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SanDisk to sell cheap ‘Digital Film’ at convenience stores

You can buy 35mm film just about anywhere, and with the amount of people switching to digital it only makes sense to offer them the same convenience of grabbing more ‘film storage’ when they need it. SanDisk today announced that it has launched its Shoot & Store line of inexpensive flash memory cards in Australia, […]

M-Systems 90GB Flash Disk

M-Systems today released a new solid-state flash disk with Ultra ATA interface in a 2.5″ disk casing up to 90GBytes costing about $40,000 USD. The disk is targeted to military operations, who else could really afford this? The FFD 2.5″ Ultra ATA is an ATA-6 flash disk with an interface speed of 100MB/s, supporting Ultra […]

Tel.Me T939 with 2.1 megapixel camera

The Tel.Me T939 phone should be available sometime in 2004. The $600 Euro handset will be made in Austria by Tel.Me and will run on Windows CE. Featuring a 2.1 megapixel camera with direct print technology, built-in flash, optical autofocus, print/photo editor and video recording. The handsets display is 256,000 colour touch screen at 160×240 […]

Swiss USB Knife

Why oh why? It was bound to happen, we have seen solar powered flash lights and other similar brilliant inventions. Swissbit brings you the USB retractable knife. Incase you are camping or lost in the woods, what a better time to access your personal documents, resume or favorite mp3 tracks. Read more from the source.

Fishing cam takes underwater exploring digital

Gizmodo has found a very strange but interesting device from Fishing-cam Corp of Korea. It’s precisely what you would think, a camera lure that sends a video signal to your nearby receiver. Sure the screenshots are of nice clear blue waters, but how often do you fish in water that clear, and how easy would […]

MovieRec Alpha turns your Treo 600 into a camcorder

A new software called MovieRec from will let users of the PalmOne Treo 600 record 5 seconds of 160 x 120 uncompressed video clips to the internal memory. Unfortunatly since the program is in its “Alpha” stage, you cannot record to an external memory card yet, and there are still some issues such as […]

Alps Electric unveils 120Gb per square inch thin-film HDD heads

The new HRGHL Series giant magneto resistive (GMR) thin-film hard disk drive (HDD) heads are capable of recording densities of 120Gb per square inch. Alps’ new heads will increase future storage capacities for 3.5-inch, 2.5-inch, 1.8-inch, 1.0-inch and smaller HDDs. In 2005 the technology will be in place for manufacturers to release 10GB microdrives. The […]

Toshiba M205 Portege Notebook with swivel screen

Toshiba today announced their new Portégé M205 Tablet PC notebook will be available immediately. The M205 is a notebook with tablet PC functionality, the LCD screen can swivel and fold back. The M205 also features advanced wireless connectivity using integrated Wi-Fi (802.11g) and exptra storage with a 60GB hard disk drive. These new features have […]

Wurlitzer Digital Jukebox with WiFi remote

This nifty Wurlitzer Digital Jukebox from Gibson Audio has a detachable wireless WiFi remote that resembles a Pocket PC handheld. The Jukebox has an internal 80GB harddrive for storing ripped music and can play WMA, MP3 audio files. It can also transmit music to other “Zone Clients” in your home. The Jukebox system will cost […]

800 MHz SBC boots Linux and measures only 2.8-inches

General Micro Systems today announced the world’s smallest single-board computer (SBC), the Spider. Capable of booting directly to Linux or VxWorks-Tornado II from onboard Flash, the Spider occupies 30% less space than a credit card, and consumes as little as 4W of power. The Spider comes in two flavors: a low-power version (the P501) based […]

Motorola unveils the E398, E680 and C650 handsets

Today at the M3 Music Summit in Miami Beach, Motorola introduced three new mobile music handsets aimed to deliver MTV wireless conten. The alliance with MTV will deliver the Motorola E398, E680 and C650 handsets intense music-based sounds and actions across all functions – gaming, MP3 and ringtones. The most noteable Motorola C650, pictured right, […]

The Chameleon Pocket Vault: Credit card cloning system

The Chameleon Pocket Vault hopes to be the all-in-one solution to the endless clutter of multi-payment credit, banking, and whatever other cards you can imagine that get packed into your wallet. To use the Pocket Vault for a transaction, the customer would press the relevant logo on the display representing which account they wish to […]

3D Scanning soon to be affordable

Spiral Scratch out of Liverpool UK has designed an affordable three-dimensional computer scanner. The current 3D scanners on the market cost thousands of dollars, and are anything but small. As the object rotates, the system builds a complete accurate picture of the object’s shape. The camera captures colours and applies those to your virtual object […]

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Nokia 8300 Spy-Mod

An Italian company called Endocaustica, is offering the Nokia 8310 mobile phone with a spy phone modification. The phone is setup with two telephone numbers, one for normal usage and incoming calls, the other is for spy mode. When you call the second secretly configured number the phone does not ring, vibrate or even light […]

Sympatico offers dual-purpose 802.11g Wi-Fi modem

Sympatico is the first major service provider in Canada to offer a dual-purpose Wi-Fi modem, this allows customers to surf the internet via a 128-bit encrypted wireless high-speed modem. The new device manufactured by Siemens AG will sell for $69.95 or offered free to any high-speed customers who sign a 12-month contract. Sympatico’s new product […]

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ASA bans Nokia N-Gage ads

Nokia has been banned from showing seven ads for the N-Gage system by the the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). Those who complained said the ads were “offensive and distressing in its depiction of violence and crime, especially to those who saw it in areas where they faced an increased possibility of assault”. The ASA agreed […]

Colour screens boost handset production

According to a report by Nikkei Market Access, the demand for colour screened mobile phones has increased production to a record high last year. The total number of mobile phones produced for 2003 was around 518 million units, this is a 24.4% increase. The main reason is that more consumers are upgrading handsets for new […]

DoCoMo demostrates ultra-fast 4G

Yesterday reporters were allowed inside DoCoMo’s massive 27-acre R&D complex. A demostration of their new 4G service was given, with remarkable data transfer speeds of up to 20 megabytes per second for uplinks and 100 megabytes per second for downlinks, this is around 260 times faster than DoCoMo’s current 3G services. “What may likely decide […]

Panasonic unveils VDR-M70K 3-inch DVD-R Camcorder

Panasonic has jumped into the DVD-R video recording market with the new VDR-M70K. Sony last month released two similar products, the DCR-DVD101 and DCR-DVD201 DVD Handycams will record on 3-inch DVD-R and DVD-RW media. The VDR-M70K was developed by Panasonic and Hitachi and is similar to their DZ-MV580 version. It is expected to be released […]

PalmSource releases Cobalt Simulator for developers

PalmSource has released a simulator for Cobalt (Palm OS v6.0) today. The software lets developers test source code without a Palm handheld device. This will allow faster development of new software for the OS. The Palm OS Simulator is the Palm OS 5.0 system compiled native for Intel. It is not hardware emulation like Palm […]

Cognimatics releases Face Warping software for mobile phones

Just recently, Cognimatics launched their product “Face Warping” – the first product on the market with advanced face detection. Face Warping is built upon patent pending technology and is marketed by Nokia Software Market and a few other selected Cognimatics partners. A series of other products based on the same patent pending technology is under […]

Panasonic introduces MiniSD Cards

Panasonic today announced plans for the world’s smallest flash memory card, the miniSD Card. Available in the U.S. and European markets this May, the miniSD Card is about 40% of the volume of the already diminutive standard SD Memory Card. While the new cards were designed especially for use in mobile phones, they will be […]

Sony Ericsson T610 wins Best Handset at 3GSM World Congress

Last night, the Sony Ericsson T610 camera phone was awarded the prestigious award for “Best handset, terminal or device” during the GSM Association’s 2004 Awards evening at the 3GSM World Congress. “In the opinion of our independent judging panel, the Sony Ericsson T610 is a great phone, which is really easy to use for communication […]

Sendo unveils S600 and M570 handsets

Sendo today at 3GSM World Congress announced the M570 and S600 mobile handsets. The M570 java-enabled clamshell sports a 65K ultra fine and bright (UFB) colour display, while the candy bar style S600 offers a standard 65K colour display. Both models feature 4 MB of free memory, this provides storage for up to 400 10KB […]

Symbian lanuches OS v8.0 with Hybrid OpenGL ES

Symbian today announced the availability of Symbian OS v8.0, the latest version of Symbian OS. The new enhanced Java version will include the Hybrid OpenGL ES solution for the most extreme mobile gaming experience. Version 8.0 will also support SDIO standards for incorporating SD memory expansion and I/O ports. Another significant enhancement will enable handset […]

MSN Messenger and Hotmail coming to your mobile phone

Openwave V7 is a full suite software platform designed to drive mobile data usage. The new version will include MSN Hotmail, to allow customers to access their inbox, include text, images or sound in their e-mail messages and receive personalized alerts for designated e-mail messages. Customers will also have access to MSN Messenger and allow […]

iPod mini disection

Greg Koenig over at iPodlounge disects the iPod mini to reveal a 4GB Hitachi Microdrive. He had no luck trying to mount it on his Lexar FireWire CF Card Reader and Canon Digital Rebel, hopefully soon someone will figure out how to do this so we can have 4GB CF cards for our digital cameras. […]

OmniVision Launches First 2 Megapixel Camera Sensor for Mobile Phones

OmniVision today announced that it is shipping samples of the industry’s first 1/3-inch 2.0-megapixel CMOS image sensor to leading manufacturers of cameraphones. The OV2620 takes clear, brilliant, keepsake-quality photographs in sizes up to 8-by-10 inches. It sets a new standard for putting high image quality into a compact, power-efficient design and closes the performance gap […]

Vertu Ascent: A Luxurious handset

UK-based Vertu has offered luxurious personal communication devices since 2002. Recently they have launched the Ascent collection designed with unique materials with prices starting at around £2450 GBP or $4500 USD. See press release below. Vertu launches the ascent collection dynamic, desirable and undeniably Vertu Vertu today announces a stunning new addition to its collection […]

Nikon D2H WiFi Digital Camera

Back in July we reported on the Nikon D2H release but the WT-1 was not yet available to consumers, Digital Photography Review had a chance to get look up close with the device at PMA 2004. The Nikon D2H is the first digital SLR to enable wireless transfers of image files via 802.11b. The D2H […]

Sony unveils two-tone Vaio K series notebooks

Sony will introduce a new K series Vaio notebook with a new slick look. The main seller on this machine is the sharp constrast, crips graphics and amazing colour reproduction during video playback. The K series will have three models, the PCG-K13, PCG-K15, and PCG-K17. All with 802.11b/g WLAN and an ATI Radeon IGP 345M […]

Vodafone brings Sharp GX30 megapixel handset to Europe

Vodafone has announced the first mega-pixel camera phone for GSM networks – the Sharp GX30. The new phone next in line of the Sharp GX10, GX10i and the GX20 models. The state-of-the-art Sharp GX30 comes with a built-in CCD camera capable of taking one million-pixel high-quality images, the first of its kind in Europe. For […]

Intel Announces Ultra-Wideband Wireless Technology Strategy

With intentions of delivering a new high-speed generation of personal wireless connectivity, an equivalent to wireless USB with bandwidth of 480 Mbit/sec. Intel claims the new standard will be backwards-compatible with USB 2.0 and will work best in distances under 30 feet. See press release below. Intel Unveils Platform Strategy For Ultra-Wideband Wireless Technology UWB […]

FlipStart: A revolutionary new MiniPC on XP

Vulcan previewed the FlipStart at Demo 2004 this week, the Aluminum encased MiniPC prototype runs on a 1GHz processor with Windows XP. The system has a 30GB disc drive and 256MB of internal RAM. The display screen is HDTV quality at 1024×600, and can capture stills at 1.3 megapixel with an integrated camera. The MiniPC […]

Seagate launches Savvio 2.5-Inch, 10K RPM Enterprise Disc Drive

Seagate today announced their new 2.5-inch enterprise-class disc drive capable of 10,000 rpm spin speeds. The Savvio disc drive has a reliability specification of 1.4 million hours MTBF. The drive uses 40% less power then larger 3.5-inch disc drives and will be available in Fibre Channel, Ultra320 SCSI and SAS. See press release below. ANOTHER […]

RealNetworks to power Sony Ericsson multimedia features

RealNetworks and Sony Ericsson today announced that Sony Ericsson has licensed RealNetworks technology and will incorporate the RealPlayer including RealAudio and RealVideo, in addition to the 3GPP standards in multimedia capable Sony Ericsson phones. The two companies also announced that Sony Ericsson has joined the Helix Community. Sony Ericsson did not mention which mobile phones […]

Samsung SPH-V4300 MP3 Mobile Phone

Samsung has unveiled a new MP3 mobile handset to the Korean market. The Samsung Anycall SPH-V4300 has MP3 playback functionality from its 96MB internal memory, this can be expanded with an external SD card. The V3400 also comes with a 1.3 megapixel digital camera, this is capable of capturing 1280×1024 size images. Although 1.3 megapixels […]

Panasonic Unveils DMC-LC1 Lumix 35mm Style Digital at PMA

Last week at PMA (Photo Marketing Association) Panasonic launched its new DMC-LC1 Lumix camera. The pro quality 35mm style DMC-LC1 has 5-megapixels and all the adjustments of a manual camera. The new DMC-LC1 reminds me of the Leica Digilux 2 camera, similar in functionality with shutter speed and and aperature controled by a dial. It […]

Vodafone Launches 3G in Europe with first 3G/GPRS Notebook Datacard

Vodafone has announced the commercial launch of its 3G services in Europe. The first service from Vodafone will be the Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G/GPRS datacard, Europe’s first high speed lap top datacard. With data rates of up to 384kbps, the Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G/GPRS datacard will enable Vodafone customers to access all their usual office […]

Lexar Media Announces its 1GB Secure Digital Memory Cards

Lexar announced at PMA that it has doubled its highest capacity SD memory card to 1GB, with a top transfer speed of 60X, or 9MB per second write. Lexar Media will offer SEcure Digital cards in capacities of 32MB to 1GB. Lexar’s 1GB Secure Digital memory card will be available this spring, with an estimated […]

Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n with 35mm Full Frame 14 Megapixel Censor

Kodak Professional today announced a new 14 megapixel CMOS sensor camera for the pro market. The DCS Pro SLR/n has a 35 mm full frame (36x24mm) censor with 512 MB RAM for buffer. ISO ranges from 6 to 1600 and can capture 19 images at around 1.7 frames per second, much slower then the Canon […]

SimpleTech 8 GB Type II CompactFlash for $5,999

SimpleTech has announced an 8GB Type II Compact Flash Card utilizing its patented IC Tower stacking technology. The card is insanely priced at $5,999. SimpleTech’s IC Tower stacking technology allows multiple NAND Flash components to be stacked together to provide increased memory and storage densities that provide enhanced capacity in its 5 mm Type II […]

Motorola V80 Turns Heads

The Motorola V80 has a never-before-seen mobile design with a rotating cover that opens at the touch of a button. The handset comes complete with an embedded 640×480 VGA camera, landscape photo imaging, photo messaging and integrated Bluetooth. The tri-band handset defies conventional thinking about mobile phone design. When it is closed, the V80 showcases […]

Orange adds SPV M1000 Windows Mobile Handheld to lineup

The SPV M1000 is based on the same reference design as the XDA II, with the Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC platform. This handheld is targeted to business users rather then consumers, mainly because of it’s ability for use with an overhead projector. The M1000 supports Microsoft Pocket Word, Pocket Excel and Adobe Acrobat […]

Two new compact digitals from Fujifilm

Two new compact cameras from Fujifilm were released today, the A330 and A340 3.3 and 4.0 megapixel cameras. Both have 3x optical zoom and a sturdy stylish body, with a 38 – 114mm equivelent lens. Also capable of capturing 60 seconds of video at 10 frames per second (320 x 240 pixels). The FinePix A330 […]

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Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro sports 12.3 million pixels

Fujifilm will be releasing the successor to the S2 Pro later this year. The FinePix S3 Pro digital SLR will use 4th Generation Super CCD SR sensor will use 6.17 million S-pixels and 6.17 million making a total 12.3 million pixels recorded. The new technology for the SR sensor doubles the photodiodes, and produces images […]

Samsung Develops Satellite DMB Chip for Mobile Phones

Samsung Electronics has completed development of the world’s first satellite digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) chip for mobile phones. The satellite DMB chip for mobile phones requires ultra-high integration, and Samsung Electronics has paved the way for localization of satellite DMB components. Satellite DMB is in the spotlight as the next generation in broadcasting formats. The […]

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NEC Card-Shaped Camera Phone is World’s Smallest

NEC reports that they have succeeded in creating a card-shaped, camera-equipped mobile phone, which will launch on the Asian market later this month. The new handset boasts measurements of 85mm x 54mm x 8.6mm, and only 70g. This mobile-internet product supports GSM/GPRS, and is equipped with a 1.8 inch (120×160) TFT colour display and a […]

Roaming Messenger will bring Mobile Commerce to the USA

Roaming Messenger is officially in the beta test stage on Motorola’s latest generation SmartPhone, the MPX 200. This handset is currently available from AT&T Wireless and features Microsoft SmartPhone 2002 operating system. Once deployed, the Roaming Messenger system will allow dynamic, rich, interactive content to seamlessly roam between wireless users, wherever they may be. The […]