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Boom Tme for US Wireless Marketers

A recent report by Capita Technologies outlines a fact which did not take many people by surprise: The US lacks behind Europe, Australia and Asia Pacific when it comes to adapting Short Messaging Systems. Due to the slow adoption of this technology, marketers have also been lagging behind and SMS has not really made it […]

iPod Not so Hot in South Korea

Apple’s iPod is the undisputed market leader in markets across the Globe. So what went wrong in South Korea where the iPod has a tiny share of 1.8 percent of the market? It seems like the one thing which works in Apple’s favor everywhere on the planet, is what fails in the South Korean market. […]

Navizon navigates with GPS and Wi-Fi

Navizon Peer-to-Peer Wireless GPS System is a service that allows users to locate their exact positioning in places that GPS signals cannot. The system is starting off in New York, Toronto and Miami, with possibilities of expansion in other densely populated areas depending on how well the service is picked up. While making your trip […]

Fuel your sports fever with Mobile TV

Are you fanatic about the IAAF World Championships in Athletics and would hate to miss any of the the excitement? Not to worry. Mobile TV broadcasts of the event will be available to viewers, various packages with consolidated results and reports will be broadcast at frequent intervals to supported mobile phones. One of those is […]

WHO sets the record straight

The World Health Organization (WHO) continues to claim that there is no conclusive proof that electromagnetic fields created by mobile phones are harmful to human beings. So where did the issue come up about reconfirming this? The Mobile phone industry has common knowledge of this ruling of the World Health Organization but this has been […]

Linux grows to be a serious mobile platform contender

With so many new smart phones coming to market, they will require more innovative software to make them attractive and unique to users. Montavista Software Inc. has been working for some time to get native, hard real-time developments to the Linux kernel, thus reducing the time between the command and the action time. This allows […]

Scoopt launches public portal for selling mobile phone photos

We all saw it coming, a massive fleet of mobile phone photographers capturing every event we could imagine. Especially after critical footage of the London Blasts was aired on television which had been shot from a mobile phone. Mobile phone footage was also seen by viewers during the Tsunami crisis. Now you have Scoopt, where […]

Big on messaging? Try the new SGH-x495 from Samsung

Samsung has a tradition of making their mobile phones have a particular look and feel, and the SGH–X495 fits that tradition. The classical flip open design of the phone looks neat and has multiple types of messaging services available through T-Mobile in the USA. A nice colour interface and icon based navigation screen makes the […]

Symbian OS gaining ground fast in Japan

NTT DoCoMo has launched two new phones based on the advanced open Symbian OS standard, the total number of phones running on the platform in Japan has now gone up to an impressive fourteen. The two new mobile phones are the FOMA M1000 and FOMA F700iS, both are 3G compatible. The FOMA M1000 is manufactured […]

Panasonic Toughbook CF 51 Price Drop

The Panasonic Toughbook CF 51 is one macho laptop, and today Panasonic has announced a price drop making it affordable for many users who would have never considered such a durable and rugged device as their first option. Technical features aside the Toughbook is a good piece of equipment for jobs where rough handling and […]

microsoft phones
Nokia Announces New CEO

As Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo gets appointed as President and CEO of Nokia, a good succession plan will soon be seen in action. The current mobile phone industry is very dynamic to say the least and Nokia with its current lead position in the market needs to avoid everything it can which might rock the boat. Thus […]

Entry level phones help grow mobile phone sales

It’s no secret that growing markets and entry-level phones sold in these markets contribute significantly to the growth of the mobile phone sales. What is surprising is that even mature markets like North America contribute prominently in purchase of entry-level phones. With new versions of smart phones teamed with hi-end communication features hitting the market […]

Next public warning system could be your mobile phone

Times have changed. No longer do people carry around radios in their pockets, for this and other reasons, have made the Emergency Alert System of the US Government obsolete. Much thought and planning is going into National Security, and thus it is only a matter of time before mobile networks are brought into the picture. […]

Will Skype become an AT&T?

Imagine picking up a cordless phone to chat with your friend on the other side of the world and yet paying peanuts (or what ever Skype is charging these days) for the call. As convenience and Skype merge, it looks like Skype may finally become a fully-fledged phone company solely on the strength of Internet […]

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Nokia going strong in the Baltic region

Nokia has bagged the contract of supplying WCDMA 3G network equipment to Latvijas Mobilais Telefons. Nokia continues to remain the preferred supplier for the network equipment in Latvia and the network deployed by them is the first commercial network to go live in the Baltic region. Just in case you thought that Latvia was way […]

Korean GamePark GPX2 3.5-inch PVP

There is more than one striking feature in the Korean manufactured GamePark GPX2 with 3.5-inch LCD. The Linux based operating system of this mobile audio video player promises to give almost eight hours of video and fourteen hours of audio playback with only two AA batteries. This highly efficient power management is most likely possible […]

Record professional quality audio with M-Audio’s MicroTrack 2496

At $500 a piece the M-Audio MicroTrack 2496 2-Channel Mobile digital recorder is not meant for all and sundry. Professionals in the field of media, journalism, training and top corporate executives would find a piece of hardware like this useful as it has many user-friendly features which make it an easy device to use for […]

Motorola Q Let Loose, May be the Blackberry Killer

It is difficult not to be over-excited about the latest Motorola Q. Just the sleek looks and classical features of the Q is enough to get any mobile phone fanatic excited about its release. So will the successor to the RAZR give RIM, Nokia and other phone manufacturing companies a run for their R&D budgets? […]

Vodafone still shining

Here is good news for Vodafone shareholders. The companies latest announcement on new subscribers has shown good performance on all key indicators. Vodafone is confident on continuing their organic growth at a healthy rate, Arun Sarin, CEO of Vodafone points towards specific focus in growing the companies market share in Japan and pushing its 3G […]

Free Wi-Fi at Dupont Circle

The next time you are in Dupont Circle area in Washington DC, you will not need to look around very hard to find a wireless hot spot. The entire Dupont Circle now has Wi-Fi access available thanks to a few enterprising organizations and their sponsors (TechAssist and its sponsors, the Allied Telecom Group, the Jurys […]

Wi-Fi hacker gets off easy

Jumping on Wi-Fi networks on the sly can get you in trouble, real big trouble. Gregory Straszkiewicz, a young man in London found out by paying a £500 fine and receiving a conditional discharge at a court decision. He has been one of the first to get caught and punished for such a crime, though […]

Cowon Cowon Gone!

It went away before it could actually be felt and reviewed and commented on by users. The Cowon iAudio 60 gig X5 probably had one of the shortest life spans in the history of mobile musical devices, Cowon seems to have woken up to the fact that this is not good for business. Users have […]

Science & Tech
SMS Guerrilla Projector, Straight out of science fiction?

It definitely requires a fertile imagination which is heavily influenced by sci-fi to design this device. Code named the SMS Guerrilla Projector, the device allows the carrier to project text based SMS messages on to open spaces and surfaces. How? It has a mobile phone installed in the cylinder which receives the message and a […]

Super high speed internet access for T-Mobile users

A 1.8 mbps connection via a mobile network is definitely something to talk about. HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) technology shortly being introduced by T-Mobile is going to change the way users use Internet via mobile networks. Though HSDPA is still in its initial stages and will be going through commercial testing soon, it […]

One billion mobile phones by 2009

Gartner has been very diligent in this research to say the least. Reason being? The study is likely to influence financial decisions at some of the largest mobile phone companies and many manufacturers may treat this report as official. More than twenty professionals specializing in the area of mobile and wireless industry were involved in […]

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Plug and play movies on your Nokia mobile phone

You can very well do that with the new content-loaded memory cards which have been developed and are now being marketing across UK by ROK Entertainment Group. It is definitely a neat idea but the titles which will be available shortly are pretty limited to a total of twelve! I guess ROK realizes the limitation […]

Pulsar 590 Enables 33 Foot Audio Freedom

Plantronics has done it again. They have launched the Pulsar 590, a Bluetooth enabled audio component which is likely to be a hit with all people who like to listen to music on the move. The Bluetooth headset also switches seamlessly from music to phone mode when a call is coming in. A unique feature […]

Sprint PCS Data Link, a boon for business customers

Sprint PCS Data Link has three objectives to achieve when it launches next month: Reduce costs for customers, help business owners increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction. All these objectives look achievable considering Sprint’s nationwide wireless network and a Global IP Network. Sprint PCS Data Link comes with other choices as well as the Sprint […]

Nortel to Enable Vietnam with Broadband Wireless Technology

The top telecommunications companies in Vietnam have woken up to the realization that the country needs high speed, and preferably wireless broadband to join other Asia Pacific countries in the information technology age. Hutchison Telecom Vietnam has joined hands with Hanoi Telecom and have jointly chosen Nortel to build a national CDMA 2000 1X network […]

Sony Ericsson K750i in the US

The Sony Ericsson K750i has everything that you could want in a high-powered camera phone, 2.0 megapixel imaging sensor, video capture in 3GP and is expected to be available to the US market soon. It appeared this week on the US Sony Ericsson website, although the K750i may sound unfamiliar to many people, it’s identical […]

Orange just got smarter with the new C550 smartphone

The new C550 smartphone launched by Orange with 1.3 mega pixel camera, QVGA display, dedicated media keys and wireless music downloads is ready to become the talk of the town. The phone is operated on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 2004 platform and could be a very close competitor to T-Mobile’s SDA music handset. Other standard features […]

Sharing the Wi-Fi connection with Junxion Box

Don’t mistake this box for a shoebox cover even though it deceptively looks like one. It is one of the most required products in today’s Wi-Fi world and is no surprise that it’s gaining popularity like wild fire. The Junxion Box allows you to set up a multi-user Internet connection in any location which receives […]

Get Bluetooth access back on Samsung’s i730 Pocket PC

Unhappy about Verizon disabling Bluetooth dial up on Samsung’s new i730 Pocket PC phone? You can try these home spun ideas to get around this issue, completely at your own risk! The first technique has to do with using a Pretec SD BT card,it will cost you around $140 so it may not be for […]

Trouble in the air: FAA may restrict permission of in-flight phones

A few days ago we published the news that on-air phone usage is very likely to become a reality in 2006 and the services have great commercial potential for the airlines and service providers. However, there seems to be trouble in the air as the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) sees many technical hurdles in making […]

Opera 8 for Symbian S60 Arrives

Opera 8 mobile is the latest browser released for the Symbian Series 60 mobile platform. This version comes after a decade of of cross-platform browser development to offer the end-user innovative customization features all in one small package. New features introduced in the Opera 8 include a four-way navigation system with extra fast scrolling for […]

Mobile Phone Market Growth is Maxed Out

As markets mature in the mobile phone industry, the double digit growth rates are declining and shipments of new mobile phones are likely to grow at just under 6% in the coming years. A recent market survey by In-Stat confirms that the mobile phone market is not showing an increase in appetite for mobile phones […]

Live Video Streaming at WiMAX Forum

The WiMAX Forum Plenary will be demonstrating live video technology to handheld devices via PanAmSat, KenCast and Trinity Workplace Learning. This is going to be the world’s first live cast to handheld devices and is surely going to open the gates of new ideas and many commercial offerings from mobile phone service providers. PanAmSat seems […]

Wi-Fi may become the new urban GPS

That is if Intel finds success in their experiment to see if Wi-Fi can help pin point a person’s location within a few metres of their location. Though the limitation is that this service would only be available in an urban environment, the benefits of cost savings by using an existing technology network cannot be […]

Four times more likely to crash

Research has finally provided conclusive evidence of something which was common knowledge for quite some time. Only this time, we have a number backed by research rather than guesswork. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has released a report which confirms that drivers using mobile phones while driving are four times more likely to crash […]

Skype and Boingo Wireless offer Global Wi-Fi Telephony

Skype Zones are here to change the way you talk. Boingo Wireless and Skype have joined hands to offer global wi-fi services (which till now was in concept stage only) to all Skype customers. Now more than 45 million users of Skype will be able to use VOIP via Boingo’s network of 18,000 hot spots […]

Talk and Fly by 2006

Can you recall all the times when you have been asked to switch off your mobile phone before taking off because it might disturb aviation equipment? This may never happen again in 2006 as Siemens and Airbus join hands to research and develop technology which allows passengers to receive mobile phone calls while in flight. […]

Could music downloads be free on future mobile phones?

Is the regime of pay per song by mobile phone operators over before it even takes off? Virgin senior officials feel that they might have to consider providing unlimited music access to mobile phone users if they want the digital music rage to pickup steam. Users want to be able to move songs freely from […]

Phone booster gets rid of the crackle while on the move

Everyone gets tired of hearing broken voices on their mobile phone when driving, especially at high-speeds. This is called audio-damaging frame errors, a wireless solution to prevent this problem has been developed. The Mobile Signal Amplifier from Sigma Automotive allows you to increase clarity on the phone at least ten times and lets you talk […]

MMS Party Starts as Inter-carrier agreements get signed

What do T-Mobile, Cingular Wireless, Sprint PCS, Verizon Wireless, Leap Wireless and US Cellular customers have in common? They can now exchange pictures and short video messages including text and audio with each other easily from their MMS enabled wireless phones! The major wireless service providers in the US have signed a contract allowing this […]

Europe’s Dark Horse: Acer Notebooks

Rising from fourth place in 2003 to the first place in 2004 is no mean feat for any organization. Acer has achieved this phenomenal growth across Europe for its notebooks and is now being named the Dark Horse of Europe. Acer has managed to overtake heavy weight competition in the world’s second largest marketplace for […]

Yahoo! Plays catch up with Google. Launches SMS services

Yahoo! has caught up with Google and has launched Yahoo! SMS Search services which allow you to search for required information via your mobile phone. Having the entire directory information of Yahoo! available to your mobile phone can be a big boon for Yahoo users on the go. Yahoo! SMS is available with major carriers […]

Too short? Use Orange Pic Stic to get the shot

It’s a neat piece devised to address one of the most common problems faced by people in crowded locations; taking pictures of a live event or in a crowd without the benefit of height. You may either be at a lower angle or just plain short, getting a good shot can be quite a nuisance […]

Walt Disney Goes Mobile with Sprint

Walt Disney going mobile has been in the news for a while now and it was only a matter of time before the company officially announced the launch of new mobile services in association with Sprint. The mobile services aim to utilize cutting edge technology and provide wireless voice services, exclusive handsets and a wide […]

LG to License Palm OS for Smarter Phones

LG smart phones are aiming to become smarter as LG announces an alliance with Palm. There have been strong rumors about Palm OS actively looking for an alliance with one of the Korean giants, and it seems like LG has emerged as the winner in this race. LG plans to use the Palm OS software […]