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Logitech Launches New Portable Speakers, One Specifically for the iPod

It’s a mobile world out there and Logitech sure knows it as it launches two new portable speakers – the mm50 model, geared specifically for the iPod, and the mm28 model, an ultra thin speaker that uses flat panel technology. The mm50 portable speaker is expected to hit stores in September for US $149.99. It’s […]

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TicTalk Mobile Phone for Kids is Educational

Enfora and LeapFrog have signed a licensing agreement that will integrate five famous LeapFrog educational games into the TicTalk mobile phone. With over 400 school skills in first through sixth grade main subject areas such as math, spelling, social studies and science are covered in the games. The TicTalk mobile phone was designed by Enfora […]

5th Generation Apple iPods Expected to Sport Apple Scroll-Wheels

Apple has been focusing heavily on its iPods. Ever since Apple established a separate division for the iPod product line, engineers have been hard at work on two main items; expanding its line of digital music players and narrowing its component outsourcing activities. By reducing its dependence on third parties in producing the iPod, Apple […]

MP4 Player Zvue Gets a Price Drop to Hike Sales

In a bid to spur sales of its MP4 player, Handheld Entertainment has lowered the retail price of their 128MB Zvue from US $149.95 to US $99.95. The price drop coincides with the firm’s retail distribution expansion to over 1,000 retail outlets nationwide. The Zvue is quite small actually, just about the size of a […]

Snore Stopper Snoring Zapper Ships

So why does one snore in the first place? Snoring takes place when the muscles of the throat, tongue and soft palate relax too much during deep sleep. As a result, the tissue sags and narrows down the air passage. You then have to breathe more forcefully to get air and this causes the tissue […]

Gigabyte Communications Unveils the g-X5 Slider Mobile Handset in Taiwan

Gigabyte Communications, the popular motherboard manufacturer, is bringing the Taiwanese market their first mobile handset, the Gigabyte g-X5. The handset is a stylish piano black slider handset that supports GSM 900/1800/1900Mhz bands, and features a 2.6 million color TFT display along with a megapixel camera (1152 x 864 resolution). In a sea of mobile devices, […]

Boeing’s Connexion Wi-Fi Service Takes Off

If you intend to work while on your next flight and wish to send files, check email, chat or surf the web, then make sure you are flying aboard a Boeing 737-400 plane. The Boeing planes will now offer Wi-Fi service that enables you to access the Internet features you are used to at home […]

Acer Extends Tablet PC Line with TravelMate C310

Acer America introduces a new addition to its family of TravelMate Tablet PCs, the TravelMate C310, which is a fully convertible laptop and Tablet computer. Indeed, with the C310, you can work just about anywhere you like because its design enables you to use it as a fully functional laptop with a full-sized keyboard or […]

Canon Unveils the SELPHY CP600 Portable Photo Lab

We have so many mobile devices that can capture our moments in our lives, but when it comes down to it all, nothing beats holding a real photo in your hand. Canon’s new SELPHY CP600 does exactly that, you can print your pictures anywhere and anytime directly from your mobile phone or digital camera. With […]

Symbol Technologies Introduces the MC1000 Mobile Computer for SMBs

Symbol Technologies has not forgotten the SMB segment and as such has brought to market the Symbol MC1000 Rugged Mobile Computer. The Windows-CE based entry level mobile device is geared towards the retail and manufacturing segments – those who do a lot of bar code scanning and data entry, including inventory management, stock checking, and […]

DVD Players Poised to Go Mobile

It’s a mobile world out there and people simply want their dose of entertainment wherever they are, whenever they want. As it is, people are already watching DVDs in their cars, in trains, in-flight, on laptops and on portable DVD players. Following are some industry trends we’ve noticed catering to this entertainment-to-go concept. According to […]

Mobile Video Fails to Please

A recent mobile phone subscriber survey conducted by In-Stat US shows that one in eight subscribers showed interest in buying mobile video services from their wireless carrier. The interest may indeed be there, but the survey called Mobile Video Services – Perched at the Brink, also shows that two-thirds of the survey respondents are not […]

Belkin Wireless G Travel Router Shares Hotels Internet over Wireless

The Wireless G Travel Router is a pocket-sized gizmo (just about the size of your palm) that allows you to wirelessly share your hotel’s wired or wireless broadband internet connection. This is an excellent tool to save money when you need an connection in a conference or somewhere else in the hotel, some of them […]

Mobile Gaming Helmet makes Safety Fun for Kids

So your child does not want to wear a safety helmet inside the car eh? Maybe this new helmet developed by amateur inventor Michael P. Fleming will make your kid change his mind. Actually, there is no child safety gadget designed specifically for the head protection of kids inside cars but Fleming, a Houston lawyer […]

Motorola RAZR V3x unveiled for US Market

On Motorola’s US website you will see the addition of the RAZR V3x which is said to be a variation of the Motorola V1150 that was launched at CeBIT this year. A quick rundown of its features reveals that the V3x is a 3G mobile phone. As such, many are speculating that it is using […]

Pantech Launches the PH-S8000T, Korea’s First Microsoft-based smartphone

Now, Koreans have their first Microsoft-based smartphone as Pantech brings to market the PH-S8000T. The handset is targeted at “mobile professionals” or “knowledge workers” and those who are into entertainment multimedia. Developed in close cooperation with Microsoft and Intel, the PH-S8000T comes with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition and an Intel Mobile Processor. It features […]

Let the ‘Cellular Squirrel’ Screen Your Mobile Calls

Let’s admit it; our mobile phones are so much a part of our lives that we just have to bring them everywhere we go. However, there ARE those times when we wish the darn thing would not disturb us, like in a high-profile meeting or having an intimate dinner with someone special. Dr. Stefan Marti […]

Garmin iQue M3 GPS Navigator Pocket PC

Garmin has introduced the iQue M3, an easy-to-use automotive GPS navigator integrated into a Pocket PC. Instead of using a typical stylus, feel free to use your index finger as the new iQue M3 features bigger, more-intuitive icons that make selecting navigation applications easier. Always getting lost? err… always traveling? The iQue M3 makes use […]

Verizon Wireless Introduces the LG VX8100

Verizon Wireless and LG Electronics have just announced the July 15 availability of the VX8100, the latest mobile phone to be included in Verizon’s high-speed EV-DO network. The VX8100 is optimized for the Verizon service V CAST, which is the first (and so far only) wireless broadband multimedia service that enables subscribers to view high-quality […]

Infineon’s Single Chip Technology Makes sub-$20 Mobile Phones a Reality

As soon as the data was released showing that around 3.5 billion people that live in areas with mobile phone coverage cannot even afford a mobile phone, everyone jumped to produce a sub-$20 device. And Infineon Technologies AG of Munich is one of the first to help this come to market, their single-chip platform enables […]

DataViz’ New RoadSync Solution Allows Palm OS Handhelds and Smartphones to Synchronize with Exchange Server 2003

DataViz brings to market their new RoadSync solution which will enable Palm-powered handheld users to synchronize wirelessly with Exchange Server 2003. RoadSync is the first available software solution to offer wireless, secure and direct synchronization with Exchange Server 2003, stretching the mobile benefits of this Microsoft server to accommodate non-Microsoft devices such as the ever […]

Portable Dialysis Machines Help with At-Home Care

Here’s a fact, most of the 400,000 US citizens that have failed kidneys are still with their loved ones today because of the three visits per week at dialysis centers to get their blood cleaned. Imagine how much more free these people will feel if they can receive treatment DAILY right in the comforts of […]

Samsung and LG look to UMA

Let’s push the envelope a bit more shall we? Just as the tech world is abuzz with the latest news that Skype and Boingo have teamed up to offer VoIP calls over Boingo WiFi hotspots, Samsung and LG make news of their own as they announce plans to develop mobile phones that make use of […]

PRISMIQ Mini-Fi makes Wi-Fi Wi-Friendly

Cords and cables are indeed becoming the thing of the past as we all try to move into a less cluttered environment. However, it’s never as easy as it seems is it? For instance, setting up a wireless home hub can prove to be a really daunting task for some people. PRISMIQ thought so too […]

North American Mobile Phone Carriers Focus on ‘Tweens’

Mobile phone carriers across North America believe that the ‘teenager’ market is reaching its peak. So what next? Why, target the next age bracket of course. The tween generation, children aged 8 to 11 years old, is the next ‘apple of the eye’ for mobile carriers. According to the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency or KOTRA, […]

Mobile Phone Video gets Big with Samsung’s SGH-D600 and MicroOptical Glasses

Many companies are offering various mobile video services that enable mobile phone users to watch various video content but what’s the number one gripe about them? A mobile phone’s display is so small that there really is no ‘viewing pleasure’. Well, fret no more because Orange SA (France Telecom’s wireless business) is going to offer […]

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Nokia 6100 and 3310 Spy Phones

Mobile phones have so many uses these days one can hardly keep up. And even if you do follow the latest developments, you don’t really need to know about all of them do you? But here’s something that will catch your fancy whether you’re a gadget freak or not – Nokia spy phones! In December […]

Sprint Enters the Wireless Broadband Arena

Sprint Corp brings to you mobile Internet services. That’s right, this Overland Park, KS-based firm has joined the wireless Internet provider bandwagon and plans to service approximately 150 million subscribers by early 2006. Sprint plans to offer its services to business locations and airports in 34 markets before the end of July 2005. As of […]

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ESPN and MobiTV Provide Sports Video Content to Mobile Phone Users

Sports enthusiasts… don’t be the last to know the latest happenings in the world of sports. With MobiTV on your mobile phone you get the latest ESPN sports news wherever you are. MobiTV is the first international television network and technology platform that offers live TV feeds on mobile phones. ESPN (as if you didn’t […]

Cellular Antennas Go Airborne

The latest enhancement in cellular technology may be right over our heads. An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipped with a cellular antenna is being used to send wireless signals to handset units or laptops wherever they may be. Testing is currently being performed by California firm Aero-Vironment Inc., they claim that their UAV with a […]

iPod gets connected with Volvo

Volvo does not want to be left behind and is now joining the digital music bandwagon through a partnership with PhatNoise. The deal involves the option to Volvo drivers a choice of dealer-installed MP3 music solutions, one being… ta-da! your iPod. The other solution is a tailored version of PhatNoise’s PhatBox player. With the Volvo […]

Digital Music is the Most Important Mobile Phone Service for 2005

Mobile phone makers agree that digital music is the next ‘big thing’ that mobile makers need to cater to. Music in cell phones all began in 1998 when Finnish mobile phone operator Radiolinja started offering ringtone services for top cell phone maker Nokia. However, improvements in mobile technology have made these ringtones practically obsolete as […]

Track your pet via satellite

Attention all pet lovers in Switzerland. If the thought of losing your beloved pet sends shivers down your spine then worry no more. UK-based Sarantel introduces the PB100, an easy to use, lightweight, and waterproof pet tracking device that offers real time location data. So how does it work? The PB100, which attaches to your […]

Sprint PCS Features Metallica Tunes as Ringtones for July

You went to the concerts, bought the albums, downloaded their MP3s (legally of course) and maybe at some point even sported the Metallica ‘look’. Well don’t stop there, download ‘Fade to Black’ and have it as the ringtone of your Sprint PCS mobile phone too. Sprint PCS and Warner Bros. Records have signed a deal […]

Motorola Extends Contract to Use Opera Mobile Internet Browser

Opera Software of Norway has agreed to expand its existing contract with Motorola which will enable the US mobile phone maker to use Opera’s small-screen browser for three years. The Internet browser will be made available on all major operating systems supported by Motorola such as Linux, Symbian, Windows Mobile, BREW and Motorola’s P2K. The […]

PlayAway – The First Self-Playing Audio Book

In this world of ‘downloads’, FindAway brings to you PlayAway, the first self-playing audio book in the market. It’s extremely user-friendly (read: easy to use) and all you have to do is insert a standard AAA battery at the base of the gadget, plug the earphones on the universal jack and press the PlayAway button. […]

LG and Red Bend Update 3G Mobile Phone Firmware Wirelessly

LG Electronics, the No. 4 mobile handset manufacturer in the world, has selected Red Bend Software’s vCurrent Mobile FOTA update technology for its 3G cell phones. With Red Bend’s firmware over-the-air (FOTA) update technology, LG can now deploy firmware updates to its 3G consumers in a fast, reliable and cost-efficient manner. LG 3G mobile phones […]

Samsung Introduces Split Mobile Phone Display

Samsung Electronics has developed a mobile phones display that splits, they say it will correct the common gripe amongst all mobile phones; not enabling you to see status icons while on Standby mode. The new display is now divided into an indicator window (showing the status icons), and a display window (showing pictures and the […]

Apple Files Patent for iPod like Notebook

Apple has filed a patent for a notebook design that will integrate its ultra-popular iPod mini. According to Patent Application 20040224638, Apple intends the iPod mini to double as the notebook’s touch pad. Actually, the ‘cool’ part does not only speak of the notebook/iPod combo. The patent application is actually covers wireless capabilities for the […]

Imation USB Micro Hard Drive – It’s Small But it Packs a Punch

Ready for something really cool? Check out Imation’s USB Micro Hard Drive. The cute 1.61″ x 0.66″ x 3.3″ micro drive looks like a padlock but don’t let its miniature looks deceive you. The USB Micro Hard Drive offers advanced security features. To protect your data, it offers 128-bit encryption, magnetic data encoding and error […]

Motorola Purchases Sendo R&D Labs

Is this the end-o of Sendo? Motorola has just agreed to purchase certain parts of UK-based Sendo. No financial details of the acquisition have been released yet but this much is known – Motorola is getting Sendo’s UK- and Singapore-based R&D team (plus the design and testing equipment utilized by that R&D group), and its […]