Author: LBarber

Samsung’s SCH-V700 Cell Phone with Swivel Display and PMP Features

Samsung is releasing a new cell phone called the SCH-V700, but will most likely only be available in Korea. It has a rotating screen that can tilt 90 degrees, and you can connect the phone to your television. The Samsung SCH-V700 also has 200 megabytes of built-in memory, which users can double up with a […]

Swiveling Samsung a970 Camera Phone

With cell phone manufacturers, MP3 makers, and other gadget craftsmen competing with each other, who knows what the latest device will look like? Samsung is leaning towards a cool swivel style with their latest a970 camera phone. The new phone supports Bluetooth profiles for headsets, hands-free accessories, and multi-media functions such as MP3 capabilities. The […]

Sony’s Simply Divine LCD TV Media PC

Could it get any better than staring into a 20-inch LCD screen? Probably, but for the time being, we’ll have to make do with Sony’s new 20-inch LCD-TV screen. Suffer, we must. Sony has a new toy on the market, an all-in-one PC bundled with an LCD TV. The VAIO VA TV-PC is available in […]

Power Mac G5 Quad hits the Market

There is something very appealing about the Mac. Despite the PC’s world dominance, Apple represents the little engine that could, a rebellious alternative for users seeking a virus-free operating system and a certain level of cool consumer consumption. Apple’s products are a bit pricey for me; perhaps that is part of the appeal. Apple just […]

McDonald’s has the hots for Nintendo

There’s nothing quite like a Big Mac, Super Mario Brothers, and endless hours of free wireless Internet and interactive entertainment for lunch. Would you like fries with that hot spot? Nintendo recently signed an agreement with Wayport, provider of wired and Wi-Fi high-speed Internet access in public locations, to offer free Wi-Fi service to Nintendo […]

Cash for Old Cell Phones?

Seth Heine of RipMobile wants your old cell phone. Depending on the demand for the phone and its usefulness, your old clunker could be worth more than $100. Certain Motorola and Nokia phones are typically worth $2 to $20. While cell phone manufacturers and wireless companies may offer cash or recycling options, RipMobile also offers […]

City WiFi Costs Way Too High

According to a recently released report by JupiterResearch, an Internet research company, the average cost of maintaining a municipal wireless network is $150,000 per square mile over five years. Half the current city or county initiatives to create wireless networks could charge users $25 a month and still wouldn’t break even. I guess profits are […]

Fujitsu and NTT DoCoMo Develop Micro Fuel Cell Phones

Fujitsu and NTT DoCoMo have upgraded their prototype high-capacity micro fuel cell and external recharger for FOMA handsets. Fujitsu and NTT DoCoMo raised the concentration of methanol fuel in the cells to over 99 percent, up from 30 percent. The higher concentration would allow the prototype to charge up to three FOMA handset batteries with […]

WiFi Zombies, Wake Up!

Just when I was getting comfortable in my digital cocoon, some tech geek comes along with a master plan to get us to talk, to each other, face to face. Sean Savage, who recently graduated with a Master’s degree from Berkeley’s School of Information Management and Systems, want’s to provide online “hot spots” for WiFi […]

xMax Joins The Wireless Broadband Spectrum

The wireless broadband sector is growing exponentially, which hopefully will result in cheaper service. A new broadband service called xMax is on the horizon. xMax will “piggy-back” onto radio channels already busy with pager and TV signals. Joe Bobier says his new invention will provide wireless-enabled devices and homes with no broadband service to get […]

Fujifilm Flexes Photo Muscle

Nextel mobile phone clients will soon have a new photo feature to play with. Fujifilm will offer its Get The Picture Mobile Service, a photo management feature to store, share, and print photos to Nextel customers. Access to over 3,100 participating digital processing retail stores nationwide and getting prints directly from your phone in an […]

Verizon’s Music Phone On The Horizon

Technophiles predicted that the PDA would go the way of the dinosaurs, and it looks like the prediction is about to come true. Thanks to the success of the MP3 player generally and the iPod specifically, cell phone manufacturers are turning PDA/phones into music-playing PDA/phones, and wireless carriers are offering online music services. In response […]

StyleFi Music Sphere On Its Way

MP3 player users will soon have a new product that will enhance their listening pleasure. Oregon Scientific is set to release an unusual yet strangely cool-looking audio device called Music Sphere, which is sure to please audiophiles. The device is actually two globe-like spheres: one is a speaker and the other is an adapter. You […]

Wireless Spam Out of Control

Wireless carriers are facing a dilemma. If they clamp down on text message spammers, they may lose revenue. If they don’t clamp down on text message spammers, they may lose customers. Anyone with an e-mail account or comment-enabled blog knows how difficult it is to stop spam. After software developers came up with tools to […]

Futuristic Goo

A liquid projection screen. Sounds like something out of Star Trek, doesn’t it? But this futuristic formula is available now. If you ever find yourself with a digital projector but without a projection screen, no need to go out and buy one. You can make your own do-it-yourself screen. Visual Reality has developed a product […]