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Pantech Launches the PH-S8000T, Korea’s First Microsoft-based smartphone


Now, Koreans have their first Microsoft-based smartphone as Pantech brings to market the PH-S8000T. The handset is targeted at “mobile professionals” or “knowledge workers” and those who are into entertainment multimedia. Developed in close cooperation with Microsoft and Intel, the PH-S8000T comes with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition and an Intel Mobile Processor. It features Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Mobile Version ...

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Let the ‘Cellular Squirrel’ Screen Your Mobile Calls


Let’s admit it; our mobile phones are so much a part of our lives that we just have to bring them everywhere we go. However, there ARE those times when we wish the darn thing would not disturb us, like in a high-profile meeting or having an intimate dinner with someone special. Dr. Stefan Marti of MIT’s Media Labs thinks ...

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Garmin iQue M3 GPS Navigator Pocket PC


Garmin has introduced the iQue M3, an easy-to-use automotive GPS navigator integrated into a Pocket PC. Instead of using a typical stylus, feel free to use your index finger as the new iQue M3 features bigger, more-intuitive icons that make selecting navigation applications easier. Always getting lost? err… always traveling? The iQue M3 makes use of Garmin’s user-friendly c-series auto ...

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Verizon Wireless Introduces the LG VX8100


Verizon Wireless and LG Electronics have just announced the July 15 availability of the VX8100, the latest mobile phone to be included in Verizon’s high-speed EV-DO network. The VX8100 is optimized for the Verizon service V CAST, which is the first (and so far only) wireless broadband multimedia service that enables subscribers to view high-quality video clips from leading sports, ...

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Infineon’s Single Chip Technology Makes sub-$20 Mobile Phones a Reality


As soon as the data was released showing that around 3.5 billion people that live in areas with mobile phone coverage cannot even afford a mobile phone, everyone jumped to produce a sub-$20 device. And Infineon Technologies AG of Munich is one of the first to help this come to market, their single-chip platform enables the production of ultra low-cost ...

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DataViz’ New RoadSync Solution Allows Palm OS Handhelds and Smartphones to Synchronize with Exchange Server 2003


DataViz brings to market their new RoadSync solution which will enable Palm-powered handheld users to synchronize wirelessly with Exchange Server 2003. RoadSync is the first available software solution to offer wireless, secure and direct synchronization with Exchange Server 2003, stretching the mobile benefits of this Microsoft server to accommodate non-Microsoft devices such as the ever popular Palm Treo 600 and ...

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Portable Dialysis Machines Help with At-Home Care


Here’s a fact, most of the 400,000 US citizens that have failed kidneys are still with their loved ones today because of the three visits per week at dialysis centers to get their blood cleaned. Imagine how much more free these people will feel if they can receive treatment DAILY right in the comforts of their own homes. Well, thanks ...

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Samsung and LG look to UMA


Let’s push the envelope a bit more shall we? Just as the tech world is abuzz with the latest news that Skype and Boingo have teamed up to offer VoIP calls over Boingo WiFi hotspots, Samsung and LG make news of their own as they announce plans to develop mobile phones that make use of a new technology from Kineto ...

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PRISMIQ Mini-Fi makes Wi-Fi Wi-Friendly


Cords and cables are indeed becoming the thing of the past as we all try to move into a less cluttered environment. However, it’s never as easy as it seems is it? For instance, setting up a wireless home hub can prove to be a really daunting task for some people. PRISMIQ thought so too and has brought to market ...

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Sprint Offers Rival Blackberry Email Service from Good Technology and Seven Networks


Sprint has joined the mobile business email foray as it too offers GoodLink, an email service made possible through Good Technology and Seven Networks. The arrangement is similar to the one Good Technology recently ironed out with Cingular Wireless. In both deals, the separate monthly fee for GoodLink is eliminated. Subscribers only need to pay the wireless carrier’s monthly $40 ...

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North American Mobile Phone Carriers Focus on ‘Tweens’


Mobile phone carriers across North America believe that the ‘teenager’ market is reaching its peak. So what next? Why, target the next age bracket of course. The tween generation, children aged 8 to 11 years old, is the next ‘apple of the eye’ for mobile carriers. According to the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency or KOTRA, the tween market is expected ...

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Mobile Phone Video gets Big with Samsung’s SGH-D600 and MicroOptical Glasses


Many companies are offering various mobile video services that enable mobile phone users to watch various video content but what’s the number one gripe about them? A mobile phone’s display is so small that there really is no ‘viewing pleasure’. Well, fret no more because Orange SA (France Telecom’s wireless business) is going to offer subscribers numerous mobile video content ...

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Nokia 6100 and 3310 Spy Phones


Mobile phones have so many uses these days one can hardly keep up. And even if you do follow the latest developments, you don’t really need to know about all of them do you? But here’s something that will catch your fancy whether you’re a gadget freak or not – Nokia spy phones! In December 2004, the very first modified ...

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Sprint Enters the Wireless Broadband Arena


Sprint Corp brings to you mobile Internet services. That’s right, this Overland Park, KS-based firm has joined the wireless Internet provider bandwagon and plans to service approximately 150 million subscribers by early 2006. Sprint plans to offer its services to business locations and airports in 34 markets before the end of July 2005. As of now, the wireless broadband service ...

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ESPN and MobiTV Provide Sports Video Content to Mobile Phone Users


Sports enthusiasts… don’t be the last to know the latest happenings in the world of sports. With MobiTV on your mobile phone you get the latest ESPN sports news wherever you are. MobiTV is the first international television network and technology platform that offers live TV feeds on mobile phones. ESPN (as if you didn’t know) is the world leader ...

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