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Mywaves: mobile video for the masses


There are all kinds of ways of making waves these days—with your cell phone, with your music, with your videos. A startup aims to bring all of that together and give you your waves on your phone. The aptly named mywaves launched in October and has a ton of users ...

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Google Calendar goes mobile with Toffa GooSync


Google isn’t just a search engine anymore. There are enough solutions on that massive website to virtually replace all of your desktop applications. They’ve got Google spreadsheets, word processors, notepads, and — of course — nearly three gigabytes of email storage. If you’re a big fan of Google Calendar, then ...

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Mobile Skype delayed by technical issues


Outside applications like Fring let you access Skype on your mobile phone, but we will have to wait a while to get an actual mobile version of Skype, according to the company’s CEO. He says that there are more technical obstacles than they expected when they started developing a mobile ...

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Sprint launches Mobile Security solution


We’ve all learned (likely the hard way) about viruses, Trojans, hackers and worms when it comes to our desktop computers, but as our cell phones and other mobile devices are getting easier to connect, it becomes paramount to provide them with just as much security. Sprint today announced a Mobile ...

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REVIEW: Telus Mobile Radio, Powered by XM Canada


XM Satellite Radio isn’t reserved for those standalone units anymore. No longer are you restricted to carrying around an XM-only device to play in your car, while strolling down the street, or even at home… at least if you fall within Telus’ service area in Canada. I had the chance ...

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Mobile ad network promises exact targeting


Coming soon to a WAP site near you: mobile advertising of a concerted order. A start up company called MADS is announcing the creation of a new advertising network for mobile websites. The enterprising thing about this network is that its developers say it will deliver real-time dynamic ads based ...

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Motorola takes lead to unify mobile Java platform


Motorola and other phone makers would like to see a greater unification of Java technology for the mobile industry. Under the theory that if you want something done you might as well do it yourself, Motorola has taken the lead in efforts to make the unification happen. They will open ...

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Salesforce.com buys Sendia, goes mobile


Wireless access to enterprise applications makes all the sense in the world, but it has been slow to emerge. That should change now that Salesforce.com has purchased Sendia. Salesforce.com bought Sendia, the wireless infrastructure provider for $15 million. They promptly used Sendia’s technology to launch AppExchange Mobile. The eventual goal ...

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V-ENABLE claims world’s fastest mobile search


Mobile search leave you waiting around too long? V-ENABLE wants to help. They will use CTIA Las Vegas 2006 as the venue to unveil the world’s fastest mobile search. It will be an under-one-second mobile search technology that boasts an accuracy of over 90%. “The main complaint from cell phone ...

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Battlestar Galactica goes mobile


Geeks of the world unite, because Battlestar Galactica is heading straight to your cell phone as a mobile game. The SCIFI Channel has joined forces with IN-FUSIO, an international mobile games publisher, to bring the cult classic to the small screens of our handsets. Based on the popular television show, ...

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nVidia unveils Quadro NVS GPUs for mobile business use


nVidia has just released a powerful graphics chipset designed for ‘on-the-go’ laptops. The Quadro NVS 110M GPU allows seamless operation of programs that process large image files. The first laptops that will feature these powerful graphics chips are the recently announced Toshiba Tecra M5, Tecra A6, and Tecra A7. The ...

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