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Nokia 6630 3G Smartphone Ships


The new Nokia 6630 megapixel smartphone is the first phone to combine 3G and Edge in a Series 60 platform. Nokia will be shipping the tri-band, dual-mode handset throughout the world, it is designed to work on 3G (WCDMA), EDGE and 2G (GSM 900/1800/1900) networks but with a 500 euro ...

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Sony Cybershot DSC-T3 5.1MP Digital Camera Available


Near the end of August, Sony announced an Ultra-Slim digital camera with a massive 2.5-inch LCD display and an impressive 3x optical zoom telescoping lens. The Sony CyberShot DSC-T3 is now available for pre-order from Amazon, it will ship November 5th for a starting price of $499, about $50 less ...

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Magellan eXplorist 300 GPS Available in North America


Thales Navigation has just released the Magellan eXplorist 300 to North America. The $199 three-meter accurate GPS offers a built-in nationwide background map, an electronic compass, altimeter and barometer. It’s not a bad deal considering it can store 500 waypoints and five track-log files with 2000 points each. It measures ...

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Smartphone 2003 WYSIWYG Homescreen Designer


Homescreen Designer is a WYSIWYG tool made for anyone that would like to personalize their Smartphone 2003 interface. It basically acts as an XML interface for you to easily manipulate the code via the WYSIWYG editor. Currently the software allows you to move the plugins with your mouse to the ...

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NTT DoCoMo Announces Wi-Fi Phone Service


NTT DoCoMo has announced their 3G/WLAN phone, the N900iL will be available in Tokyo for voice calling over Wi-Fi networks. The phone was originally designed to work only on NTT DoCoMo M-Zone hotspots, but for some reason it ended being released to work on all Wi-Fi networks, except the M-Zone. ...

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NTT DoCoMo OnQ Digital Broadcast Recorder


NTT DoCoMo revealed a new mobile phone concept capable of showing terrestrial digital TV broadcasts, the OnQ. The model is capable of recording programs from home and then taking them with you to watch later, it will also feature real-time TV broadcast viewing anywhere you can get coverage “timeshift viewing”. ...

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Eleven Popular games from Sorrent on Sony Ericsson Handsets


Sony Ericsson is offering eleven new games for the T610/T616 and the T630/T637 handsets. In collaboration with Sorrent mobile entertainment, eleven of Sorrents most popular single and multiplayer games will be available; Yao Ming Basketball 2004, FOX Sports Boxing, FOX Sports Football 2004, FOX Sports Hockey 2004, FOX Sports Track ...

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Intel boosts mobile processors


Dell and Toshiba today have announced several new notebook computers using the new Intel Pentium M and Centrino processors. The Dell Latitude D800, Inspiron 8600, and Dell Precision M60 mobile workstation can be configured with the fastest version of the new processor, the Intel Pentium M 755, featuring a 2.0GHz ...

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IO Data HDMX-U40 External 1.8-inch HDD


The IO Data 40GB HDMX-U40 is a 1.8-inch drive packed into an aluminum enclose for external mobile use. You wont get an external HDD much small then this one. The device measures only 76 x 83.5 x 16.2mm and will connect and receive power via USB 2.0 to any Windows ...

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Leather case for Archos GMini 220


Piel Frama from Spain has designed a leather case for the Archos GMini 220. The case will sell for 50 Euro and has a completely removable rotating belt clip. It also adds an extra pocket for money or small papers. Die hard Gmini fans will not be able to live ...

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Simple Tunes MP3 Player for Pocket PC


Visual IT has released an MP3 player for the Windows Mobile platform. The program slightly resembles an iPod interface, similar to the pPod that was forced to shutdown by Apple. Simple Tunes has been designed with an easy-to-use interface to simplify playlist making and options setup. Plug in an expansion ...

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Samsung unveils 400ppi-Equivalent LCD Panel for Cell Phones


Samsung Electronics has unveiled a 400ppi 2.03-inch VGA LCD and a 223ppi 1.83-inch QVGA panels at the 19th EDEX 2004 Electronics Display Exhibition. The displays use Samsung’s Four Color Rendering (4CR) technique that achieves a 200:1 contrast ratio and 262,000 colours. 4CR makes high resolution with fewer pixels by utilizing ...

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Iomega ships REV 35GB/90GB Drives


Iomega today released the new REV external hard drive type backup solution with removable 35GB/90GB cartridges. Available in two interfaces, the external USB 2.0 drive retails for $399 and the internal ATAPI model will be about $20 less. If the included 35GB cartridge is not enough, extra 35GB disks can ...

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Creative MuVo Slim 7mm thick MP3 Player


Creative has released the MuVo Slim 7mm thick 256MB portable MP3 player with FM radio and recording. The MuVo Slim is no taller or wider than a credit card and includes an elegant black folding case that protects the player from getting damaged. Featuring a built-in microphone, the MuVo Slim ...

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