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Boom Tme for US Wireless Marketers


A recent report by Capita Technologies outlines a fact which did not take many people by surprise: The US lacks behind Europe, Australia and Asia Pacific when it comes to adapting Short Messaging Systems. Due to the slow adoption of this technology, marketers have also been lagging behind and SMS ...

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iPod Not so Hot in South Korea


Apple’s iPod is the undisputed market leader in markets across the Globe. So what went wrong in South Korea where the iPod has a tiny share of 1.8 percent of the market? It seems like the one thing which works in Apple’s favor everywhere on the planet, is what fails ...

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Navizon navigates with GPS and Wi-Fi


Navizon Peer-to-Peer Wireless GPS System is a service that allows users to locate their exact positioning in places that GPS signals cannot. The system is starting off in New York, Toronto and Miami, with possibilities of expansion in other densely populated areas depending on how well the service is picked ...

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Fuel your sports fever with Mobile TV


Are you fanatic about the IAAF World Championships in Athletics and would hate to miss any of the the excitement? Not to worry. Mobile TV broadcasts of the event will be available to viewers, various packages with consolidated results and reports will be broadcast at frequent intervals to supported mobile ...

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WHO sets the record straight


The World Health Organization (WHO) continues to claim that there is no conclusive proof that electromagnetic fields created by mobile phones are harmful to human beings. So where did the issue come up about reconfirming this? The Mobile phone industry has common knowledge of this ruling of the World Health ...

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Linux grows to be a serious mobile platform contender


With so many new smart phones coming to market, they will require more innovative software to make them attractive and unique to users. Montavista Software Inc. has been working for some time to get native, hard real-time developments to the Linux kernel, thus reducing the time between the command and ...

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Big on messaging? Try the new SGH-x495 from Samsung


Samsung has a tradition of making their mobile phones have a particular look and feel, and the SGH–X495 fits that tradition. The classical flip open design of the phone looks neat and has multiple types of messaging services available through T-Mobile in the USA. A nice colour interface and icon ...

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Symbian OS gaining ground fast in Japan


NTT DoCoMo has launched two new phones based on the advanced open Symbian OS standard, the total number of phones running on the platform in Japan has now gone up to an impressive fourteen. The two new mobile phones are the FOMA M1000 and FOMA F700iS, both are 3G compatible. ...

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Panasonic Toughbook CF 51 Price Drop


The Panasonic Toughbook CF 51 is one macho laptop, and today Panasonic has announced a price drop making it affordable for many users who would have never considered such a durable and rugged device as their first option. Technical features aside the Toughbook is a good piece of equipment for ...

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Nokia Announces New CEO


As Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo gets appointed as President and CEO of Nokia, a good succession plan will soon be seen in action. The current mobile phone industry is very dynamic to say the least and Nokia with its current lead position in the market needs to avoid everything it can which ...

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Entry level phones help grow mobile phone sales


It’s no secret that growing markets and entry-level phones sold in these markets contribute significantly to the growth of the mobile phone sales. What is surprising is that even mature markets like North America contribute prominently in purchase of entry-level phones. With new versions of smart phones teamed with hi-end ...

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Will Skype become an AT&T?


Imagine picking up a cordless phone to chat with your friend on the other side of the world and yet paying peanuts (or what ever Skype is charging these days) for the call. As convenience and Skype merge, it looks like Skype may finally become a fully-fledged phone company solely ...

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Nokia going strong in the Baltic region


Nokia has bagged the contract of supplying WCDMA 3G network equipment to Latvijas Mobilais Telefons. Nokia continues to remain the preferred supplier for the network equipment in Latvia and the network deployed by them is the first commercial network to go live in the Baltic region. Just in case you ...

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