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Nokia 6630 3G Smartphone Ships

The new Nokia 6630 megapixel smartphone is the first phone to combine 3G and Edge in a Series 60 platform. Nokia will be shipping the tri-band, dual-mode handset throughout the world, it is designed to work on 3G (WCDMA), EDGE and 2G (GSM 900/1800/1900) networks but with a 500 euro price tag. The Series 60 […]

Sony Cybershot DSC-T3 5.1MP Digital Camera Available

Near the end of August, Sony announced an Ultra-Slim digital camera with a massive 2.5-inch LCD display and an impressive 3x optical zoom telescoping lens. The Sony CyberShot DSC-T3 is now available for pre-order from Amazon, it will ship November 5th for a starting price of $499, about $50 less than what they listed it […]

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Magellan eXplorist 300 GPS Available in North America

Thales Navigation has just released the Magellan eXplorist 300 to North America. The $199 three-meter accurate GPS offers a built-in nationwide background map, an electronic compass, altimeter and barometer. It’s not a bad deal considering it can store 500 waypoints and five track-log files with 2000 points each. It measures 4.6 x 2.1 x 1.3-inches […]

Smartphone 2003 WYSIWYG Homescreen Designer

Homescreen Designer is a WYSIWYG tool made for anyone that would like to personalize their Smartphone 2003 interface. It basically acts as an XML interface for you to easily manipulate the code via the WYSIWYG editor. Currently the software allows you to move the plugins with your mouse to the desired position, enter a new […]

NTT DoCoMo Announces Wi-Fi Phone Service

NTT DoCoMo has announced their 3G/WLAN phone, the N900iL will be available in Tokyo for voice calling over Wi-Fi networks. The phone was originally designed to work only on NTT DoCoMo M-Zone hotspots, but for some reason it ended being released to work on all Wi-Fi networks, except the M-Zone. DoCoMo is the only carrier […]

NTT DoCoMo OnQ Digital Broadcast Recorder

NTT DoCoMo revealed a new mobile phone concept capable of showing terrestrial digital TV broadcasts, the OnQ. The model is capable of recording programs from home and then taking them with you to watch later, it will also feature real-time TV broadcast viewing anywhere you can get coverage “timeshift viewing”. The OnQ unit consists of: […]

Eleven Popular games from Sorrent on Sony Ericsson Handsets

Sony Ericsson is offering eleven new games for the T610/T616 and the T630/T637 handsets. In collaboration with Sorrent mobile entertainment, eleven of Sorrents most popular single and multiplayer games will be available; Yao Ming Basketball 2004, FOX Sports Boxing, FOX Sports Football 2004, FOX Sports Hockey 2004, FOX Sports Track & Field 2004, FOX Sports […]

Intel boosts mobile processors

Dell and Toshiba today have announced several new notebook computers using the new Intel Pentium M and Centrino processors. The Dell Latitude D800, Inspiron 8600, and Dell Precision M60 mobile workstation can be configured with the fastest version of the new processor, the Intel Pentium M 755, featuring a 2.0GHz processor, 2MB Level 2 cache […]

Belkin digital iPod Link lets you backup digital camera images

Belkin has released the Digital Camera Link for the Apple iPod portable media player. It simply connects with a USB cable to PTP-compliant digital cameras. Sadly it does not support the new iPod Mini, the unit will ship May 1st in North America for around $80. The device uses software that is already built into […]

IO Data HDMX-U40 External 1.8-inch HDD

The IO Data 40GB HDMX-U40 is a 1.8-inch drive packed into an aluminum enclose for external mobile use. You wont get an external HDD much small then this one. The device measures only 76 x 83.5 x 16.2mm and will connect and receive power via USB 2.0 to any Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP […]

Leather case for Archos GMini 220

Piel Frama from Spain has designed a leather case for the Archos GMini 220. The case will sell for 50 Euro and has a completely removable rotating belt clip. It also adds an extra pocket for money or small papers. Die hard Gmini fans will not be able to live without this one, Piel Frama […]

Simple Tunes MP3 Player for Pocket PC

Visual IT has released an MP3 player for the Windows Mobile platform. The program slightly resembles an iPod interface, similar to the pPod that was forced to shutdown by Apple. Simple Tunes has been designed with an easy-to-use interface to simplify playlist making and options setup. Plug in an expansion card with songs, or browse […]

Samsung unveils 400ppi-Equivalent LCD Panel for Cell Phones

Samsung Electronics has unveiled a 400ppi 2.03-inch VGA LCD and a 223ppi 1.83-inch QVGA panels at the 19th EDEX 2004 Electronics Display Exhibition. The displays use Samsung’s Four Color Rendering (4CR) technique that achieves a 200:1 contrast ratio and 262,000 colours. 4CR makes high resolution with fewer pixels by utilizing RGB sub-pixels on the adjoining […]

Iomega ships REV 35GB/90GB Drives

Iomega today released the new REV external hard drive type backup solution with removable 35GB/90GB cartridges. Available in two interfaces, the external USB 2.0 drive retails for $399 and the internal ATAPI model will be about $20 less. If the included 35GB cartridge is not enough, extra 35GB disks can be purchased for $60 each […]

Creative MuVo Slim 7mm thick MP3 Player

Creative has released the MuVo Slim 7mm thick 256MB portable MP3 player with FM radio and recording. The MuVo Slim is no taller or wider than a credit card and includes an elegant black folding case that protects the player from getting damaged. Featuring a built-in microphone, the MuVo Slim 256MB complements the consummate professional […]

Intel releases faster, low voltage processors

Four new low voltage mobile Intel processors were released today. The Pentium M Low Voltage 1.30 GHz and Ultra Low Voltage 1.10 GHz, with the Celeron M 1.40 GHz and Ultra Low Voltage Celeron M 900MHz processor. These are all designed using Intel’s 0.13-micron manufacturing technology and will enhance capabilities of notebooks and extend battery […]

SK Telecom offers home security monitoring via mobile handset

SK Telecom is offering a real-time video surveillence system for your home that is monitored from your mobile phone. It works by simply connecting a webcam to your home computer on a broadband Internet connection. If an intruder is detetected, the system will instantly send a text message to the mobile phone and notify you […]

Transcend to release 1.8-inch pocket drive

Transcend will release a 1.8-inch USB 2.0 portable hard drive this month. Roughly the size of a standard business card, it has more than enough capacity (20GB/40GB) for your data storage needs. No need to carry around another troublesome power brick either; it is powered directly from the USB port. This pocket drive is perfect […]

Apple Announces the PowerPod

April Fools – Apple today announced the PowerPod, the world’s smallest portable video and music player with integrated video and digital camera. The device can hold over 1,000 songs or 100 movies and will be available in the summer of 2004 for $699 from the Apple Store and Apple Authorized Resellers throughout the U.S. The […]

Canon debuts portable photo printers

Canon has made mobile printing even easier with their new Compact Photo Printers CP-220 and CP-330. Consumers can print pictures quickly, easily and directly from a digital camera, virtually anywhere. Canon’s small and stylish CP photo printers now print high-quality color prints in three different paper sizes from a computer via USB or by direct […]

Sharp Zaurus SL-6000L Linux VGA Handheld

Sharp today released their Linux Zaurus SL-6000 PDA with a four-inch native VGA screen to the North American market. The handheld data terminal is stylish and durable while maintaining a wide range of features for all business needs. Built-in 802.11b network capabilities give wireless access to corporate data. It also includes extensive protected flash memory, […]

GN Netcom to release first Bluetooth v1.2 headset

CSR today announced its BlueCore silicon is enabling GN Netcom to achieve qualification of the industry’s first Bluetooth v1.2 headset. The headset will be available on the market when mobile phones and other audio gateways support the new version of the standard. In addition, all of GN Netcom’s future products, including JABRA Bluetooth communications products, […]

Samsung DuoCam VP-D6050i Digital video and digital still camera

Samsung Electronics has unveiled their second-generation DuoCam VP-D6050i. This combines the best technology from digital still photography with 5.25 Megapixels and Mini-DV with an 800K Pixel CCD. The new DuoCam VP-D6050i improves on the swivel lens design by incorporating dedicated DV and DSC lenses in one body. The new design offers a more compact package, […]

Cellphone controlled appliances in Japan

NTT DoCoMo has unveiled a controller that enables your 3G FOMA videophone to control your home appliances from anywhere. How many times have you wanted your water-dispensing fridge to pour you a glass while you were half way to the front door. But seriously, the controller enables operations such as programming the recording of a […]

Megapixel Display Devices Surge in 2004

Megapixel-enabled camera phones accounted for 3% camera phone shipments in 2003. As overall camera phone growth surges, megapixel-enabled handsets will grow at a 700% rate in 2004 to account for 12% of total camera phone shipments. Because of the price/value sensitivity of traditional cellular users, camera phone vendors will offer a relatively lower level of […]

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Nintendo Classic NES games coming for Gameboy Advance

Nintendo has plans to release a collection of classics from the original NES, for Game Boy Advance and Advance SP. Even though these games from the 80s were blocky with very basic sound effects, they were fun as hell and awesome to play. Some of us grew up on these games, and having them once […]

Sandisk SDIO Wi-Fi 256MB Combo Card

If you are looking for a multi-card with storage and network access, then Sandisk has made something just for you. The Wi-Fi SDIO card with 256MB of memory will sell for $150 and be available very soon for Pocket PCs, but months for Palm OS users. Sandisk was waiting for an update for Windows Mobile […]

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Nokia to release 40 handsets in 2004

At the Nokia Annual General Meeting, Nokia Chairman and CEO Jorma Ollila outlined how the transformation in the mobile communications industry, and Nokia’s strategy and new organization position the company for the future. In his speech, Ollila also reviewed the 2003 annual results, Nokia’s strategy, Nokia’s compensation philosophy and proposals to the AGM. “As a […]

ATIs XILLEON to power new Windows CE Multimedia Devices

ATI Technologies today announced that the XILLLEON 225 system-on-a-chip will support the Microsoft Windows Media Center Extender products. The integrated digital entertainment solution will allow users to view live and recorded television, images, movies and music from anywhere in their home with a Windows XP Media Center Edition PC. “We are pleased to see companies […]

Microsoft unveils Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition

At DevCon 2004 conference, Microsoft announced the new Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition platform, the first device to ship with the new OS will be the Motorola MPx handset sporting a full QWERTY keyboard, it is scheduled to come out this summer. The Motorola MPx phone is a tri-band GSM/GPRS handset is designed with built-in […]

Bitstream Announces ThunderHawk SmartPhone Edition

Bitstream today has announced the ThunderHawk browser for Smartphones. The new mobile browser will preserve the actual web page layout making it easier to find information on a page. Wireless carriers will carry the ThunderHawk SmartPhone edition immediately, while end users will have to wait until next month to get it from Bitstream directly. “We […]

SpyPen uses 0.16-inch Colour Viewfinder

Kopin has released the CyberDisplay 113K EVF, an ultra-small, ultra-low power electronic viewfinder system that has been integrated into the new SpyPen Oboe digital camera unveiled at CTIA Wireless 2004. The SpyPen Oboe digital camera has an unusual but stylish telescopic look with a 2.1-megapixel resolution and a 2x zoom. Built with the world’s smallest […]

Handango and PocketX announce Handango InHand

Handango has teamed up with PocketX to create the Handango InHand software for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone devices. The InHand software is an on-device application catalog that simplifies the process of finding, installing and purchasing software (apps and games) for Windows Mobile Smartphones. The easy-to-use folder style system lets you browse over 75,000 […]

Four new clamshells from Audiovox

Audiovox this week announced the release of several stylish clamshell phones, one with a swivel style camera. The CDM-8930, CDM-8920 and the CDM-8615 were unveiled at the CTIA Wireless 2004 conference. One of Audiovox’s most unique new handsets is the CDM-8930, a swivel clamshell-style 1.3 megapixel camera phone with macro function and built-in flash. Complete […]

Samsung YH-999 to run Microsoft Portable Media Center

Its official, Samsung has announced their YH-999 Portable Video Player. Shipping around July to the US, this is touted as the World’s smallest digital multimedia player, but of course they did not release the dimensions to the public. The YH-999 will have a 3.5-inch TFT Colour LCD run on Microsofts Portable Media Center (PMC) operating […]

Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 802.20 The Disruptive Potential of Wireless Broadband

WiFi is already radically changing the way in which the internet is accessed in the home, in the office, in public locations and on the move. However wireless LANs are only one part of a much bigger wireless broadband landscape that is now unfolding before us. WiMAX and 802.20 threaten to have just as big […]

Hitachi prototype Fuel Cell PDA expected to launch in 2005

Hitachi today unveiled the prototype fuel cell powered PDA. The device will run for about five hours on a single charge but Hitachi expects to extend this by the 2005 launch date. The prototype weighs about 700g, twice the weight of conventional PDAs, but Hitachi also plans to reduce this. In fact, who knows if […]

Asus has plans for WL-HDD 802.11g HDD

Asustek Computer has plans to launch a WiFi based external HDD this coming May. The WL-HDD will give network users access to files via an 802.11g 54Mbit/s wireless HDD. Its also backwards compatible with 802.11b devices and can be adopted easily in wired environments. Although WiFi is booming, wireless hard-drives have failed in the past, […]

Jabra unveils new Bluetooth headsets and Wireless Speakerphone

Jabra Corp., a manufacturer of hands-free communication equipment has introduced several new Bluetooth devices today including a mobile speakerphone and three Bluetooth wireless headsets. The JABRA SP100 is a speakerphone is the first high-quality wireless mobile speakerphone. It can clip to your visor or mount on the window with a suction cup and requires no […]

Creo releases the Leaf Valeo Wi 22 Megapixel Bluetooth camera back

Creo announced today the fastest digital camera back system for photographic professionals on the market. The Leaf Valeo 17Wi and 22Wi are capable of capturing resolutions of 22 and 17 million pixels respectively. The Leaf Valeo Wi family of Bluetooth wireless camera backs can also sustain 1.2 fps burst capture rate using a unique DSR […]

RIM introduces the colour Blackberry 7750

More news from the CTIA Wireless 2004 trade show in Atlanta today, RIM introduced the new colour BlackBerry 7750 CDMA 1X Wireless Handheld. The Java-based 7750, operates on the Verizon Wireless network, and is expected to be available next month. “The high-resolution color screen and the large display make the BlackBerry 7750 ideal for email, […]

Motorola A840 network jumping phone

Motorola introduced the A840 CDMA/GSM handset today to the global market. The A840 will be available in North America around the middle of 2004. The handset combines 800/1900 CDMA, CDMA 1X and 900/1800 GSM making it one of the first inter-band compabitble phones on the market. If business is important to you, and a lost […]

NEC launches the MobilePro 900c Handheld PC

NEC today announced the $900 USD MobilePro 900c handheld PC running Windows CE .NET 4.2 OS. The 900c is optimized to support secure and scalable networking for the enterprise user. Weighing less then two pounds and featuring a near full-size keyboard with a sharp flip-up style 8.1-inch HVGA (640×240) touch screen display. This is all […]

Toshiba Gigabeat G21 20GB MP3 Player

Toshiba Japan today unveiled the Gigabeat G21 1.8-inch 20GB HDD based MP3 player. The G21 features a 28 spectrum digital equalizer for the extreme audiophile. Being the thinnest 20GB MP3 player in the world, the G21 is also easy to update, simply plug it into your network and your PC can access the player’s shared […]

Soda, Candy, WiFi?

A new coin-op vending machine has been designed to give Internet access via a WiFi access point. After you insert your coins, the timer controlled machine will enable a network port for you to access the internet. The TT-1-WA is an integrated Wireless 802.11b compliant access point with coin controller. It includes password display function […]

Several new portable video players to be released in 2004

The PMC-100 from iRiver is expected to be released in Europe by the second half of 2004. This sleak silver portable media player will support the Microsoft Windows Mobile based operating system. Specifically designed for people on the go who like to enjoy digital movies, recorded TV, photos and music on a handheld device. Microsoft […]

Panasonic A100 series handsets are smaller then a credit card

Panasonic Mobile also unveiled today the A100 Series mini phones. The A100, A101 and A102 handsets are simple, stylish and smaller than the average credit card. Mr Masatoshi Kitade, Managing Director, Panasonic Mobile Communications Europe said: “The A100 Series is a natural extension to our range of mini mobile phones, which have proved to be […]

A rugged phone for rugged times – Siemens M65

At CeBIT 2004, Siemens Mobile will launch the M65 solid outdoor Triband GSM handset. Packed with full multimedia features for optimum performance and entertainment the M65 is made with a unique mix of rubber and metal. This offers improved resistance to water splashes, shock and dust as well as a complete range of multimedia features. […]

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Nokia 7610 Megapixel Camera Phone with Life Blog

Nokia plans to grab the spotlight at CeBIT 2004 with the announcement of their new Nokia 7610 megapixel camera phone. The 7610 will store photo-quality images and videos on the Series 60 Platform. Planned for release Q2 of 2004, the tri-band phone comes in GSM 900/1800/1900 and GSM 850/1800/1900 for around €500. Although this is […]

Secure backups for your PDA

A new “plug ‘n play” Mobile Digital Media (MDM) card used to backup your Palm OS or Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC device has been released. The postage stamp-sized card offers an instant complete backup and restore feature for applications, databases or PIM data. It also features data compression, encryption, and password protection and ships with […]