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A rugged phone for rugged times – Siemens M65


At CeBIT 2004, Siemens Mobile will launch the M65 solid outdoor Triband GSM handset. Packed with full multimedia features for optimum performance and entertainment the M65 is made with a unique mix of rubber and metal. This offers improved resistance to water splashes, shock and dust as well as a ...

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Nokia 7610 Megapixel Camera Phone with Life Blog


Nokia plans to grab the spotlight at CeBIT 2004 with the announcement of their new Nokia 7610 megapixel camera phone. The 7610 will store photo-quality images and videos on the Series 60 Platform. Planned for release Q2 of 2004, the tri-band phone comes in GSM 900/1800/1900 and GSM 850/1800/1900 for ...

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Secure backups for your PDA


A new “plug ‘n play” Mobile Digital Media (MDM) card used to backup your Palm OS or Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC device has been released. The postage stamp-sized card offers an instant complete backup and restore feature for applications, databases or PIM data. It also features data compression, encryption, and ...

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M-Systems 90GB Flash Disk


M-Systems today released a new solid-state flash disk with Ultra ATA interface in a 2.5″ disk casing up to 90GBytes costing about $40,000 USD. The disk is targeted to military operations, who else could really afford this? The FFD 2.5″ Ultra ATA is an ATA-6 flash disk with an interface ...

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Tel.Me T939 with 2.1 megapixel camera


The Tel.Me T939 phone should be available sometime in 2004. The $600 Euro handset will be made in Austria by Tel.Me and will run on Windows CE. Featuring a 2.1 megapixel camera with direct print technology, built-in flash, optical autofocus, print/photo editor and video recording. The handsets display is 256,000 ...

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Swiss USB Knife


Why oh why? It was bound to happen, we have seen solar powered flash lights and other similar brilliant inventions. Swissbit brings you the USB retractable knife. Incase you are camping or lost in the woods, what a better time to access your personal documents, resume or favorite mp3 tracks. ...

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Fishing cam takes underwater exploring digital


Gizmodo has found a very strange but interesting device from Fishing-cam Corp of Korea. It’s precisely what you would think, a camera lure that sends a video signal to your nearby receiver. Sure the screenshots are of nice clear blue waters, but how often do you fish in water that ...

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MovieRec Alpha turns your Treo 600 into a camcorder


A new software called MovieRec from Infinityball.com will let users of the PalmOne Treo 600 record 5 seconds of 160 x 120 uncompressed video clips to the internal memory. Unfortunatly since the program is in its “Alpha” stage, you cannot record to an external memory card yet, and there are ...

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Toshiba M205 Portege Notebook with swivel screen


Toshiba today announced their new Portégé M205 Tablet PC notebook will be available immediately. The M205 is a notebook with tablet PC functionality, the LCD screen can swivel and fold back. The M205 also features advanced wireless connectivity using integrated Wi-Fi (802.11g) and exptra storage with a 60GB hard disk ...

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Wurlitzer Digital Jukebox with WiFi remote


This nifty Wurlitzer Digital Jukebox from Gibson Audio has a detachable wireless WiFi remote that resembles a Pocket PC handheld. The Jukebox has an internal 80GB harddrive for storing ripped music and can play WMA, MP3 audio files. It can also transmit music to other “Zone Clients” in your home. ...

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800 MHz SBC boots Linux and measures only 2.8-inches


General Micro Systems today announced the world’s smallest single-board computer (SBC), the Spider. Capable of booting directly to Linux or VxWorks-Tornado II from onboard Flash, the Spider occupies 30% less space than a credit card, and consumes as little as 4W of power. The Spider comes in two flavors: a ...

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