Microsoft strides into robotics fray

Microsoft is getting into the robotics game, with a whole toolkit of Windows-based resources and a fistful of funding for a research group to support it all. The idea, according to the folks at Microsoft, is to create a starting point for commercial and individual developers. Tandy Trower, general manager of the Microsoft Robotics Group, […]

A school tale of two robots

Isaac Asimov would be proud. A New York teenager isn’t letting his stay in a hospital get in the way of his schooling. Using a unique combination of robotics, Achim Nurse, a 13-year-old from Valhalla, is keeping up with his studies despite being miles away in a hospital bed. Mr. Spike and Mrs. Candy do […]

Robot controlled by brain waves

Maybe you’ve seen an episode of a science fiction show in which a person has wires connecting his head to a machine. The suggestion is that the guy is giving the computer or robot or whatever it happens to be, instructions via brain waves. If the good folks at Honda have their way, that fiction […]

Robot-driven cars get next challenge

In late 2007, the next Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Grand Challenge will take place. It’s a car race with robots at the wheel. The race will go down in a mock urban area that is made up to look like a city, with intersections, traffic circles, and other obstacles. Unlike last year’s Grand Challenge, […]

A “robotic” gearbox from Renault

While images of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2 are immediately conjured up by the idea of robots taking over the world, Renault isn’t set to release Cyberdyne on the world just yet. Instead, the automaker has designed a gearbox that comes with a robot inside. To be fitted into its Modus grocery getter, the “Quickshift5” […]

Navy orders more iRobot bomb destroyers

More robots are on the way, and the Navy couldn’t be happier. The U.S. Navy has placed an order for 213 more iRobot bomb disposal robot systems, for a cost of US$26 million. The bots are PackBOT MTRS (Man Transportable Robotic System) and sport advanced tools and sensors that keep the humans at a safe […]

Researchers’ dream: bacteria to power robots

Think of it as electronic photosynthesis. A team of researchers made up of scientists from two American universities envisions using a strain of bacteria as a power source. Specifically, the bacteria strain is Shewanella oneidensis. Its utility comes from its waste, which is electrons. The bacteria eats metal and spits out the excess electrons. The […]

Jindo the robot dog knows more tricks than Aibo

If you were a fan of Aibo, Sony’s robot dog, and you were sad to see him go out of production, this news will make you happy. Jindo is a new robot dog which Korean inventor Eungsang Park claims is much more advanced than Aibo. It is designed for running, so you can take it […]

Citizen Eco-Be is one tiny rolling robot

Several companies are at work trying to make better and better robots. Citizen hasn’t been one of them up to now, but they have unveiled the Eco-Be, a miniature two wheeled robot that is driven by a watch motor from the Citizen line of watches. A watch battery powers it, since it requires a very […]

Voice-Activated R2-D2 AstroMech Robot from Hammacher

R2-D2 it is you. It IS you! Forget the R2 models and figures you played with in the past, this Voice-Activated R2-D2 from Hammacher Schlemmer is the real deal. So real, you’d swear Kenny Baker was inside pulling the strings. R2 interacts in much the same way most “smart” robot toys do. With full dome-swiveling […]

Surgery in space will be possible with robots

Up until now, if you were in space and you needed surgery you were pretty much out of luck. Well, not anymore. A team of researchers at the University of Nebraska have come up with a series of small robots which can perform surgery in orbit while doctors on earth direct their use. The robots […]

USRobotics forays in VoIP Products, Internet Phone Launch Next Month

USRobotics this week announced its foray into the $493 million Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) equipment market. The company has planned to begin launching its VoIP products beginning next month, the initial line up to be introduced in the market will include a USB internet phone, VoIP telephone adapter, USB speaker phone and a 4-port […]

U.S. Robotics launches 802.11g USB Adapter

U.S. Robotics announced a new 802.11g Wireless USB 2.0 device. This device will be both USB 1.1 and 2.0 compliant and will use accelerated 802.11g technology for up to 25% better performance. U.S. Robotics plan is to make it easier for businesses and home users to connect to wireless networks by releasing this product. It […]

SK Telecom unveils Security Robot

According to Korea Times — “A new sophisticated robot will be able to guard your home around the clock and keep you informed on what’s happening in the house through your handset even when you are far away. The nation’s top mobile carrier, SK Telecom, on Monday unveiled the security robot, which is to be […]

Epson Develops World’s Smallest Flying Microrobot

Tokyo, Japan — Seiko Epson Corporation has developed the uFR (“Micro Flying Robot”), the world’s smallest flying prototype microrobot. Epson developed the uFR to demonstrate the micromechatronics technology that it has cultivated in-house over the years and to explore the possibilities for microrobots and the development of component technology applications. The company displayed its latest […]

Samsung Unveils High-tech Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The home will never be the same again. Renowned for its innovation, Samsung Electronics has unveiled a trailblazing product that may transform the domestic environment forever – the Samsung VC-RP30W vacuum cleaner. The ultra high-tech robot vacuum cleaner VC-RP30W has been revealed at the DigitAll Inspiration 2003 product showcase. The Samsung cleaner draws a 3-D […]

Sony Unveils the ERS-7 Third Generation AIBO Entertainment Robot

Entertainment Robot America (ERA), the division of Sony Electronics Inc. (SEL) responsible for the iconic series of autonomous AIBO(R) Entertainment Robots, announced today that it is delivering a highly-evolved, floppy-eared, third generation robotic dog. Available in pearlescent white, the newly designed, futuristic ERS-7 AIBO model provides the greatest degree of autonomous behavior and functionality to […]

iRobot Roomba Robotic FloorVac Gets Even Smarter

iRobot, creator of the first affordable robotic vacuum, today added two new models to its popular Roomba(R) Robotic FloorVac family, offering consumers more power and control than ever before. The Roomba Pro, in blue, and the Roomba Pro Elite, in red, offer extra-strength cleaning for really dirty spots and navigation by remote control, so people […]

World’s Smallest Robot

Popular Mechanics reports: “”It’s small enough to “turn on a dime and park on a nickel,” or so say the inventors of a 1cm-tall machine that lays claim to being the world’s smallest robot. Make that the smallest man-made robot, for the device developed by the Department of Energy’s Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, N.M., […]

Sony Debuts High-Speed AIBO ERS-210A and ERS-220A Entertainment Robots

Entertainment Robot America (ERA), a division of Sony Electronics Inc., today announced the release of two upgraded high-speed AIBO„µ Entertainment Robots [models ERS-210A and ERS-220A]. The new robots will come equipped with an advanced central processing unit, dubbed the super core, which will make them quicker and capable of running enhanced software applications and exhibiting […]

Evolution Robotics Introduces the ER1 – The First Personal Robot System for Consumers

Evolution Robotics™ Inc., a robotics technology company, today unveiled the Evolution Robotics ER1™, a personal robot system designed for the home and workplace, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Video Clip: Evolution Robotics at Demo 2002 The ER1, available in two configurations, is the first in a line of autonomous personal robots that Evolution Robotics plans […]

Panasonic Develops “Vacuum Cleaning Robot”

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., best known worldwide for its Panasonic-brand products, today announced it is developing a vacuum cleaning robot for household use through an innovative autonomous control system that uses a wide array of sensors which allows the robot to roam around a room, detect dust particles, and ensure its safety. The new […]

Sony Develops SDR-4X a Small Biped Entertainment Robot

Sony Corporation today announced the development of a prototype small biped entertainment robot “SDR-4X” that can adapt its performance to its environment and situations found in the home to further develop the possibility for a biped-walking robot. Richer communication with people can be realized by a variety of sensor systems, performance control software based on […]

Necoro Robocat, the New Robotic Pet

Omron Corporation will begin selling as a new product a cat type communication robot from November 20. Orders can be placed at Takashimaya (limited to 7 stores) starting October 17, and orders will be accepted by phone or over the Internet from November 3. Available in two colors, gray and brown, sales at this time […]

Murata Proposes Bluetooth-Enabled Humanoid Robot

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. announced the development of a humanoid robot equipped with a Bluetooth module. Murata proposed the concept of humanoid robots by taking advantage of Bluetooth wireless communication technology, which works well to keep out various outside wireless interference signals. Murata’s Bluetooth-enabled humanoid robot will be applied to: 1) cooperative operations with other […]

Sony Expands Aibo Entertainment Robot Line by Debuting New Models

Underscoring its vision to bring a new form of entertainment into every U.S. household, the Entertainment Robot America (ERA) unit of Sony Electronics will release a new line of Entertainment Robots, affectionately to be known as the AIBO LM series [ERS-311/312]. Pre-sale orders will be accepted starting on Oct. 1, with the lovable new models […]

PINO the Humanoid Robot

The next generation of robot research will study the formation of relations between humans and humanoids. The exterior design of the robot will be integral to clarifying its diverse mechanical functions and asserting its autonomy ? distinct from that of a mere object. It is this distinction that will enable humans to interact meaningfully with […]

Motorola and Flashline Demonstrate the Ultimate Wireless Lego Robot

Using a mobile phone to remotely control a robot might sound like science fiction, but it’s a reality that Motorola (NYSE: MOT) and Flashline will demonstrate on a LEGO® MINDSTORMS™ robot at the JavaOneSM Developer Conference. The companies have combined the power of wireless technology, Java™ development and reusable software components to develop the ultimate […]

The Smallest Robot Ever

Imagine a remote-controlled swarm of roach-sized tanks storming into a building through the pipes and vents. Armed with the proper sensors, cameras and communication devices, these tiny tanks could seek out chemical weapons, mines or bombs planted in hard-to-reach places. They could also detect survivors after an accident, or track human movements. It’s a vision […]

Palm Pilots now becoming Robots

By Daniel Sorid Palm Pilot application No. 413: sending it for coffee. Ambitious owners of personal organizer can now move beyond such passe uses such as making phone calls, ordering movie tickets, or snapping photos. Their Palm can now be turned into a robot. With a $300 kit available over the Web, everyday people can […]

Games Reviews
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PlayStation 4 Game, ‘Detroit: Become Human,’ Is More Realistic Than Ever

French game development studio Quantic Dream just came out with its new interactive cinematic game called, “Detroit: Become Human.” This new PlayStation 4 exclusive is based on the premise of an android revolution ripe with plenty of precedents. Films like “I, Robot,” “Ex Machina,” and “Ghost in the Shell” will definitely pop into mind, according to Quantic founder […]

smart home of future
How Smartphones Will Control The House of Future

What is the house of future? Well, imagine smart security, self cooking ovens, self cleaning carpets, self automated robot butlers to complete all your chores, smart gadgets that remind you to have sex and then automatically set themselves in motion to clean up the bed and make themselves, welcome to your possible house of future. […]

ROVs and AUVs
Underwater Eyes: Practical Uses for ROVs and AUVs

Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) are two types of robots used for marine research. Scientists use these high-tech machines to explore the dark, deep, and cold recesses of the sea floor. ROVs and AUVs can take surveys, carry instruments, and allow scientists to monitor the mission from the safety of a […]

3D Printing
Science Fiction Reality 2015 -
5 Science Fiction Concepts You Didn’t Know That Already Exist

Some people love sci-fi stories for their promised escape to far-flung times and places; others love the genre for its unique philosophical quandaries it presents. However, nearly everyone is drawn to science fiction because of the fascinating alien technology it contains. Unfortunately for science fiction writers, that tech is becoming harder and harder to imagine […]

Initial Impressions of the Futuristic Looking Super-Secure Turing Phone

We all know that data around us is increasing every second. In fact, by the time you are done reading this sentence, data around you will get multiplied by a million times. That data also contains private data that is generally susceptible to threat and misuse. There is no such smartphone that promises a hundred […]

Apple Acquires GPS Firm Coherent Navigation To Boost Location Mapping

  So you love Google Maps because they are more technically sound than Apple Maps, right? And as an Apple user you might be jealous of those who are awarded with the accuracy of Google maps. Well, it’s time for some good news, Apple is going to improve the navigation technology in an all new […]