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DARPA’s Cheetah Robot Is Fast, But Dangerous And Creepy (Video)

If you thought that the Big Dog was terrifying in motion (it was!), take a look at this new product from DARPA. The DARPA Cheetah is absolutely creepy when it starts moving, but it’s now the fastest legged robot on the planet and chances are you won’t outrun it.

Crawling Robots Battle with Awesome Weapons and Armor (Video)

What would you call a remote-controlled, six-legged robot toy (pictured above) for kids that can shoot all kinds of projectiles? Its designer, Jaimie Mantzel, is already calling it “The Greatest Toy in the Universe” (and we think that he might be right there), but he wants you to give it a cool name.

iRobot’s 710 Warrior To Save The World Johnny 5 Style

The heavy weight 710 warrior is just like its predecessors, just more versatile.  It's more capable of performing a wide range of missions including EOD (explosive ordnance disposal), reconnaissance and surveillance.

An Affordable Flying Robot Drone For Amateur Photogs

It's a project that has recently been put up on Kickstarter and it's effectively a "professional quality yet affordable flying robotic camera platform." Yes, it's a drone.

NASA Developing Android Powered Helper Robots Inspired By Star Wars (Video)

They are currently testing robots called SPHERES (Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites) which actually have been around since 2006. The robots, having the size of that of a bowling ball, utilize CO2 thrusters to fly around the International Space Station.

CES: First Hands-On With Verizon’s VGo Robotic Telepresence

The next time you walk in to a department store, you may not be greeted by a human, in fact, if Verizon Wireless has anything to do with it you'll be looking at a VGo robot. Presented at CES 2012, Verizon is aiming to enable 4G LTE devices beyond what we would expect with a typical smartphone or tablet.

Behrens Concept Device For A Biofuel Generating Robot

Living in a world where gas and oil prices are certainly on the rise, Rudolph Behrens has come up with a theoretical solution for preparing/gathering biofuel. He has begun raising funds at Kickstarter for a 26x14 foot robot that uses a wind turbine with radial blades on top and a PV panel.

Otherlab Develops Inflatable Robot You Can Ride

The Ant-Roach is completely inflatable, including its muscle structure. The robot weighs only seventy pounds and is easy to carry around, but due to its design it can support up to 1,000 pounds.

Surrogates More Than Just A Movie, Thanks To Advances In Robotics?

It turns out that "Surrogates", staring Bruce Willis, might not have been just a movie after all. For those who haven’t seen it, in the near future when people don’t interact with the environment themselves and instead have human-looking robots they control remotely do everything for them. Telesar V might not be nearly as sophisticated as the robots in Surrogates, yet the concept is still pretty similar. Telestar V is a telexistence robot system being researched by a group at the Keio University led by Professor Tachi. The idea behind the technology is having a robot you can remotely control.

Groundbot 3D Surveillance Robot Rolls Along Sand, Water And Mud

Rotundus Groundbot, a dual-camera security bot which provides a 3D video feed is a new easy to manipulate automated surveillance tool presently being tested by government. Its interface is kept free from clutter to make the operation less complicated and this bot will roll around the ground spying on everything around it.

Meet OLogic’s Android controlled robotic music player

The most recent robot controlled by a smartphone is the Automated Music Personality (AMP) robot launched by OLogic. AMP is a two-wheeled, self-balancing robotic music player that can only be operated by an Android smartphone. OLogic has plans of shipping the robot for around $400 or less.

Handroid robot hand by ITK is remote controlled with a glove

The Handroid is a robot hand developed by a Japanese company called ITK. It's a fully articulated robot hand with the same kind of dexterity as a human hand. Each finger can move independently and the hand as a whole is meant to be "sensitive" enough to be suitable for touching humans or handling fragile objects.

Yotel hotels have world’s first robotic luggage handler

The Yotel chain of hotels are bringing in a new worker to their New York location. The hotel in New York will feature a robotic baggage drop-off machine. Touted as the world’s first hotel robotic luggage handler, “Yobot” loads and stores your luggage.

Interactive robotic painting machine to make artists obsolete too

Visual artist Benjamin Grosser seeks to answer the question; can machines be original or creative? Grosser has created an Interactive Robotic Painting Machine that uses sounds from the environment to inspire its paint.

Creepy singing robot head has long years of service ahead of it

Artificial Intelligence may not be contained to the manufacturing industries forever. In fact, it might not be long before human customer service workers and receptionists are a thing of the past. Chyi-Yeu Lin and colleagues at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology have built a singing, disembodied animatronic robot head that will someday put every last unskilled desk clerk and Walmart greeter in the unemployment line once and for all.

Japanese robot can think, fetches ice for your drink

If you thought that robots are nothing more than humanoid thoughtless piles of iron that are controlled by real humans, well, you're wrong. Future robots could be even smarter than some of us. And who else could create such a robot if its not Skynet? The Japanese!

Wall-E Robot Brought To Life With LEGO

Montreal-based maker Marc-André Bazergui has created his own Wall-E robot using a set of motors and a LEGO Mindstorms NXT Kit. It took Bazergui over 250 hours to build the 20cm tall toy, but it’s sure worth the effort, since the robot moves and transforms just like the animated character.

Futuristic Surgical Robots To Teach Super Surgeons

How do you train a resident surgeon to remove an appendix? As much preparation they get in school, they can’t master how to remove an appendix until they’ve done it. The problem is that unlike the board game Operation, you’re dealing with real people who don’t have multiple lives. So how do you give residents hands-on practice when human lives are hanging in the balance? How do you get busy, experienced surgeons to take the time to teach them? How can surgeons watch and effectively evaluate a resident’s performance in the operation room, when tensions are high and a patient’s life is on the line? These are questions being considered by a surgical robotics team at Johns Hopkins University.

Omnidrectional rover robot uses screws to move

Rovers are key to exploring planets that are too far and expensive for manned missions, but they have their limitations. NASA rover “Spirit” scaled a mountain the height of the Statute of Liberty, but couldn’t maneuver its way out of a sand bog. In 2009 Spirit became stuck and in NASA controllers’ attempts to free the rover, the wheels only sank deeper. Lack of sun in the rover’s current location meant Spirit went into low-power hibernation mode, and on May 25 2011 NASA made their last communication with Spirit.

Unmanned QinextiQ Robots and Vehicles Help to Save Japan

It's going to be a long time before Japan is really back on its feet. We already know about Nao and FirstLook seeing what they can do, but it's time to toss in some QinetiQ robots to help too.

Robotics Genius Creates Tupperware AirSoft Turret

Our friend Chris at sent in this DIY sentry gun turret that uses a simple airsoft gun and a tupperware container found at your local big box store.

iRobot 110 FirstLook Throwable Sentry Bot

When I hear the name iRobot, the first thing that comes to mind is that silly Roomba. Yeah, it's pretty clever how they can get a vacuum to roam around a room on its own, but the iRobot 110 FirstLook looks like it could be infinitely more useful.

Forget Walking; Nao Robot to Learn Mountain Climbing

We've always been fascinated with robots, particularly of the humanoid type. It's been a challenge for scientists to give them human-like movements, which is why it's taken them so long to get robots to walk, run, climb stairs, and play soccer. Nao is ready for more.

Kaspar the Robot Developed for Autism Therapy Sessions

When I went to school for my psychology degree, it was quite common for my classmates to sign up as assistants for people who were doing applied behavior analysis (ABA) training and therapy for children with autism. Now, we could be looking at much more technological approach.

Complex Robots Built Easy With Cubelets

Kids these days are bloody lucky. Sure, kids’ cartoons are getting wimpier and more pathetic. But the toys! Oh man, the toys.

MegaHurtz Robotic RC Paintball UGV Tank Will Frag Your Ass

Paintball is the favorite past time of many humans. It's a non-lethal way to have fun in the field with other people, and guns. Mega Hurtz, a crazy ass robot designed by Chris Rogers is up for backing on Kickstarter. This thing is fantastic, it's fully armored, can drag an adult body across the ground (usually for rescue missions), rip through the bush at 50 MPH all the while unloading 20 rounds of paint per second on unsuspecting opponents.

LG robotic HOM-BOT vacuum Roomba clone is smarter than it looks

When the original Roomba from iRobot first hit the scene it was revolutionary: a vacuum that roamed (and cleaned) your room on its own. iRobot has quite the track record making military robots, so why not infiltrate the home front? LG also has quite the experience with military production, so it comes as no surprise that LG's new HOM-BOT does what an iRobot does, but smarter.

Talk-Torque 2 mute robot guides you through museum without talking

The idea behind the Talk-Torque 2, which is almost more alien-like than robot-like, is that it can guide you through a museum using only gestures. The robot is supposed to "become a master at human communication without words," directing your attention toward points of interest as it acts as a tour guide through a museum, art gallery, or some other similar exhibit.

Gesture-driven robotic arm narrows the gap for 3D virtual user interfaces

Right now XBOX 360’s Kinect is easily one of the hottest consumer technologies on the market, but the Hoshino Biological Cybernetics Lab at Tsukuba University have managed to take it a step further with their concept at the 3D Expo.

McGill University robotics remove man’s prostate

Over at McGill University, a team of surgeons have successfully removed a patient's prostate without the use of human hands. Instead, a couple of robot surgeons did the real work on the guy going under the knife. Part of the surgery team included the da Vinci robo-surgeon and the McSleepy robot anesthesiologist.

Windoro window cleaning robot to the rescue

Slap a pair of Roomba’s on a pane of glass, with a slight variation in cleaning utensils, and you’ve got the Windoro. It almost sounds like a spanish sword-fighting nobleman here to clean our windows.

South Korea deploys grenade launching robots at border

Anyone planning on illegally crossing the North/South Korean border better think twice, the government has deployed a couple sentry robots that can sense heat and motion and deploy 40mm grenades at the target, or just fire off a couple thousand rounds of ammunition its way. Audio and video is sent back to the command center allowing them to make the call on whether or not the response requires such offensive action. Check the video below for a peak at the command UI.

GM and Nasa build the Robonaut 2 humanoid robot

GM and NASA are working together at the Johnson Space Center in Houston under the Space Act Agreement to develop more sophisticated robots and related technologies that will be used in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Robot-Looking 3D Webcam from Minoru

While you can find a webcam on the market with pretty good resolution these days, they largely restrict you to just two dimensions of...

Sega i-spin Robot Speaker Dances To the Music

Is there seriously a market for doo-dahs like this? Sega has already released the i-Dog, i-Cat, and i-Platypus (okay, maybe not the last one),...

Video: Robot Gets Remotely Controlled by Nintendo DS

The touchscreen-equipped portable gaming machine from Nintendo never ceases to amaze me. When I first picked up a DS Lite, I was enthralled by...

Rovio – a robot that can find its own way

Robots just keep getting smarter and smarter. I've seen a movie or two about how this can go awry. Evolution Robotics hasn't taught robots...

Robot firefighters – not as sexy as the real thing, but still cool

Robots have been created to do a lot of ridiculous and totally unnecessary things over the years. Here's one, though, that actually makes sense....

Life-Sized Robotic Fly For Military Surveillance

If the movie Transformers has taught as anything, it's that big robots can cause some pretty massive damage. In an effort to keep things...

Remotely Control Your Robot Cleaner Using a Cell Phone

Too lazy to walk around your 600 square foot bachelor pad with a vacuum cleaner? Yeah, me too. I want to just sit back...

Robotic Hand: Remote Heart Surgery Closer Than You Think (Video)

Technology, as I'm sure you're well aware, is advancing at an increasingly expedient pace. What was hot and innovative just a couple years ago...

Germans Unveil Titan, World’s Largest Robot

German efficiency and determination have produced the world's largest and strongest robot, the KUKA KR 1000. It's full-on huge, with a height of just...

Robotic Caterpillar Can Help Heart Patients

Not that many legs on this little mechanical medical marvel, but it's called a "robotic caterpillar" anyway. It's a creation of the Robotics Institute...

Video: Robot Chicken by Sega, Not Seth Green

When I first heard about this robot chicken, I immediately thought of the very strange animated series created by Seth Green. Unfortunately, this creation...

Propulsion Breakthrough Holds Promise for Medical Microbots

I suspect that there will be a run on Fantastic Voyage rentals in the next few months. Fans and trivia buffs will remember that...

Dexter, the Robot That Can Learn on the Fly

Meet Dexter. He's still in his formative years, just learning how to walk, to think. But he can analyze 20,000 actions a second. Dexter is...

Mini Robot Explores, Gives You Medicine from Within

This will still give some people the creeps. It's a mini robot that can be controlled remotely even after it's inside your body. That's thanks...

Robots to Learn Human Emotions

One of the things that humans will always have over robots is, for better or worse, the complexity of emotions. Computers can think better...

iRobot Next-Generation Bomb-Removing Robot

When it comes to handling explosive objects, it's probably better if you don't go in there yourself to deal with it. I think it'd...

i-SOBOT: handheld robot for adults

If you've been secretly jealous of your kids' ever-more-sophisticated toys, you can soon get one of your own, thanks to Takara Tomy, who are...