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– Mobile Magazine is read by millions.

– One of the First Technology/Gadgets/Mobile News Magazine in the World

– Been Online Since 2000

– Global Reach: 20.1 million Unique Visitors.

– 50 million pages served in 2014.


April 2014 Statistics: 750,000 unique visitors consumed 9,500,000 pages.


Reader Profile:

Median Age: 27
65% US-based
78% Male
55% between 18-34
63% earn $60k+
81% own an a Smartphone
67% buy mobile apps
84% will buy a tablet (+/-1 year)
73% spend $2,800/year on portable electronics, 117% more than the average consumer

Our readers wish to purchase mobile devices, wearables, latest gadgets immediately or in the near future. Mobile Magazine provides them with information, research and knowledge around the latest technology and future innovations to help them make their choices and purchase these devices.

Mobile Magazine is heavily linked throughout search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing).  We are read by CEOs, Professionals, Industry Experts and College students who have a deep interest in technology; especially those who make it an essential part of their lives.

We have multiple advertising opportunities in terms of Sponsored Posts and Multiple Ad Choices and Placements.

Email:  MobileMag2000@Gmail.Com  for Rates and Availability.

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