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Nokia is Making like Douglas McArthur by Pulling an “I Shall Return” with Smartphones...

Nokia… wait, what brand? Nokia, oh that brand from Finland? This is a brand, like the iconic Blackberry, that got swamped simply because it...

Xiaomi: Considered as China’s “Apple,” Just Created a New Design that Will Revolutionize Smartphones...

Who says that only Apple and Google are quivering with happiness over the troubles of Samsung? You can’t be too smug and confident when...

Just When You Thought the Samsung Exploding Smartphone Couldn’t Get Worse, then This Comes...

Just a couple of months ago, Samsung had all but stolen Apple’s thunder when it introduced its new Android smartphone ahead of the iPhone...

Google’s Secret Is Out: Leaked Photos Unveil Two New Smartphones to Be Launched Soon

Alphabet Inc. which is owned by two Google founders is now calling its new phones Pixel and Pixel XL with the latter running on...
smart home of future

How Smartphones Will Control The House of Future

What is the house of future? Well, imagine smart security, self cooking ovens, self cleaning carpets, self automated robot butlers to complete all your...

UK Millennials and Gambling: What Impact has the Smartphone Had?

Have you ever played a gambling game on your mobile phone? Well, it might depend on how old you are. A recent report released...
Improving Your Gaming Experience

Play on the Small Screen: Improving Your Gaming Experience on a Smartphone

Game makers are clawing for a share of the smartphone market because it offers companies a bevy potential revenue streams. Is it possible to...
Latest Upcoming Smartphones In 2016

Latest Upcoming Smartphones In 2016

As good as 2015 was to the phone lovers, 2016 is going to be even better. With a few smartphones already released, iPhone 5SE...

Meet Nextbit Robin – The First Cloud Based Android Smartphone

Long gone are those days when the smartphone market was just dominated by a few big names. Today, the smartphone industry has become a...

Leaked Images of HTC’s iPhone Looking Smartphone Go Viral

You may have come across duplicate phones that resemble closely to original phones, but what HTC has just done is something of a whole...

French Smartphone Maker Archos Discloses Three New Smartphones

Archos, French smartphone maker, , don’t really hold a promising spot in the list of world’s leading smartphone manufacturers but they surely are big...

Samsung Plans to give iPhone Users a ‘Free’ Trial with Their New Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung is on its toes to lure new customers, especially iPhone users and increase its mindshare in the smartphone market. For that, the Korean...

Samsung Plans to give iPhone Users a ‘Free’ Trial with Their New Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung is on its toes to lure new customers, especially iPhone users and increase its mindshare in the smartphone market. For that, the Korean...

Samsung Might Unveil Galaxy O series of Smartphones Soon

Samsung tried to do something new last year when they made some significant changes in the nomenclature of their smartphones. The Korean giant released...

How to Use Your Smartphone as a Mobile Hotspot

  Technology can do some pretty amazing things. Take cellphones, for example. We use them to check our email, communicate a message to our friends...

Xiaomi Retakes Top Position in China’s Smartphone Market as Apple Slips

It seems like Apple's timeshare of staying at the top of China's smartphone market was short lived. Research done at Canalys says that the...

India’s Smartphone Market Recovers, Shipments Increase Significantly

India is amongst the fastest growing economies of the world. Its huge population is truly an ideal market for manufacturers from all around the...

Snips Grabs $6.3 Million to Experiment ‘Innovation’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in Your Smartphones

What if your phone could have been more efficient and smarter than it is right now? How about using an artificial layer of intelligence...

LG G4 Smartphone Review, Release Date and Features (VIDEO)

In the diverse world of Smartphones, we have many options to explore and here comes LG G4 which is also good- but, the question...

T-Mobile Offers To Pay $650 For Your AT&T Or Verizon Smartphones. Get the Details...

T-Mobile has a mission, they are going to do everything it takes to pull customers away from AT&T and Verizon. They just launched a crazy new...

Xiaomi Has Become The World’s Third Largest Smartphone Manufacturer

Xiaomi is now the world's third largest smartphone manufacturer. Samsung is leading the list and Apple has taken the second spot.

Zen Firefox U105 Smartphone Launched In India; Costs Rs. 1,999

Zen Firefox U105 launched in India.

Nokia 130 Could Help You Out When Your Smartphone Dies

Nokia 130 basic cellphone costs just 19 Euro.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Semi-Metallic Smartphone

Check out the Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

Lumia Android Smartphone Bearing Nokia by Microsoft Branding Coming Soon

According to @evleaks, a Lumia Android handset is in the works and the device will bear the Nokia by Microsoft branding.

Amazon Smartphone Will Be Exclusive To AT&T?

According to the latest reports, the upcoming Amazon smartphone will be exclusive to AT&T.

Philips Xenium W6610 Smartphone Boasts A 5300mAh Battery

Philips Xenium W6610 with a 5300mAh battery launched in India.

Tesco To Launch Hudl 2 Tablet And Hudl Smartphone

Tesco has plans to launch the Hudl 2 tablet in September and the Hudl smartphone by the end of the year.

Video: Jolla Smartphone Powered by Sailfish OS, Supports Android Apps

Some former Nokia engineers have gone off on their own to create the Sailfish OS and now the first Jolla Smartphone has launched. For the time being, it's only available to buy in Finland and they're limiting production to about 450 units as of today.

Video: Do You Want to Taste Your Smartphone?

You can see your phone and you can hear your phone, but would you want to taste your phone? Scientists from the National University of Singapore think you do and they've already started working on the tech to support this kind of functionality.

$349 Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch for Android Smartphones

While you may only know Qualcomm for its Snapdragon processors, the company is entering the wearable arena with the launch of the Qualcomm Toq smartwatch.

Thor’s Mighty Mini Hammer Charges Your Smartphone (Video)

Yes, the mighty Mjolnir Hammer can be used to vanquish evil, but this mini version of Thor's Hammer is just as capable of charging up your smartphone or tablet. And it'll light up and make fun movie sounds while it's at it.

Sony Accidentally Leaks Xperia Z1s Smartphone

Accidentally revealed on the official Sony Global website, it looks like the upcoming Sony Xperia Z1f will offer "the best of Sony for the best of you."

Steve Wozniak Wants Giant Smartphones, Apple and Google to Partner Up

When it comes to the world of tech and consumer electronics, there are few names and personalities that reach the same kind of level as the Woz. The Apple co-founder sat down for an interview BBC Click where he discussed some of his thoughts on Google, Apple, smartphones and the rest of the tech industry.

Motorola Moto G Smartphone Coming on November 13

Well, that above image is pretty self-explanatory. Motorola has sent out a bunch of "save the date" invitations for a special event on November 13 wherein they will quite clearly tell us all about the Moto G.

Motorola Project Ara Dabbles in Modular Smartphones

Motorola has just announced Project Ara, a new mobile platform that is meant to be fully modular, allowing users to simply upgrade components rather than buying whole new phones.

Official: Curved LG G Flex Smartphone Heals Itself Too

After much rumor milling, the LG G Flex smartphone has been officially revealed to the world and it is one curvaceous beast.

Scentee Smelly Smartphone Notifications for iPhone and Android?

Maybe you have your phone set to vibrate, so it buzzes. And many phones have a notification light too, but there's one sense that has been ignored in all of this: smell.

Custom Moto Maker Moto X Smartphone Now $99.99 with AT&T

ou may have seen the Moto X on sale for $100 through Best Buy and Amazon already, but those are just the standard version. Now, AT&T has equally slashed the price down on the Moto X to $99.99 and that includes Moto Maker customizations.

Video: LG Fireweb Smartphone Powered by Firefox OS

We've only seen a very small handful of Firefox handsets thus far, but now one of the biggest names in smartphones has revealed its take on the mobile OS: the LG Fireweb.

The Future: Call in Military Air Strikes with ATAK Smartphone App

Continuing with this trend, a smartphone app is being developed wherein troops can effectively initiate a full-blown air strike with a few simple taps of the screen.

Vivo XPlay 3S Android Smartphone Debuts 2560×1440 2K Display

hile not quite reaching the mind-blowing resolutions of 4K TVs, the Vivo XPlay 3S just might be the world's first smartphone with a 2K display. That's an effective resolution of 2560 x 1440, which (aside from the difference in aspect ratio) is roughly the same resolution as a 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro

Get the Oppo N1 Android Smartphone for Only $99

It may not be quite as well known a brand as HTC, Samsung or Sony, but China-based Oppo wants you to take notice. And they're doing it by giving you the opportunity to buy the decidedly high-end Oppo N1 for just $99.

US Market a Low Priority for Sony Smartphones

This decision comes from Sony CEO Kaz Hirai, who recognizes that the company's "biggest priority is maintaining our share in Japan or increasing it... But getting into the US market requires a lot of resources and marketing, so we have to go one step at a time."

Samsung Galaxy Round Curved Smartphone Costs $1014 (Video)

Samsung has unveiled their Galaxy Round curved smartphone.

LG Curved Screen Smartphone Launching Next Month

We had already heard that Samsung plans on releasing a smartphone with a curved display (some people are calling it the Samsung Galaxy Round), but LG isn't far behind with a curved smartphone of its own.

LG Z (aka G Flex) Flexible Display Smartphone Coming This Month?

The LG Z smartphone equipped with a flexible screen has reportedly already entered mass production, and could arrive as early as this month.