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TicTalk Mobile Phone for Kids is Educational


Enfora and LeapFrog have signed a licensing agreement that will integrate five famous LeapFrog educational games into the TicTalk mobile phone. With over 400 school skills in first through sixth grade main subject areas such as math, spelling, social studies and science are covered in the games. The TicTalk mobile ...

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MP4 Player Zvue Gets a Price Drop to Hike Sales


In a bid to spur sales of its MP4 player, Handheld Entertainment has lowered the retail price of their 128MB Zvue from US $149.95 to US $99.95. The price drop coincides with the firm’s retail distribution expansion to over 1,000 retail outlets nationwide. The Zvue is quite small actually, just ...

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Snore Stopper Snoring Zapper Ships


So why does one snore in the first place? Snoring takes place when the muscles of the throat, tongue and soft palate relax too much during deep sleep. As a result, the tissue sags and narrows down the air passage. You then have to breathe more forcefully to get air ...

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Boeing’s Connexion Wi-Fi Service Takes Off


If you intend to work while on your next flight and wish to send files, check email, chat or surf the web, then make sure you are flying aboard a Boeing 737-400 plane. The Boeing planes will now offer Wi-Fi service that enables you to access the Internet features you ...

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Acer Extends Tablet PC Line with TravelMate C310


Acer America introduces a new addition to its family of TravelMate Tablet PCs, the TravelMate C310, which is a fully convertible laptop and Tablet computer. Indeed, with the C310, you can work just about anywhere you like because its design enables you to use it as a fully functional laptop ...

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DVD Players Poised to Go Mobile


It’s a mobile world out there and people simply want their dose of entertainment wherever they are, whenever they want. As it is, people are already watching DVDs in their cars, in trains, in-flight, on laptops and on portable DVD players. Following are some industry trends we’ve noticed catering to ...

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Mobile Video Fails to Please


A recent mobile phone subscriber survey conducted by In-Stat US shows that one in eight subscribers showed interest in buying mobile video services from their wireless carrier. The interest may indeed be there, but the survey called Mobile Video Services – Perched at the Brink, also shows that two-thirds of ...

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Mobile Gaming Helmet makes Safety Fun for Kids


So your child does not want to wear a safety helmet inside the car eh? Maybe this new helmet developed by amateur inventor Michael P. Fleming will make your kid change his mind. Actually, there is no child safety gadget designed specifically for the head protection of kids inside cars ...

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Motorola RAZR V3x unveiled for US Market


On Motorola’s US website you will see the addition of the RAZR V3x which is said to be a variation of the Motorola V1150 that was launched at CeBIT this year. A quick rundown of its features reveals that the V3x is a 3G mobile phone. As such, many are ...

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