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Sony Airboard – TV or Internet Anywhere


This March, Sony Japan has plans to release the Air Board (LF-X1). The Sony Air Board has integrated 802.11a/b/g WiFi with a maximum data transfer rate of 15Mbps. The 800×600 TFT LCD colour display can be used as a television display panel and can perform other tasks such as video, ...

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Cingular attempts to buy out AT&T Wireless


A formal bid for an enormous unknown amount has been offered to acquire AT&T Wireless. This cash offer was put in by Cingular Wireless, if approved it would make them the No. 1 U.S. cellphone carrier. The offer was submitted to the board of directors this past weekend in a ...

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iRiver to develop WiFi Mp3 Player


ReignCom Ltd., the world’s largest MP3 player maker, has plans to develop a WiFi based MP3 player under the iRiver brand. One week ago today, SoniqCast launched their 1.5GB Aireo WiFi MP3 player with built-in FM receiver and transmitter, the device will cost around $300. ReignCom has formed an alliance ...

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Digitalway Wins $35 Million US Order to BestBuy


Digitalway Co, Ltd, maker of the popular Mpio series MP3 players, has just struck a deal wowrth $35 Million US to supply Best Buy, home electronics distributor with MP3 players. Digitalway said on Jan 18 that they sealed the deal at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las ...

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Palm Treo 610?


For everyone that bought a Treo 600, and waited many many months to get it, Bargain PDA just posted information of a possible succesor, the Treo 610. With a higher-resolution screen, Bluetooth, more memory it should be the same size as the 600, and hit the street this March. Nothing ...

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Battle of the Auto Software


Last week at CES Microsoft announced its first Connected Concept Cars running on Windows Automotive technology, NAV TV Corp also announced their WinMobil system, the all-in-one answer to Microsoft’s Automotive. I’m not sure how NAV TV pulled off using the word “Win” in their software name, but im sure it ...

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