iScan Mobile Barcode Scanner

The iScan barcode scanner attaches to an Ericsson cellular handset. Use it for mobile data acquisition and retrieval. The device communicates directly with the handset via the accessory menu. This facilitates the creation of a custom menu substructure within the handset. Specific application menus can now be created using the iScan Application Designer. The iScan […]

National Semiconductor Introduces Geode Origami Portable Mobile Communicator, Industry’s First Device to Combine Eight Consumer Electronics Products In One Flexible Unit

Innovative conceptual device integrates wireless video communication and phone, digital camera, video camcorder, MP3 audio, PDA, Internet access, email and Microsoft Windows Embedded XP OS in a unique folding design National Semiconductor Corporation, the leading silicon and systems provider for information appliances, today unveiled a new handheld conceptual device that integrates today’s most popular Internet […]

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M-Systems Unveils Mobile DiskOnChip, the World’s Smallest, Most Cost-Effective 16MB Flash Disk

M-Systems, a leader in flash data storage products, today unveiled the world’s smallest 16MB single-chip flash disk, Mobile DiskOnChip. Less than half the size of competing flash products and delivering 10 times the performance, Mobile DiskOnChip brings to the handset high-performance and cost-effective storage architecture. This revolutionary architecture enables mobile applications by delivering an unprecedented […]

NEC Computers Unveils the MobilePro P300 New Enterprise Class PDA

NEC Computers Inc., a leading provider of mobile, desktop and server computing solutions for the enterprise market, today introduced the NEC MobilePro(tm) P300 Pocket PC, a highly versatile new personal digital assistant (PDA) designed specifically for the corporate market. Engineered with integrated CompactFlash(tm) Type II (CF) and Secure Digital (SD) expansion slots, the MobilePro P300 […]

Alphabetically Tuned and Optimized Mobile Interface Keyboard

ATOMIK (Alphabetically Tuned and Optimized Mobile Interface Keyboard) is a highly optimized method, using touch keyboards, for entering data into handheld devices. It potentially allows typing of faster than 40 words per minute. ATOMIK uses the graffiti area of a PalmOS device as a touchscreen keyboard. The layout of this keyboard is specifically optimized for […]

Fujitsu Microelectronics Introduces First Biometric Sensor for Embedded Mobile Computing Systems

Fujitsu Microelectronics Asia Pte Ltd (FMAL) today introduced its first solid-state fingerprint-sensor product designed for embedded mobile computing systems and physical-access authentication systems. The new MBF110 fingerprint sensor features a 300 x 300 pixel sensor array that produces clear 500 DPI resolution fingerprint images. The sensor area is approximately 1.5cm square, which allows single -touch […]

QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies and Nortel Networks Conduct Industry’s First Mobile Internet Protocol Call

QUALCOMM Incorporated, pioneer and world leader of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital wireless technology, and Nortel Networks, a global leader in networking and communications solutions for service providers and corporations, today announced the industry’s first successful end-to-end live third-generation (3G) CDMA2000 1X Mobile Internet Protocol (IP) call. Mobile IP is a solution that allows […]

SkyTower Mobile Broadband Helios

A new technology platform has emerged which provides a low cost, rapidly deployable, local access solution for broadband telecommunications and other applications by overcoming the last-mile barriers facing conventional approaches. Through funding support from NASA, AeroVironment has developed an unmanned, solar-electric airplane called Helios which will be capable of continuous flight for up to six […]

Clickmarks Adds Multilingual Capabilities Enabling Mobile Users to Access Content from Any Device in 65 Languages

Clickmarks, a leading provider of wireless software infrastructure and products, today announced the addition of universal multilingual support to its mobile data products. End users of the Clickmarks Habitat ™ technology will now be able to access content from the Internet, corporate Intranets and enterprise applications in 65 languages, even if their mobile phones or […]

Aether Systems Announces Availability of PocketBlue, Wireless Handheld Application for Mobile Law Enforcement

Aether Systems, Inc. a leading provider of wireless data products and services, today announced the availability of PocketBlue™, a wireless handheld application for mobile law enforcement. PocketBlue is the first handheld law enforcement application that ensures both in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle personnel, as well as headquarters, are integrated into an agency’s mobile data system. All connected […]

NEC Computers Inc. Introduces New MobilePro 790 Handheld PC

NEC Computers Inc., a leading provider of mobile, desktop and server computing solutions for the enterprise market, today announced the MobileProTM 790, the newest addition to NEC’s family of MobilePro handheld PC computers (H/PC). Building on the success of the award-winning MobilePro 780 H/PCs, the ultra-light MobilePro 790 H/PC is designed for enterprise customers whose […]

WideRay Unveils New Solution to Delivering On-Demand, On-Location Content and Applications to Handheld Devices

WideRay today announced that it has developed the hardware, software and network infrastructure necessary to deliver broadband, contextual information to handheld devices. The company launches today with a comprehensive, patent-pending technology infrastructure, multiple partners and several high profile customers including Metreon – A Sony Entertainment Center. “WideRay has carefully addressed the needs of both the […]

Mobile Office Ready to Go

Can’t get away from the office? The office can get away with you. BMW has fitted a stretched version of its 7 Series saloon with an onboard communications and computer system that allows rear-compartment passengers to use Microsoft Office applications, send and receive e-mail, and surf the Internet — all while hurtling along the Autobahn. […]

Optrex Develops 65,000-Color STN-LCD Panel for Mobile Devices

OPTREX has developed its proprietary Active MLA (A-MLAAActive Multi-Line Addressing) technology by combining a new LCD 65,000 colors video-capable high-speed driving method with highly reflective LCD panel technology for the mobile device applications with a reflective color LCD system called “Super STN”. With the mass production of new driver ICs starting from July, 2001, mass […]

LGE Opens the Door to High-Speed Color Mobile Handsets

The Korean mobile industry is currently buzzing with the news that Korea’s first handset with 2.5G color LCD developed by LGE will open new doors in this fast-changing market. LG Electronics recently announced that it has become first in Korea to develop ” CyON Color Folder,” a high-speed color handset for CDMA2000 (2.5 Generation). The […]

Pointsec Mobile Technologies secures Palm OS devices

Pointsec Mobile Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of security control software for mobile computers and PCs, announced today the release of Pointsec™ for Palm OS®, the company´s initial PDA security product. For enterprises requiring mandatory acces control, Pointsec for Palm OS brings workstation-level security to PDAs and smartphones operating on Palm OS. Unlike other PDA […]

Philips Creates Low-Power, Color TFT-LCD Technology for Mobile Phones

Philips Mobile Display Systems, a business group of Philips Components, and the world’s leading supplier of mobile displays, today augmented its state-of-the-art mobile display portfolio with its breakthrough low-power, color TFT-LCD technology for mobile phone applications. When operating in stand-by mode, this color module offers a full screen display at substantially less power compared to […]

MagCom Mobile PDA and Internet In One

The MagCom mobile phone, developed in Norway and incorporating internet access and a personal digital assistant (PDA), has been launched by the company of the same name. Aimed at the upper end of the market for hand-held mobile products, this device combines compact size, a weight as low as 157 grams and a big display […]

MultiMobile: new all-in-one mobile phone and pocket PC for mobile business communication

Siemens Information and Communication Mobile (IC Mobile) have launched MultiMobile, a combination of PDA and mobile phone for mobile business communication. Based on Microsoft’s Pocket PC operating system, the Java enabled MultiMobile with integrated GPRS phone is set to redefine the standard of mobile voice and data based communication. The MultiMobile brings seamless integration of […]

MobileAria to bring Hands-Free Internet to your Automobile

MobileAria, Inc., a company that will develop a new, hands-free mobile Internet service platform for the automobile, was launched today with investments from industry leaders Delphi Automotive Systems, Palm, Inc. and Mayfield Fund. MobileAria plans to provide an open platform to enable “in-vehicle” access and management of personal information, mobile Internet services and entertainment through […]

MeT Initiative Releases First Specifications for Secure Mobile Transactions

MeT, the initiative sponsored by Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Siemens and Sony, has today announced the public release of its first set of mobile e-commerce specifications. In less than a year of existence, the MeT initiative has led to the introduction of new specifications on mobile phone functionality for mobile e-commerce. In addition to the […]

STMicroelectronics Introduces Tiny Digital Color Camera Module Aimed at Mobile Market

STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM – news) has introduced a highly integrated digital color microcamera module highly suited for the next generation of cellular phones, personal digital assistants and other portable communications devices. The Digital Camera Module occupies just 10 x 10 x 7.5mm, an important factor in space starved portable gear. To conserve power – another […]

Qualcomm introduces new technology for mobile phones

U.S. wireless technology company Qualcomm Inc. today introduced new technology allowing developers to create standard software for use on a wide range of mobile phone brands. Mobile phone users will in turn be able to download and customise software content and features through their wireless provider’s network, regardless of their wireless carrier. The technology, called […]

Next Generation Scalable Transformation Engine Launched By MobileAware

MobileAware, the leading provider of e-business mobility infrastructure for mobile operators and ASPs has launched a highly scalable and performant next generation transformation engine which will significantly enhance the capabilities of its Everix product suite. Everix is an innovative e-business mobility infrastructure platform that enables existing and new web-based content and applications to be seamlessly […]

Antek Wireless Releases 2.4 Ghz Antenna for Bluetooth Applications

Integral Technologies, Inc., through its subsidiary, Antek Wireless Inc., announced at the Consumer Electronics Show held recently in Las Vegas, Nevada, the release of the first in a series of embedded antennas for Bluetooth(TM) and related short-range home wireless devices. The Company’s 2.4Ghz antennas are based on a proprietary design that yields performance exceeding virtually […]

agentGO Announces Eight J2ME-Enabled Wireless Enterprise Applications

agentGO, a mobile decision support solutions provider, today announced eight wireless enterprise applications written for the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME). J2ME allows for the development and deployment of Java applications on any Java enabled wireless device, and allows mobile users to run applications with or without connectivity. agentGO’s J2ME applications will run on […]

Aluminum Power to change Mobile Devices

Canada’s Aluminum-Power Inc. today announced that its breakthrough aluminum-air fuel cell for portable energy applications is featured in the December, 2000 issue of Scientific American’s monthly “Fuel Cell Industry Report”. The extensive article describes the unique features of the Aluminum-Power technology and the extended capacities and power output of the aluminum-air fuel cell. The article […]

Windows 10 Release Date, Review and Features (Video)

Microsoft has finally announced the official arrival of Windows 10 and the day is July 29th, 2015! Right from the day of release, Windows 10 will be awarded as a ‘free upgrade’ option to the Windows 7 and 8.1 users – and as said, the free upgrade will be accessible for the duration of a […]

MicroVision packs a laser projector inside Android Mini-Tablet

Embedding projectors in mobile phones is a fairly new practice that very few manufacturers have jumped on, we saw glimpses of it at last years CES, including the Samsung Beam at MWC shortly after. This year, its all about the Tablet, and of course we’re now being shown the MicroVision Mini-Tablet with Embedded Projector.

Samsung Galaxy Tab is $600 this November 11 on Verizon Wireless

amsung and Verizon are opening the doors on Galaxy Tab sales beginning this November 11th. The price is a whopping $600, that’s it, no discounts, subsidy, or anything else. My guess is the first round are in limited quantities, so they won’t have a problem selling it to early adopters who have a deep inner desire for a less than optimized Android tablet.

“One example of a conservation core. The small boxes in the image are the pattern of logic gates that are spatially placed over a small portion of the GreenDroid chip.” - Physorg
Can we boost smartphone battery life 11x with dark silicon?

We love all the glorious things that our wonderful smartphones can do, but this functionality comes at the price of diminished battery life. Interestingly, a possible solution to this conundrum could be something called dark silicon, a technology that could effectively increase battery life up to eleven times.

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Apple App Store Hits Six Figures in Apps

There’s an app for that. And that. And that. If you’re rocking an iPod touch or an Apple iPhone, then you’ll know that the App Store is one crazy place to load up on fun, functional, and useless applications. Now the App Store has hit a major milestone, offering a library that now consists of […]

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Go Back to School with Eight Great iPhone Apps

The App Store for the iPod touch and Apple iPhone contains a very impressive collection of mobile applications that can take on a variety of tasks. They go well beyond the best-selling fart apps that everyone seems to download, because these apps can be used for educational purposes too. Vancouver media personality Buzz Bishop has […]

Apple to Sell Unlocked iPhones in China?

Going through the official channels, you can’t get an iPhone in Canada without going through Fido or Rogers. Similarly, you can’t get an iPhone in the United States without going through AT&T. That’s through the official and 100% legal channels. Well, Apple could be taking a different approach with the iPhone in China. As you […]

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Nokia Ovi App Store Stumbles into Primetime

Everybody seems to have a thing for mobile applications these days. The iPhone has its App Store, BlackBerry has its App World, Android has its Android Market… and now, at long last, Nokia smartphones have access to the Ovi Store. The app store for Nokia handsets went live a few hours ago, but it’s not […]

Bold and Storm Get First Dibs at BlackBerry Application Center

Before the emergence of the App Store for the iPhone 3G, people typically had to go through the trouble of downloading mobile applications onto their computers and then sending them over to the smartphones themselves. The App Store seriously steamlined this process by letting you browse and buy right from the handset itself. The upcoming […]

Apple App Store, Android Market, and Now Microsoft Skymarket

Perhaps even more exciting than the launch of the iPhone 3G was the launch of the Apple App Store. The Google crew followed suit with the announcement of Android Market, and now it seems that Microsoft wants a piece of the mobile app pie as well. Microsoft has been known for developing software for many […]

Google Phone Confirmed by HTC Insider

Gasp! It looks like the planets are aligned, because after months of speculation, an HTC “insider” has confirmed that the company is indeed working on the Google Phone. Sure, Google has tossed its mobile applications into cell phones and portable devices for a while now, but this will be the first time that the search […]

Storage-Hungry Digital Devices Get Fed SanDisk 8GB iNAND Flash Drive

We ask for more storage. We beg for more space. We receive the love from the folks at SanDisk. The company has just introduced their new 8GB JEDEC-Compatible iNAND embedded flash drive. Designed for the “latest storage-hungry mobile applications”, the iNAND (not to be confused with the plethora of products designed by or for Apple) […]

Motorola teams up with Texas Instruments for high speed wireless devices

Motorola and Texas Instruments are already pretty good friends, but they’re expanding their relationship even further with a new agreement that will see the two companies collaborating on 3G, WiMAX and OMAP technologies. By combining their efforts, they hope to develop “new, experience-optimized mobile devices.” While the whole idea of 3G mobile technology isn’t nearly […]

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Google patents voice to search technology

Google is furthering its plans to takeover the world. This time they are giving you new ways to search. The company has received a patent for a technology that converts voice to search. It takes the spoken word, recognizes it and creates a boolean search query. In the words of the patent: “The system receives […]

Toshiba brings a bunch of goodies to CES

Like every other major manufacturer, Toshiba is bringing a wide range of new products to show off at CES in Las Vegas this week. Here’s a quick overview of some of the mobile offerings. The HD DVD AV Notebook PC call Qosmio is the first notebook to offer an HD DVD drive. They will also […]

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Nokia gets S60 open-source web browser

Many mobile phone surfers are limited to certain web sites that are specifically designed as “cell phone-friendly”. With the latest Nokia and Siemens smart phone, you can utilize a Safari-based web browser that takes advantage of advances in higher speed data networks. No longer are you restricted to websites optimized for mobile phones, designed for […]

Kingston Unveils Low-Power DDR2 Memory for Nextgen Notebooks

Kingston Technology has come out with an advanced memory module to support next-generation notebooks and mobile applications. Categorized as ValueRAM DDR2 667-MHz (PC2-6400), the new memory modules are being offered in 256-MB, 512-MB and 1-GB capacities. The company has begun the shipping of the new memory module though in a limited quantity. Kingston is promoting […]

Freescale Combines Bluetooth and UWB Technologies

Freescale Semiconductor has demonstrated its high data rate Ultra-Wideband Chip (UWB) which promises to bring together the combined features of two of the most advanced wireless technologies – Bluetooth and UWB. The chip has the operational support of Bluetooth software and is being demonstrated at WiCon Americas. Freescale claims that its direct sequence-UWB (DS-UWB) will […]