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Motorola unveils the E398, E680 and C650 handsets


Today at the M3 Music Summit in Miami Beach, Motorola introduced three new mobile music handsets aimed to deliver MTV wireless conten. The alliance with MTV will deliver the Motorola E398, E680 and C650 handsets intense music-based sounds and actions across all functions – gaming, MP3 and ringtones. The most ...

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The Chameleon Pocket Vault: Credit card cloning system


The Chameleon Pocket Vault hopes to be the all-in-one solution to the endless clutter of multi-payment credit, banking, and whatever other cards you can imagine that get packed into your wallet. To use the Pocket Vault for a transaction, the customer would press the relevant logo on the display representing ...

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3D Scanning soon to be affordable


Spiral Scratch out of Liverpool UK has designed an affordable three-dimensional computer scanner. The current 3D scanners on the market cost thousands of dollars, and are anything but small. As the object rotates, the system builds a complete accurate picture of the object’s shape. The camera captures colours and applies ...

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Nokia 8300 Spy-Mod


An Italian company called Endocaustica, is offering the Nokia 8310 mobile phone with a spy phone modification. The phone is setup with two telephone numbers, one for normal usage and incoming calls, the other is for spy mode. When you call the second secretly configured number the phone does not ...

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Sympatico offers dual-purpose 802.11g Wi-Fi modem


Sympatico is the first major service provider in Canada to offer a dual-purpose Wi-Fi modem, this allows customers to surf the internet via a 128-bit encrypted wireless high-speed modem. The new device manufactured by Siemens AG will sell for $69.95 or offered free to any high-speed customers who sign a ...

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ASA bans Nokia N-Gage ads


Nokia has been banned from showing seven ads for the N-Gage system by the the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). Those who complained said the ads were “offensive and distressing in its depiction of violence and crime, especially to those who saw it in areas where they faced an increased possibility ...

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Colour screens boost handset production


According to a report by Nikkei Market Access, the demand for colour screened mobile phones has increased production to a record high last year. The total number of mobile phones produced for 2003 was around 518 million units, this is a 24.4% increase. The main reason is that more consumers ...

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DoCoMo demostrates ultra-fast 4G


Yesterday reporters were allowed inside DoCoMo’s massive 27-acre R&D complex. A demostration of their new 4G service was given, with remarkable data transfer speeds of up to 20 megabytes per second for uplinks and 100 megabytes per second for downlinks, this is around 260 times faster than DoCoMo’s current 3G ...

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Panasonic unveils VDR-M70K 3-inch DVD-R Camcorder


Panasonic has jumped into the DVD-R video recording market with the new VDR-M70K. Sony last month released two similar products, the DCR-DVD101 and DCR-DVD201 DVD Handycams will record on 3-inch DVD-R and DVD-RW media. The VDR-M70K was developed by Panasonic and Hitachi and is similar to their DZ-MV580 version. It ...

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Panasonic introduces MiniSD Cards


Panasonic today announced plans for the world’s smallest flash memory card, the miniSD Card. Available in the U.S. and European markets this May, the miniSD Card is about 40% of the volume of the already diminutive standard SD Memory Card. While the new cards were designed especially for use in ...

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Sendo unveils S600 and M570 handsets


Sendo today at 3GSM World Congress announced the M570 and S600 mobile handsets. The M570 java-enabled clamshell sports a 65K ultra fine and bright (UFB) colour display, while the candy bar style S600 offers a standard 65K colour display. Both models feature 4 MB of free memory, this provides storage ...

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Symbian lanuches OS v8.0 with Hybrid OpenGL ES


Symbian today announced the availability of Symbian OS v8.0, the latest version of Symbian OS. The new enhanced Java version will include the Hybrid OpenGL ES solution for the most extreme mobile gaming experience. Version 8.0 will also support SDIO standards for incorporating SD memory expansion and I/O ports. Another ...

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