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President Obama Plays Football with Japanese Robot (VIDEO)


President Obama Plays Football With Japanese Robot Asimo U.S. President Barack Obama President had a great time playing soccer with a Japanese robot ASIMO. ASIMO, the Honda Robot, looked like a 10 year old dressed in an astronaut suit having a lot of fun showing multiple things he could do to impress the President, including challenging him to kick the football with him. ...

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This Snake Robot Climbs Sand Dunes Like A Sidewinder (Video)


Snake robot mimicking a sidewinder's movements.

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This Cheetah Robot Is Silent And Eco-Friendly (Video)


A new Cheetah robot.

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Robots On Song As Waiters And Cooks In A Restaurant In China


In this Chinese restaurant, robots do the greeting, cooking and serving.

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Otonaroid And Kodomoroid: Hiroshi Ishiguro’s New Robots For A Tokyo Museum (Video)

Otonaroid-Kodomoroid-Hiroshi Ishiguro

Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro unveiled his latest robots in Tokyo recently. They looked so eerily human.

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Robot Fixing Itself On The ISS (Video)


The Canadian robotic arm of the ISS, Canadarm2, repairing itself with help from a robot called Dextre.

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Pre-Order Your Robugtix T8X Robot Spider for $499


Have you ever wanted to have a pet tarantula, but you're a little too creeped out to actually do it? How about a relatively inexpensive robot version instead that is remarkably lifelife?

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Video: Cornell Scientists Teaching Robot Not to Stab People on Purpose


And that is what researchers at Cornell University are doing. They're teaching a robot named Baxter how to handle items as a grocery store checkout clerk.

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Video: Say Hello to the World’s First Advanced Social Robot


It's one thing to get robots to mimic human movement, but it's another thing altogether to get them to mimic human emotion and facial expressions. A Dallas-based company wants to provide you with that robot companionship in the form of the more affordable RoboKind Zeno R25.

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Video: Poppy Bipedal Humanoid Robot Created with 3D Printers


One of the most fascinating things about Poppy is that each of its components was actually printed on a 3D printer. And the overall cost is far lower than other similar robots.

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UBR-1 Mobile Workhorse Robot Now 11 Times Cheaper


Would you like to have your own personal robot servant to handle the mundane tasks in your life? That dream will soon be a much more affordable reality.

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US Military Mounts M-240 Machine Gun on “Protector” Robot


Wars are not going to be fought by people; they’re going to be fought by our robot overlords. While the US military has been using drones and robots for some time, they have now taken the next logical step and outfitted one of their land robots with a machine gun. The so-called “Protector” robot had been used in the past ...

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Eurathlon Competition Pits Disaster Robots Against One Another (Video)


At the first ever Eurathlon, special robots recently competed in a series of mock disaster events, to see who performed the best.

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Video: James the Robot Bartender Reads Body Language, Serves Drinks


What you see here is JAMES, the Joint Action in Multimodal Embodied Systems robot, and he wants to serve you a drink when you approach him at the bar.

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Tradinno the Dragon: The World’s Largest Walking Robot (Video)


The 51 feet tall Tradinno the Dragon is the world’s largest walking robot. Not impressed by its size? How about the fact that it breathes fire?!

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