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Two new Clies go Wi-Fi

Sony Japan yesterday launched the Wi-Fi-enabled Clié TH55 and TJ37 PDAs with 32MB RAM. Both the Clié TH55 and the Clié TJ37 run Palm OS 5.2 with Motorola’s ARM-based i.MXL processor. The cpu clock speed is 200MHz, but on average loads runs between 8MHz and 123MHz similar to Intel’s SpeedStep technology. The TH55 runs a […]

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Nokia and Polar announce enhancements for 5140 handset

Nokia in conjunction with Polar Electro, manufacturer of sports instruments have launched several devices for the new Nokia 5140 mobile phone. For travelers and hikers, the Nokia Xpress-on GPS shell for the 5140 handset offers GPS functions like trip computer, route guidance, tracking and saving of waypoints integrated into the phone shell. Sold separately, the […]

Project Hudson evolves

An industry group has launched a new system for protecting digital music, video and software from illegal file sharing over mobile devices. The Content Management License Administrator (CMLA), code named “Project Hudson”, will promote an advanced DRM system that secures handsets and other mobile devices. The OMA DRM 2.0 Enabler Release, is designed to protect […]

Olympus Develops New Free-Shaped Prism Cellphone Camera Module

Olympus Corp has announced that they will enter the mobile phone market by manufacturing a new type of camera module. The new module is designed around the existing “Eye-Trek” eye display system. The module is lightweight, compact, and uses two free-shaped prisms. The 8.5mm thick sensor will capture at 1.3-million-pixels. Expecting to ship in spring […]

30GB RipDrive FM Recorder Jukebox from PoGo!

PoGo! Products, Ltd. today announced an new 30GB version of their Hard Disk Drive product, The RipDrive. RipDrive has a built in FM recorder allowing you to save your radio broadcast. It also features Direct Encoding, and doubles as a Digital Voice Recorder and can connect to Windows ME, 2000, XP computers without drivers. Moderatly […]

Samsung unveils SGH-D410 Slider handset and others

Samsung Korea has unveiled three new handsets to be released this year, the SGH-D410 Slider Phone, the Samsung i530 Palm OS Smartphone, and the E600. The Samsung SGH-D410 tri-band handset integrates a VGA camera capable of capturing at 640×480 resolution, the 260,000 colour TFT display measures 176×220 pixels. As well as VGA photographs, the D410 […]

Canon EOS-1D Mark II 69 Megapixels per second camera

Canon today has announced the amazing addition to its EOS series of cameras, the EOS-1D Mark II which features a new 8.2 megapixel CMOS sensor. This beast can shoot at just over eight frames per second and has a 40 frame JPEG image buffer (20 frames in RAW mode). A new generation DIGIC II processor […]

BenQ unveils DC S30 digital camera with MP3 player

BenQ has announced the DC S30, one of the first in its class from the manufacturer to combine 3.34 Mega-pixels digital camera, MP3 audio player, voice recorder, and video recorder. In addition, the BenQ S30 features 3.34 Mega-pixels, 3X optical zoom, and an 180º flip-out LCD preview screen. No specifications on video quality were announced, […]

Alcatel One Touch 735i Java 2.0 Phone

Alcatel has launched the Java 2.0 enabled One Touch 735i, an enhanced version of its predecessor, the One Touch 735. The 735i has an aluminum design with large 128×128 pixels, 4096 colour screen. Thanks to Java 2.0 technology, it is now possible to download an almost infinite number of games to the One Touch 735i, […]

Nikon D70 Sub-$1000 Digital SLR

It took several months, but Nikon finally answers back to Canon’s EOS Digital Rebel announced last August. The Nikon D70 is a sub-$1000 digital SLR camera with many features to offer, it also matches the Canon EOS 300D with 6.0-megapixels and ships with a New DX Nikkor 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G IF-ED lens. See press release below. […]

Kanguru FC-RW burns Flash media to CD-R

Kanguru Solutions has announced the availability of the Kanguru FC-RW, a universal card reader with CD-RW drive. This device is intended to provide a reliable and fast way to transfer data from flash media to CD-R disks. The FC-RW supports all Compact Flash (Type I/II), Smart Media, IBM Micro Drive, Sony Memory Stick, Memory Stick […]

Philips may be first to mass produce e-Paper

Philips Electronics announced Monday that they are preparing to mass-produce a slim digital paper. Philips is also working on a more advanced paper that will be able to display video, but at this time the new e-paper to come will only display monochrome images and text. Consumers will be able to download newspapers and magazines […]

Warning: Kyocera 7135 Smartphone Batteries may Explode

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said on Friday that Kyocera will be recalling 140,000 handset batteries in the United States that may “erupt with force” and burn users. Only 40,000 of these have been distributed to consumers. The batteries sold from September to December 2003 for use in Kyocera’s model 7135 Smartphone were manufactured […]

Broadband 802.16a WiMax may be a possibility

WiMax can transfer data at about 70 MB/s, thousands of users can receive the signal within 30 miles of one single base station. “The IEEE 802.16e spec, which will support mobile applications, is expected to be complete by early 2005. Nextel, Sprint and BellSouth are all interested in the technology to deploy services like streaming […]

Bluedock turns your Handheld into a Desktop

Synosphere has developed the Blue Dock, a docking station for Pocket PC and Palm OS handhelds. Your handheld is simply placed into the docking bay and connects to your monitor, keyboard and mouse allowing you to go about your business as if it were a regular desktop computer. The Blue Dock also allows you to […]

Fossil Palm OS Wristwatch Discontinued

The Fossil PDA Wristwatch never made it to a store shelf, Fossil has discontinued the line of watches according to Wired. Amazon began taking pre-orders for the watch back in June of last year, but has recently updated the product status to “Discontinued”. Fossil claims that quality problems with manufacturing of their 1-inch screens were […]

1.3 Mega-Pixel Microsoft Smartphone

EurophoneUSA, Inc. and ICT Technologies have plans to release a handful of cutting edge GSM, CDMA and TDMA cellular phones worldwide in the second quarter of 2004. In a strategic allience with Uroa Tech research and development firm, the companies have come up with some very elegent and advanced mobile handset designs. The “Remo”, code […]

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Suunto n3 Wireless Wristwatch

Suunto has just announced the availability of the n3 wristwatch, this is one tech-watch that may actually have a greater purpose. The n3 will be able to update various streams of media, from real-time news, weather, stocks and other info directly to you where ever you may be. In addition to advanced watch features like […]

Nintendo to release Dual-Screened Portable Game Device; Nintendo DS

As the market for portable gaming quickly grows, new ideas and innovations always come forward, no matter how obscure or revolutionary they may be. Nintendo plans to release a dual-screened Gameboy style device by the end of 2004. At first I thought the dual-screen would be great for head-to-head gaming, this might not be a […]

Trust 510 PC Card

Trust has developed the ideal card reader/writer for notebook computers. The Trust 510 Card Reader/Writer PC Card which has support for five different memory cards, (SmartMedia Card, MultiMedia Card, Secure Digital Card, Memory Stick and Memory Stick Pro). The Trust card allows the user to quickly write documents, files, photographs and music to a notebook […]

I-O Data miniSD Memory Reader/Writer for Cellphones

At this day and age, it is much easier to buy a cellphone with a memory card slot, but I-O Data has designed the SnapMemory. This is allows you to attach a miniSD memory card reader/writer to the cellphone. The SnapMemory has USB support, which allows you to connect to a laptop, desktop and print […]

Sony Airboard – TV or Internet Anywhere

This March, Sony Japan has plans to release the Air Board (LF-X1). The Sony Air Board has integrated 802.11a/b/g WiFi with a maximum data transfer rate of 15Mbps. The 800×600 TFT LCD colour display can be used as a television display panel and can perform other tasks such as video, Internet browsing/streaming video, e-mail, and […]

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Cingular attempts to buy out AT&T Wireless

A formal bid for an enormous unknown amount has been offered to acquire AT&T Wireless. This cash offer was put in by Cingular Wireless, if approved it would make them the No. 1 U.S. cellphone carrier. The offer was submitted to the board of directors this past weekend in a meeting, and is currently being […]

iRiver to develop WiFi Mp3 Player

ReignCom Ltd., the world’s largest MP3 player maker, has plans to develop a WiFi based MP3 player under the iRiver brand. One week ago today, SoniqCast launched their 1.5GB Aireo WiFi MP3 player with built-in FM receiver and transmitter, the device will cost around $300. ReignCom has formed an alliance with KT Corp., Korea’s biggest […]

Digitalway Wins $35 Million US Order to BestBuy

Digitalway Co, Ltd, maker of the popular Mpio series MP3 players, has just struck a deal wowrth $35 Million US to supply Best Buy, home electronics distributor with MP3 players. Digitalway said on Jan 18 that they sealed the deal at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you can’t […]

Palm Treo 610?

For everyone that bought a Treo 600, and waited many many months to get it, Bargain PDA just posted information of a possible succesor, the Treo 610. With a higher-resolution screen, Bluetooth, more memory it should be the same size as the 600, and hit the street this March. Nothing has yet been announced by […]

Mpavio Portable Media Player with Mind Control Program

The Mpavio DDP-1000 is a 20GB portable media player designed by Korean company Penurocom. On the tiny 2.5″ LCD you can watch MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and DviX 4.X, or 5.X movie files. You can also listen to MPEG-1, 2, MP3, and WMA audio files, at a maximum sample rate of 96Khz. The device has composite […]

Battle of the Auto Software

Last week at CES Microsoft announced its first Connected Concept Cars running on Windows Automotive technology, NAV TV Corp also announced their WinMobil system, the all-in-one answer to Microsoft’s Automotive. I’m not sure how NAV TV pulled off using the word “Win” in their software name, but im sure it will stir up some commotion […]