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Cellular Antennas Go Airborne


The latest enhancement in cellular technology may be right over our heads. An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipped with a cellular antenna is being used to send wireless signals to handset units or laptops wherever they may be. Testing is currently being performed by California firm Aero-Vironment Inc., they claim ...

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iPod gets connected with Volvo


Volvo does not want to be left behind and is now joining the digital music bandwagon through a partnership with PhatNoise. The deal involves the option to Volvo drivers a choice of dealer-installed MP3 music solutions, one being… ta-da! your iPod. The other solution is a tailored version of PhatNoise’s ...

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Track your pet via satellite


Attention all pet lovers in Switzerland. If the thought of losing your beloved pet sends shivers down your spine then worry no more. UK-based Sarantel introduces the PB100, an easy to use, lightweight, and waterproof pet tracking device that offers real time location data. So how does it work? The ...

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PlayAway – The First Self-Playing Audio Book


In this world of ‘downloads’, FindAway brings to you PlayAway, the first self-playing audio book in the market. It’s extremely user-friendly (read: easy to use) and all you have to do is insert a standard AAA battery at the base of the gadget, plug the earphones on the universal jack ...

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LG and Red Bend Update 3G Mobile Phone Firmware Wirelessly


LG Electronics, the No. 4 mobile handset manufacturer in the world, has selected Red Bend Software’s vCurrent Mobile FOTA update technology for its 3G cell phones. With Red Bend’s firmware over-the-air (FOTA) update technology, LG can now deploy firmware updates to its 3G consumers in a fast, reliable and cost-efficient ...

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Samsung Introduces Split Mobile Phone Display


Samsung Electronics has developed a mobile phones display that splits, they say it will correct the common gripe amongst all mobile phones; not enabling you to see status icons while on Standby mode. The new display is now divided into an indicator window (showing the status icons), and a display ...

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Apple Files Patent for iPod like Notebook


Apple has filed a patent for a notebook design that will integrate its ultra-popular iPod mini. According to Patent Application 20040224638, Apple intends the iPod mini to double as the notebook’s touch pad. Actually, the ‘cool’ part does not only speak of the notebook/iPod combo. The patent application is actually ...

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Motorola Purchases Sendo R&D Labs


Is this the end-o of Sendo? Motorola has just agreed to purchase certain parts of UK-based Sendo. No financial details of the acquisition have been released yet but this much is known – Motorola is getting Sendo’s UK- and Singapore-based R&D team (plus the design and testing equipment utilized by ...

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