Best Buy to unveil Android tablet soon
Best Buy to sell Rocketfish Android tablet soon

The iPad is selling like hot cakes, but the only one profiting from the impressive sales of the device are Apple. Well, Best Buy has its own in-house “Rocketfish” brand. And these two factoids are on the verge of combining. Last Friday, Best Buy CTO Robert Stephens effectively confirmed the existence of an iPad-esque Rocketfish tablet on the horizon by sending out a tweet with the image of the device.

iPhone 4 to launch in 17 countries July 30

News came today as Apple, makers of the notoriously famous iPhone 4, announced plans to launch their problematic smartphone to Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland on July 30th.

Opera Mini Web browser for the iPhone approved
Opera Mini Web browser approved for the iPhone

Opera Mini Web browser is now available free to download on your iPhone. Apple has given it the green light, but shucks, still no Flash websites. If that were the case, Flash would be on the iPad next, and ya’ll know how Apple feels about that.

The title of Opera’s press release Monday came bluntly – Approved: Opera Mini App approved for the App Store. Apple is no longer worried about its Safari browser being the dominant runner in web, it’s not like the Company nets off it much. Compared to Opera, it’s super slow.

Most mobile screens just don’t have the touch

Our friends at Moto Labs have gone to great lengths once again to show scientifically what we already knew. Most mobile touchscreens are way behind the iPhone in their accuracy and sensitivity. Originally, using a simple test technique, their fingers, the team would slowly trace straight lines across the screens of each device using a basic drawing application. They said: “Results with straight lines indicate a high degree of sensor accuracy; less-precise sensors show the lines with wavy patterns, stair-steps, or both.”

Unfortunately, tech-nerds all over the internet were critical of this approach and demanded a more controlled data set. In other words don’t use their stubby, Cheeto-dust covered fingers.

Nasa to send Man to Mars

Barrack Obama has been a busy man, as we all know. He’s had to deal with a country in recession, sliding dollar value and an expensive war overseas.

With all this on his plate, he’s held his head high and accepted the Nobel Peace prize. And like any good politician, made grand promises he has absolutely no intentions of keeping. But SuperBama has another conquest on his itinerary.

REVIEW - Scosche solCHAT Solar Bluetooth Speakerphone
REVIEW – Scosche solCHAT Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speakerphone

It is illegal to use a handheld cell phone while driving in California. A similar cell phone ban recently kicked in over in the province of Ontario. While you could certainly partake in a regular Bluetooth headset or even a wired headset, it may be more comfortable in the long run to consider a Bluetooth […]

C-3PO Gets Resurrected as USB Flash Drive

We’ve seen quite a few unique USB flash drives. Some are shaped like pieces of sushi. Some have been made to look like severed fingers. And who can forget about the USB humping dog that later gained some flash storage of its own. While I don’t expect this bot to do anything more than store […]

REVIEW - LUXA2 H1-Touch Cell Phone Desktop Stand
REVIEW – LUXA2 H1-Touch Cell Phone Desktop Stand

A mobile phone is meant to be exactly that: mobile. We take our cell phones and smartphones with us everywhere we go, so it’s easy to get caught up in accessories that mesh with this type of mobile lifestyle. We look at cell phone cases, Bluetooth headsets, and the like. However, cell phones also serve […]

Android Revolution Just Got Cheaper at Rogers Wireless

Maybe that whole “revolution” at Rogers Wireless isn’t going exactly as planned. Google Android was supposed to be a pretty big game-changer, but it may have been overshadowed by the iPhone. As such, Rogers Wireless has just reduced the pricing on both Google Android phones in its lineup. As you may recall, the so-called Android […]

Five Gadget Gifts for Fathers Day

As with so many other holidays on our calendars these days, Father’s Day may have snuck up on you and now you find yourself scrambling to find just the right gift. I could be completely off the ball here, but I’m thinking that dear ol’ dad doesn’t want to add yet another tie to his […]

Get Ready for a Bigger Amazon Kindle This Week

The first Amazon Kindle introduced the e-book idea to the masses and the Kindle 2 brought a lot of great aesthetic and usability upgrades. Well, we may be in store for yet another new Amazon Kindle and the announcement could be coming as soon as this Wednesday. We initially wanted to chalk this up to […]

More Moto Android Coming with Motorola Ironman Smartphone

It seems that the Motorola Calgary won’t be the only smartphone coming from Motorola that’ll be getting the Google Android treatment. Tack this one up in the unconfirmed rumor column for now, but it seems that the Motorola Ironman is in the works and it’ll be powered by Android. It’s unclear whether IRONMAN will be […]

3G iPod Shuffle Ripped Apart for All to See

Well, that didn’t take long at all. The new iPod Shuffle was introduced to the world only two days ago, but we have already found an incredibly detailed dismantling of the latest tiny music player. The inquisitive types at iFixIt have taken it upon themselves to take apart the iPod Shuffle 2K9, giving us a […]

iPhone Hits Judgment Day with Terminator Salvation Game

Even without Christian Bale’s on-set outburst, Terminator Salvation is garnering a fair bit of attention from fans of the series. The upcoming Hollywood movie finally takes us beyond Judgment Day to when John Connor is a man and has to do battle with a series of robots bent on destroying mankind. Damn that Skynet. To […]

Netbooks and BB Bold Get Jazzy with Gelaskins

I’ve been rocking a Gelaskins protective skin on my Nintendo DS Lite for almost a year now and it’s still holding up quite well. It keeps my portable gamer reasonably protected from debris and damage while offering a huge dose of style. Gelaskins has now announced that it has expanded its stylish skin collection to […]

No More Jailbreak: Android Tossed Back in Prison

Unfortunately for the little robot that could, Google has decided to send out an automatic update that addresses the “issue” of having the Android OS jailbroken by the rogue online community. It was only a couple days ago that someone found out how to jailbreak Android. The process for jailbreaking the T-Mobile G1 wasn’t really […]

Disposable Google Android Phone Coming from Hop-on

Hop-on is a company that prides itself in making ridiculously affordable cell phones, including a $10 disposable phone and an el cheapo iPhone 3G competitor. With all this fervor surrounding the T-Mobile G1, Hop-on has developed some interest in the open source platform too. As such, Hop-on has announced that it will be unveiling a […]

Japandroid: Google Android Invades Japan Next Year

A giant robot roaming through the streets of Tokyo? Why am I reminded of so many sci-fi movies? Sure, you may replace Godzilla and Ultraman with Google in this case, but it seems that Android will be making its official debut in Japan starting next year. NTT DoCoMo has officially announced that it will be […]

Steampunk Goes Crazy with Bluetooth Too

It’s a name that most geeks recognize by now, because Steampuk has taken its retro mechanicals to all sorts of modern hardware. At long last, a Steampunk Bluetooth headset has arrived. Sure, we’ve been able to enjoy a Steampunk-inspired notebook and other awesome creations, but how about wearing some exposed gears on the side of […]

Survey: Japan Loves iPhone, Despises BlackBerry

Over in Japan, they are surrounded by some of the most advanced technology this world has ever seen. They’ve got everything from robotic dogs to wheelchairs that can climb stairs. When it comes to the mobile phone market, they’ve got quite a few local toys as well, but what about the world of smartphones? Sitting […]

Video: R2-D2 from Star Wars Reduced to USB Hub Duties

Between the two best known robots from the Star Wars franchise, the one that had no real speaking parts had to be the one with more personality and more spunk. He was the one that helped Luke Skywalker fly his X-Wing through the Death Star and he was the one that had no problem probing […]

See Spot? Visual Search Launched by KDDI Japan (Video)

This isn’t an entirely new development, but I still think that it’s pretty awesome. KDDI Japan has just launched their ER Search application, which effectively reads the information in your camera phone pictures and uses that to find relevant stuff online. For example, if you happened to be in a bookstore and you took a […]

Softbank Transforming Mecha Phones Are For Real

You would think that something like this comes straight out of a cheesy Michael Bay movie, but it turns out that the transforming mecha phone from Softbank Japan is actually legitimate. These are apparently real cell phones that happen to have similar abilities to those of the Autobots and Decepticons. Officially unveiled as the Toshiba […]

Video: Get Behind the Wheel of BMW 1-Series

Creative advertising goes a long way in selling a product, regardless of whether said product is actually a winner or a loser. I need not remind you things like Chia Pets and Pet Rocks. Marketing works wonders. When it comes to the BMW 1-Series, I’m more interested in the ridiculous engine shoved under the hood, […]

Motorola WiMAX Modems Look Like R2-D2, Black Obelisk of Power

Most modems are boring boxes with a couple of antennas sticking out the back. Not these bad boys, though. Motorola has taken a decidedly unique approach to their CPEi300 and CPEi800 WiMax modems. The former, with its chrome dome appearance, reminds me of a certain droid from a galaxy far, far away, whereas the latter […]

IBM Creates Solar Powered Submarines to Monitor the Hudson

We’ve seen all sorts of solar powered devices in our day. Some people are trying to implement them in cell phones. Others aim to have solar powered cars. This latest creation seems to inch closer to the latter, but it’s going much deeper and much wetter than that. IBM has partnered up with a non-profit […]

A Real Life Transformer: Let’s Hope It’s an Autobot (Video)

Transformers are just science fiction, right? Just the wild imagination of some geek gone wild? Apparently not, because here is a real transformer and yes, it’s from Japan. As Jason Chen from Gizmodo writes: “Remember that moment in the Transformers movie when the kid says that super advanced robots (the Transformers) must be from Japan? […]

Another Transforming Cell Phone on the Attack

For anyone who has watched the Transformers Movie, I’m sure that you remember when they transformed the Nokia N93i into a little blasting robot. That scene was so fun and so awesome that the crazy kooks at Parkoz have decided to create a transforming robot of their own. Fan-based CG animation is cool, don’t you […]

Duofone: The Dual Handset Phone is More Than Meets the Eye

In Gestalt psychology, they teach you that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. That is apparently the case with the Duofone cell phone concept. Instead of just offering you one slickly designed mobile phone, the Duofone — as its name implies — is comprised of two identical units. When you shove […]

Video: Automatic Rubik’s Cube Solver by Lego NXT

The beauty of the Lego NXT system is that it can create just about anything that your imagination desires, even if you want to make a robot that automatic solves the Rubik’s Cube puzzle for you. There are several components to this gadget, including a motor that actuates a prismatic joint, which in turn pushes […]

Electronic Rock, Papers, Scissors Does It All for You

Slowly bur surely, men and woman are being replaced by robots. No, its not Invasion of the Body Snatches. Rather, it’s an electronic version of rock, paper, scissors, so you don’t have to suffer carpal tunnel from shaking your hand so hard to play the game. With the Electronic Rock, Paper, Scissors, you can challenge […]

Videos: The Future of Cell Phones According to NTT DoCoMo

I still remember watching The Jetsons as a kid and being fascinated by having a robot maid and driving a flying car. We’ve still got some catching up to do as the show was supposed to take place “100 years in the future” (which would place it circa 2060). NTT DoCoMo isn’t look quite so […]

Super-thin flexible ‘organic radical’ battery

Although this looks like a contact lens for a large robotic eye, it’s really a rechargeable battery. It’s the product of a group of Japanese scientists, and it’s a polymer-based “organic radical” power source that can charge in just 60 seconds and can last 1,000 charges. The film is just 200 nanometers thick and is […]

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Remote-Controlled Pigeons to Takeover the World

Building on similar success with mice, a group of Chinese scientists have successfully controlled the flight of pigeons using electrodes implanted in their brains. Scientists at the Robot Engineering Technology Research Centre at Shandong University of Science and Technology inserted a handful of implants into a group of pigeons and were able to get the […]

Science & Tech
Brain interface to direct wheelchair’s actions

With big-time backing from the Ministry of Education and Science, a group of Spanish scientists are making big plans to develop a thought-controlled robotic wheelchair. Work is already under way to produce a brain-computer interface that can turn a person’s thoughts into wheelchair commands. The Biomedical Evaluation of Robots to Assist Human Mobility project has […]

Science & Tech
Nursebots to be on duty by 2010

A group of scientists who have full backing of the EU are working full speed ahead on creating robot nurses that do basic hospital tasks, as early as 2010. These basic tasks, according to the scientists, could be as mundane as mopping floors to as selective as escorting visitors to hospital beds. The robots themselves […]

Retro watch calls in for the time

When you think retro, you may think that you should depart from anything digital. While you don’t have to reach quite as far back as a sundial, this Japanese Retro Analog Watch is pretty darn close, as it doesn’t even display the time. Instead, you have to dial 117 on its face, just like you […]

Top Tech of the week – 11.24.2006

Funky robot – Have you ever wanted to be a robot? A team from Munich University can make your wish come true. Sort of. You just have to wear a head mounted display which is wired to the robot’s eyes, and your little metal clone will mimic what you do as you walk around. It […]

Skycross DMB antenna says “How d’you do?”

So, you’re strolling down the streets of Seoul, very happily enjoying your favorite S-DMB programming when all of a sudden, you signal cuts out because you ventured into a concrete jungle. Or maybe that extendo-antenna is a little too unsightly for your tastes. Skycross Korea is coming to the rescue with their little stubby S-DMB […]

Top tech to make you a real spy

I am absolutely fascinated by spy tech. I think I must subconsciously want to be a spy, because I love reading about or seeing high tech spy toys. I’m definitely not a spy, and most of the spy gear I see is therefore both incredibly impractical and ridiculously expensive, but I still can’t help getting […]

Top five most impressive iPod accessories

iPod accessories are seriously a big business. The market, including online sales, was worth well over a billion dollars last year, and that number should be just a drop in the bucket compared to what we will see this year. New products come out almost every day, and they are incorporating the latest and greatest […]

VoMail – voice e-mail for your phone

With VoMail, you can use e-mail all you want without ever having to touch a computer. The service lets you access, create, send and manage e-mail over your phone entirely by voice commands. The messages you receive are read to you by a delightful robot voice. It works with any major e-mail service provider, so […]

Blimp Wi-Fi plan to get big test

Sometimes, it’s not back to the future but forward to the past. A new idea from a former manager at NASA harkens back to the days of blimps and zeppelins. The name of this invention is “Stratellite.” The engineer envisions a fleet of unmanned robotic blimps that will act as Wi-Fi portals on the high, […]

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Remote-controlled Mario is fun, not all that nimble

While it may not quite be as manueverable and exciting as the flying remote controlled car we reported on yesterday, this gadget definitely has a certain appeal to it that simply cannot be matched by sheer technology alone. It might be fun to control everyone’s favorite plumber on a TV screen, but what if you […]

Lego Mindstorms NXT Review

Last week I finally got a hold of the new Lego Mindstorms NXT after months of waiting. Practically as soon as I got in the door, I dove right into the packaging. I was actually quite stunned at the number and complexity of the parts that came with the system. I’m a Mindstorms newbie, and […]