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Bitstream Announces ThunderHawk SmartPhone Edition


Bitstream today has announced the ThunderHawk browser for Smartphones. The new mobile browser will preserve the actual web page layout making it easier to find information on a page. Wireless carriers will carry the ThunderHawk SmartPhone edition immediately, while end users will have to wait until next month to get ...

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SpyPen uses 0.16-inch Colour Viewfinder


Kopin has released the CyberDisplay 113K EVF, an ultra-small, ultra-low power electronic viewfinder system that has been integrated into the new SpyPen Oboe digital camera unveiled at CTIA Wireless 2004. The SpyPen Oboe digital camera has an unusual but stylish telescopic look with a 2.1-megapixel resolution and a 2x zoom. ...

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Handango and PocketX announce Handango InHand


Handango has teamed up with PocketX to create the Handango InHand software for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone devices. The InHand software is an on-device application catalog that simplifies the process of finding, installing and purchasing software (apps and games) for Windows Mobile Smartphones. The easy-to-use folder style system ...

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Four new clamshells from Audiovox


Audiovox this week announced the release of several stylish clamshell phones, one with a swivel style camera. The CDM-8930, CDM-8920 and the CDM-8615 were unveiled at the CTIA Wireless 2004 conference. One of Audiovox’s most unique new handsets is the CDM-8930, a swivel clamshell-style 1.3 megapixel camera phone with macro ...

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Samsung YH-999 to run Microsoft Portable Media Center


Its official, Samsung has announced their YH-999 Portable Video Player. Shipping around July to the US, this is touted as the World’s smallest digital multimedia player, but of course they did not release the dimensions to the public. The YH-999 will have a 3.5-inch TFT Colour LCD run on Microsofts ...

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Asus has plans for WL-HDD 802.11g HDD


Asustek Computer has plans to launch a WiFi based external HDD this coming May. The WL-HDD will give network users access to files via an 802.11g 54Mbit/s wireless HDD. Its also backwards compatible with 802.11b devices and can be adopted easily in wired environments. Although WiFi is booming, wireless hard-drives ...

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RIM introduces the colour Blackberry 7750


More news from the CTIA Wireless 2004 trade show in Atlanta today, RIM introduced the new colour BlackBerry 7750 CDMA 1X Wireless Handheld. The Java-based 7750, operates on the Verizon Wireless network, and is expected to be available next month. “The high-resolution color screen and the large display make the ...

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Motorola A840 network jumping phone


Motorola introduced the A840 CDMA/GSM handset today to the global market. The A840 will be available in North America around the middle of 2004. The handset combines 800/1900 CDMA, CDMA 1X and 900/1800 GSM making it one of the first inter-band compabitble phones on the market. If business is important ...

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NEC launches the MobilePro 900c Handheld PC


NEC today announced the $900 USD MobilePro 900c handheld PC running Windows CE .NET 4.2 OS. The 900c is optimized to support secure and scalable networking for the enterprise user. Weighing less then two pounds and featuring a near full-size keyboard with a sharp flip-up style 8.1-inch HVGA (640×240) touch ...

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Toshiba Gigabeat G21 20GB MP3 Player


Toshiba Japan today unveiled the Gigabeat G21 1.8-inch 20GB HDD based MP3 player. The G21 features a 28 spectrum digital equalizer for the extreme audiophile. Being the thinnest 20GB MP3 player in the world, the G21 is also easy to update, simply plug it into your network and your PC ...

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Soda, Candy, WiFi?


A new coin-op vending machine has been designed to give Internet access via a WiFi access point. After you insert your coins, the timer controlled machine will enable a network port for you to access the internet. The TT-1-WA is an integrated Wireless 802.11b compliant access point with coin controller. ...

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