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SimpleTech 8 GB Type II CompactFlash for $5,999


SimpleTech has announced an 8GB Type II Compact Flash Card utilizing its patented IC Tower stacking technology. The card is insanely priced at $5,999. SimpleTech’s IC Tower stacking technology allows multiple NAND Flash components to be stacked together to provide increased memory and storage densities that provide enhanced capacity in ...

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Motorola V80 Turns Heads


The Motorola V80 has a never-before-seen mobile design with a rotating cover that opens at the touch of a button. The handset comes complete with an embedded 640×480 VGA camera, landscape photo imaging, photo messaging and integrated Bluetooth. The tri-band handset defies conventional thinking about mobile phone design. When it ...

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Two new compact digitals from Fujifilm


Two new compact cameras from Fujifilm were released today, the A330 and A340 3.3 and 4.0 megapixel cameras. Both have 3x optical zoom and a sturdy stylish body, with a 38 – 114mm equivelent lens. Also capable of capturing 60 seconds of video at 10 frames per second (320 x ...

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Samsung Develops Satellite DMB Chip for Mobile Phones


Samsung Electronics has completed development of the world’s first satellite digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) chip for mobile phones. The satellite DMB chip for mobile phones requires ultra-high integration, and Samsung Electronics has paved the way for localization of satellite DMB components. Satellite DMB is in the spotlight as the next ...

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NEC Card-Shaped Camera Phone is World’s Smallest


NEC reports that they have succeeded in creating a card-shaped, camera-equipped mobile phone, which will launch on the Asian market later this month. The new handset boasts measurements of 85mm x 54mm x 8.6mm, and only 70g. This mobile-internet product supports GSM/GPRS, and is equipped with a 1.8 inch (120×160) ...

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Roaming Messenger will bring Mobile Commerce to the USA


Roaming Messenger is officially in the beta test stage on Motorola’s latest generation SmartPhone, the MPX 200. This handset is currently available from AT&T Wireless and features Microsoft SmartPhone 2002 operating system. Once deployed, the Roaming Messenger system will allow dynamic, rich, interactive content to seamlessly roam between wireless users, ...

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Two new Clies go Wi-Fi


Sony Japan yesterday launched the Wi-Fi-enabled Clié TH55 and TJ37 PDAs with 32MB RAM. Both the Clié TH55 and the Clié TJ37 run Palm OS 5.2 with Motorola’s ARM-based i.MXL processor. The cpu clock speed is 200MHz, but on average loads runs between 8MHz and 123MHz similar to Intel’s SpeedStep ...

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Nokia and Polar announce enhancements for 5140 handset


Nokia in conjunction with Polar Electro, manufacturer of sports instruments have launched several devices for the new Nokia 5140 mobile phone. For travelers and hikers, the Nokia Xpress-on GPS shell for the 5140 handset offers GPS functions like trip computer, route guidance, tracking and saving of waypoints integrated into the ...

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Project Hudson evolves


An industry group has launched a new system for protecting digital music, video and software from illegal file sharing over mobile devices. The Content Management License Administrator (CMLA), code named “Project Hudson”, will promote an advanced DRM system that secures handsets and other mobile devices. The OMA DRM 2.0 Enabler ...

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30GB RipDrive FM Recorder Jukebox from PoGo!


PoGo! Products, Ltd. today announced an new 30GB version of their Hard Disk Drive product, The RipDrive. RipDrive has a built in FM recorder allowing you to save your radio broadcast. It also features Direct Encoding, and doubles as a Digital Voice Recorder and can connect to Windows ME, 2000, ...

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