-mounted side mirrors can be helpful in minimizing the twisting. Mini rearview camera and monitor systems are also created especially for you!

Researchers Find Way to Extend Battery Life

Scientists from the University of Michigan said that mobile phones that are in power-saving mode and not actively sending or receiving files or messages still use battery power for searching communication channels and anticipating incoming information. According to the researchers, a new “subconscious mode” for phones and other Wi-Fi enabled mobile units can help extend the life of the battery by 54 per cent.

RePro 3D lets you touch virtual pixels

With a touch screen device, it's easier to compose and send messages, call your friends or browse the internet just by swiping around with a finger. But wait a minute, what if you didn't actually have to muck up a screen with your fingers, what if it were virtually there receiving your commands in 3D?

You can finally use a PS3 Controller to control Android

Gamers who frequently abuse their Android phones for a wide variety of games will be delighted to know that developers Dancing Pixel Studios have released an application called the Sixaxis Controller into the Android market. This app lets users control their Android phone by using the Playstation 3 controller. Of course, you need to do some things before you can actually use this app. the social mobile gaming platform for smarties is “a gaming platform for smart people and smart games." The people behind this platform believe that there are more fun ways of enjoying games than just controlling virtual objects on your phone or tablet. added that their platform is all about self-realization. Whenever you play a game and you win, it is not because of just merely clicking buttons faster than any creature on the planet but because you are actually smart.

iPad continues to drive growth of media tablet shipments

Media tablet shipments have increased worldwide by almost 90 per cent on a sequential basis, and year over year by about 300 per cent in the second calendar quarter of 2011 to 13.6 million units. Because of the strong performance that leads to a positive outlook for the gadget for the second half of the year, IDC made a forecast of 62.5 million units being shipped all over the world. The iPad is driving this growth.

Improved MacBooks to be Released in Late 2011

Since Intel’s next generation Core i-Series mobile platform will not be rolled out until the second quarter of 2012, Apple is reportedly preparing an update on its professional notebook line scheduled to be released before the holiday season. Insiders spilled that the late-2011 MacBook Pro will have marginal speed bumps to the Core i-Series of Sandy Bridge processors.

Meet OLogic’s Android controlled robotic music player

The most recent robot controlled by a smartphone is the Automated Music Personality (AMP) robot launched by OLogic. AMP is a two-wheeled, self-balancing robotic music player that can only be operated by an Android smartphone. OLogic has plans of shipping the robot for around $400 or less.

New factory in Brazil will ship iPads by December

A factory in Brazil will be manufacturing iPads. To add to this surprise, they will be shipped in Brazil starting in December of this year. Mercadante explained that despite all the doubts, the new iPad factory will be making the gadgets for the first time outside of Chinese territory.

iPhone 4 pimped with glowing Apple mod

From the British iDevice repair service iPatch comes the new iPhone 4 mod, which sets your phone’s Apple logo aglow whenever the screen lights up. This is very much similar to the MacBook logo which also lights up when opened. According to the director of iPatch, Andy Smith, the new feature is a “complete secret” and “very tricky to replicate." He also added that it is impossible to imitate at home unless you have special equipment.

Ford’s Galaxy S II E-Bike Concept

Ford launched the Evos concept which has already wowed people all over the world. However, the slinkiest hybrid so far only has two wheels - this concept bicycle from Ford is called the E-Bike Concept. The bike has an electronic motor which is built into the front wheel. It can generate a speed of 25 km/h with a 9.2 Ah battery.

The Latest about Google + for iOS

Google has recently updated the Google + app for IOS. New features which were not included in the app’s initial launch are now available. Google+ for iOS possesses the latest version that will bring the app up to version This will include the popular re-share feature which is deemed as an all-important aspect of the Google+. The re-share feature allows users to pass along unique and interesting Google + links to their friends right within the application. In addition, this feature works in a slick manner.

Atari Arcade iPad Dock Lets You Experience Arcade Gaming

Ah, old school gaming. How to reconcile with an iPad? Well, Atari worked with ThinkGeek who outsourced to ION to create the iCade. This project started out as a joke but due to the high levels of interest, the development of the product became a reality, much to gamers’ delight. Now, Discovery Bay Games’ Atari Arcade hopes to achieve the same arcade feel when it comes to your iPad, and it will probably cost half as much as the iCade at $50.

Mystery Blackberry Shows Up in Beijing

A Blackberry design that was thought to be a fake version of the RIM phone has reappeared either as a third-party overhaul or a discarded prototype. We can't say for sure, but whoever got a hold of it over at MaxPDA thinks it's a Blackberry 9980. The phone possesses a chiseled, metallic look reminiscent of Porsche Design’s work.

Scout Observer Toolkit and iPhone 4 to Replace Military SATCOM

A unique military kit has been released by Coolfire Solutions, and this could really bring out the MacGyver in you. For soldiers who work in field intelligence, they'll be able to replace the standard 160-pound terminal used by SATCOM with an iPhone and the Scout Observer’s Toolkit. The size and weight of the six-pound Scout Observer makes it an excellent accessory for furtive operations carried out by the military.

Wicked 85 Mile Laser: Everything You Need to Know

The Wicked Laser S3 Krypton has a pending status at the Guinness Record for its astounding 86 million lux that is visible from up to 85 miles away, and that is way beyond the planet’s atmosphere as the manufacturing company claims. Precautionary measures must be observed when using this gadget.

Guiding Cyclists with a Musical GPS

A research team based in the Netherlands has reported positive and promising results from an audio-only navigation system which relies on an Android smartphone connected to a pair of headphones to potentially help cyclists overcome the issue of visual navigation devices. The audio GPS guides users towards the target location by using music which is artificially shifted to the left or right in order to tell directions.

Amazon might build a Netflix-style store for e-books

Amazon is considering a subscription service that resembles Netflix, but for digital books. As you can guess, customers would pay an annual fee to access a library of e-books. The e-book library is likely to be lumped in with Amazon Prime services.

Etymotic’s safe earphones for children

Does your younger sister always borrow your earphones so that she can listen to her favorite songs from the phone or laptop? Do you get annoyed by this? Well, the solution to your problem is here—safe earphones for children.