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Andi Sykes

Andi Sykes it the founder of Gizchina.com. When he isn't writing about gadgets he is usually found in one of the many "phone cities" dotted around China.

Huawei Takes a Stab at Your Living Room with the MediaQ M310

huawei mediaq m310

Huawei aren't content with just the Android phone market and now want a space in our living rooms with the Huawei MediaQ M310.

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NEC Medias W is a Dual-screen, Folding Smartphone

nec medias w

It's taken more than a year, but the dual-screen NEC Medias W folding Android phone has been launched in Japan.

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Google confirms solving Nexus supply is a main priority

nexus shortages

Google's Larry Page has confirmed that he is planning to make Nexus 4 and 10 supply shortages a main priority.

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Apple celebrating Chinese New Year across Asia with “Red Friday”

Apple red friday

Apple are holding a special "Red Friday" celebration across China this Friday for the upcoming Chinese New Year.

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Micormax Canvas boasts quad-core and 5-inch display for just $279

Micromax canvas hd

Micromax has just made headlines with their new 5-inch, quad-core phone, which they will be selling at the unbelievable low $279.

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LG Enters the 5-inch Fold with the Optimus G Pro

lg optimus g pro launched

There is no denying that 5-inch quad-core phones are THE item to have in any manufacturers line up. From HTC to ZTE each company has something for the larger display lover out there, and that now includes LG.

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Samsung is Working on a 5.8-inch Phablet

5.8-inch samsung phone in the works

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been out for sometime now, but seems as though the Korean phone maker is working on a new whopper with a 5.8-inch screen size.

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HTC M7 Design Leaked via Rendering

leaked htc m7 render

The HTC M7 is one of the most anticipated upcoming phones, and one we hope to see at MWC next month, but if you can't hold on that long to see what the new phone looks like then take a look at this leaked rendering.

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ZTE U956 Budget-Oriented Smartphone Boasts 5-inch Display and Quad-core Chip

ZTE U965 leaked

ZTE had a strong presence at CES recently, and showed off some great flagship phones, but nothing you could call low-cost or affordable. That isn't to say ZTE has stopped making high quality affordable smartphones, as they haven't and the ZTE U965 is proof of that.

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Cellular iPad mini and 4th-gen iPad arriving in China on Friday


China is always a few months behind the rest of the world with Apple releases. The Wi-Fi versions of the iPad mini and 4th-gen iPad only officially went on sale last month, and the data enabled versions are only just appearing this Friday. Both iPad’s will go on sale through Apple stores across China and more than likely through China ...

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Turn your Optimus G to a Nexus 4 with This Rough Hack

LG optimus g running Nexus Android

The LG made Nexus 4 is one hell of a phone, with great specs, stylish design (if you like the spangly back) and low-price, but the problem is everyone and their postman knows this: it is near impossible to buy one!

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TCL’s ‘China Star’ 110-inch 4K Google TV

TCL china star 110-inch TV

It seems that for Chinese manufacturers going "super-size" at CES is a big part of the plan. First it was Huawei with the enormous 6.1-inch Ascend Mate, and now it is TCL with their 110-inch Ultra-HD TV.

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ZTE Grand S Headed to the U.S

zte grand s coming to the US

ZTE Head of North American business Lixin Cheng has confirmed the 5-inch, 1080 ZTE Grand S will arrive in the U.S later this year!

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Samsung Youm Flexible Display Demoed at CES

samsung youm

The idea of Samsung showing off flexible screen technology is nothing new and goes back several years now, but this time it looks like Samsung are closer than ever to releasing their latest display tech named Youm to the general public.

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Is Huawei’s Spirit Enough to Take on Apple and Samsung?

huawei's richard yu

Huawei's head of consumer electronics, Richard Yu, isn't the type to mix words, boldly declaring: "The best smartphone is from Huawei. Not from our competitors."

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