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What You Need To Know About Samsung Note 7 Worldwide Recall

Possibly the biggest phone recall in history, Samsung has ceased the sales of approximately 2.5 million units of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that they are working with Samsung regarding the complete recall of their Note 7 in the US. In their press release, they wrote, […]

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Samsung Galaxy A8 New Model 2016

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Samsung May Invest In Apple?

If rumours are true, your iPhone screen might get even more beautiful, very soon. According to some sources, Apple has already decided to buff up their new iPhones with an OLED screen and is about to strike a deal with it’s greatest rival in smartphone market (and outside), Samsung. Yes, you heard it right. Apparently, […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Review – The Best Android Tablet Ever Made

It’s been quite some time since tablets first appeared. Although they didn’t really catch the hype in terms of sales, however, they are still being evolved and companies are investing their time and money in them so that they somewhat become an interesting device rather than just being stereotyped as a ‘super sized smartphone.’ The […]

Now Samsung Releases its Private News App for Galaxy Users

News is something we come across daily and the way we get acquainted with the things happening around us has changed in a big way. Lives have become fast and nobody really has the time to go through newspapers until and unless it’s a weekend. This is the reason why big companies are betting on […]

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Review of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – The Best Galaxy Note Till Date

For many years Samsung has been a dominant player in the smartphone market. Even though the Korean electronics conglomerate manufactured phones out of plastic which felt cheap to use, even then Samsung’s smartphone sales sky-rocketed making it the most profitable phone manufacturer. However, that dominant era was short-lived when new players emerged in the market. […]

Everything You Need to Know About Samsung Pay

The way we humans have been paying each other for goods and services has changed tremendously over the past few years. In fact, the way we have done transactions has had a deep impact on our lives. In the pre-historic or medieval period, we used to make use of barter system where we exchanged goods […]

Samsung Might Unveil Galaxy O series of Smartphones Soon

Samsung tried to do something new last year when they made some significant changes in the nomenclature of their smartphones. The Korean giant released three brand new series namely Galaxy A, Galaxy J, and Galaxy E. However, latest reports suggest that the company might reveal a brand new smartphone series by the name Galaxy O. […]

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Leaked Images Suggest Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Might be on Its Way

We were expecting Samsung to rely only on Galaxy Note 5 for pinning their hopes for this year’s summer phone supremacy; however, it looks like that’s not true. All About Samsung, a German website dedicated to the latest updates by Samsung revealed an image of a dummy unit of what appears to be the Galaxy […]

Samsung 4K SUHD TV

Recently, Samsung has spent enormous amounts of money in order to promote their new ‘SUHD’ TVs different and better than their regular old UHD TVs’. One of its SUHD TV is the JS8500. This TV has better color accuracy and video processing than most other TVs’. Picture quality of this TV is excellent and so […]

Samsung to Launch Galaxy Note 5 Early so as to Beat Apple

According to sources, Samsung is believed to launch their phablet Galaxy Note 5 a few weeks before their previously scheduled date in order to beat Apple’s launch of the iPhone 6s. Wall Street Journal also adds that the Korean giant will launch its much anticipated addition to the Galaxy Note series in August and get it […]

Samsung to Build an 11K Mobile Display by 2018

People today are trying to get accustomed to 4K displays and according to leading mobile manufacturers, 8K screens aren’t far at all. However, it looks like Samsung is setting up a way more ambitious goal for itself in the mobile display technology. By the end of 2018, Samsung wants to build an 11K display as […]

Samsung Announces 2015 First Quarter Net Profits of US$ 4.3 Billion

Soon after Apple released the quarterly report of it’s in cash investments, Samsung is ready to share its quarterly earning report. Is the news good for Samsung? Well, the report suggests a decline of 39 percent of Samsung’s market share in the Smartphone segment! The first quarterly report of Samsung is out! The quarter that […]

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Samsung S6 Features and Design Review (Video)

Samsung’s latest heartthrob ‘Galaxy S6’ and ‘S6 Edge’ is finally becoming a dream come true as it soon hits the market! Attractive, stylish and impressive for sure, these brand new designs aim to create an everlasting impact on the minds of users. Galaxy S6 will be available from April 10. Samsung S6 is Thing of […]