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Robot Butler HOSPI Being Tested to Assist in Hospital, Airport, and Hotel

HOSPI robots, created by electronic appliance manufacturer Panasonic, have been hard at work being tested in hospitals, assisting patients and staff alike. Now, they...

There are Now 45,000 Robots in Amazon’s Warehouses, But It’s No Robot Army

At the end of 2016, Amazon increased the number of its robots to 45,000, but there’s nothing to worry about because these are merely...

Robotic Device Gives Disabled People the Independence to Freely Stand and Move Around

A company called Matia Robotics has re-designed and remade the wheelchair to give people with leg disabilities much more freedom in terms of movement....

Autonomous Robots May Start Delivering Takeout Food Very Soon

One of Europe’s biggest food-delivery apps, Just Eat, will start testing autonomously-driven robots to deliver orders to customer’s doorsteps in the next few months,...

Robotic Quadcopter Aggressively Flying Through Narrow Gaps will be Crucial as Future Search and...

Every drone operator has had those momentary pangs of fear at the prospect of their UAV drone smashing itself to smithereens after failing to...

NASA Robots will Be Made of Metallic Glass to Better Withstand the Rigors of...

In its quest to give robots human-like grace but strength even in the frozen wastes of space, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is looking...

New Underwater Robot Captures High-Def Scenes from Sunken USS Arizona on 75th Anniversary of...

A new and wireless type of underwater exploration robot has finally made it possible to view deep inside the sunken naval battleship, USS Arizona,...

Humans No Longer Need Apply: Robot Stripper Pole Dances at Australian ‘Sexpo’

This bit of news may someday usher in the age when women no longer need to apply as strippers or prostitutes. It may also...

This Robot Will Shovel Snow from Your Driveway and Even Rake Your Leaves

Whether you’re living on the Atlantic side of the United States where snow is falling or on the Pacific side where leaves are constantly...

Brick-Laying Robot Needs Only Two Days to Build Full-Sized House

Robots, particularly industrial robots, seem to be getting smarter, more versatile, and cheaper because of the speed of technological advancement. In fact, what seemed...

Robot Nannies: Good Idea or Making Humans Lazier?

Robots have probably intrigued you since they are common characters in sci-fi films from the servile robots that do manual labor and other jobs...

Meet the US Navy’s Robot Fish: A Project Created to Aid in Improving Sea...

At the Florida Atlantic University, researchers led by Dr. Oscar Curet at its Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering are studying the locomotion of...

Meet Sewbo: The Smart Sewing Robot

Sewbo is a sewing-machine-like machine with a smart robotic arm and is the first robot that can assemble and sew together a complete item...

Robotic Prosthetic Hand Made by Open Bionics wins James Dyson Award

Open Bionics started out in 2013 from a bedroom as a crowd-funding project and was later supported by Bristol Robotics Laboratory. The creator of...

America’s Great Giant Robot MK. II Turns to Kickstarter for Funds

Remember the movie Real Steal where we saw a futuristic world where huge mechanised robots fought with each other in an arena. Well, it...

USA’s THORwin humanoid Robot Wins International Robotic Soccer Championship

THORwin, a humanoid machine, might not be able to shoot and bend it like Beckham but when it’s about robotic soccer players, it surely...

President Obama Plays Football with Japanese Robot (VIDEO) President Obama Plays Football With Japanese Robot Asimo U.S. President Barack Obama President had a great time playing soccer with a Japanese robot ASIMO. ASIMO, the Honda Robot,...

This Snake Robot Climbs Sand Dunes Like A Sidewinder (Video)

Snake robot mimicking a sidewinder's movements.

Robots On Song As Waiters And Cooks In A Restaurant In China

In this Chinese restaurant, robots do the greeting, cooking and serving.

Otonaroid And Kodomoroid: Hiroshi Ishiguro’s New Robots For A Tokyo Museum (Video)

Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro unveiled his latest robots in Tokyo recently. They looked so eerily human.

Robot Fixing Itself On The ISS (Video)

The Canadian robotic arm of the ISS, Canadarm2, repairing itself with help from a robot called Dextre.

Pre-Order Your Robugtix T8X Robot Spider for $499

Have you ever wanted to have a pet tarantula, but you're a little too creeped out to actually do it? How about a relatively inexpensive robot version instead that is remarkably lifelife?

Video: Cornell Scientists Teaching Robot Not to Stab People on Purpose

And that is what researchers at Cornell University are doing. They're teaching a robot named Baxter how to handle items as a grocery store checkout clerk.

Video: Say Hello to the World’s First Advanced Social Robot

It's one thing to get robots to mimic human movement, but it's another thing altogether to get them to mimic human emotion and facial expressions. A Dallas-based company wants to provide you with that robot companionship in the form of the more affordable RoboKind Zeno R25.

Video: Poppy Bipedal Humanoid Robot Created with 3D Printers

One of the most fascinating things about Poppy is that each of its components was actually printed on a 3D printer. And the overall cost is far lower than other similar robots.

UBR-1 Mobile Workhorse Robot Now 11 Times Cheaper

Would you like to have your own personal robot servant to handle the mundane tasks in your life? That dream will soon be a much more affordable reality.

US Military Mounts M-240 Machine Gun on “Protector” Robot

Wars are not going to be fought by people; they're going to be fought by our robot overlords. While the US military has been...

Eurathlon Competition Pits Disaster Robots Against One Another (Video)

At the first ever Eurathlon, special robots recently competed in a series of mock disaster events, to see who performed the best.

Video: James the Robot Bartender Reads Body Language, Serves Drinks

What you see here is JAMES, the Joint Action in Multimodal Embodied Systems robot, and he wants to serve you a drink when you approach him at the bar.

Tradinno the Dragon: The World’s Largest Walking Robot (Video)

The 51 feet tall Tradinno the Dragon is the world’s largest walking robot. Not impressed by its size? How about the fact that it breathes fire?!

NASA: Autonomous Robots with Fancy Cameras Represent Future of Space Exploration

A big part of that transition comes by way of developments like their TextureCam. Here is a 3D camera system that allows the exploration robots to make an educated guess as to what should be worth investigating further.

Battroborgs Bring Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots into 21st Century

What you see here are the Battroborgs and they're basically radio-controlled robots built for the single purpose of engaging in a boxing bout for your amusement.

iRobot Braava Mops Your Floor All By Itself

Looking to leave traditional mopping behind you for good? If so, the iRobot Braava could be exactly what you've been dreaming of all these years.

Linda the Robot, Not Just a Giant Chess Piece: Could Help with Security and...

Here at MM we are always covering the latest about security robots, noodle making robots and anything in between. Now comes Linda, a robot that could take security and elderly care to a new level.Wait... Security and elderly care? Certainly an interesting combo.

Teen Uses 3D Printer to Make Robotic Prosthetic Arms for $500

And 3D printers could be the solution for amputees in developing countries too, thanks to the work of 17-year-old Easton LaChappelle from Colorado.

Video: Real Life-Sized, Full Scale Wall-E Robot with Sound Effects

We've seen some smaller replicas and we've seen a handful that have the cute moving eyes, but I don't think we've seen a life-sized replica of Wall-E that is as ambitious as what Michael McMaster and his group of robot-creating friends have been able to put together.

Video: STAR 3D-Printed Robot Flattens Legs to Slip Under Small Gaps

Students from the Biomimetic Millisystems Lab at UC Berkeley have used a ProJet 3000 3D printer to create a robot that can walk under the narrowest of gaps.

R2B2 Robot Can Crack Your Android PIN Code

The 3D printed R2B2 robot can find its way through any four-digit PIN code on your Android phone by using brute force.

Video: The Touch-Sensitive Light-Up Robotic Skin from UC Berkeley

In order to have the most amazing robot ever, you need all sorts of cool technology to culminate into that one electronic companion. You want it to have lifelike movement. You want it to have speech recognition. And you want it to have skin that lights up when touched. Wait... what?

NASA Has a New Search and Rescue Robot Monkey

But what about our primate cousins? It looks like NASA isn't monkeying around, because they're developing an incredibly advanced robot primate that they call the RoboSimian.

T8 Robot Tarantula Is Incredibly Lifelike (Video)

The T8 is an incredibly lifelike spider-bot from Robugtix. The robot is currently available for pre-order along with the company’s hexapod robot called iitsii.

Kirobo: World’s First Talking Robot-Astronaut (Video)

Developed as part of the Kibo Robot Project, the humanoid named Kirobo is going to be the first robot in space which will communicate with humans.

The PR2 Personal Robot is A Real-Life Rosie the Robot – Sort Of

Ever secretly dreamed of having your own Jetsons-style personal robot? The PR2 robot is a personal servant that predicts your needs and caters to them.

Mantis And Shrimp: Australian For Robots

Australia is currently developing robots and other technology such as unmanned aircraft for using them in their agricultural sector.

Killer Robots, Super AI: Who Controls the Ethics Behind Innovation?

At Google’s Big Tent, several experts came together to talk about the future of robotic tech and AI -- particularly the moral and ethical implications of advancement.

Microrobots For Preventing Blindness

A group of scientists have developed microrobots which could be used to prevent the occurrence of blindness caused by insufficient amounts of oxygen reaching the retina.

iRobot Hand For The DARPA ARM Program (Video)

iRobot has developed a reliable and low-cost robot hand for DARPA’s Autonomous Robotic Manipulation (ARM) program.

Robot Factory’s 3DLPrinter Costs A Fortune (Video)

The 3DLPrinter can 3D print objects with a very fine resolution, but it comes with a very high price tag.

BionicOpter Dragonfly Robot From Festo (Video)

The folks over at Festo have got inspired by the complex design of the dragonfly and they have created the BionicOpter.