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What’s Up With Modu Mobile? (Video)


A teaser video has emerged on the Internet pointing toward a secret device called the Modu. We’re not exactly sure what this portable device will be or what it will do, but the video does make mention of the official website. Located at modumobile.com, we assume that the Modu is ...

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Sprint Launches HTC Mogul With Windows Mobile 6


You’ve got to hand it to the folks at HTC. They’ve certainly got a way with naming their devices, and the HTC Mogul (PPC-6800) destined for Sprint is no exception. Like so many other HTC Pocket PC phones, the Mogul comes with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Unlike many of their ...

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NVIDIA-Powered Mobile Devices Soon


I usually associate NVIDIA with graphics cards for personal computers. Looks like they’re ready to do more. The NVIDIA GoForce 6100 is “the company’s first in a family of applications processors” developed specifically for cell phones and other mobile devices. It’ll give you a “highly integrated and optimized multimedia solution”, ...

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Motorola “DART”s into mobile content agreement


The exact financial terms have not been revealed, but Motorola has made a substantial “Series A” investment in DARTdevices Corporation, a company that develops “disruptive software technology for consumer devices.” The strategic venture arm of Motorola known as Motorola Ventures is the official party involved in the deal. In addition ...

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Mywaves: mobile video for the masses


There are all kinds of ways of making waves these days—with your cell phone, with your music, with your videos. A startup aims to bring all of that together and give you your waves on your phone. The aptly named mywaves launched in October and has a ton of users ...

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Google Calendar goes mobile with Toffa GooSync


Google isn’t just a search engine anymore. There are enough solutions on that massive website to virtually replace all of your desktop applications. They’ve got Google spreadsheets, word processors, notepads, and — of course — nearly three gigabytes of email storage. If you’re a big fan of Google Calendar, then ...

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