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Touch Things In Virtual Reality By Wearing Dexmo F2 (Video)

Dexmo F2 is a mechanical exoskeleton for your hands that will allow you to touch objects in VR.

iPhone 6 Mass Production Starting Next Week?

The mass production of the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 will reportedly begin next week, while the 5.5 inch iPhone will hit the assembly line in the second week of August.

ESA’s Six Legged Rover Is the Future of Lunar Exploration (Video)

The ESA has just released a new video that depicts what the lunar rover of the future may look like. The prototype is obviously a work in progress, but it demonstrates some interesting features.

The Future: Call in Military Air Strikes with ATAK Smartphone App

Continuing with this trend, a smartphone app is being developed wherein troops can effectively initiate a full-blown air strike with a few simple taps of the screen.

Google Glass Controlled Flying Drone (Video)

Take a look at how developer Blaine Bublitz is using his Google Glass to control a Parrot AR Drone.

Daily Deals: Nano Arcade Pocket Genesis Consoles for 23% Off

If you want to relive the 90s with a real controller at a killer price, ThinkGeek has an awesome deal on the Nano Arcade Pocket Genesis.

Motorola Skip NFC Accessory Will Make Logging in Easier For You – And Potential...

Motorola’s Skip NFC-based tag will allow you to get to Moto X’s homescreen without the need for typing in the passcode.

NASA’s Europa Mission (Video)

NASA is planning to land a robot on Europa, one of Jupiter's four largest satellites. Robert Pappalardo of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory explains.

Oculus Rift Cover Shooter Game Is Impressive (Video)

As if we weren't already impressed by all the wonderful things that we could do with the Oculus Rift headgear (check out here, here and here), now we have the "Hydra Cover Shooter" demo from Australian developer Teddy Lipowitz.

Go Home Fish You’re Drunk… But At Least You Aren’t Afraid

A team of researchers exposed zebrafish to ethanol to find out how the fish reacted to a robot Indian leaf fish after getting drunk.

This Hexapod Doesn’t Let A Little Thing Like Missing A Leg Get in its...

Check out the new hexapod developed by researchers at the Pierre-and-Marie-Curie University. The robot is capable of working out a new gait if it loses one of its legs.

Flying Drone Lands And Then Walks Creepily (Video)

Check out a drone which can fly around as any other drone out there, but when it lands it is capable of crawling on the ground.

24% of Surgical Errors Can Be Blamed on the Machine

If you're worried about the robot apocalypse and how our metallic creations are going to take over all of our jobs, this is going to sound like some good news. If you enjoy living and would like to survive your next visit to the hospital, then this is going to sound pretty grim.

Designing Drones By Studying Flight Of Birds (Video)

A team at Stanford University is capturing incredible images of birds in mid-flight with an ultra-high-speed camera for developing an ideal drone design.

Quadcopter Flight Controlled By Thought (Video)

Researchers from the University of Minnesota led by biomedical engineering professor Bin He have been testing a thought-controlled quadcopter. Their goal is to develop thought-control devices working at high speed, without any surgical implantation.

AMES Device For Rehabilitating Paralyzed Patients

The AMES device can help paralyzed patients to regain muscle movements.

Muscle-Controlled Prosthetic Limbs That Can Feel (Video)

Two programs in DARPA’s RE-NET program is currently dealing with improving the link between amputees and their prosthetics.

3D Printing Going To Save Many Lives In The Future (Video)

From 3D printed tracheal support splint to 3D printed kidneys, pancreas, skins, prosthetics and more; the 3D printing technology is fast becoming a big part in the medical field.

Martian Dust Would Be A Danger To Human Visitors

Researchers and public health experts at the Humans 2 Mars Summit have been discussing the threat of dust on Mars. A manned mission to the Red Planet could happen by 2030.

Video: Kid’s Walker NT Mech Suit for Kids with Upgraded Drill and Gripper

This children's 1.6 meter unique robot suit retails for $21,000 and weighs in at 180 kg. It's also available for rental in Japan.

Video: Cyro Jellyfish Drone Prepares to Invade the Oceans

A group of graduate students at Virginia Tech have taken a similar nature-inspired design for Cyro, an autonomous robot that mirrors the movement of a jellyfish.
Unicorn Apocalypse

Samsung’s Unicorn Apocalypse Becomes Real

Remember Samsung's recent BYOD-oriented commercials that featured a fictional game by the name of Unicorn Apocalypse? Samsung has now released the game.

NASA Wants to 3D Print a Lunar Base Too

Last month, we read about how the European Space Agency was teaming up with architectural firm Foster and Partners. The idea is that they would use 3D printing technology to build a lunar base. This makes a lot of sense, since it utilizes existing resources on the moon to build those structures, rather than shuttling all those materials from Earth. It seems that NASA is working on a similar idea.
Apple Patent

Apple Patent Filing Suggests Future iDevices May Think for Themselves

It looks Apple's iDevices could someday become self-aware. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but a new patent does suggest "situational awareness" for iDevices.

Could Supercomputers Someday Replace Physicians?

Is it possible that we could someday have robots and supercomputers in use as a replacement for human physicians?

Dennis Tito Planning Mission to Mars for 2018

It looks like man might be making on small step for man and a giant leap for mankind once again, this time onto Mars, at least if American entrepreneur Dennis Tito has anything to say about it.

First Lunar Base Could Be 3D Printed Tatooine-Like Domes

Newt Gingrich has been saying that America will have a moon base ready for human inhabitants as early as 2020. Many of us scoffed at this idea, saying it's unrealistic, but it could very much be real and we could be going about it in an entirely different way.

The New Myspace Starts Sending More “Exclusive” Invitations

Remember Myspace? The website that Facebook destroyed over the past few years? Apparently Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook team did not do enough to shut down their old competition.

A Look at the Original Android Mascot Design

The mascot. This often simple symbol isn't something we think about all that often, but it really is important.

Roboy Utilizes Artifical Tendons, Should Walk More Like A Real Human

The problem with most robots, if you can call it a problem, is that their movement is decidedly mechanical. We have humanoid robots like Honda's Asimo, but they still don\'t quite move like a human being. That could change with a new robot called Roboy, being designed by a team of scientists and engineers from the University of Zurich.

Photo of Samsung’s Smart Tango Corner Sweep Vac for CES

Thanks to some “leaked” photos on Flickr, it is known that Samsung is going to release a new model to its robotic vacuum line. This tease, leaked or released, by Samsung shows The Smart Tango Corner Clean robot that has the standard circular design, but also has one other little feature.

Modern Combat 4 Game Review

Gameloft has finally released Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, and at a first glance, it looks stunning. The game feels very polished right from the UI and menu navigation all the way to the great multiplayer progression and the singleplayer campaign

Dad Builds Flying Drone to Track Kids on the Way to School

Full details of the quadcopter can be seen over at IEEE Spectrum, but basically the drone has been designed to lock on to a GPS tracker hidden in his son's backpack. The drone then follows his son for a set distance ensuring he is safe before returning back to base.

Previewing the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Epic Boss Battles

For a lot of people, the Metal Gear Solid franchise just isn't the same without Solid Snake as the protagonist, but this Raiden guy... he's pretty epic. And he's got some seriously epic boss battles ahead of him in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

NASA Proposes New Uranium-Based Engine for Deep Space Exploration

NASA is currently testing the idea of building a nuclear fission engine that could propel their probes into deep space, well beyond Mars and into the outer reaches of our solar system.

“Foxbots” Set to Replace Human Foxconn Employees

You don't have to worry about those kinds of things with robots, because "robot rights activists" simply do not exist. And that's possibly why Foxconn is prepping 10,000 "Foxbots" to replace their human employees.

How Do You Know if You Are In The Matrix? There’s A Test For...

If you were in fact in the Matrix, how would you know? According to Silas Beane of the University of Bonn, there is in fact a test you can take to see if you are stuck living in a simulation.

SpaceX: First Commercial Space Flight Takes Off

Our hopes and dreams of colonizing space may be just a little bit closer now with news of the first commercial flight into space.

Want Food From The Fridge? You Have to Smile First

Scientists at the University of Tokyo Sony computer science labs have created a Happiness Counter that measures your smile.

Giant Spherical Wheels used for Omnidirectional Prototype Motorcycle

Do you remember the Batcycle in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises? Remember how the wheels could spin on their sides so that Batman could quickly change direction? What if you replaced those wheels altogether with a couple of balls

Beyond Bizzare: Scientists Can Control Roaches

The Roachbot isn't good enough for you, huh? You don't want to control a robotic roach, you want the real deal, right? Weird enough, you aren't alone. Researchers at the North Carolina State University have created a system that allows you to remote control a cockroach.

App Review: Jetpack Joyride (Android & iOS)

One of the most popular iOS games ever has finally made its way over to Android, Jetpack Joyride. So does the Android version hold up to the original iOS game? Let's take a look and find out.

Stop Mowing Your Yard, Let Honda MiiMo do it for You

While the U.S. Market hasn't exactly embraced the idea of robotic lawn mowers yet, the European market has seen extraordinary growth and demand for such a device. While there are quite a few good robot mowers out there already, Honda wishes to join into the competition with its Honda Miimo.

New Research Guidelines Pave the Way for Future Nanotech Surgery Gloves

A glove that can detect and identify tissue and immediately ablate it without needing another tool in the process? That's exactly what the research engineers at the University of Illinois, Northwestern University and the Chinese-based Delian University of Technology are working on developing. The idea is to use nanotechnology to create flexible silicon-based electronics and soft sensors to create a useful electronic glove in the future.

Need to be in more than one place at a time? Double has you...

Ever wanted to be at two places at once? There is so much to see out in the world, but there are times when all you want to do is lay around on that comfy La-Z-Boy recliner. The solution could very well be the new Double Robotics telepresence system. For the price of $2400, plus two iPads, you can now accomplish being there without, ya know, being there.

Wage War Against Would-Be Drink Thieves with Unique Armored Drink Carrier

What happens when you combine cold drinks, water guns and a tank? Apparently the armored drink carrier is what happens.

Synthetic Photosynthesis System Developed by Panasonic

Now, Panasonic has borrowed a page out of Mother Nature's book and developed what it believes to be a "highly efficient artificial photosynthesis system."

Spy Vs Spy Remake Skyrockets To The Top Of The App Store Charts

The original version of Spy Vs Spy was made by First Star Software, in association with Warner Brothers, but after a year of negotiations, Robots and Pencils managed to grab the rights to develop this unique iOS remake and it now leads the charts with the number 1 slot on the App Store.

Unique RoachBot Gets New Update That Includes iPad And iPhone Control

Usually a roach is something you don't want around the house, except perhaps in the case of the Roachbot.

Inside the Minds Behind AppStori Crowdfunding Community

Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding have become an incredibly popular way to get young startups off the ground, but what is it about AppStori that makes them different. I recently interviewed them to find out.